Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waitin' on the Weblog Awards

The 2009 Weblog Awards are coming. We just need to be patient.
Finalists were supposed to be announced Monday, but there's not out yet.
The award committee had asked the CIA station in Nigeria for help.
Just wait. We'll get the finalists eventually.

Best of the year - She's wise er?

Back in May, I had an idea. I asked Carol from No Sheeples Here for some help and thus we have the pairing of Sonia Sotomayor and the Budweiser Frogs.

Interesting end to the year

The blog Interesting News Items has ended the year with two good posts.
Remember, watch out for the frozen Gatorade after the game.
And I can't wait to catch an episode of CSI: Hundred Acre Woods.

Where to put the dunk tank

Rasmussen reports that 58 percent of those polled would like to see waterboarding or some other technique used on the Christmas Day terrorist.
If you put the dunk tank at the arrival gate of a major airport, after passengers had to go without bathroom breaks or blankets on an overseas flight, and you might get close to 100 percent.
And more volunteers than you can handle.

Weekend watchdog

For years, college football has been the tradition on New Year's Day. But with the Bowl Championship Series, several games moved off the traditional day each year as we build up to the national title game.
The past three years, the NHL has stepped into the Jan. 1 breach with its Winter Classic. After stops in Buffalo and Chicago, this time Boston's Fenway Park hosts the Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers.
The Classic continues to grow with each edition. In Boston this year, there's been a high school game on the ice. There's a college tournament next week, and the people of Boston will have a chance to skate on the ice - unless they decide to sell their free tickets for big bucks.
If the temperatures are in the 30s and the chance of snow arrives,
a cool hockey venue will look even cooler.
New Year's Day gives you five college bowl games - so does New Year's Eve and Jan. 2. I guess that helps you pace yourself.
Three of the New Year's Eve games are on ESPN - local fans will be waiting for Virginia Tech's game with Tennessee in primetime. Before that, it's service academies playing in Texas - Air Force vs. Houston at noon, followed by Navy against Missouri.
CBS shows the Sun Bowl - Stanford vs. Oklahoma - at 2 p.m. while the NFL Network has its bowl telecast - Minnesota vs. Iowa State in the Insight Bowl at 6 p.m.
You can still find the Rose Bowl at its traditional New Year's Day place - Oregon meeting Ohio State at 5 p.m. on ABC. The Sugar Bowl (Florida vs. Cincinnati) is in prime time, but on FOX.
There are three games around midday - highlighted by Bobby Bowden's farewell from Florida State in the Gator Bowl on CBS. ESPN shows the Outback Bowl with Northwestern meeting Auburn, while the Citrus matches Penn State and LSU on ABC.
With no NFL games on Jan. 2, the bowls claim the day. The Cotton Bowl will be on FOX, with Oklahoma State taking on Mississippi. There's the International Bowl from Toronto (South Florida taking on Northern Illinois on ESPN2) and a trio of games on ESPN - South Carolina vs. Connecticut in another pizza bowl at 2 p.m., followed by Arkansas against East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl and Michigan State vs. Texas Tech in San Antonio.
It's the final weekend of the NFL regular season, giving both CBS and FOX the chance to show a pair of contests Sunday afternoon. The Redskins (at Chargers on FOX) and Ravens (at Raiders on CBS) are both on the west coast.
The early games in Fishersville look likely to be Steelers at Dolphins on CBS and Giants at Minnesota on FOX. It will be the Dolphins' first appearance on over-the-air TV, leaving only four teams - Houston, Tennessee, Arizona and Seattle - not seen on Sunday afternoons in our area this season.
NBC has decided to show the Bengals at the Jets as its last game Sunday night. It's the final football game at Giants Stadium, unless the Jets win and as the fifth seed host the sixth-seeded Ravens in the AFC championship. (I'm just anticipating a Ravens' win on Sunday.)
TNT has a doubleheader on New Year's Eve - Heat at Spurs starting at 7 p.m., followed by the Sixers at Clippers. The Wizards host San Antonio Saturday on Comcast.
The Capitals open the new year on the West Coast, facing the L.A. Kings Saturday afternoon.
Comcast closes 2009 with a pair of basketball games - Arizona State vs. UCLA at 4:30 p.m., followed by William & Mary at Maryland. Sunday, the Terps face UNC-Greensboro at 1 p.m. Florida takes on N.C. State at 4 p.m., and the ACC contest of the week matches Clemson and Duke.
ESPN2 shows six games on New Year's Eve - going from noon to midnight. Michigan at Indiana starts the fun, and Duke hosts Penn at 6 p.m.
West Virginia visits Purdue Friday on ESPN, and there's three games on ESPN2 Saturday - Marquette vs. Villanova at 3:30 p.m., followed by Kansas at Temple. Seton Hall comes to Virginia Tech at 8:30 p.m. to cap off the day.
CBS offers two choices early Saturday - Arizona at UCLA or Gonzaga vs. Illinois - prior to showing Kentucky battling Louisville.
In women's basketball, Oklahoma visits Tennessee Sunday night on ESPN2.

Rubber biscuit

The big news from Charlottesville as the year ends is a new state park - Biscuit Run. Instead of hosting 800 homes as considered for several years, the developers decided to get out.
It's going to be interesting to see what happens in Charlottesville and beyond after this decision. When I worked in Charlottesville, most of my co-workers lived at least 30 minutes away - north in Greene County, east in Fluvanna or across the mountain in Augusta.
Waynesboro has become a shopping mecca - Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's and their friends - thanks to people who work in Charlottesville and like the lower house prices of Augusta County. The same things were happening in the other surrounding areas.
Development south of Charlottesville had been limited by geography and zoning laws. Biscuit Run was going to be the development anchor, but no longer.
If this the end of the Charlottesville building boom? Or will the city and University of Virginia continue to grow, and try to squeeze into existing housing areas?
The state will have a new park for people to drive to. After they drive miles from their houses to get to Charlottesville. And the big boxes in Waynesboro will stay busy.

Looking at 2010

Does everybody have to do a predictions column going into the new year?
Rick Santorum does a pretty good job of it.
The 2010 midterms. Unfortunately for Democrats, their liberal base already sees this (health care) bill for what it is: a Faustian bargain with Washington special interests and pork-driven lawmakers at the expense of real reform. Should this pass, "Repeal" will be the slogan and impassioned Republicans and disillusioned independents - not frustrated Democrats - will vote in droves in November.
My predictions - next year between Christmas and New Year's, there will be plenty of year-in-review columns and looks ahead to 2011.

