Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Pat?

Checking a few Democratic blogs recently, I'm getting confident about the coming election for governor. Pat Robertson? That's the best you've got on Bob McDonnell?
Obviously, I'm not the target audience. Back in 1984, my College Republican buddy and I tried to sell "Reagan '84/Falwell '88" buttons at the Maryland state convention. But I don't see much reason to fear someone who ran for president 21 years ago. Especially after eight years of Democrats as governor.
Some may see the Religious Right as a group trying to take over, but I think they are just people who want their voices heard. If they were still riding the momentum of the 80s and 90s to political success, you might have a point. But in the ebb and flow of politics, the Religious Right's power is not as strong now. Not a real boogeyman. There's lots of other bigger threats out there.
But if the Democrats want to throw money down that hole, go ahead. Linking Bob McDonnell to Pat Robertson might make McDonnell more popular.

Decline and fall of newspapers

Iowahawk brings back a classic covering 50 years of newspaper renewal pitches.

Carrie "Here to protect marriage"

Thirty minutes after it aired, here's Carrie Prejean's interview on the Today Show.

Climbing negativity mountain

I recommend Waldo's take on the McAuliffe candidacy. And he doesn't even mention Global Crossing.
He focuses on McAuliffe's high negative numbers. Add in McDonnell's high favorability numbers and you have two mountains McAuliffe must climb. He must convince people that their initial impression of both McDonnell and himself are wrong. That's two high mountains.
Perhaps McAuliffe plans to fill the valley with money, and that will even the contest. But it probably makes his mountain higher, adding the "carpetbagger" charge that he's trying to buy the election.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They watch so you don't have to

Pajamas Media features Stephen Green drunk-blogging the president's press conference. Just the right mix of information and snark. His final thought -
The entire nation is going to suffer Obama Fatigue before long, if he keeps nationalizing my primetime TV to talk about stuff that’s not even worthy of a daytime Susan Lucci Permanent Daytime Loser Award.

Dick Morris thinks Obama's doomed

Dick Morris' take on the first 100 days. He sees a personally popular politician doing things the American people aren't quite sure will work.
So if voters differ so fundamentally with the president on the very essence of his program, why do they accord him high ratings? They are like the recently married bride who took her vows 100 days ago. It would be a disaster for her life if she decides that she really doesn’t like her husband. But she keeps noticing things about him that she can’t stand. It will be a while before she walks out the door or even comes to terms with her own doubts, but it is probably inevitable that she will.

Pigs in Space meet Star Wars

Before her recent Swine flu troubles, Miss Piggy enjoyed meeting the Star Wars cast on the Muppet Show.

Dial idol is no help this week has no prediction for who gets voted off this week. It has Danny and Adam on top, but nobody received enough votes to be predicted safe or predicted in the bottom two. Guess it will be that way the rest of the way.

Any flyover questions?

When President Obama meets the press tonight on TV, will anybody ask about the Air Force One flyover? Will the questions come close to Powerline's thoughts? They should.

Driving while texting while being recorded

Turned on the Today Show to check the local weather before the boys left for school. They had a segment from San Antonio, where a bus driver didn't notice slowing traffic ahead of him and crashed into a stopped car.
Why? Because he was texting. And because he was a bus driver, you could see replays of the accident, him in the driver's seat, and his passengers.
I guess he never saw Speed. There's cameras everywhere.
I think a story like this is trouble for both parties. How to deal with this? No matter what rules you put up, people don't follow.
You can think people will make rational, thoughtful decisions to improve their lives and see someone busted with no place to hide.
How do you protect the rest of the world from the one person who messes up their lives? No matter what laws you think up, people will find ways to ignore them and cause pain to the general public.
When traveling, I avoid the Washington Beltway as much as possible. Too many chances that one person will make a mistake and you and the rest of the commuters will have to pay with long waits stuck in traffic.

No, you can't return him

The Next Right has a roundup of wary reactions to Arlen Specter leaving the Republican Party.
He's yours now. We had him long enough.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Real reason for flight to NYC

Why was the backup Air Force One flying over lower Manhattan Monday? To celebrate the President being named winner in Iowahawk's annual Earth Week Virtual Cruise-in.
It was a victory lap.

Checking the poll

I decided to visit Roanoke's WDBJ for info on the latest gubernatorial poll. It's a TV style article -very short - but I enjoyed the first comment. The commenter hasn't heard that New Jersey governor Corzine is trailing his likely Republican opponent and has for a while. Having earned a lot of money on Wall Street is not the way to a voter's heart in 2009.
Yes, Terry McAuliffe, I mean you too.
btw, look at the numbers. The Democratic poll uses just 409 likely voters. The other polls vs. Bob McDonnell use 1396 registered voters. It's like it's two different polls in one place.

Swine flu parody

My brother forwarded this to me. Shows you have to be careful.

How soon they forget

Via Pundit and Pundette, Arlen Specter's reasons for leaving the Republicans include
Last year, more than 200,000 Republicans in Pennsylvania changed their registration to become Democrats.
How many of those registration changes were part of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos? (Republicans would switched back after the Democratic primary)
Guess he's a follower, not a leader.

Everybody remember?

The flight of the backup Air Force One over New York reminded me of another flyover. George W. Bush's flight over New Orleans going didn't turn out to be good public relations, either.

Weakness of 24

Although I enjoyed watching Jack Bauer yell at Janeane Garofalo's Monday night, the motivation of the characters baffles. Take Jonas Hodges, bad guy of the current segment.
Sure, he's ready to take out several cities with bio weapons. But he changes his tune when his family is threatened. I'll kill myself, I'll talk, just don't hurt them.
Hey, if you destroy several cities and take down the government, don't you think that's going to hurt your family in some way?
And last night, you get 12 mysterious people to approve the attack that's the focus of the last four hours. Now, don't these people have family and friends likely in Washington? At least Facebook friends? Wouldn't somebody probably get cold feet after thinking how this destruction would affect them personally?
I guess we should just enjoy Jack Bauer fighting to stay alive and save the world.

Torture debate and the photo op

Just watched the Today show and footage of New Yorkers scrambling when the low-flying planes buzzed lower Manhattan. Some have obviously forgotten the power of seeing low-flying planes bringing up memories of that awful day in 2001.
The more I read of the torture debate, the more I think those being blasted now thought hard and seriously about what they were doing. They knew how bad torture was and decided it was the best option.
Better than seeing Americans fleeing, fearing for their lives.

Barack vs. Simon

Fox doesn't plan to bump the American Idol results show for the President's planned press conference. If the press corps had Simon's attitude, I think more people would watch Obama.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quiet blog

It's been a month since the last blog post on the Virginia Republican Party's website. Did Jeff Frederick take the keys to the blog with him?
It would be nice to see some stuff up there soon.

Simon Cowell, hero of Idol

Pundit and Pundette break their ban on discussing American Idol to talk about a piece on Big Hollywood about Simon Cowell.
Because you know what the other judges say is okay, but what Simon says matters.
I liked this quote.
But you can see in the eyes of the smart ones that they are thinking about what Simon said. That’s good - criticism is the key to improvement. Validation is the key to staying lousy.

I got your questions, right here

The big blog-sponsored debate is set for Wednesday. I'm much more interested in what kind of questions will be asked, since the answers are probably going to be the same old stuff they say all the time.
Since Not Larry Sabato is one of the sponsors, I checked his question thread. It's an interesting blend of serious and wacky.

