Sunday, December 13, 2009

Palin's good move

Legal Insurrection has more thoughts on Sarah Palin's appearance on the Tonight Show Friday.
By bringing Palin onto the stage with Shatner, and having Palin mock sentences from Shatner's own book, the show sent an enormous subliminal message: Perhaps some of the mocking of Palin that goes on in the entertainment media was not justified since anyone could be the subject of such mockery.
Palin thus took on the pervasive liberal and Democratic caricature of Palin, and did so in a humorous and sympathetic way. Palin was allowed to fight mockery with mockery. Touché.

Another Black Conservative mentioned the long, loud applause Palin received upon entering the studio. The surprise worked.
I'd like to see the number of web views of the appearance.

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