Best of the year - Other McCain link

The last day of March, I got my first link from the Other McCain. I did a quick take off one of his posts, and remember the excitement I saw my words on his blog.
I've learned a lot from reading bloggers across Virginia, and found out about others across the country through the Other McCain. It's made for an enjoyable blogging experience in 2009, and I'm looking forward to the new year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of the year - the Boob Czar

It's easy for me to remember the post that got the most hits this year. It's from September.
Bob from the Journey blog made it to Washington Saturday and caught the Boob Czar and her entourage - the Czar of Transparency and a Green Czar.
UPDATE: Now this post has the most hits of the year. Thanks, Instapundit.
UPDATE 2: And don't forget to visit the home of the Boob Czar.

Looking back

Time to check the stats as 2009 draws to a close.
I've had over 27,000 visitors in the calendar year, with 25,500 of them since April 1. Sure, Instapundit gets that in a hour, but okay for a small blog in this corner of the blogsphere.
Here's to a good 2010.

You don't want to go there

Blue Virginia highlights a litany of complaints at how Republicans are reacting to the attempted terrorist event Christmas Day.
Democrats would be wise to step away from that line. It will only make things worse for them.
First, President Obama is nothing special. He's in office and things haven't really changed. Terrorists still want to kill Americans. Hope and change didn't change things that really mattered.
And, it looks like two of the plotters were Gitmo prisoners released in 2007, during George W. Bush's term. This makes which side look bad?
The American people know Republicans would be happy to see prisoners brought to Gitmo still rotting there 100 years after their arrival. That's what Democrats have been saying for several years.
The American people know what side would like to close Gitmo. Democrats got their wish with those two guys, and look what happened.
Sure, it's easy to whine at the other side and what they're doing. You'll be out of power soon enough.

Philly fans

My brother sent me a video of San Francisco fans being pelted by snowballs at Philadelphia the Sunday before Christmas.

What's the rest of the story? They probably took these 49er fans into the suites and gave them free beer.
You can't throw them out of the stadium for wearing their jerseys. You can put them someplace safe and warmer.

72 Virgin Atlantic

Iowahawk does it again.
The underpants bomber thought he had it bad with burned private parts.

Best of Christmas 2009

Before packing up the tree, it's time to look back at the best posts of the Christmas season. Bet I'll bring some out for Christmas, 2010.
Wyblog's Night before Christmas at the blogs should be an instant classic.
Cathouse Chat did a wonderful job with the Carnival of Christmas again.
The End Zone warns against falling asleep while decorations are around.
Hopefully I'll have some more inspiration for news-related Christmas Carol remakes in 2010.
Because if you find a Christmas song you like, you can sing it each season forever.

Ravens-Packers Super Bowl still possible

If the Ravens beat the Raiders Sunday, then they're in the playoffs. And anything can happen, right?
Even a rematch with the Packers and their tough fans.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pat deserves better than this

Pat in Shreveport sure would like to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra when it's in town in February.
But the tickets are pricey. What to do?
1. Ask for a subsidy, like in the health care bill?
2. Get Sen. Mary Landrieu to give her two tickets?
3. Sell her votes in the upcoming Weblog Awards?
4. Rattle the tip jar?
Stacy McCain approves of that approach. Because we don't want Pat to have to settle for this.

Hey, ESPN guys

I turned on the end of the Eagle Bank Bowl on ESPN. They were talking about world in December 1979, the last time Temple reached a bowl game.
They didn't remember the number one single that week, the Pina Colada Song. Maybe this will spark their memory.

The Other McCain probably remembers the song, even though Alabama has been to many bowls since this song came out.

Undefeated teams watch - TMQ's epitaph

All NFL teams have at least one loss. Time for TMQ's annual tribute to the 1972 Miami Dolphins.
Let me now pause for a moment to reprint from my AutoText an item I reprint from my AutoText every year, changing only details of the first line. Usually this item runs in October or November -- for it to last until late December is rare, though after the 2007 season, when the New England Patriots entered the Super Bowl 18-0, the item did not run until February, latest it can possibly run. Now I am punching my AutoText button and using the item. As, I am confident, I will every year for as long as Tuesday Morning Quarterback exists. My heirs will be using this item! The item reads:
At 7:14 p.m. ET on Sunday, as the Colts left the field in Indianapolis "mumbling '#@%*!' under their breaths, corks popped. In one of the sweetest traditions in sports lore, on opening day of every NFL season, each surviving member of the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the sole perfect team in modern pro football history, sets aside a bottle of champagne to cool. And it's genuine champagne from the French province of Champagne, not the boysenberry-infused sparkling-gewurztraminer wine-like substance that passes for bubbly these days. At the moment the stadium clock hits all-naughts for the vanquishing of the season's last undefeated team, the 1972 Dolphins pull the corks, secure in the knowledge that they will reign as the sole perfect team for at least one more year. Gentlemen of 1972, enjoy your annual draught. TMQ feels confident you will continue to sip champagne each season until you are called to meet the football gods, and greeted by song and feasting."

Don't worry, baby

Was the attempted takedown of Northwest flight 253 on Christmas Day a big deal or not?
You have the "Don't worry, baby" crowd, offering their stats and thoughts that President Obama can golf instead of talking about this.
Don't think it's going to work. Sure, there's only been a few terrorist attempts on planes since 9/11. But unlike hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and Democratic policies, there's little warning before it could happen to you.
Every flight is one terrorist away from being the one. Passengers have little control over the situation. Lack of control leads to fear, worry and panic.
Now, the White House could bring out B.J. Thomas or the Beach Boys to sing the song, and maybe we won't worry.

Another round, on the terrorists

Instapundit links more on the changes in airplane security. And highlights a great idea.
I wish that, just once, some terrorist would try something that you can only foil by upgrading the passengers to first class and giving them free drinks.

Latest from Iran

Michael Ledeen has a roundup on what's going on in Iran this week.