Phil got my job

A post by Fred2Blue caught my eye this morning. Looks like he's upset with some of the tactics of some Moran supporters, including the guy who sent out a tweet highlighting Yankee Phil's Saturday post on Global Crossing.
I was trying to be the go-to guy for whacking T-Mac on Global Crossing. Guess I'll just have to try harder. Congrats to you, Phil.

Summing it up

I liked the Associated Press' preview of President Clinton's campaign visit today. They close with a quote from Carolyn Funk, director of Virginia Commonwealth University's Commonwealth Poll on Terry McAuliffe's strategy.
"If he's successful, we'll all think he's brilliant," Funk said. "And if he's not, we'll all think he was crazy."
T-Mac. Mr. High Risk, High Reward.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's hear it for engineers

I watched the crash at the end of today's NASCAR race at Talledega. How about the designers and builders of that fence, which stopped a flying car going nearly 200 miles per hour? It's amazing that only a few fans were hurt, and they mostly had minor injuries.

Good advice from Tennessee

Via Instapundit, the Knoxville News offers this opinion.
Dissing bloggers is not something I would recommend.
btw, thanks for the link SWACgirl.

Look at the local data

The News Leader's Data Editor breaks down the first quarter fundraising numbers for the gubernatorial candidates.
What I found most interesting - I raised as much money in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County as Moran and McAuliffe did. Zip, Zero, Nada.
From the News Leader:

•Deeds: 29 donations totaling $9,195
•Moran: No local donations
•McAuliffe: No local donations
•McDonnell: 6 donations totaling $3,700

New Obama motto

From the '80s series, Sledge Hammer

Farewell, Pontiac

Reports say G.M. will end the Pontiac brand Monday. Look what I found on YouTube. This helped sell cars?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In time for the 2010 election

I was checking to see the schedule of movies the boys might want to see this summer. And I see that the new Red Dawn movie is slated for release Sept. 24, 2010.
Can somebody give me a WOLVERINE?

Murtha's just 30 years too late

Poor John Murtha. He's been blasted about the Johnstown airport, latest by Tertium Quids. But we know Johnstown needs help. We saw it 30 years ago in Slap Shot, filmed mainly in Johnstown and at its hockey rink.
The movie would have been a lot different if the players could have flown out of that airport.

Go see 17 again

Just got back from taking the boys to see 17 again. It's great Science Fiction, a geek gets a girl!
There's also a great scene in the high school, where Zac Efron (the 37-year-old in the 17-year-old body) breaks up the classroom condom giveaway by talking about abstinence. He talks fondly about love, now that he's losing his love. And the kids pass the condoms back in. Except for the bully jerk bad guy.

Can we send the Mullahs to the Czech Republic

Great Blue Heron notes David Duke got in trouble when he arrived in the Czech Republic. He was detained on suspicion of supporting or denying the Holocaust. They kicked him out of the country, where he planned to give speeches.
Iran's mullahs deny the Holocaust, also. Can the Czechs teach them the same lesson as Duke?

Yes, we're smart

More evidence that old smoke-and-mirrors politics isn't working. The Obama administration's claim it would cut $100 million didn't excite. Commentary Magazine's blog, Contentions has the info.
Figuring that the public isn’t paying much attention to the number of zeroes, Obama throws out a number that used to sound like a lot of money — $100M. But the public is perhaps smarter than Obama reckons, and the administration’s critics aren’t playing along with the charade.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Global Crossing Warming

I decided to search Global Crossing on the blognetnews site, and two hits came back from last night's VEA debate - the Washington Post's political blog and the Daily Press' political blog.
Now bloggers, you're not going to replace the mainstream media until you think like them.
Both posts have the feel of "Now, here's something exciting to write about." "It's about time they brought this up." "It's going to be fun from here until June 9."
Other blogs can talk about offshore drilling or Surry coal plant or chicken waste, or whatever else seems to separate McAuliffe and Moran. Global Crossing is a triple fudge ice cream sundae for newspaper political reporters. Whoever handles this issue best has the best shot at the Democratic nomination.
btw, Virginia Virtucon gets honorable mention for making "Global Crossing" McAuliffe's middle name in several earlier posts.

Does God love conservative bloggers?

Exhibit A:
Carrie Prejean.
How much traffic has she driven to websites this week?

Another chance to vote

The Orlando Sentinel has a poll up to grade President Obama's first 100 days. Currently, with 3700 votes in, it's 28 percent A and 59 percent F. Love him or hate him, not much in between.
You can also find out what's happening at your favorite Orlando theme park there.

Way to go, Moran

The Shad Plank blog at the Daily Press details Brian Moran's quick mention of Global Crossing at the VEA gathering. I didn't know his staff read my blog.
Shad Plank closes with -
McAuliffe has addressed this situation before - and in much more unfriendly territory when he was running the DNC. But in this climate of populist pitchforks aimed at corporate folks - you wonder whether this could become a distraction.

Analyzing the left

Protein Wisdom looks into Byron York's take on the anger of the left in the first 100 days of the Obama administration.
Part of his final take -
Progressives are joiners; they crave group acceptance; and it is their ability to consider themselves well-educated and politically conversant for having memorized the party line that more than anything else defines them.
But read the whole thing. The writer went to my college and I've got to support a fellow alum.

More on good news in Staunton

The News Leader attends the Fellowship of Christian Athletes talk by Steve Fitzhugh.

Weekend watchdog

What on TV this weekend? Three words - Mel Kiper Junior.
It's NFL draft weekend. They've been talking about it since December, and they will be talking until 4 p.m. when it's time for the first pick. It's oddly addictive, like slowing down to watch an accident on the interstate. What player did my team pick, even if I won't remember him in September.
ESPN and NFL Network have the coverage (it's not May 1 yet Comcast viewers).
If you want to see some real action, NHL and NBA playoffs continue. Can the Capitals make it through the weekend? Will LeBron and the Cavaliers sweep out the Pistons?
NASCAR is down at Talladega and the Yankees visit the Red Sox Saturday on Fox and Sunday on ESPN. What a surprise. I think I'll wait on that rivalry until September, if the Yankees are above .500 then.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good news in Staunton

The News Leader highlights former Denver Bronco Steve Fitzhugh, who is speaking on benefit of Fellowship of Christian Athletes tonight. FCA will be holding a community rally tonight at 7 at R.E. Lee High School, concluding Fitzhugh's speaking tour at local high schools this week.

SWAC girl speaks

SWACgirl has posted her take on the turmoil among Augusta County Republicans. Very sober and reasoned post.

We need a sniper, not a shotgun

It's been over a week since the furor erupted over potential trouble from "right-wing extremists." The government may have some concerns about potential troublemakers. But the words they used - instead of focusing like a laser beam on a target - hit half the population. Ordinary people aren't being wacky thinking they were part of the government's concern.
Words mean things, especially in an age when wild accusations about political opponents are flung about with abandon. You can't use shotgun words that blast all over the place.
The same thing happened in February, when President Obama talked the need for finishing high school. He probably intended to focus on those in school now and at risk of leaving for the streets or possible trouble. But by not being completely clear, he offended people who had to quit high school to help their family long ago. And those he meant to talk to probably didn't even hear him.

