Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Connecting your bubbles

Instapundit has been mentioning the "higher-education bubble" plenty of times recently.
We've dealt with the housing bubble in recent years.
How about thinking how the connection between the two keeps the housing bubble deflated for a long time.
For housing prices to finally pick up - reinflate the burst bubble -  you need buyers. Young people looking for their first houses. If the young people are burdened with high levels of student debt due to the higher-education bubble, they can't buy houses.
Maybe your house is a move-up house. Great. Except your buyers need a buyer of a starter house before they can buy your house. Given the choice of two houses, they would like your house. But they are stuck with theirs.
Let's cut the cost of college education by 25 percent immediately. It's for the economy. If college remains so expensive, President Obama and Democrats will lose upcoming elections.
College administrators, you need to take one for the team.

A blue day in Bluefield

Today ends the 2010 Appalachian League season, and the 53-year affiliation between the Baltimore Orioles and Bluefield, W.Va.
I was lucky enough to cover the team for seven-plus years, from 1988 to 1995. I met former Orioles who I grew up watching, other former major leaguers passing through town to help the new crop and plenty of great fans.
Covering the Orioles allowed me to write for the Baltimore Evening Sun, Baseball America, and assist the writer from Reader's Digest with his article in the June 1994 edition of that famous magazine.
But time moves on. Bluefield hasn't had a winning record since 2003, the year after the Orioles added the Aberdeen Ironbirds to the system. The better first-year players went to Cal Ripken's packed stadium, and Bluefield got the leftovers. Add the Orioles' return to Florida's Gulf Coast League - 18-year-old players under the hot Florida sun with no fans - and there was no more need for Bluefield in the system.
Unfortunately, the Orioles didn't send many good players through Bluefield during my era. While Cleveland had future Hall-of-Famers Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome, most Bluefield players who reached the majors lasted just a few games.
But it was great to be part of professional baseball, and hopefully Bluefield will remain home to major league hopefuls for years to come. Even if the Yankees decide to put a team there, I could root for them.

Beck's crowd? 15 million

I got the number from the folks who give us the number of jobs saved or created by the stimulus bill.
I used their dartboard.
Rich Lowry looks at the funny stimulus numbers in his column.

Wrong? We're never wrong

Jonah Goldberg looks at the millstone of health care reform dragging Democrats to devastation in November. And why none of the supporters say it's a problem.
No wonder the political salience of Obamacare’s unpopularity isn’t getting the attention it deserves from so many outlets. That would amount to a confession of error by a whole class of people who like to believe they are never wrong.

No laughing matter

Clive Crook's report on Glenn Beck and his rally ends with a anecdote.
This afternoon, walking back to my home in predominantly white North-West DC, I paused for a bite to eat in the predominantly white Dupont Circle area, in a cafe whose clientele was predominantly white. There, I did see something mean. A family wearing "Restoring Honor" T-shirts walked by outside, and a little girl tripped over and hurt herself. The couple at the next table laughed.

The best to you each morning

GrandpaJohn takes an idea from Troglopundit and introduces some ways to make breakfast cereal boxes more exciting.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wyblog put this song in my head

Wyblog has the headline and B.J. Thomas had the hit song in 1970.

Pick your poll

Checking today's Ace of Spades, there's links to a pair of polls.
Newsweek - President Obama is doing alright, so no need for Democrats to worry.
Gallup - Republicans up by 10 points.
One pollster is right and one is wrong. Democrats can believe whatever they want.

Best wishes, Carl

Carl at Spark It Up posts why he's been pretty silent recently - health problems.
He's been an enjoyable part of my blogging experience, even though I did poorly in his NASCAR fantasy league last year.
Here's hoping he does well through his coming medical treatments.

Crabby environmentalists

Two takes on this Washington Post article on the environmental movement.
Green Miles - we're not struggling, and the Post is becoming too conservative.
Ace of Spades - guys in crab suits don't convince.
Remember, folks, just like in the real world, a human being dressed as a crab is a spectacle, not a persuasive case that we should hobble the economy to serve the interests of...well, I'm not even sure whose interests these enviroweenies purport to be defending.