College news you can use

I entered college in 1980. I hope my two sons will be entering college before we reach 2020. How's the college cost game going?
Since 1980, the average cost of tuition and room and board has grown by a staggering 121 percent while median household income has risen a mere 18 percent, according to federal data.
h/t Instapundit

Monday, December 28, 2009

No spitting

I like Christopher Hitchens' take on the quick rollout of new rules in the wake of the latest airplane attack attempt.
In my boyhood, there were signs on English buses that declared, in bold letters, "No Spitting." At a tender age, I was able to work out that most people don't need to be told this, while those who do feel a desire to expectorate on public transport will require more discouragement than a mere sign. But I'd be wasting my time pointing this out to our majestic and sleepless protectors, who now boldly propose to prevent airline passengers from getting out of their seats for the last hour of any flight. Abdulmutallab made his bid in the last hour of his flight, after all. Yes, that ought to do it.

Commandos or commando

What are our choices after the latest attempted terrorist attack?
More troops or less underwear?

Ten days later

Still plenty of snow 10 days after the snow started to fall in Fishersville. Plenty has melted, but still more to go to bare ground.
It's almost all melted in Baltimore. Bummer.
Now we wait to see what happens New Year's Eve.

Check the archives

The Other McCain notes the slowdown in web traffic as people enjoy their families and real lives at Christmas.
Time to do what newspapers and TV do. Visit the archives and bring back good stuff from earlier in the year. It fills the space with different stuff and besides, you might have forgotten something good you wrote back in the spring.
Sure, search engines can find past posts and bring traffic (especially if the post includes a picture of Megan Fox). But you're always the best search engine for your site.

Enjoy and use it right

One of my facebook friends started an account for his seventh-grade son this week.
He left this advice - "Enjoy and use it right."
Good advice for all of us to use.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Undefeated teams watch

Now there are none. The Jets beat the Colts, so no team will be perfect in the NFL regular season.
The 1972 Dolphins looked on and smiled.

Fifty years ago today

In 1959, the Baltimore Colts won their second straight NFL championship over the Giants.
The game was in Baltimore, and my parents were there. Where is the ESPN special?

Frosty Morning Jog Rattles Alabama

It's the final week of 2009. Time to look back, enjoy some college football and look ahead to an interesting 2010.
It's time to wonder - how will Smitty's FMJRA roundup look in Wordpress? Hope it doesn't suck.
Pat has the roundup done and Christmas tree out the door before noon Saturday.
Wyblog got his roundup done before Santa arrived.
American Power has a southern California Christmas.
Dustbury had a bit more of a white Christmas than he wanted.
Paco really enjoyed one of his Christmas presents.
GrandpaJohn's sees the latest Washington disaster.
Pundette has the latest on Captain Underpants.
Another Black Conservative tries to build blog traffic through Urban renewal.
Ruby Slippers would like a bailout, Obama baby.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Think about pizza, enjoy the scenery and a snowy sunrise.

I'm the governor, nobody listens to me

Blue Virginia has the latest Tim Kaine election excuse
"I think they gave him bad advice."
but his commenters nail it.
But does anyone honestly think that if Kaine (who was not only the sitting governor but also had Obama's ear) were really there telling Deeds about a campaign that the Deeds people utterly and completely tuned them out and told them to go away because they knew better?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Twas the blog before Christmas

Troglopundit tried to update the famous story.
Wyblog takes it from there.
But I don't know what badger or squirrel taste like.

The most beautiful sound

It's the trickle of water from
snow melting on the roof
going into the gutter
and down the downspout.
After eight days of snow, it sounds great.

Task for the next few weeks

Commentary Magazine's blog looks at the looming political problem for the Democrats - keeping their historic win together. And the other side's job.
The job of ObamaCare opponents will be to make sure the bill’s noxious elements are so well known that Pelosi will run out of members willing to walk the plank.

Fire up the lawyers

It's likely health care reform will be another way for lawyers to make more money.
Two key issues seem to be attracting the bulk of the legal threats: a mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance and the special treatment that states like Nebraska are getting in the bill.

Updating Christmas Carol

Paul Krugman imagines a happy Christmas day in the future, when Tiny Tim has healthcare.
He forgets that Scrooge has been taxed heavily for several years, and now can't afford to have to the little boy buy the goose that's "as big as me."
Now you know the rest of the story.

Holiday cheer

Since the Colts are the last undefeated team of the season, I thought I'd visit their cheerleader page for a Rule 5 selection.
And they have a cheerleader of the week, Sara.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Classic update

The NHL has posted the time-lapse video of the rink at Fenway Park. And the good news - chance of snow on New Year's Day. As long as the rink gets past a warm day Sunday.

If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas...

It's amazing what you can find on the internet.

Read this post and you'll be hungry

Jerry at the From on High blog notes the new movie "It's Complicated." And he's not happy with the dining choices of the characters.
He mentions what real Americans eat - Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big Macs, Texas Chili Cheese Fries and Sonic foot-longs. All on a day when fast food restaurants are closed.
There's always tomorrow.

Redneck days of Christmas

For fun, here's Jeff Foxworthy's take on the 12 days of Christmas gifts - Redneck style.

More Christmas music

Pundette put up a bunch of links to Christmas music. Check it out, there's plenty to enjoy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Enjoy Jose Feliciano's song of the season.

Christmas 2000

My oldest helps me position the top ornament on the Christmas tree at our Lake Monticello home.

Another song for the "Other McCain Christmas album"

Smitty alerted me to Monique Stuart's Christmas ditty this morning.
I've tried my best to get into the Christmas spirit.

Help is on the way

Six days after the snow started to fall, VDOT brought the heavy machinery to my neighborhood to finish clearing the roads.
Thanks for the help, guys.

Presents under the Dome

SWACgirl is listing the many bribes Senators received to get their health care votes.
As of noon, she's up to eight.
I'm afraid to see how high she can/will be able to go.