It's the internet age, settle it

RightsideVa responded to my post of last night. It sparks a few more questions.
1. What were the dates of the three consecutive meetings missed by those dismissed? Can you or Spankthedonkey post copies of the meeting notification letters?
2. Was there a pattern of absences from meetings before this streak? Names aren't needed, just numbers.
3. How many members resigned? If it's more than half, how do you expect to attract new people in to a shrinking group?
4. Has any other Virginia group in the state used this meeting absence policy to remove so many people from leadership positions?
Rules are important. But if a person has two priorities and your group is second of the two, maybe your group is not as important as you think.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Something bothering me..

about the Augusta County Republicans. If so many important people are missing so many important meetings, maybe the trouble doesn't lie with them. Maybe the trouble lies with the person setting up the meetings.
I thought three strikes and you're out laws were for dangerous criminals, not party volunteers.

A question

As we get ready to watch another American Idol results show, I remembered that a trip to the finale could be yours. If you give to help retire Hillary Clinton's debt for last year's presidential run, you might win a trip to L.A.
How much debt is left? Is it more than Terry McAuliffe raised in his run for governor so far? Why didn't McAuliffe use his fundraising prowess to help his friend out? If he raised more than she owes, he could have helped our Secretary of State get out from under a burden that could be exploited by our enemies.
And if Terry McAuliffe left Hillary Clinton with such debt, will he do the same to Virginia?

Other McCain rules in action

I was checking sitemeter, and found someone visited by searching "Carrie Prejean bikini pics." I checked out Google and found 10 links to that phrase. The Other McCain was number one, of course, as he fulfills his rules to get a million hits on your blog in a year (or less).
I haven't posted the pictures, but I got some trickle-down linky love, since Google took a snapshot of my blog while I had his headline on the page.
Also got another link from McCain team member Suzanna Logan in her Earth Day roundup. Great southern hospitality from those blogs.
UPDATE: I make The Other McCain sidebar.

News you should know

Via Instapundit, a look at high unemployment states and their high income taxes or high unionization.

Sourland's latest

Sourland – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s new group – has been quite distraught about the Tea Parties. Let’s put it in song. Here’s “Why don’t you pay” (again, apologies to Sugarland).

I been sittin’ here staring
At the Fox News Channel
And I been layin’ here praying,
Praying it ain’t true
It’s just another tea party
They’ll get all excited
And I’ll be gone
And I’m beggin’ for support
Blue Dogs don’t you leave
But I’ll be left here sitting
Liberal heart on my sleeve
Oh, for the last time I’ll be here
Not again in a million years
And I know we’re dying

What do I have to do so you’ll stay with me
No one loves pork like me

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

You keep telling me Obama
That it’s now our time
The people love you so much
And will forever be yours
But I don’t think that’s the truth
Tea Parties give me blues
And I’m tired of waiting
I’ve got too much pork I want to spend
Can’t wait for economy to mend

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

I can’t take it any longer
Their will is getting stronger
And I think they want to push us out the door
We can’t waste another minute
Buy some friends to keep us in it
We’ll give them what they want
Even if it’s not best for you
So the next time we find
Mad taxpayers at door, let’s whine

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oha oh

Here's the original.

When Idol starts

It will be 9 p.m. Will it be lights off or light on.

Think blue

My brother is celebrating Smurf Day today. At least it rhymes.

From seven to five

Two Idol hopefuls will be gone after tonight's show. has Lil and Adam at the top of last night's voting, but the rest could finish anywhere from first to last. wants to keep Lil singing, so we'll see if she stays.

Brooks vs. Other McCain

One of blogger R.S. McCain's favorite targets is David Brooks. He takes a good whack at him today.
When I saw this line in Brooks' column - Obama is positioning the Democrats as the party of order, responsibility and small-town values. If he pulls this mantle away from the Republicans, it would be the greatest train robbery in American politics. - I thought "Just because a guy wears a dress doesn't make him a woman."

Hello Mary Sue, Goodbye lead

Cobalt noted a RTD article on Terry McAuliffe's increasing negative numbers at a time he is advertising heavily. Has such a thing happened before? Why, it happened to Mary Sue Terry when she lost to George Allen in 1993. It's good to find good news out there.


Yankee Philip details Tuesday's Augusta County Republican meeting. SpanktheDonkey sent out his brief information during the meeting.
Looking forward to what else will be said.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boldly go to the theater

Across the pond, London's Daily Mail offers high praise for the new Star Trek movie. May 8 is not too far away.

Sing it again, Trace

Don't forget, tomorrow is Earth Day. Here's my song.

Getting your credit for service

President Obama is on TV after signing the Serve America bill. Remember, you can serve America by reading the blogs of SWAC corps, like this one. Fifty hits a month is all we ask.
Or by joining Iowahawk Corps on Facebook. We have 155 members since starting it in the fall, only 41 behind Instapundit fan club. Iowahawk is celebrating Earth Week in his own style. Check it out.

How green are my jobs

Instapundit links a report on the myth of green jobs. Among the information in the abstract:
Myth: Imposing technological progress by regulation is desirable.
Reality: Some technologies preferred by the green jobs studies are not capable of efficiently reaching the scale necessary to meet today's demands and could be counterproductive to environmental quality.

Barone: We're pretty smart

Michael Barone gives the public props for knowing what's going on now with the government and economy. Good news for us. Bad news for people trying to push stuff down our throats.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why miss a meeting

I wish I could attend Tuesday's Augusta County Republican meeting, but we have dog obedience training for our puppy.
RightsideVa made a comment on one of my posts to highlight his views of what's going on - why 56 members were removed from the committee. So what conflicts did the 56 members have with the local meetings?
1. A meeting was the same night as the supervisors meeting in March.
2. All 56 were flown down to Rush Limbaugh's Florida compound for consultations on the issues at hand. Many of the bits Rush has used recently came from our local Republicans. Hannity and Glenn Beck were so jealous.
3. On the night of the third missed meeting, our 56 heroes went to Washington and gave Sen. Harry Reid atomic wedgies for several hours. (Why do you think Reid looks like that?)
The 56 did attend the 3:01 a.m. meeting held at the Mount Sidney rest stop, en route to Paul Begala's house. My previous information was in error.
In light of this information, the bylaws should be suspended for our 56 Republican heroes. They should be restored to their rightful place on the Augusta County Republican committee.

I'm Jack Bauer

The phrase you don't want to hear if you're a bad guy. The phrase you want to hear if you're a viewer.

Way to go, Miss California

Bearing Drift discusses Miss California finishing second in the Miss USA pageant. Some in the audience weren't happy with her answer on gay marriage. Another audience was happy to hear her say it.

More from Sourland

Our band Sourland - Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - love the energy of Sugarland. They were really inspired by this song from Jennifer and Kristian's first album. (Apologies again, guys).

Here's "Out of San Francisco and up to no good."

Wednesday, tax day, Lordy, make em’ pay
Had it with the whiners, hitting tea parties
What’s a poor Dem got to do just to have some fun?
All these years I’ve wanted to spend
Guess what, honey, earmarks don’t pass themselves
Neither does pork, neither does most liberal junk

So now if anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good

No more, what a bore, George W. Bush out the door
Headin’ for a breakdown, played Obama like a clown
Gonna call Murtha, gonna call Barney Frank
Now we’re gonna let it roll, gonna let it rip
Gonna have lotsa fun on our spending trip
Not needing Blue Dogs, they won’t be stoppin’ us, right?

So now if anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good

Spending up, here we go
Helping out our Astroturf
Barging on through with asses and elbows
Life’s now good for me and my peeps
Our luck’s changed and we live like kings

Snake eyes, roll the dice, double down and hit me twice
Cashin’ in the future, gonna get a big vote
Phony as a three-dollar bill, baby, I’m on fire

So now if anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good
If anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good

Here's the real thing.