Palin the high-wire act

Ace approves of the risk-taking Sarah Palin in a sea of safe, drab, and gray liberal women.
Sarah Palin is attractive partly because she lives such a dangerous life -- flying solo, taking fire. Female liberals can't ever live dangerous lives like this in their cushy think-tanks and nicely taken care of by the still-mostly-male establishment that will see to it they always have a job, somewhere.
Risk-taking is usually called a male behavior; females have it, too, of course, but women are usually considered more risk-averse. As the establishment has become more feminized, it has also become risk-averse, to the point where no one working within it can really be any kind of gutsy maverick. The establishment -- both wings of it -- attacked Palin ferociously and drove her as far as possible out of any sort of safe career trajectory.
Ironically, though, this now puts Palin in the position of an Amelia Earhart, a Teddy Roosevelt -- someone living the vigorous, dangerous life. Which makes her all the more attractive to a public which can't help but notice that most of the vitality, most of the blood seems drained from public life and public ambition.

What's going on? Al-aska

The Other McCain brings together the latest news from the Alaskan Republican primary.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Palin envy

Jennifer Rubin coins a great phrase to describe feminists' trouble dealing with Sarah Palin.
Palin has proved by example that a woman politician need not spout the pro-big government, pro-abortion, pro-welfare-state line. “Ms. Palin has spent much of 2010 burnishing her political bona fides and extending her influence by way of the Mama Grizzlies, a gang of Sarah- approved, maverick-y female politicians looking to ‘take back’ America with ‘common-sense’ solutions.” She sure did, and she proved herself to be the most effective female politician in the country. Sorry, Hillary — while you have been playing errand girl for the Obama foreign-policy train wreck, Palin has ascended to the throne. (Nancy Pelosi’s days are numbered.) The left is waving the white flag of surrender.

SWACgirl gets an Insta-lanche

Instapundit features SWACgirl's post for the Washington Examiner. It's about Gov. McDonnell's visit to Harrisonburg, and if you haven't already, read the whole thing.

Why I like Hurt in the 5th District

Shopping at Wal-Mart Sunday, I saw a car with a Robert Hurt for Congress bumper sticker.
It would be fitting for Hurt to represent a district where pain (L.F. Payne) was once Congressman.
At first, I thought the bumper sticker said Hurt Congress. Lots of people might agree with that.

A good place for your $10

No Sheeples Here features the latest 10 buck Friday poll. Follow the links, pick your favorite and help their campaign.
Less than 10 weeks until those 10 buck donations make a difference.

Dying to meet you

Dustbury finds that special place to meet a special undead person - ZombieHarmony.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The ballad of Loathsome Rhodes

Keith Olbermann has gotten plenty of mileage out of calling Glenn Beck "Lonesome Rhodes" from some movie before I was born.
Maybe Olbermann needs a nickname - "Loathsome Rhodes."
And his own song, based on "I'm so lonesome I could cry." Because somewhere, Keith Olbermann is crying tonight.

Hear the popular talk show host
His fans come in sky high
My numbers took another blow
I'm so loathsome I could cry

I've never seen a crowd so big
They fill the mall, oh my
Hear Sarah Palin wow the crowd
I'll hide my face and cry

Did you ever see a grown man cry
When his hope begins to die?
That means nobody watches my show
I'm so loathsome I could cry

Can't silence this big radio star
Can't beat him though I try
And as I drop out of sight
I'm so loathsome I will cry

UPDATE: Linked by Don Surber
How about a little Hank Williams Sr. doing the original classic.

Let's automotivate this

Jimmie Bise has the roundup, and Keith Olbermann wishes he could bring 10 people to a rally to hear him speak.

So Lonesome I could cry

Enough of the "Lonesome Rhodes" stuff.
Glenn Beck wasn't lonesome Saturday.

via Melissa Clouthier

Missed it by that much

Found this at Powerline, a great job of combining the summer's storylines on President Obama.

This November can't come fast enough

Instapundit shares the thoughts of a big Obama supporter from 2008 - but not now.
“Have to say, I thought you were overstating the dangers of Obama before the election. Sheesh. This November can’t come fast enough.”

Entering the working world

I dropped off the oldest son this morning for soccer referee training. Hopefully, when we pick him up at 6 p.m., he will be a registered referee.
Then he'll be a working stiff, at least on Saturday mornings.
He's looking forward to extra money for video games.
President Obama and the Democrats are looking forward to his tax money. Not yet, guys. He's just 13.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Money can't buy you love

Jay Cost looks at Democratic advantages headed into November and finds them wanting.
So far this year the Republicans have enjoyed a sizable and sustained lead in the generic ballot, something that has never happened in the history of the poll. Currently, the GOP lead is at 4.5%. If that holds through November, the Democratic money advantage will not be enough to alter the orientation of the electorate sufficiently: if the RCP average has the GOP up 5 points in the generic ballot the day before, the GOP should have around a 5 point advantage on Election Day.