Weekend watchdog

After Santa Claus finishes his run, there's a few sporting events to catch as part of your Christmas fun.
The NBA has expanded its offerings to five for the day. The two big games are on ABC - Boston at Orlando at 2:30 p.m., followed by Cleveland facing the Lakers. After hours of having kids battle over their new toys, you can watch LeBron and Kobe battle.
ESPN opens the day's activities at noon with the Heat visiting the Knicks. The primetime schedule has the Clippers meeting the Suns at 8 p.m., followed by Denver at Portland.
The NFL Network has its final game of the season on Christmas Night, with San Diego visiting Tennessee.
CBS has the Sunday doubleheader, and Fishersville should get the Ravens at Steelers early and Broncos at Eagles late. Fox features the Giants at the Panthers.
NBC choose to keep the Cowboys at Redskins as their Sunday night game. The Vikings visit the Bears in ESPN's final Monday night game of the season.
The college bowl schedule heats up Christmas Eve with the Hawai'i Bowl on ESPN - Nevada vs. SMU. The Mustangs are making their first bowl appearance since 1984.
Saturday, ESPN has three bowls. Marshall and Ohio kick off the action from Michigan at 1 p.m. (get your pizza early), followed by a pair of ACC teams in their bowls - North Carolina vs. Pitt in Charlotte then Boston College vs. Southern Cal at the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco.
Sunday, Kentucky faces Clemson at 8:30 p.m. from Nashville.
A few college basketball teams hit the hardcourt after Christmas. Saturday, CBS has West Virginia visiting Seton Hall.
MASN offers Radford at Louisville Sunday afternoon.
The Wizards have Christmas off, but play at Minnesota Saturday on Comcast.
The Capitals host New Jersey Saturday on Comcast.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clean those sidewalks. Buy health insurance

NBC29 in Charlottesville ran a story Wednesday about enforcement of the clean sidewalks law.
Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press seemed to be the inspiration, wondering why private citizens had to do work on public property or be fined if they didn't.
And on Capitol Hill, we have Republicans wondering how government can force people to buy health insurance or be fined if they don't.
Government has its job to do. If it can't do the job, can it admit it? Or blame the citizens instead? Obviously, an historic snowfall makes cleaning the streets and sidewalks harder jobs for government and citizens alike.
We're in a health care bind because government has promised more in the future than it can deliver. It would be easier to admit that than to change the entire system, and still promise more than it can deliver.
And the health care problem won't melt away.

How long will the snow piles last?

It's almost four full days since snow stopped falling in Fishersville. Now that the roads are clear
1. How long until we see green grass?
2. How long until the snow piles vanish? Augusta Health has some huge piles in the medical park across the street. Most parking lots have huge piles at the back of their lots.
How about some global warming, please?

Back to the 50s (1850s, that is)

Michael Barone looks back at the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.
Kansas-Nebraska was an attempt to settle a fundamental issue by legislative legerdemain and political trickery. The Democrats' health care bills are an attempt to settle a fundamental issue by partisan maneuver and cash-for-cloture. As Stephen Douglas learned, such tactics can work for a while, but the country -- and the Democratic Party -- can end up paying a heavy price.

Solar power and you

On the hill above my house sits five solar panels. They're in the right spot to get the sun's energy, but down the hill enough to avoid the harshest winter winds.
Sen. Feinstein wouldn't like living where I do. If deserts aren't the perfect place for solar panels and windmills, is downtown San Francisco better?

Dark side on Wall Street

Darth Vader helped open trading at the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday. Liberals thought he does that every day.

h/t Eye of Polyphemus

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It'll be 15 minutes before the tar is hot enough to pour

The latest from Iowahawk, featuring Sen. George S. Bailey and his dreams of a Federal Snow Museum.

Christmas song for Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid is disturbed by the rancor going on in the Senate this week. Maybe it will be helpful if Senate Republicans can sing a song for him, letting him know what he faces in the new year.

I'm thinking tonight of a race I see
Nevada voters having their say
And although you think it's a long way off
I promise you

You'll be gone next Christmas
You can count on it
Votes will go to your foe
Whoever they may be
Christmas Eve will find you
Packing to leave D.C.
You'll be gone next Christmas
I bet that you'll be creamed

Christmas Eve will find you
Packing to leave D.C.
You'll be gone next Christmas
I bet that you'll be creamed
I bet that you'll be creamed


I heard about this on Glenn Beck two weeks ago, and Big Government has the link and story.
Remember kiddies - Santa, the elves and polar bears are in danger whenever you walk into a Build-a-Bear store. All the cute animals and accessories have to be transported to the store.
Kids, you can help deal with Climate Change - no more animals from Build-a-Bear.
They will understand.

Ben Nelson lost at sea

Paco imagines Nebraska's Ben Nelson at sea instead of Horatio Nelson.
No famous statues for Ben, I'll bet.

Mario mania

Yankee Phil notes a 911 call from Boston - my kid won't stop playing video games.
And remembers an out-of-control seven-year-old who won't turn off the TV.
Then again, video games have helped my two boys survive 24 inches of snow and four days at home.

Can it still go down?

Bill Kristol offers hope that the House and Senate will trip up over the differences in their bill.
DaTechGuy wonders if there's a lockbox strong enough to hold tax money collected in 2010 for a program that doesn't fully start until 2014.

Santa Barack sez...

...I'll have a present under your tree.
You can't open it until 2014.
And you've got to start paying for it now.
How well is that going to go over?

How to make Obamacare work

Pay doctors the same as McDonald fry cooks. And expect them to be more efficient than today.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Playoff bound?

It's nice to see this posted - ways the Baltimore Ravens can clinch a playoff berth Sunday.
I still think the Ravens make the playoffs as long as they beat Oakland in the season finale - I think they hold the tiebreakers over the teams likely to reach 9-7 - but that's just me.

Binge and purge

This is the binge.
November 2010 is the purge.

Maybe it won't suck

We've been waiting for Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller to debut since May. Now, it's looking like Jan. 11 is the day.
Today comes word that Jim Treacher will be part of the operation. If you google "Boob Czar," his website comes out as the first choice. (I'm in the top 10, thank you very much).
Maybe Daily Caller won't suck after all.
h/t Little Miss Attila

Working on Christmas Eve

I have absolutely no problem with the Senate being in session Christmas Eve. Especially for this bill.
In health care, doctors and nurses are always working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There's always patients who need their help. You can't hang a side saying the hospital is closed until Dec. 26 at 9 a.m. Or send all the patients home for the holiday so the staff can enjoy a three-day weekend.
I remember Christmas Eve 2000. My wife, then eight-months pregnant, went to work her shift at 3 p.m. Christmas Eve and again Christmas Day. I stayed home with the oldest - then three -wrapped presents and watched George Welsh's final game as Virginia coach.
My wife decided to work that Christmas so the following year it would be her turn to be off. Then she could really enjoy that baby's first Christmas.
No whining from Senators about working Christmas Eve. Democrats can't blame Republicans for the scheduling. Republicans would gladly be home for the holidays, but know the country might not be there for their return if they left.