With a little help from my friends

Pundit and Pundette feature a daily quote of the day, and today gives me the slot from Sunday's post. It's good to be friends with an up and coming blog.
And Carl enjoyed Sourland's debut. Don't know if he checked Ticketmaster to find out concert dates.

Next on the apology tour

President Obama has been visiting with world leaders the last month and apologizing for past mistakes by the United States. It's good to learn from your mistakes.
Where should he go next? What would happen if the President visited various Republican state conventions, and apologized for mistakes made by the Democratic party in the past. You know, like supporting slavery in the 1840s and 1850s. Supporting groups that suppressed the vote among newly-freed slaves. It's dealings with the KKK in the 1920s. Wasteful spending during the 40 years it held the House of Representatives.
Can't imagine that, can you? If President Obama talked like that at one Republican gathering, there would not be a left-side of the blogosphere anymore. All of the heads would explode.
Talking like that in foreign capitals to foreign leaders gives us two options -
1. They will think we're humble and will listen to them.
2. They will think we can be easily rolled.
I'm sure you think Republicans would take advantage if Obama admitted past Democratic mistakes. Why would foreign leaders be any different?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introducing Sourland

Apologies to Sugarland - Jennifer and Khristian – and their fans.

The big news in Washington is Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are leaving Congress to form a country music duo called Sourland. Here’s their first song, “All I want to do is Tax you"

I don’t want to listen baby, turn off all the phones
I don’t see those tea party people or want to turn my fax on
I’ve got ways to spend on my to-do list anyway
Hide behind this door and waste away money
Taxpayers think we’re lazy when we drive them crazy

All I want do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo woo
All I want do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo woo is tax you

I’ve spend my whole life winning votes to climb the ladder
Look at me, look at me, I’m the only thing that matters
Come a little closer Reid, we’ll pass bills without dissent
Hang a sign on Capitol Hill please do not disturb
Taxpayers think we’re lazy when we drive them crazy

All I want do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo woo
All I want do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo woo is tax you
Pass me a bill, full of that pork
I don’t want to cut this
All I want do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo woo
All I want do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo woo is tax you
All I really want to do
All I really can do
All I really want to do is tax you, tax you, tax you

Go a lot higher baby, we can spend without remorse
Hang up on those complainers, please do not, please do not, please do not disturb
When I sit down in my office, all I really want to do
When I fly back, when I fly back to Frisco baby, all I really want to do..

For you Sugarland fans, here's the original performance

Partial defense of Chris

Chris Graham's endorsement of Terry McAuliffe focuses on Graham's belief that McAuliffe follows the Mark Warner school of government, using business experience to make Virginia government better.
If that's your focus, McAuliffe is a good candidate. Unfortunately, he comes with more baggage than a traveling Broadway show company. Warner didn't have that baggage and could pull off the good ol' boy part of his campaign. McAuliffe began his campaign in 2009, but not his career.

For a segment of the audience

Yankee Philip noticed that some liberal bloggers got a charge out of my report on the Augusta tea party. Maybe they'll like this music video where the guy wears a dress.

Teabagging silly season

The weirdest part of the left's criticism of the Tea Bag Parties was the word "teabagging." It was "ha, ha, snicker, snicker, They don't know what teabagging really is."
We also don't know what horse crap tastes like. And we're proud of our ignorance in that.
We have to remember lessons we learned on the elementary school playground.
1. Act your age, not your shoe-size.
2. I'm rubber and you're glue. Everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why I like T-Mac (to lose)

Our local Democrat announced his support for Terry McAuliffe for governor. I was inspired. I endorse McAuliffe also, as the weakest of the three Democrats running for governor.
Why? Starting with recent history.
He was chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. How'd that turn out? In 2007, Rush Limbaugh said there was an 80 percent chance that Hillary would be elected president. They blew the largest front-runner lead in presidential history. And T-Mac was right there.
Before that, he was chairman of the Democratic National Committee during George W. Bush's first term. How'd that go? In 2002, the Democrats lost control of the Senate with several close defeats.
And in 2004, the weak Democratic presidential field produced John Kerry. He may know crepes, but he gives people the creeps.
And before that, how about Global Crossing? I've heard rumors about him making lots of money in that company before it went under. What's the true story?
Commenting on Chris' column has helped sharpen my focus. Simply, McAuliffe made money while other investors lost. In a post-AIG, post-bailout world, that's not the sentence a politician wants to be described by.
If you are touting McAuliffe's business experience and ideas, you look at the whole record. Global Crossing might have been just one small mistake in a stellar career, or the one little spark that can torch a forest.
People are mad about the bailouts - That government has do them. That the banks and companies need them. Mad at the thought that someone got rich and left the taxpayers with the bill. A candidate who made $17,900,000 from a company that went bankrupt is not far from the hypothetical person people are mad at.
If amateur bloggers can whack McAuliffe like a pinata over Global Crossing, what are the professionals going to do? If T-Mac is still standing after the June 2 primary, he doesn't stand a chance in November.

So many good things to choose from

Pundit and Pundette got to enjoy Mark Steyn's column before me. And it's a good one.
Don't know if I like this quote best
Talk-show host Michael Graham spoke to one attendee at the 2009 Boston Tea Party who remarked of the press embargo: "If Obama had been the king of England, the Globe wouldn't have covered the American Revolution."
or this one.
Doing the job the Boston Globe won't do, Glenn Reynolds, the Internet's Instapundit, has been posting many photographs of tea parties. For a movement of mean, angry old white men, there seem to be a lot of hot-looking young chicks among them.
Read and decide yourself.

I made an enemy

Cobalt6 notices me. It's hard to see him when he's buried so deep in the mud.

Good reading

Don Surber remembers "The Swamp Fox" in his roundup of the week's events. I like, since I worked two blocks from Francis Marion park in Georgetown, S.C., and Charlottesville had Tartleton's Oak where he supposedly stopped while chasing the American forces in 1781. My sons were born in the hospital two blocks from that.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's serious

According to Yankee Philip and SWAC girl, 56 members of the Augusta County Republicans got a letter from chairman Bill Shirley. And they all had the same reaction:


I took my youngest to Willy's Ice Cream for a treat, and as our change we received two new District of Columbia quarters. Does the state quarters program still excite anyone. I think I have most of the 50 states for the boys, but adding territories and next year parks seems to be overdoing it.
After they finish the presidential coins, will they move to vice presidents? Or guys who lost election for president?

What a waste

I enjoying looking at therealbobmcdonnell website. Nice to see Democrats wasting their money.
How does trying to link McDonnell to Republican "boogeymen" work any better than linking Barack Obama to Democratic "boogeymen" in 2008? Tell me.
Look at the lineup, and Obama's comparable friends.
Pat Robertson = Rev. Wright
Rush Limbaugh = Bill Ayers (really no one equals Rush, but for arguments' sake)
George W. Bush = Jimmy Carter
George Allen = Al Gore
Jim Gilmore = John Kerry
Jeff Frederick = man, I don't know any obscure Democrats. But Pelosi, Reid, or Hillary could fill the spot.
The website probably sounds good in meetings. Maybe even polls okay. But the real Bob McDonnell is a candidate with a good record. Good enough to be elected Attorney General in 2005.
And he just looks so good in that Hawaiian shirt.

UPDATE: Chris checks out the website also.

Rush asks you to give

Each year, Rush Limbaugh has a telethon each year benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Today's the 19th annual fundraiser, and Rush has a link to give, either today or over the weekend.