Read the best

Virginia Right features the best of the week, as picked by Watchers of Weasels.
The number of the week for Virginia Right is 53.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tossing out some RINO dead weight

Ace of Spades compares the Tea Party takeover of the Republican party with the all-huff and no change battle within the Democratic party the past two election cycles.
I wonder how jealous guys like Kos are right now. They couldn't even replace Liebermann in Connecticut. While Angle, Rubio and Paul haven't won their races, it's a pretty good bet at least one and likely two of the the three will. Add that to Lee in Utah and (fingers crossed) Miller in AK and that's a nice haul.

Sure we might have to live with Kirk in IL and Castle in DE (and fingers crossed again) Fiorina in CA but diverse governing coalitions are a feature, not a bug of the American system.
The Democrats had to move to the center, at least rhetorically, to win their majority (think Tester in MT, Webb in VA plus a whole bunch of House members who are now running from the left). Meanwhile, the GOP has a very good chance of improving its numbers by moving right, while tossing out some RINO dead weight.

Sounds good to me

Blue Virginia mocks Scott Rigell for signing the Tea Party pledge.
There's several points from the pledge in the post. I read them and agreed with them. They are:
*Congress should "set America on the right fiscal track by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment or similar Constitutional amendment."
*"Internet neutrality," "campaign finance reform" and the "fairness" doctrine somehow "abridge free speech."
*Congress should pass legislation that "defunds, repeals, and replaces the Affordable Health and Patient Recovery Act and actively promotes free market solutions to address the nation's healthcare concerns."
*It's essential to "fight any measure that subverts U.S. sovereignty, whether through trade, currency, environmental causes, the United Nations, immigration amnesty, or under the guise of human rights."

And I bet voters will, also.

Macarena remembered

My youngest came home from school yesterday and showed what he's learned - the Macarena. The class does the dance towards the end of the school day.
It reminded me when the dance was so hot, even Al Gore tried it.

He might have been better off doing this in Portland and other places in recent years.

The Butterfly party

Time to rethink the "Tea Party." It's not a reactionary part of the Republican party. It's a whole new better way to do things.
It reminds me of the story of the "Butterfly" stroke in swimming. Now one of the four main strokes in Olympic events, it evolved from the breaststroke in the 1930s.
Swimmers studied the breaststroke, looking for ways to improve it. They came up with the butterfly, and at first swimmers using the new style were disqualified. But within 20 years, the butterfly had become its own event at the Olympics. The old breaststroke is still there, but not as fast as the butterfly.
(Everybody loves those big, swooping arm motions, you know).
Democrats drool at the thought of the Tea Party breaking apart the Republicans. What if it makes them faster and better instead?
Then the Democrats will be left to flounder.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hoist a quart of oil

The Mind Numbed Robot blog celebrates its birthday.

Double rainbow, man

There was a double rainbow in Fishersville today. No hippie commentary, though.

For those of you scoring at home...

...or by yourselves (Keith Olbermann line from SportsCenter), here's the Sarah Palin endorsement scorecard.
Forty endorsements so far, with 18 winning in primaries and 10 losing. Not bad.
h/t Texas4Palin

'End of combative operations'

Jules Crittenden brings his blogging to an end.
It's been one of the sites I've enjoyed visiting during my nearly two years of blogging.
Check out his final post.

'Regime uncertainty'

John Stossel looks at why businesses are holding onto their money.
Nothing more effectively freezes business in place than what economist and historian Robert Higgs calls "regime uncertainty."

"(A)ll of these unsettling possibilities and others of substantial significance must give pause to anyone considering a long-term investment, because any one of them has the potential to turn what seems to be a profitable investment into a big loser. In short, investors now face regime uncertainty to an extent that few have experienced in this country -- to find anything comparable, one must go back to the 1930s and 1940s, when the menacing clouds of the New Deal and World War II darkened the economic horizon."
h/t Instapundit

Mama Grizzly roars

Whatever the final outcome in Alaska, behold the power of Sarah Palin.
Beware Democrats. You're going to be drinking tea this November.
And in 2012. Get used to it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doing his job

Nice piece about Ken Cuccinelli on Daily Kos. I read it and think Cuccinelli is doing his job.

Keep thinking that way

Blue Virginia features a post based on Rachel Maddow's thoughts - what if Democrats aren't in dire straits looking toward November?
You see certain behaviors based on polls and candidate actions.
So who are you going to believe? Rachel or your lying eyes?
If you don't believe the mood now, you still won't believe it in November. So go on thinking that way, Democrats.