Snow at UVa

UVa has a webcam pointed toward the Rotunda. It's a good view for graduation or weather events, like the start of the snow Friday.
View it while it's still available.
Or check the archives anytime.

Surber's countdown

Don Surber has two countdowns going on at his blog - the 14 finalists for his man of the year, and closing on six million visitors in his blog's history.
We'll get one, probably both, by Dec. 31.

Copenhagen roundup

Roger L. Simon lets loose on the Copenhagen conference.
Rejecting Climategate as an assault on “settled science” is, of course, risible because the concept of settled science itself is tenuous at best, verging on an oxymoron. As a commenter noted on this site, Einstein upended the settled science of Newton and now Einstein is in question. Yet we are supposed to believe without question some unknown mediocrity at the IPCC because of “majority rule” [sic].

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Merry little Christmas, have yourself

Troglopundit has a new favorite picture.
But can Santa Yoda resolve the disagreement between the Sheeple People and the residents of

New Nebraska slogan

What can be said about Ben Nelson's deal to get his vote on health care reform?
He's from Nebraska, the Cornhusker state.
He sure knows how to shuck 'em.

NFL playoff picture

The Baltimore Ravens went into the weekend just outside the playoff picture. Now they're 8-6, the fifth seed and can clinch a berth next week if things break right.
They're even still alive for the AFC North title. The Bengals just need to win once more, but they've lost two straight.
Six teams are 7-7, and the Ravens play one of them - the Steelers in Pittsburgh. It's easy to see three of the other teams losing next week - Jets at Colts, Jaguars at Patriots and Titans hosting the Chargers Christmas night.
A pair of 7-7 teams meet - Dolphins vs. Texans - so likely one will be 8-7 and still alive the final week of the season. I'll wait to see how the tiebreakers work out.
And how 'bout those Raiders? Another last-minute win, dropping the Broncos t0 8-6. The Ravens beat them head-to-head, so that will be helpful come Jan. 3.

Snowed under

I thought we had it bad with 24.5 inches of snow in Fishersville.
My in-laws in the southern West Virginia coalfields have been without power since Friday night. The fireplace has been burning to keep them warm.
The newspapers in Bluefield and Beckley will not produce print editions for Monday morning. Why print if people can't get on the road to deliver the papers?


Chuck Norris uses the term. Who am I to argue?
h/t Cold Fury

Fishersville snow, Sunday morning

The sun rises over a snowy neighborhood. The National Weather Service said Fishersville got 24.5 inches of snow.
It's even too much snow for a family of snowmen.
The cows in the field behind our house are not happy either.

Fishersville Mike's Jersey Ripped Asunder

I'm supposed to be traveling for Christmas. Instead I'm snowed in.
But the boys have a new video game, so I can put together my weekly roundup.
Make sure to check out the Carnival of Christmas at, posting by Christmas Eve. But I'm sure Kat won't mind the hits if you check before then to see if it's ready to enjoy.
Visit the Other McCain because he's got six kids, and now a future son-in-law. Don't forget Smitty's roundup.
Wyblog does his roundup Thursday. Blogging may be light this week since many members of the "Littlest Pet Shop" have arrived at his house.
Carol's roundup fills you with Christmas spirit.
Pat finished her roundup in time to watch the Saints play.
Daley Gator hopes for a new computer for Christmas.
Now at the Podium anxiously awaits a Hitman.
Naked Villiany plans to continue avoiding the Noid.
Obi's Sister has plenty of Santas for the holidays.
Pundette found her Christmas music, along with some pretty snow.
GrandpaJohn has the latest news on Tiger Woods endorsements.
Troglopundit remembers the Boston Tea Party.
Legal Insurrection is headed for a weekend in New England.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Fire up the laptop, finish up the cookies, let your voice be heard and start spreading the news.

Undefeated teams watch

Now there's one undefeated team left. The Saints fell behind Dallas quickly and lost 24-17 Saturday.
A 13-1 record is still pretty good, and winning home-field advantage throughout the playoff is still likely.
Or just the Colts remain. They play the Jets next Sunday and at Buffalo on Jan. 3.
Will they make it to 16-0? The 1972 Miami Dolphins will be watching.

In Alabama the Tuscaloosa

What would Groucho Marx think about Alabama making the national championship football game? He knew their mascot and mentions it just after 2:00 in this clip.
Don't think it's about the Crimson Tide? That's ir-elephant.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dems have pink bunny pajamas for you

If the Democrats can get this health care bill passed on Christmas Eve, they will celebrate like a parent who found a Zhu Zhu Pet at Target. It'll be historic and a great gift for the American people. They think.
Reminded me of a scene from the classic "Christmas Story" movie.
Sure, it's a gift. One you really don't want.
One you'd get rid of the instant you saw it.
This health care bill sure feels like pink bunny pajamas.

Fishersville snow, Saturday 3 p.m.

Our house, with 22 inches of snow out front.
The dog think we've had enough snow.

Dude, where's my car?

Sorry, son, but we're not going out for a drive today.

Snow - it's a dog's world

Almost two feet of snow is not good news for a little dog.
My dog must be thinking the same things as Cassandra's dog.

6:28 a.m.: Few things in life rival the pathos of a miniature Weiner dog, ass deep in snow. I can see what he is thinking. He is thinking, "If you think I'm going to poop out here, you are out of your freaking mind. Put me back inside so I can poop under your dining room table like a civilized canine."

Fishersville snow, Saturday 11:15 a.m.

I measured 20 and a half inches of snow, with light snow still falling.
It's good to have an eight-year-old in the house. He likes trying to clean off the car and walking into the yard - clearing a path for me to make my measurement.
And the reason you dress in layers - when the outdoor coat gets covered in snow, you can take it off and stay out until the second gets covered.

What to do on a snowy day

Take a nap like little Layla.

Snowy appreciation

All the TV stations have their news crews in action, reminding people to stay home if they can.
It's really time to appreciate those who have to go out - keeping us safe.
Let's appreciate -
1. Doctors, nurses and support staff at the hospitals
2. Volunteers with four-wheel drive vehicles
3. Power company workers - keeping the juice running
4. Snow plow operators
5. Tow truck guys, getting stuck people out and to safety
6. Anyone else helping out that I may have missed

Fishersville snow, Saturday 7:30 a.m.