In honor of Weekend Watchdog

Monday, a former colleague of mine posted on facebook that his journalism career was over. He was part of a major layoff at the Orlando Sentinel. So today is the final Weekend Watchdog column in that paper.
I thought I'd do a TV sports roundup in his honor.
You want playoffs? We got playoffs.
The NBA postseason starts with four games Saturday and four more on Sunday. ABC and ESPN have Saturday covered, and also have the Jazz visiting the Lakers on Sunday. TNT gets the last three games of the weekend, starting Sunday at 5:30 p.m.
NBC gets two NHL games, starting with Saturday's meeting between the Capitals and Rangers. The Caps better win or it make be over for them.
The Penguins take on the Flyers Sunday, and Versus has several games.
I bet we'll see new Yankee Stadium Saturday when the Indians visit. Or else it's the Cardinals at Cubs, which is also ESPN's Sunday night game. Or locally, you can watch the Orioles visit Boston or the Nationals host the Marlins.
NASCAR is in Phoenix for a night race Saturday. The same guys seem to lead and win each week, but at least you get to hear Darrell Waltrip and see Digger dance in the commercial bumps.
And since I lived along the South Carolina coast, I always enjoyed the Heritage Classic at Hilton Head. CBS has final round coverage and you get to see the lighthouse.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Also connected to Pat Robertson

With all the fuss about Bob McDonnell's connection to Pat Robertson, I found someone else with a Robertson connection - Keith Green performing on the 700 club. Enjoy.

New castrati

For several years, Rush Limbaugh has used the term "New Castrati" and "Testicle Lockbox" to blast Democrats, especially when Hillary Clinton was the frontrunner.
Then, when conservatives hold the first major protest of the Obama administration, the testicles come out of the lockbox. Strange.

Big time

Just visited and found I have the link of honor.
Sing it, John and Big Kenny.

Best day ever

Thanks to interest in the tea parties, my blog had its best traffic day in the five months since I added Sitemeter - 117 visits. Hope everyone found something helpful here.

Augusta tea parties in the news

The News Leader and News Virginian offer good takes on the Staunton and Fishersville tea parties. Nice color from the News Virginian.
Despite an initial roar from the crowd as organizer Michael Nash took the stage, protesters’ handwritten signs and one-on-one conversations provided most of the emotion

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charlottesville party makes instapundit

Photos here from the Charlottesville Pavillion. Great job, making

Augusta Expoland tea party report

Wednesday at Augusta Expoland, the parking lot was full. The chairs were mostly filled and people milled about. Plenty of tea bags, homemade signs and passion. Probably 300 people, many who obviously knew each other. Young and old, a cross-section of Augusta County.
Then Michael Nash got up to speak. The man sure can suck the excitement out of a room.
He got three applause lines - when he prayed, mentioned Glenn Beck, and said he was concluding. The rest was quite confusing.
After he talked with WHSV-TV, a member of the audience came up to him and said "We came here for a tax rally and got conspiracy theories." Nash didn't answer, and instead walked away.
That was my cue to walk too. While a nice little old lady talked about resolutions from the 1960s and regional governments or something, I joined about half the audience in going home.
It was sad. There's people who are ready to protest taxes and spending like all the other tea parties across the United States. The ones they saw on Fox News and heard excited reports from on talk radio. But they didn't get that in Fishersville.
I know there's interest out there. Since this party was not on the list of other Virginia tea parties, I got over 50 hits from Google search and other search engines looking for Fishersville tea party. Now I know why it wasn't on the list.
Please, if you are interested in the tea party movement, check out or or Glenn Beck's site or Hannity's. This isn't the end, but the beginning of something great.

Tea party disappointment

There are tea parties scheduled in 50 states today. But, while campaigning last year, President Obama said there were 57 states. What seven states are we missing?

Somebody didn't get the memo

I caught a snippet of CNN's coverage of a tea party in Chicago. The reporter pulled a guy out of the crowd who said "Obama is a fascist." She asked why, how can you say that about the president. He said "Because he is."
Can't expect that everybody got the memo about how to behave at the tea parties.
Remember, one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch.

Augusta tea party

The News Leader talks with leaders of the Fishersville and Staunton Tea Parties. Hope this helps everyone who has searched for info on the Fishersville Tea Party and landed on my blog this week.

Before going to a tea party...

...check out Iowahawk. Straight from the Nutroots 13 MediaMattersActionCastNewsCenter.

Have you thanked your taxpayer today?

Many people will be attending Tea Party rallies today across the country today. The left has even organized rallies in support of the President's tax plan. I even found a post discussing the positive things that come from paying taxes.
But, do we ever thank people for paying their taxes? Do we ever show some appreciation for their hard work?
After money goes to government, it's usually the elected officials who talk about what they have brought back to their constituents. Without our tax money, they got nothing. The fuel for the tea parties is not against all taxes and all government. But worries that taxes and government are growing too big, and not to help all people but to help current politicians earn reelection.
The stimulus package is being used as a two-sided bat. Democrats say "Look what I got for you." and "Those Republicans don't want you to have what you need."
Instead, it's the money of current and future taxpayers. Is this the best use for it?

Connecting the dots

Why would liberal bloggers think the Tea Party is a fake grassroots movement? Are they following their own experience?
Last week, there was a post how disappointed they were not getting ad money on their blogs. They push the agenda for free, but of course need money to keep it up. Why isn't some money flowing their way?
So, if you want money for successfully pushing an agenda, wouldn't you think the other side would have financial support to push their side? They can't be doing this for free, can they?
Not everything follows your own experience. Be open minded. Lots of people across the country have thought about issues and disagree with you. They aren't paid off robots and unthinking Lemmings.
Live with it.

New bumper sticker

If you can read this
Thank the top 5 percent
(they paid the teacher's salary)

UPDATE: Got a nice link from Dustbury in Oklahoma.

Tea party mastermind

The left side is trying to cut down the tea party movement by saying it's fake grassroots. It's FOX News and old Republicans running the show.
I know the real mastermind - Trying to get people to buy his book. Or visit and
I suggest the left side visit these sites to find out what's really going on.

Happy Tea Party day

Pay your taxes, then attend your rally. Watch out for exploding liberals.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a mystery

Yankee Philip has some interesting posts about turmoil in the Augusta County Republican Party. I have no inside information on my fellow members of SWACcorps, but look forward to learning more.
Things I've learned so far:
1. I didn't know there are 56 members of the local committee, let alone that removing 56 would leave a working group.
2. Make that a skeleton group. Find 30 friends and take over the local Republican committee.
Of course there's questions. First on my mind -
1. Why did they call the meetings for 3:01 a.m. at the Mount Sidney rest stop? That would be the only way I'd expect loyal Republicans to miss a bunch of meetings in a short amount of time.
2. Which local tea party is the site of the next called meeting?
But it's been 25 years since I was Executive Director of the Maryland Federation of College Republicans. I guess things have changed.
But I have to take Phil to task on this. If you're going to make a big deal of 56, you need to go to Joe (DiMaggio).

Donnie Osmond's thoughts on tea party invaders

With all the tea parties planned for Wednesday, there's been reports that opponents plan to attend to make tea party supporters look bad. They'll try to get the media coverage, or try to disrupt things, to portray the people as kooks.
Fortunately, the Osmonds had some sage advice for us all. Listen and learn.

Unfortunately, the Osmonds never recorded a song about trusting Pajamas Media or Instapundit for the best reporting on the Tea Parties.