Good point, Trog

Troglopundit looks to Virginia and complaints more restrictions could force abortion clinics to close.
Odd, that anyone on the Left should complain about greater government regulation making it harder for a business to stay in business. They’ve never complained about it before.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sen. McCarthy for the Daily Caller

The Daily Caller dropped a bomb on the blogosphere Monday, running a story with the quote that “at least half the bloggers that are out there” on the Republican side “are getting remuneration in some way beyond ad sales.”
Where's the list of bloggers getting paid? In your pocket, and you'll show us at some later time? Next to Sen. McCarthy's list of Communists in government?
We know there's a long list of those not getting paid. They noted the article and posted their status.
There's a few who've gotten paid for their expertise. I think Dan Riehl's defense of himself works. He got paid a few hundred dollars after putting in a few hundred hours of work. Not enough to pay a single bar tab, let alone live off.
Not enough to make a difference in his blogging.
I'm of the opinion secretly paying for an agenda doesn't work. At all.
There's too many voices out there. If you're not important enough, your work doesn't really influence anybody. It's not worth the pay you'll might get.
If you are important enough and you've been bought, someone else will make their reputation exposing that. Then you're done. And no amount of money can bring your reputation back.

The size of the wave? Huge

I've gotten no money* to write this -
Ace links the possible size of the GOP wave in November and Dave in Texas looks forward to broken Democrats lining the shoreline.
The day after the election, I want to see an electoral battlefield littered with crying Democrats, their ranks demoralized, their treasury under investigation, and only one lightworker to take the blame. I want a vacuum so complete, that a bloody leadership battle between the lunatic fringe leftists, blue dogs, and the confused, frightened survivors shakes the Democrat Party to its core, and leaves it too hoodwinked and bamboozled to push any more of their socialist agenda, much less ramp up for an even bleaker (for them) 2012.
That's what I call "riding the wave."
* but as former Executive Director of the Maryland Federation of College Republican (for a month in the spring of 1984), I'm looking forward to my check.

To cover your butt

Smitty at the Other McCain offers a new federal program - FANNY/PACK
Federal American National Neighborhood Yard Protection / Advancement Community Keepers
If government is all about CYA, then this is the agency we need.

Enjoy your football

This week, high school and college regular season can begin across the country.
The NFL is headed to the third week of preseason, usually the best games (and that's not saying much).
Enjoy football while you can. I read this in Peter King's column.
I'd put the odds at the owners locking players out of team facilities on March 1, 2011, or thereabouts, at 80 percent.
An NFL lockout. Might be something President Obama could get interested in.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is it with these hockey players?

Troglopundit notes the wedding of Hilary Duff to Mike Cumrie of the NHL's Edmonton Oilers.
Which reminded me of Carrie Underwood's wedding earlier this summer to Mike Fisher of the NHL's Ottawa Senators.
Fisher usually spends part of his summers at camps run by Hockey Ministries International - a group I volunteered with for a week in the summer of 1984. The organizer of the camp that summer continues to work with HMI, running the camp in North Carolina this summer.
So Trog's post sent me down memory lane.

"2010 equivalent of the O.J. trial"

The Other McCain sums up the Ground Zero-area Mosque controversy.
Look, I don't want to spend all week blogging about The Lower Manhattan Islamic Community Center That the Associated Press Won’t Call the “Ground Zero Mosque” Anymore, but liberals won't shut up about this story, which bids fair to become the 2010 equivalent of the O.J. trial.
Only 10 more days of August.

Gotta be in the right place at the right time

When thinking of the 2010 elections, think of this picture. You usually don't see foul pops being caught from this close.
The photographer needed to be right there, at the edge of the field.
It had to be early, since the photographer usually leaves after the first three innings.
The first baseman had to be there.
The ball had to be catchable.
The photographer had to have a regular lens ready. A big telephoto lens would have lost the picture.
I took lots of baseball pictures, and watched photographers take lots of baseball pictures during my newspaper career. It's hard to get a unique baseball picture, but this is one of them.
This fall, Republican candidates are in the right place at the right time. Focus and wait for it. They'll catch more voters.

Yeah, you miss me

The DNC posted a video Friday trying to remind people how much they hated George W. Bush.
But what if the feelings have changed?
What if absence has made the heart grow fonder? Or at least more tolerant. Or diminished the anger when current priorities gained their attention?
People could watch the DNC ad, and think, "Yeah, I didn't like him but...." That's not the reaction the DNC is looking for.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Remember this?

Checking Memeorandum, there's a link to this Mother Jones' article on President Obama's struggles.
It includes this line:
I don't really understand where this general strain of writing comes from. Obviously Obama came into office with high expectations, but were there really a lot of people who expected him to be the second coming of FDR? If there were, I sure wasn't reading them.
Did he forget about this Time magazine cover?