We're not going anywhere soon.
The local news reports 17 1/4 inches of snow so far.
It's hard to get perspective about the snow depth when everything is white.
My bench in the front yard is totally covered.

Friday, December 18, 2009

For your snow news

The Charlottesville Daily Progress is allowing open access to its E-Edition during the weekend snowstorm. So you can see the hard work of reporters and copy editors who plowed through the snow to get to work.
And the ads for sales that will be postponed.
During the blizzard of 1993 in Bluefield, WV, I was the lone member of the sports staff to make it to work. But we didn't put out a paper that Saturday night - the West Virginia governor ordered all traffic off the roads.
Fortunately, I lived in an apartment less than a mile from the office, so I walked home and returned Sunday morning after the storm ended.
We put out the Sunday morning paper about noon on Sunday, and the Monday paper on regular schedule. I even helped load some papers into vans to regular readers and those stranded in the area when I-77 closed.
This time, I'm warm and at home. Watching the hard work on TV, computers and newspaper websites.

Fishersville snow, Friday 9:45 p.m.

We have a small bench in the front yard. Snow is almost up to the seat level.
And they say the worst of the snow will be Saturday.
Hopefully I'll be able to see the bench in the morning.

Dashing through the snow

Politico keeps you up-to-date on the Senate's quest to finish by Christmas. Good luck with that.
John McCain tells the Republicans' travel plans.
"Tomorrow, there's going to be a snowstorm, and we'll be coming in our RVs and everything will be paralyzed, as our nation's capital always is when there's a snowstorm," McCain said. "The fact is that there's a firestorm out there in America — and that firestorm says stop this. We want to know what is in this legislation."

Snow memories

WUSA-TV out of Washington is noting the top six snow storms in recorded history. Storms in 1979, 2003, 1996 and 1983 are ranked three through six.
This buried car is from 1983 (the dog gives it away).

Political suicide watch

Rich Lowry at NRO highlights this piece from Real Clear Politics. I liked this line toward the end.
This bill may encourage a few Democratic policy wonks to run to the polls, but this trickle will be nothing compared to the flood of angry Republicans and Independents. And this is all analysis conducted before election ads begin to run telling voters about how the Democrats will jail them if they don't buy health insurance. To which the Democrats will respond “no, you see, it's only a big fine.”

Snow has started

The big storm has started dropping snow in Fishersville. I saw SWACgirl has noted its arrival west of Staunton.
Augusta County Schools closed at 2 p.m., adding one hour to the two-week Christmas vacation. But Fishersville's three schools and VDOT share the same one-lane road with a stoplight at Route 250. Instead of staggered departure times like normal school days, everybody was on the road at 2 p.m.
The VDOT trucks leaving the saline solution on the roads left plenty of solution on the road going back to the middle and high schools.

Absolutely unhappy

Ron Brownstein looks at those progressives unhappy with the Senate right now.
The broad mass of college-educated white voters are an increasingly central component of the Democratic coalition. But it remains a challenge for the party to manage the expectations of that community's most liberal segments because they tend to see politics less as a means of tangibly improving their own lives than as an opportunity to make a statement about the kind of society they want America to be. That is not a perspective that encourages compromise or pragmatism.

Weekend watchdog

Sure, it's two weeks until New Year's Day. But it's already bowl season.
The first of two of 34 bowls will be held Saturday. The New Mexico Bowl kicks off the season, matching Fresno State and Wyoming. Later Saturday, it's the St. Petersburg Bowl matching Rutgers and Central Florida.
Not enough for you? How about catching the R&L Carriers Bowl from New Orleans? It's on Sunday, featuring Southern Mississippi and Middle Tennessee.
Between Saturday and Jan. 7, only three days will not feature a bowl game somewhere. Most on ESPN.
In the parts of the college football world where there's a playoff, Villanova meets Montana Friday on ESPN2 for the FCS (old Division I-AA) title.
Salem hosts the Division III championship game, televised on ESPN2 at 11 a.m. But it's a rerun - Mount Union faces Wisconsin-Whitewater for the fifth straight year.
NFL Network goes to New Orleans Saturday, when the faltering Cowboys visit the 13-0 Saints. Will they stay perfect? Is it good for the NFL to put this games on its own network?
Fox has the Sunday doubleheader this week, and Fishersville will get a pair of NFC North teams visiting the AFC North - Chicago at Baltimore early, then the Packers at the Steelers.
CBS in Washington has decided to show the late CBS game - Cincinnati at San Diego - but other parts of Virginia south and west of us will be watching New England at Buffalo at 1 p.m.
NBC gets another chance to show Brett Favre and the Vikings - this week at Carolina - and the Redskins host the Giants on ESPN's Monday Night Football.
ESPN has an interesting college basketball doubleheader Saturday. Michigan visits Kansas for the "Green" game at noon, then North Carolina plays Texas at the new Cowboys Stadium. I wonder how many guys on exercise cycles it would take to power that 60-yard long video screen.
On ESPN2, Xavier visits Butler at 2 p.m., followed by Western Kentucky facing Louisville and Memphis-Massachusetts.
Comcast has a pair of men's basketball games Saturday - Tennessee at Southern Cal at 4:30 p.m., then UNC-Wilmington visiting Virginia at 7 p.m. Sunday, it's Sam Houston vs. Auburn at 2 p.m. and an ACC doubleheader starting at 5:30 p.m. - Florida State at Georgia Tech, followed by N.C. State-Wake Forest.
MASN starts its Saturday hoops slate with Howard vs. Loyola at 1 p.m. They join West Virginia-Cleveland State when that game ends, and show Old Dominion at Georgetown at 7 p.m. Sunday they offer Central Florida at Connecticut. (Wonder if Michael Moore will watch).
Comcast also offers a women's basketball game Saturday, with Tennessee visiting Stanford at 2:30 p.m.
ESPN's NBA doubleheader Friday features Milwaukee at Cleveland early, then Washington at Golden State. The Wizards visit Phoenix Saturday on Comcast.
The Capitals are spending their weekend in western Canada, visiting Vancouver Friday and Edmonton Saturday on Comcast.