Augusta Expoland T.E.A. party

I've seen the signs around Fishersville and Waynesboro, and I just got off the phone with Augusta Expoland. The tea party will be Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m., and donations for the food bank are being accepted.
The plans for a Fishersville tea party were finalized last week, so it hasn't been publicized like the planned tea parties in Richmond, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg.
And conccessions will be available.

Do it again

The left is bragging about the takedown of the Somali pirates. "Dirty Barry" did it and you were wrong.
We just didn't think he had it in him. Well done, and when will we hit Iran? Then we'll believe he's really tough.
Once can just be a fluke. You need two or more for a pattern.

Bringing people together

President Obama campaigned on a new day of politics, putting away the childish arguments of the past. Little did he know it would be conservatives and libertarians coming together. Come join us, Democrats. It's not nice to bit the hand that feeds you (taxes).

A little info

The News Virginian gets hold of someone to briefly mention Wednesday's party at Augusta Expoland and Staunton's Gypsy Hill party.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Miracle Max on the Tea Parties

Looking for info

There's a sign in Waynesboro about a tea party planned for Fishersville's Augusta Expoland Wednesday. I haven't seen any other information on that, but several people have been searching Fishersville Tea Party and visited my site. Please leave a comment if you know anything about this tea party.

Global warming tax deadline

The tax deadline is Wednesday, but there's been talk of linking the tax deadline and election day to improve focus on government spending.
The Obama administration is talking about cap-and-trade, which will likely increase prices to help reduce global warming.
So how about linking global warming and the tax deadline? If a city or state has two days of record heat in a row, that's the tax deadline. If the record heat comes in April, the deadline is April. If there's no record heat until July, the deadline falls to then.
If there's not two days of record heat in a row in a year, you don't have to pay taxes that year. Sorry government, no global warming and no revenue for you.
As long as the National Weather Service doesn't report a record heat while six inches of snow is falling.

Tax cuts for Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears

If I were a liberal blogger, (instead of a conservative trying for cheap hits), I'd frame the tea parties this way. If you cut taxes for the rich, Lindsay and Brittany have more money to keep. Sure, they have their trickle down (to clubs, roadies,, but it's not the same as building bridges or green power.
Of course, this will just remind everyone that liberal bloggers are not as good-looking, or talented or lucky as Lindsey and Brittany. Take one for the cause.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maybe it should have been a Long Island Lemonade Party

h/t and the tea party website
The New York Times wasn't impressed by a Long Island tea party.

Tea party motto

We went to visit my in-laws this weekend for Easter. My father-in-law stores his Little Debbie Raisin Cakes in a talking cookie car shaped like a lion. When you lift the lid, it says "Get your hands out of my cookie jar."
I need to find one to bring to a tea party.

BNN top 20

Welcome to BNN top 20 with Casey Kasem. We're counting down the top political blogs in Virginia, which are read on great computers like Dell and HP. The BNN rankings are determined by posts and hits, along with consultation with a witch doctor and the government wonks who are trying to reform health care.
Let's get started with the countdown.
This week we have three newcomers, starting at number 20. He's a wannabe member of the super group SWAC Corps, who hopes to reach the success of superstars SWACgirl and Yankee Philip. Here's Fishersvillemike.
(Sorry, that's all we could afford of Casey. The other newcomers are Spank that Donkey at No. 19 and Star City Harbinger at No. 18).
Be sure to catch a repeat of this program on XM radio sometime in the future. Until then,
Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. And keep hitting those blogs.

It's baseball season

The Baltimore Orioles are 4-2 after the first week.
The Hagerstown Suns have hired the 16-year-old twins of blogger the Other McCain for the grounds crew. I wonder if they'll have an Other McCain promo at the ballpark, where guys get in free for wearing a Speedo.
Locally, Chris Graham of is going to be general manager of the Valley League's Waynesboro Generals. I suggested that he offer discounts on the left side of the stands. Haven't seen that on the promotion schedule.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Somalis and Johnny Depp

Mark Steyn imagines Pirates of the Caribbean ending where we treat them like the pirates of today.
I doubt Pirates of the Caribbean would have cleaned up at the box office if the big finale had shown Geoffrey Rush and his crew of scurvy sea dogs settling down in council flats in Manchester and going down to the pub for a couple of jiggers of rum washed down to cries of “Aaaaargh, shiver me benefits check, lad.” From “Avast, me hearties!” to a vast welfare scam is not progress.
Can't wait to see Disney World change the ride to represent this.

Cartoon for Easter Bunny vs. Wolverine

I've been looking, but can't find the good illustration to go with my Easter Bunny vs. Wolverines post last week.
It's an episode of Fairly Odd Parents, a Nick show those of you with tween kids probably know. (It's about a 10-year-old boy with magical fairy godparents, and the troubles they get him out of after they grant his wishes).
The boy, Timmy, asks that all food be dessert when he tired of eating vegetables. So, everything is candy and cake, the kids are happy and soon they all look like bowling balls. Unfortunately, that changes the earth's gravity and sends the planet racing toward the sun.
But it's a cartoon, with an alien who considers brussel sprouts dessert. One of the fairy godparents eats it, grants the wish to make everything back to normal and the world is saved.
Remember, eating only candy doesn't work. The sweet promises of money for you from the Democrats will come to ruin, unless there's a fairy godparent with a magic wand in the White House.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter break

I'm going into the internet wayback machine - visiting my in-laws where the only computer runs on Windows 98 and has a dial-up connection to the internet. It's good to see family for the Easter holiday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm voting for the guy in the cool Hawaiian shirt

Thanks for the reminder, at President Obama is from Hawaii, right?

Nice poll news

Let's highlight the Daily Kos poll again. Bob McDonnell looks pretty good. And the Democrats haven't begun to beat up on each other.
And we just went through a month of bad news chatter about RPV chairman Jeff Frederick and his ouster from office.
I just love posting this kind of news.

Frat boy fun

Charlottesville's weekly The Hook highlights the sad case of four UVa fraternity pledges. As a prank, they took a fraternity member out to Crozet and left him.
Unfortunately for both, some townspeople saw the drop off.
Really unfortunately for them, and not highlighted enough in the article, the fraternity member didn't tell the townspeople it was a harmless prank. He tried to protect the pledges and said some unknown person did it.
Not what you tell people in the 21st century. Police were called and now his friends will spend four days in jail.
The story makes the courts out to be the bad guys, pressing charges when it's an obvious prank. But the fraternity member lied to police and he's not going to be spending time in jail.
Hopefully, the fraternities will catch the message. Pranks are okay; lying isn't.

Easter Bunny vs. Wolverines

Update: I make McCain's linky love all-stars, in a supporting role. Instapundit gets an update all to himself.

The Other McCain takes a great whack at the government-job loving, Beck-Limbaugh hating Republicans ("If those rubes would stop worrying so much about abortion, I could get a house in Loudoun County').
His highlighted sentence is "The GOP succeeded without ever having to forge a partisan consensus on domestic policy."
Why? Well, you can't out-Easter Bunny the Easter Bunny. You see coverage on local news about the stimulus, and it's always "Look at how the government money is going to help us out here. Thank you Democratic congressman for doing this for us."
On the other side, we're offering Wolverines. Which means fighting for your freedom in the cold and desolate mountains, while watching your friends and family get picked off one by one.
Why would anyone decide to be a Wolverine? Because we're adults. We know the Easter Bunny doesn't exist. It's adults who buy the candy and stuff for kids. It doesn't just magically appear.
We're the adults who will be paying taxes while Democrats take the credit for the spending. And try to make us look bad for raining on their parade.
The Wolverines are fighting for the children too. So they will have freedom and possibilities for their future. Instead of loading them up with debt like a pack mule and kicking them out into the government-controlled world.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm disappointed

I do three posts about the MSNBC poll over the past month and get no notice. But SWACgirl mentions it and catches Cobalt's attention. What's up with that?
Is my title too long? It does take twice as long to type 16 character as it does eight. I want to stay in the top 20 and I can't bother the Other McCain all the time.
I voted an F before he bowed to the Saudi king. Guess I'm ahead of the curve.