Catch a wave

Maybe the Republicans could use this song to build confidence in catching the wave that will swamp Democrats in November.

Enjoy your vacation, Mr. President

It's hard to relax on vacation when people are writing this about you.
Liberals are unhappy, independents are running away, Republicans are rejoicing in his travail, and movements like the "tea party" are gaining ground — all of which makes the case for Obama as polarizer in chief. Only 13% of Americans believe they have benefited from his economic policies, the most depressing statistic of all.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Instalanche afterglow, part two

I enjoyed my second-ever link on Instapundit earlier Friday.
Best traffic day of the year and second-best to the first Instapundit link.
More hits in an hour - for eight straight hours - than I've had on any day this summer.
With over 2,740 hits, I hit the minimum daily number to reach a million hits in a year. All I need to figure out is getting a link on Instapundit every day of the year.
It's been an enjoyable day.
But I know. Don't get cocky.

I'm riding the wave...

..of an Instalanche. Welcome and thanks, Professor Reynolds.

It's good to be religious

The Other McCain got up early to watch MSNBC today. Topic - the poll saying 18 percent of Americans think President Obama is a Muslim.
His take:
For most Americans, religion is not about identity politics, it’s about having a firm system of morality — a bedrock sense of right and wrong, good and evil. People quite naturally want their political leaders to possess the kind of deep faith that inspires virtue.

Outside the secularized world of the media elite, religion is still viewed as a good thing, and the people want their leaders to be religious.

Only in America

I heard Brooks and Dunn's "Only in America" on the radio recently, so I thought I'd share the video.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Total numbskulls?

For those fussing about the "Is President Obama a Muslim?" question, three words.
It's August, people.
Vacation time in D.C. Those left behind are searching for story angles while awaiting the return of Congress (or Glenn Beck's August 28th rally).
Enough blaming the American people for crazy views. People have better things to do than answer polling questions in August. Or deeply think about the president's background.
Instead of asking what the poll question says about the American people, how about asking what the question says about President Obama. The differences people praise him for - professorial air and temperament - leave him disconnected from the mass of Americans.
If the people don't feel connected to the president, it's easier for them to think of him as "the other." In this case, Muslim.
The American people aren't numbskulls. Those who call them "total numbskulls" are.

Don't get cocky vs. ride the wave

Instapundit has often used the phrase "Don't get cocky" after describing good polling news for the Republicans or tea parties. Maybe it's good to be cocky. Really cocky.
The more enthusiasm on the Republican side, the more likely the opposition will be down and unable to match the enthusiasm. Which leads to mistakes that can turn close Democratic wins into close Republican wins. To reverse the last two election cycles, the enthusiasm must be on the Republican side and discouragement on the Democratic side.
I'd like to see the Republicans win 111 more seats - one for each panel, commission or government entity in the health care plan.
Too big? Probably. But you've got to dream big to win big.
Living in the sixth district of Virginia, we have no worries of a Democratic win. No Democratic candidate is running. They tried in 2008, and lost despite coattails of Barack Obama and Mark Warner. With no potential coattails this year, no one is trying.
Instead, Democrats not used to challenges will be seriously challenged. The list of competitive races grows as the election gets closer.
The wave appears to be building. Don't rest on your laurels, but put yourself in perfect position to ride the wave to victory.
It's just like bodysurfing on the ocean. The wave is there and you just have to find the sweet spot. Instead of missing the action, you're propelled to the shore with great speed and enjoyment.
UPDATE: Instalanche. Thanks, Professor.
UPDATE2: The Other McCain joins the linkage. It's a daily double.
UPDATE3: Welcome readers from Ace of Spades.

"Cause for outright fear"

Where do Democrats go in districts where George W. Bush is more popular than President Obama?
Down the drain, most likely.
There's a good comment over at Ace of Spades.
The Democrats in 2010 are like a slow motion train wreck, there's no stopping it, but we'll have to wait just a bit longer to see how big the explosion and resulting damage is. I can't wait to find out.

2010 election in two sentences

Democrats - We inherited a big mess.
Republicans - And you made it worse.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doomsday watch

Ace looks at Dick Morris' view of the Democratic spending strategy and the Republican counter strategy in the race to take the Speaker's gavel from Nancy Pelosi's hands next January.
Basically, the Democrats' chances of holding onto their House majority are slim to none. And Slim just left town.

Tweeted by Alyssa

The Other McCain's quest has to be retweeted by Alyssa Milano.
This guy in Great Britain decides to summarize chapters of the Bible for twitter and gets tweeted by her.
Tweeted before Abram meets Sarai.
How about that?