It's just too easy

You guys on the left have to admit - joking about global warming today is so easy, anyone can do it.
It's like saying Bush is dumb for you guys - you can't go wrong. It works in all situations.
President Obama leaves Washington to talk global warming when a lot of snow is due in D.C.
Just let it roll off your tongue. You'll be hearing it and reading it a lot this weekend.
Console yourselves by finding some old pictures of Bush making monkey faces.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Undefeated teams watch

The Colts made it to 14-0 Thursday, beating Jacksonville 35-31. The Jaguars dropped to 7-7, falling out of the last playoff spot in the AFC. The Ravens gladly take their place.
The Colts can watch Saturday night to see if the Saints match them at 14-0. The 1972 Dolphins are watching also.

Senate on Christmas Eve

It's a good idea for the Senate to vote on health care reform Christmas Eve.
It's easier for Santa Claus when all the bad little boys and girls are in the same place.

Storm watch

Is this going to be the real thing, a big snowstorm? Plenty of information out there on the internet.
In checking the Baltimore Sun, I found a link to Foot's Forecast. It gives some more in-depth information on the weather data to tell if we're going to get snow or rain. My folks are in Baltimore, so that's where many of my major snow memories are.
Looks like we'll be making more memories this weekend.

McConnell's thoughts

NRO has posted the latest thoughts on the health care bill from Sen. Mitch McConnell.
The Democrats, he said, “are in a state of confusion. I have 40 unified Republicans and they have a bunch of different Democrats with different points of view.” “They're in a turmoil trying to figure out how to get to 60.”

Take a hack

I went to visit Daley Gator this morning and a post caught by eye.
I followed it to Hack Wilson, and found he had posted a video to illustrate the Democrats' struggles over health care.

Recycling update

I took our empty soda cans to recycle today and got 35 cents per pound - the same rate since July.

White Christmas?

Since I'm planning to travel this weekend, I checked the Weather Channel's 10-day forecast.
Along with a chance of snow this weekend, there might be snow Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Make your travel plans accordingly.

Car shopping

What do members of Generation X (born 1965-1980) want in a car?
I like reason seven.
The entire car must be scotch-guarded and it must turn bird-doo into diamonds.
h/t Dustbury

Happy Wright Brothers day

It's the 106th anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight.
Wikipedia has this picture from 1929 of the monument designating the launching spot of the first flights.
Looks different today, but people love taking their picture by the rock.

Nice cheerleaders

ESPN's Tuesday Morning Quarterback offers these Christmas-themed cheerleaders as part of this week's column.
Three more weeks of NFL regular season, then there's only 11 football games to savor until the Super Bowl champion is crowned.

UPDATE: Welcome Other McCain readers. Over 5,000 visits referred here from there since June.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goons live here

It's dangerous to listen to Glenn Beck when he has Andy Williams on as a guest. And reports on the story that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is being "influenced" about his vote on health care.
Thus, you get a parody about the Chicago Goons.

Goons live here, get into your face
We're going to take your base away
Oh, vote taker, you deal breaker
Whatever you're thinkin', better go our way

Last chance, to get our bill passed
Opposition we don't want to see
It'll be worse than status quo, then watch costs explode
Don't mess with me my friend, goons live here, you'll see

(Goons live here, getting in your face)
(We're going to take your base away)
Oh, we'll shake ya, you deal breaker
Whatever you're thinkin', we'll make you pay

Last chance, to get our bill passed
Opposition we don't want to see
It'll be worse than status quo, then watch costs explode
Don't mess with me my friend, goons live here, you'll see

A video of the inspiration

Take a breath

NRO's Corner posts a good, let's-stop-for-a-second-and-see-what-we-really-have look at the health care bill.
Democrats have argued that the bargain would allow the government to control costs and would make the system more fair. In the course of working to get the votes of various senators, however, the Democrats have given up not the downsides of the bargain but the reasons for voting for it from their own point of view.

Question time gives progressives 20 questions to think about.
I liked number 20 the best.
20. How many of the arguments that you might be making against the bill are being made out of anger, frustration, or a desire to ring Joe Lieberman by his scruffy, no-good, backstabbing neck?

Andy and Glenn

Glenn Beck had Andy Williams on his radio program Wednesday, and Williams will be part of Beck's Christmas Eve program.
How about hearing Andy Williams from the 1960s?

Code Red rally roundup

Bob from the Journey made the journey to D.C. Tuesday for the Code Red rally.
Smitty was there, too.

2000th post

I like keeping track of the round numbers. Here's this blog's 2000th post since starting last October.
It's just over five months since post number 1,000. I've averaged about six and a half posts a day since then.
Lots of typing. Lots for the search engines to find. Lots of nice comments and linking around the web.

Refreshing your memories

For all those unhappy with Joe Lieberman about health care reform, a reminder of better days.
Yes, you liked him then. Admit it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to the precipice

The Weekly Standard provides some pictures to illustrate President Obama's word of the day, precipice.

Winter Classic coming

It's almost time for the NHL's outdoor game, Jan. 1 at Fenway Park in Boston. They are beginning to put the rink together.
I hope it's cold enough for good ice, considering the global warming some people are talking about.

Last chance saloon

Is this the last chance to pass health care reform? Probably, yes.
If the budget numbers look bad now, imagine them with the whole pool of baby boomers retiring and on Medicare.
The baby boom went until 1964. When the youngest boomers are 70, we'll be at 2034. Twenty-five more years of the younger generation seeing their wages disappear to taxes.
The reason it's the last chance is the reason this bill must die.

Will Club Gitmo be Illini Orange?

The administration wants to put prisoners from Gitmo in an underused prison in western Illinois. Isn't it a violation of their rights to move them from the warm shores of the Caribbean to the icy midwest near the Mississippi?
Pat has National Review's takedown on the move.
Jonah Goldberg has the t-shirt idea.
Will we teach them the Illinois fight song? I think that's the closest major college with orange in their color scheme.

Whatever it is...

Why aren't Democrats using this clip to talk about either Joe Lieberman or Republicans?
Probably because Groucho won the football game and saved the school at movie's end.

Nice to see Weekly Standard's blog has a Marx Brothers inspired post also.

"Even if it kills them"

Byron York looks at the Democrats' motivation in pushing health care reform.
Going forward has turned out to be harder than many Democrats thought. And now, with various proposals lying wrecked along the road, the true believers are practicing what the strategist calls "principled damage control."
But still, does it make sense? In the end, perhaps the most compelling explanation for Democratic behavior is that they are simply in too deep to do anything else. "Once you've gone this far, what is the cost of failure?" asks the strategist.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Taylor

Taylor Swift turned 20 on Sunday. Don't know how I missed that.
Don Surber caught up with the latest Taylor news - a site called
Wonder what she thinks of the song.