T-Mac stimulus

So Terry McAuliffe's first quarter haul is $4.2 million. Where's the money going to go? To owners of radio and television stations, mostly. Just like last fall, when the Obama campaign had so much money to spend that they advertised during the Rush Limbaugh show. Democratic donors were helping to pay Rush's salary.
Hopefully, T-Mac can advertise in some Media General and Gannett newspapers, also. The cash would be helpful for them and might increase the page count.
I plan on bashing on T-Mac for free until the primary. Then it's on to Moran or Deeds, whoever the primary winner is.

Poll persistence

SWACgirl notes the MSNBC poll on President Obama's performance. The link goes to the same page as the poll I noted in mid-March. When it was first publicized, it was 40 percent A and 40 percent F. The lefties noticed that, and moved the grade to 51 percent A and 30 percent F the next day.
I guess the left forgot about it after that, but the right didn't. Right now, it's 30 percent A and 44 percent F.
The poll may not be scientific, but the roller-coaster ride demands study.

Iran and the bomb

As the United States joins the talks with Iran about its nuclear program, we need to remember - Iran with a nuclear weapon is like a 16-year-old boy with a fast car. Many things can happen, and odds are they will be bad.
Need a visual? Check this out.

He hates the Easter Bunny, too

The Washington Post looks at Bob McDonnell's opposition to accepting stimulus funds linked to unemployment system. Why? How can you turn down free money?
Because it's not free money. It has strings attached that will increase state costs in future years. Several Republican governors - Sanford of South Carolina and Jindal of Louisiana - have voiced the same concern about this money. We have a federal system, where the governors can make decisions.
McDonnell has decided not to be a puppet.

How about...

Some lefty blogs are touting that wind power now employs more people than coal. Good. Keep it up. Coal still provides about 50 times the power for the country as wind power does, so I guess that makes coal more efficient.
How about this idea. Allow mountain top mining where there's coal, and when the vein is tapped out, build a wind farm on the reclaimed land. That's where the people will need jobs, some infrastructure is already in place, and mountains can be pretty windy.

Anyone can go can't let who's gone this week. It knows Adam is safe, but other than that it's too close to call. Kris, Anoop and Scott are their bottom three, for what it's worth. decided to support Scott. We'll see if that saves him.

Sobering insight

Ralph Peters dissects the President's overseas trip and finds it's a real turkey.

I believe that our president wants to do the right thing. But he doesn't have a clue how. For now, he's enraptured by the applause. But he hasn't tried to charge his fans for their tickets. And they've already made up their minds they won't have to pay.

Why pick on Beck?

When Glenn Beck began his Headline News show two years ago, he asked his audience when the show would be cancelled. I picked Jan. 20, 2009, figuring President Hillary wouldn't like him on the air.
When President Obama was inaugurated, he wasn't on Headline News anymore. It was his second day on Fox.
Now his show is growing in popularity, he's out in front with the Tea Party movement and concerns about our crushing debt. So he's become the poster boy for what's supposedly wrong with the Right.
Listening to Beck's worries can be sobering and depressing. I like listening, but there's times I've got to turn it off. Talking about the worst of the "what if" scenarios may look like a trip to the political wilderness, but at the rate we're going there may be only wilderness left.
There's a hunger for what Beck is talking about on the right, just like there was talk against the Iraq War on the left back in 2002. I don't think he want to be a leader of the unhappy, but he's showing the potential leaders where a huge group is hanging out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We surrender...

to Iowahawk.

Link to this post now, or be dealt a thousand-time blow of fresh nuclear Missouri M-80 retaliation! All imperialist stooge traitors of TypePad and Blogger and WordPress must now bow down before the greatness of Iowahawk and his merciless arsenal of peaceful stabilty rockets.

Card check checkup

Cobalt takes a swipe at SWACgirl about the Employee Free Choice Act. Better to train your fire on Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who told a Little Rock group she couldn't support the bill.
I like to think of EFCA as the Wal-Mart destruction bill. While small businesses may worry about any impact on them, I see the unions focusing on Wal-Mart if the bill passes.
If you're going to try to increase the size of your union, you go after the big dog and Wal-Mart is the big dog of American business. I'm sure an awful lot of the Arkansas economy flows through Bentonville. And that's something their senator needs to think about.
So there's really no need to worry about EFCA now.

To paraphrase the famous song,
My pappy said, "Hey, you're gonna' drive me to drinkin'
If you don't support the card check, Lincoln"

Fairness Doctrine - where are you?

We haven't heard much about the Fairness Doctrine lately. Is it dead? Probably. Thanks to Rush and President Obama.
Prior to the inauguration, you could have pushed for a Fairness Doctrine by saying we need more fairness in our political discourse. Everybody wants fairness, right?
Then Rush said he hoped the President's policies failed.
And the President told Republicans you can't listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.
And Rush's audience and interest in his opinions went up.
Now, if you bring up the Fairness Doctrine, it looks like you're trying to shut down a political opponent. That's not fairness to most Americans.
Rush has saved his show and the shows of numerous conservatives out there.

Final bracket update

I've had quite a few hits from people searching for NCAA tournament bracket info. Sorry to see it end.
The President and over a million participants in the ESPN challenge got UNC winning it all right. It moved the President to the 80 percentile, behind people who got more than 19 of 32 right in the first round.
By picking the highest seeds throughout until the final, I won the small pool.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Song

The Washington Post got me fired up about Easter. And I found this video of Keith Green a few months before his death.

Happy Easter week

In time for the celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection, the Washington Post prints an op-ed that asks - What's the big deal? Concentrate on fixing Earth instead of focusing on heaven and the afterlife.
Usual false choices. Not like Paul didn't talk about it in his first letter to the Corinthians 1: 21-24.

21For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.
22For indeed Jews ask for signs and Greeks search for wisdom;
23but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness,
24but to those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.

Try weekly

Almost 25 years ago, I worked for this guy(a Randolph-Macon grad) and sat next to this guy in the newsroom. Thanks to the internet, I can see what they're up to. And thanks to the internet, their job security isn't what it once was.
My former boss looked at the newspaper industries' bleak bottom line. They have readers, but not enough revenue. What to do?
The paper we worked at was a tri-weekly, covering a ocean-side South Carolina county. There were dailies to the north (Myrtle Beach) and south (Charleston), but we had our county covered with our local news. We were all working hard to move to bigger and more prestigious papers and advance our careers.
But that was then. Now, the problem for newspapers may be too many dailies. How much of the Staunton and Waynesboro papers are local content, especially the Monday and Tuesday editions? Some dailies could cut back to three days per week and possibly be stronger on the local news and advertising sides.
The troubles with this plan are obvious, however. Newspapers have made capital outlays and have staffs for producing their product seven days a week. Expenses would still be higher than 3/7 of current levels if they only produce three papers a week.
Plus, if people don't have a newspaper waiting on the front step each morning, will they lose the habit? Will they find the computer a better place to get all their news and forget advertising even exists?
In the spirit of the Obama administration, we see a problem and there must be change. Will it work? Who knows? Just gotta try something.