Ewoks or Grizzlies?

Ace examines the anti-Sarah Palin ad with some fluffy opponents. He finds 10 reasons it doesn't work, including:
4. I can only imagine "what's cookin'" underneath all that latex and wool... I'm thinkin' these women must smell like Brian Dennehy's taint's gym socks

The evil absorber

Donald Douglas reports on Pamela Gellar's speech Monday, highlighting the key quote as his headline.
'Israel Is a Bulwark. If Israel Wasn't There You Have No Idea How Much Evil Would Be Unleashed On the World'

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blago's song

Maybe the U.S. attorney would have done better against Rod Blagojevich if it had used my parody song from December 2008.
To the tune of Ghostbusters, play it again.

There's a Senate seat in the neighborhood,
Who you gonna call? - Rod Blago
He may be weird and he don't look good
Who you gonna call? - Rod Blago
I ain't afraid of Obama
I ain't afraid of Obama
If you're seeing money running through your head
Who can you call? - Rod Blago!
Candidate 2 has good street cred
Who you gonna call? - Rod Blago!
I ain't afraid of Obama
I ain't afraid of Obama
Who you gonna call? - Rod Blago!
Think you're all alone? Pick up the phone
And call - Rod Blago!
I ain't afraid of Obama
I hear he likes to cuss
I ain't afraid of Obama
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Who you gonna call? - Rod Blago!
If you want to be the guy with the most
Then you, you'd better call - Rod Blago!
Let me tell you something
Cussin' makes me feel good
I ain't afraid of Obama
I ain't afraid of Obama
Don't get caught alone, oh no
Rod Blago!
When he calls at your house
Unless you really like the louse
I think you better blame - Rod Blago!Ow!
Who you gonna blame - Rod Blago!

Ten smart observations

From Powerline, a look at President Obama's comments on the Ground Zero-area mosque (GZM).
My favorite:
It's good for Muslims to build the GZM in New York, but not for Jews to build apartments in Jerusalem. Go figure.

The Peter Principle on steroids

Instapundit collects the links about President "In way over his head."
And a reader comments:
In addition to no evidence for Obama brilliance, he also is a lousy politician. Seriously, he repeatedly manages to anger both his base and moderate independents on the same issue.

Troubles from technology

Pat in Shreveport had a bad day Monday. Technology was not her friend.
But technology allows people all around the world to read of her plight. And hope our friend has a better day Tuesday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

ICarly to ICountry

CMT.com is promoting the country music debut of Jennette McCurdy, better known to tweens as Sam on Nick's iCarly. The kids your kids are watching on TV are growing up. She celebrated her 18th birthday in late June, btw.

Catching the columnist's attention

Jonah Goldberg is working on a column about the Ground Zero-area mosque.
Thanks to Obama’s brilliantly successful effort to pour gasoline on the Ground Zero Mosque debate, I’m planning on writing a column about it (just like pretty much everyone else in the world, thanks to Obama).
You know people will read what he writes. It's hot. Sorry, Democratic candidates.

Light a candle, or light a flamethrower

Bill Kristol lights a candle instead of cursing the Tea Party.
The saying is light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. I think the Tea Party will be lighting a flame thrower this fall. Not many Democrats will be able to stand in its way.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The complicated mosque trap

Dan Riehl looks at the problems President Obama opened up by approving/not approving/this is what I meant to say about the Ground Zero-area mosque.
For all their talk about the mindset of Muslims around the world, Obama and the Democrats in charge have no understanding of the mindset of the average American in this regard. Frankly, they don't even seem to care very much. In Obama's case, it's as if he thinks all he need do is pronounce something and somehow America will quickly fall in line.

League of those you should read

The blog Goldfish and Clowns has started honoring the "League of Extraordinarily Unlinked Bloggers."
Three blogs have been selected so far:
Little Miss Attila
Here's my links to these unlinked heroes.

Be on the lookout

Augusta County schools open Tuesday.
So the athletic teams are already hard at work.
And running their fundraisers.
Saturday, we had junior varsity volleyball and junior varsity football team members visit. Cookie dough and cheaper restaurant visits will be coming our way.
And we've still got our school's fundraisers to come.

In the beginning

Dustbury notes an interesting project - condensing each chapter in the Bible to a twitter-length 140 characters.
It's eight chapters down, over a thousand to go. You can follow the progress.