Up the road

Now at the Podium, based in Shenandoah County, has resumed blogging. Good enough to place 17th in this week's BNN rankings.
Good to see more blogging in the Valley.

Who moved?

It's been a fun day watching the bashing of Joe Lieberman. And his wife. And the air he breathes.
To think, this is the man Democrats wanted to be Vice President in 2000. He was their guy.
Has he changed that much since 2000? Or have they?

"Republican landslide if you pass it"

Megan McArdle looks at the Democrats' trouble getting all 60 of them to agree on something.
Frankly, I'm not sure that a majority of legislators want them to get to sixty votes on anything. Every time health care makes the news, its poll numbers drop further, and at 54-38 against, it's already dangerously close to "Republican landslide if you pass it" territory. Outside of coastal enclaves, Democrats cannot win the next round of elections with no one but their base. And independents, already against the plan, especially hate partisanship. This makes it especially unhealthy to pass a bill they don't like on a straight party line vote.

Rush's Christmas music

One of the best part of listening to Rush Limbaugh at Christmas time is hearing Mannheim Steamroller.
Rush uses their Christmas music to return to the program from a commercial break. Sometimes he doesn't speak, but just lets the music play.
I found a video of their performance of "Silent Night" to share.

Who's the "Fat Cat?"

Nice of President Obama to talk about "fat cat bankers" on 60 Minutes Sunday.
Since it came out a few days after stories about the high salaries of government employees.

Kicking Joe when he's up

If Democrats had their way in 2000, Joe Lieberman would have been vice president instead of Dick Cheney. Now, they want to kick him out over health care.
Lot of political silliness. You think Lieberman's a politically-motivated hack instead of a man who votes how he believes. I bet Lieberman would be voting the same way even if his Connecticut friends rejected him in the 2006 primary.
Consider that before your next rant.

In trouble both ways

What a fun week it's going to be in the Senate.
Can the Democrats scramble to get enough votes to pass a health care bill? How terrible is it going to look? Pajamas Media has a look at the numbers.
We are likely to see some very erratic behavior by Democratic senators in the next few weeks. The reform effort hangs by a thread, and the party may now suffer politically if it passes — or if the effort collapses.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saying no to pork

How nice of the Senate to pass the budget Sunday - almost two and a half months after the start of the fiscal year.
The bill includes over 5,000 earmarks that cost roughly $4 billion. Just a drop in the bucket overall, but it's the attitude that counts. It helps spoil the atmosphere.
How does Congress work together when they think they have to grab those projects for their voters? And those of complain about earmarks are seen as freaks, out-of-step with reality?
If there was no competition for earmarks, then it might be easier to work together. In a realm of "pass my earmark and I'll help with yours," can Congress be motivated to do something for only the greater good?

Undefeated teams watch

13-0. Both New Orleans and Indianapolis have reached that mark.
Both get to be on NFL Network next week - for those who get that channel.
The Colts will be in Jacksonsville Thursday night, while the Saints host Dallas Saturday night.
The 1972 Dolphins will continue to watch.

Palin's good move

Legal Insurrection has more thoughts on Sarah Palin's appearance on the Tonight Show Friday.
By bringing Palin onto the stage with Shatner, and having Palin mock sentences from Shatner's own book, the show sent an enormous subliminal message: Perhaps some of the mocking of Palin that goes on in the entertainment media was not justified since anyone could be the subject of such mockery.
Palin thus took on the pervasive liberal and Democratic caricature of Palin, and did so in a humorous and sympathetic way. Palin was allowed to fight mockery with mockery. Touché.

Another Black Conservative mentioned the long, loud applause Palin received upon entering the studio. The surprise worked.
I'd like to see the number of web views of the appearance.

Fishersville Mike Joins Robust Allies

Only 12 blogging days until Christmas. Does linking someone else's blog count as a Christmas present?
Let's check on my friends around the blogosphere.
There's a football game coming up in Pasadena. The Other McCain would like to be there, while Smitty works hard on the FMJRA roundup.
Carol's sheep comes out of the clock for her roundup.
Pat's roundup is done; now it's time to shop.
Wyblog doesn't just want views of his roundup, but comments also.
Snapped Shots needs to dump the tabs to get some work done.
Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Pundette and Another Black Conservative have the video of the year.
Don Surber has the new hottest holiday album.
Citizen Tom does not like a fat and happy dragon.
Troglopundit highlights the eighth annual Right Wing News Conservative blogs awards.
GrandpaJohn's has snow.
Ed Driscoll looks at the demise of Editor & Publisher.
American Power has the latest cut to Tiger Woods' income.
Ruby Slippers has the latest from Al Gore's Current TV.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check out the animals, hang out with your friends or make some cookies.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Bearing Drift takes a good whack at Blue Virginia and others on the left wondering if the country is ungovernable.
Just a question. If we can't get 60 Democrats to agree on something, how can we expect 300 million Americans to agree (or at least be agreeable)?

A boy named Suh

We know which Heisman Trophy hopeful headline writers like. Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh was the subject of a few bad headlines this week.
Why? Because sports guy love puns to get your attention. ("Donovan McNabbs win" goes back to his freshman year at Syracuse. ).
Let's let Johnny Cash sing his song.

"Eliminating inefficiencies"

I thought we took care of that November 3.


What's the worst part of a gathering of right-wing bloggers? Somebody's gotta be on the far left side of the photo.

Our SWAC bloggers gathered Thursday for dinner and enjoyable conversation.

I'll take our group over those Wisconsin guys.

And I haven't seen a photo (surveillance or otherwise) of the last Smittypalooza.

Poll numbers explained

Mark Steyn looks at President Obama's speech in accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.
Obama's sagging numbers are less a regular presidential "approval rating" than a measure of the ever-widening gulf between the messianic ballyhoo and his actual performance. For Americans interested in not pre-crippling the lives of their as-yet unborn children and grandchildren, his windy leave-'em-wanting-less routine is currently one of their best friends.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Chevalier, eh

For some Friday night fun, I thought I'd throw out the famous Marx Brothers routine from "Monkey Business."