The mind boggles

Instapundit linked his sitemeter early in the morning. Wow. Over 10 million hits a month in the first quarter of 2009. Over 381 million visits since starting the site.
Wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of this kind of internet traffic. Right, Senator Dodd?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 4 million hits, Don Surber

Don Surber proudly places his sitemeter stats on his site. And shortly after midnight, he will pass 4 million hits on his blog. I have rewritten one of the Beach Boys’ classic songs (my apologies). Perfect for cruising in a Mustang, whether the ’65 or ’05.

Let’s read Surber now
All the cool kids know how
Come on read Surber with me
(Come on read Surber with…)

Early in the morning he’ll be startin’ out
From Poca to the Daily Mail
He’s firing up the computer
Gets his mind in gear
And heads out singing our song

Come on (Surber) Just ask me (surber safari)
Yes I’ve gotta (Surber) scoreboard I do (surber safari) daily
Come along (Surber) Just ask me (surber safari)
Yes I’ve gotta (Surber) scoreboard I do (surber safari) daily

Let’s read Surber now
All the cool kids know how
Come on read Surber with me
(Come on read Surber with…)

From Huntington to Charleston
They’re reading his work
The internet is spreading his reach
He’s gone after Obama plenty this year
If you like it, we’re ready to go

Come on (Surber) Just ask me (surber safari)
Yes I’ve gotta (Surber) scoreboard I do (surber safari) daily
Come along (Surber) Just ask me (surber safari)
Yes I’ve gotta (Surber) scoreboard I do (surber safari) daily

Let’s read Surber now
All the cool kids know how
Come on read Surber with me
(Come on read Surber with…)

They’re followin’ his links everywhere
He’s kicking it on Instapundit, heh
I tell you Surber’s mighty wild
He’s getting bigger every day
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Time flies

It's Opening Night for baseball, and most teams have their Opening Day Monday. I looked at the Orioles' roster and the oldest player is catcher Gregg Zaun, born in April 1971.
I met him as a 19-year-old playing in Bluefield, the Orioles' Appalachian League team. The Los Angeles Times called the team's office to find out how he was doing, and as the team beat writer I informed them of his progress. Now he has a World Series ring (Marlins in '97) and comes to Baltimore as the veteran teacher to hopefully a phenom - Matt Weiters.

Obama bracket update

The President's pick of North Carolina to win the national championship looks pretty good right now. UNC was the most popular national championship pick - by 27.2 percent - so he won't move up much in the final ESPN challenge standings.
He might want to spend more thought picking government officials and trying to pick winners and losers among our automakers.

GM - Garbage marketing

I saw the new GM ad during the basketball game and thought the same thing as this guy - rally caps?

Rule 5 in action

Mrs. Fishersville Mike likes David Cook, last year's American Idol winner. On his current tour, his opening act is Ryan Star.
The wife likes one of Star's songs, but was surprised the video had all of these cheerleaders dancing in the background. She thought it was a distraction, but I figured Star was just following Rule 5.
Sure enough, during the UNC-Villanova game last night, CBS used Star's song and video coming out of a commercial. I'm sure it was the cheerleaders that caught their attention.
Rule 5 helps both bloggers and aspiring rockers.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Supposed to be better

Watching the Final Four, CBS reminds you that Sunday night in the Academy of Country Music awards. And Taylor Swift promises something better than this from last year.

Double link day

On Saturdays, Smitty provides a roundup of links about The Other McCain. But Smash Mouth missed out. Then he links me in his parody of Smitty's work.
Remember Smash Mouth, blame the internet trolls.

Doesn't really matter

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin discusses his proposal to help the dying newspapers. Two questions:
1. How many people are influenced by the political endorsements?
2. How many newspapers are solely community-based, not part of a chain?
If both numbers aren't zeroes, they are pretty close.

Thought of the day

Liberal media bias didn't kill newspapers. But it makes it easier to dance on their graves.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What can you say

The Iowa Supreme Court handed down a decision on gay marriage Friday.
Some people are happy.
Some people are angry.
The printers were working overtime in St. Peter's file room.

Find a party

Instapundit has been linking the map of known Tea Parties. Pretty impressive.

View Larger Map

All clear

Wilson Elementary School in Fishersville had a lock-down today when a student reported a suspicious person. Police checked the scene and the students got to go home at their usual time.
Update: coverage from NBC29 and Channel 3 in Harrisonburg.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My favorite Frederick fracas post

Bearing Drift posted Wednesday an email by Jeff Frederick from last fall when he went overseas. The best part -

Don’t volunteer to people that I’m gone — just make like everything is normal, and as always, tell folks that I respond quicker over email.
I don’t think many people will know I’m taking this trip...

Now, you're a state legislator, going with other legislators. People will know. It's not CIA agents we're talking about.
To me, it doesn't matter that the head of the Republican Party is out of country a few weeks before the election. But not thinking it would look bad to be gone if the party lost seats, that's bad.
It reminds me of my time in South Carolina in the mid 80s. The local high school hired a new football coach, and the first season he went 0-10. During the offseason, he was pulled over for DUI. He might have kept the job if the news of that had been kept quiet, but word gets around in a small town.
He lost the job, and two years later the replacement coach had the school in the playoffs. And the replacement coach's slogan was "0-10, never again."

Takeover target

The latest entity taken over by the government is Iowahawk. Many government actions are humorous, so it's not such a stretch.

New guy's view of Frederick fracas

As a new blogger, I wasn't involved when Jeff Frederick became chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. But reading the posts from both sides, it seems we're talking past each other.
Those who support Frederick focus on the grassroots vs. establishment battle. Frederick represents them, the grassroots, and the establishment is trying to take that away. They think the establishment shouldn't be bringing this fight, and whatever the problems, they don't rise to the level of removal.
Those who support Frederick's foes bring up specific problems that have they've seen happen during his tenure. It's basically that he's not up to the job.
Both sides want to win, both now and in November. It's no fun being a loser. I doubt those who will vote to remove Frederick take this task lightly.
Whatever the vote, look at the opponent's side without emotion. They might have a good point.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ears to you

I watched Harrisonburg's WHSV last night and saw coverage of Bob McDonnell's visit there. The weirdest thing, the cameraman couldn't stand in front of McDonnell. We get great views of his ears.
For balance, we also see Lowell Fulk's ears toward the end of the report. Come on, you're a TV guy. Push to the front.

Your April Fool's update?

This had better be an April Fool's joke.

Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR - Car News
HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY! With their racing budgets deemed “unnecessary expenditures,” GM and Chrysler are ordered to cease racing operations at the end of the season.

April 2009

In a move sure to spark outrage, the White House announced today that GM and Chrysler must cease participation in NASCAR at the end of the 2009 season if they hope to receive any additional financial aid from the government. Companies around the globe—Honda and Audi, to name two—have drawn down racing operations, and NASCAR itself has already felt the pinch in the form of reduced team spending. A complete withdrawal from America’s premier racing series is expected to save more than $250 million between GM and Chrysler, a substantial amount considering the drastic measures being implemented elsewhere.

Idol update has Megan Joy at the bottom of last night's voting. Allison, Anoop, Matt and Scott are also in danger of being voted off.

Good way to end the month

The Other McCain linked one of my posts Tuesday afternoon and sent a good bit of traffic my way.