Your morning coffee

Whatever became of the "Coffee Party?" Legal Insurrection has the answer.
h/t Instapundit.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dan doesn't vote present

Friday, President Obama sounds like he's for the Ground Zero Mosque.
Saturday, he seems to flip back.
So Dan Riehl lets him have it.
Obama may speak articulately for himself. But he is incapable of speaking for a broader America. He has no breadth and has not grown a shred into the office he holds. If he is as incapable of that growth as he seems, Obama may yet go down as the most failed purported American leader of our time. He is as clueless as he appears to be incompetent as an alleged leader of America.

We hate big buts

Instapundit links the "return of the damning but."
From Sissy Willis:
Aides to Mr. Obama say privately that he has always felt strongly about the proposed community center and mosque. But the White House did not want to weigh in until local authorities made a decision on the proposal, planned for two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

The real battle

The Weekly Standard's parody page looks at the Ground Zero Mosque. Putting in a perspective sports fans can understand.
BoSox Museum to be built on grounds of old Yankee Stadium.
Yeah, that will work out.

Friday, August 13, 2010

When the chips are down

Instapundit often links the Al Dente blog from Amazon.
I checked the recent posts and found an ode to Utz Potato Chips. Reminds me to add that to the next shopping list.

Relax, take it easy

It's what President Obama is doing.
And I'm disappointed there's no stories about my economic impact going to the Outer Banks.

Which ugly girl are you taking to the prom?

November's coming, just like the prom.
Democrats aren't happy, but planning on saying Republicans are worse. Which girl is uglier?
It's going to be hard to make Republican look worse than the current crop of Democrats.

How many blogs?

I first read Chris Graham's stuff at Augustafreepress.com.
Thursday, he introduced two new websites - WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com and VaSportsOnline.com.
If starting websites is the way to grow the economy, President Obama ought to be calling Chris any day now.
I've lost count how many websites Chris has now. Probably have to take off my shoes, since 10 fingers isn't enough.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Balanced budget blogger

Mickey Kaus may have lost his bid for the Democratic Senate nomination in California, but he has paid off his campaign debt.
It's a lesson Barbara Boxer and other Democrats should learn.

I'm committed

It's nice to be on President Obama's email list. Today, he asked if I was committed to voting in November.
Of course.
Committed to voting Republican.
Committed to voting out his friends.
Committed to putting Nancy Pelosi on the backbench.
Committed to keeping Harry Reid in Las Vegas, hanging out with his son.
Isn't that kind of commitment good?
It's the commitment of me and my friends.

Jonah the weatherman

Jonah Goldberg at NRO sends out a weekly email to subscribers. So you need to sign up to catch his insights on weather at the Delmarva area beaches. Unless someone like me copies and pastes.
It has the same climate as Washington, D.C., which, we all know, is a pestilential swamp where the horseflies and water snakes have been replaced with congressmen and senators. And that's not a fair trade, because horseflies and water snakes leave your wallet alone when they bite.
But, as always, it's better for you to subscribe and read the whole thing. It's free, and getting a new email is always a good thing.

Are you ready for some football?

The Ravens start their exhibition season Thursday on ESPN, facing Carolina. Sure, it's early for football. But Baltimore fans have been ready for the Ravens since the Orioles' first blown save in April.
And the Redskins play Buffalo Friday on NBC29.
The first string guys, the ones you know, will only play a series or a quarter. But it's still football.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blankley's on fire

Tony Blankley pens a column Wednesday that earns high praise from Ace.
I like this part.
It is insufferable (and will not long be suffered) to be lectured to and imposed upon by a ruling class that loathes our nation's history, values and accomplishments; by those who are not, in fact, our genuine betters. They are neither better educated nor more profoundly morally versed.

In fact, they are our intellectual and moral inferiors -- not superiors. Constantly grinning Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan didn't think the Declaration of Independence's proclamation that human beings "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" should in any way affect her understanding of our constitutional rights -- presumably, if any.
h/t Dan Riehl

The Other McCain's new friends

The Other McCain is promoting new bloggers.
Follow the link.
Or return to our friend Virginia Right, who got some linky-love earlier this week.

Is it the "more time for blogging" act?

Chris at Wyblog notes New Jersey's latest bid to destroy suburbia - a law to ban fertilizers with nitrogen and phosphorus-bases.
Less time working on the lawn means more time on the computer, I'd say. Look at your green grass on Farmville instead of the brown grass outside.
But it's harder to impress the neighbors with your blog when they walk or drive past the house.

They're cooking with gas

Ask a question to Instapundit "What's the best gas grill?" and get plenty of answers.
And how many Chris Wysockis are there in the world?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fair enough

The Augusta County Fair has started, and RightsideVa is on the scene.

Birth dearth

The Other McCain passes along a quote of the day from Robert Samuelson.
"Societies that cannot replace their populations discourage investment and innovation. They have stagnant or shrinking markets for goods and services. With older populations, they resist change. For a country to stabilize its population — discounting immigration — women must have an average of about two children. That’s a ‘fertility rate’ of two. Many countries with struggling economies are well below that. Japan’s fertility rate is 1.2. Italy’s is 1.3, as is Spain’s. These countries are having about one child for every two adults.”
Don't just read; do something about the situation. We'll see in nine months if anybody listened to this.

Job interview day

I'm back from the beach and it's one week until school starts in Augusta County.
I head off to Charlottesville this afternoon for a job interview with a former employer. The one I left almost six years ago to become a stay-at-home dad.
I'm hoping for good things out of this.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The bill is now coming due

More on New York's pension problems, coming to areas near you.
In plans across the country, during booming years of the late 1990s, many workers were promised retirement payouts that were "too good to be true" and, thus, impossible to make good on.
The miscalculation is massive. Technically estimated at $452 billion as a result of flawed accounting, the real unfunded pension obligation in state pension plans is closer to $3 trillion.
h/t Instapundit.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I miss George W(ashington)

Grandpa John finds a bumper sticker longing for presidents from before I was born.
Not much longer, someone will come up with the "I miss George Washington" bumper sticker.
Be on the lookout.

Technology attacks

We're at the beach for a family vacation.
My 13-year-old son has his cell phone.
My 11-year-old niece has her cell phone.
They exchange numbers.
Then text each other in the living room.
The families settle into their rooms for the night.
His phone rings. She has sent him a text from the other side of the house.
We can't get my mother near a computer, and look at her grandchildren. Technology races on.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chilling at the beach

It's family vacation time, with my parents, my two brothers, wives and the seven grandchildren sharing a house for the weekend.
My brother and his wife cooked pasta and the trimmings for dinner. Our last dinner with all the family together was five years ago, celebrating my parents' 45th wedding anniversary.
That one was catered. So my brother said "This is easy. A trained monkey could cook pasta."
I said "And one did."
His 16-year-old son laughed.
We both got the look of death.
Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

Zombies and Recession

Is a bad economy good for zombies? Check it out.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beach bound

The boys and I are off to the beach.
We know we'll have warm weather.
We know we'll have a cool kid.
Hoping the storm stays away.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"We were only pandering"

Mickey Kaus looks at the possible lame-duck actions of the Democrats.
Democratic legislators and their aides are trying to have it both ways--pumping up the possibility of an ambitious "lame duck" session when they're in base-pleasing mode, then calling it a fantasy when their opponents take them seriously.

47 years ago

I promise not to put my hand into my birthday cake this year.

What a rout looks like

Missouri voters went to the polls Tuesday and voiced their thoughts on Obamacare.
NRO's Corner provides a link to the map.
Only Kansas City and St. Louis sided with President Obama. The rest of the state was solidly for rejecting the individual mandate.

Your enjoyable morning reads

SWACgirl collects the spin - Democrats trying to make their sow's ear into a silk purse.
After November, they should have less handle on our purse.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's the over/under?

Brett Favre dominated the sports news Tuesday - is he retiring or not.
Troglopundit wrote about it.
How many times will he write about Favre in the month of August? I'm setting the over/under number at 10. And over looks pretty likely.

On the road again

It's vacation season, but Carol at No Sheeples Here sees other transport and other destinations for us.

Fairness explained

Instapundit gives a great one-sentence definition of "fairness."
Personally, I believe that “fairness” consists in the fruits of my labor not being taken by corrupt hacks to redistribute to their cronies in exchange for votes.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Chris at Wyblog has the returning from vacation blues - that began before settling down in the beach house.
Sophie was peeved that there was no WiFi for her iPod on the 2 hour car ride from home to LBI. When we got to the rental house I had to log her on before we unpacked the car.
Good thing my brother and parents will have the house set up when the boys and I hit the beach Thursday.

I think I'll pass

The Other McCain brings the long-awaited news from the publishing world - the memoir of Justin Bieber will be out in October.
Won't be rushing to the bookstore for that one. No young girls in my household.

This looks familiar

The oldest has started using Facebook, and also playing the games there.
He showed me his Frontierville game, and there's a nice farm. I looked, and it reminded me of the "Little People" computer game farm he used to play in preschool - how the farm animals looked.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Da New Month, Da New Look

DaTechGuy opens August with a new look. Check out the improvements.

Something to watch

Dan Riehl notes the group Watcher of Weasels, which searches the internet each week for the best from group members and best of what they've read.
Visit and see what they like.