Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Obama announcement help Bolling in 2013?

The waters offshore Virginia can be opened to exploration for oil and natural gas. Does this help Lt. Governor Bill Bolling if he runs for governor in 2013?
I've figured the focus on offshore oil was always a win-win for Republicans. It shows you're looking for ways to bring jobs to the state. And any holdups would likely come from Washington, making it easier to run against Washington and Democratic bureaucrats who are holding up progress.
Now, President Obama appears to have given his blessing. Whether it's just a "Stall, baby, stall" plot to woo Independents, people will remember he approved a plan.
If it stalls in court or in the bowels of a federal department, it becomes much easier for Bolling to run against Democrats in 2013. He can honestly say "Republicans had a plan. Democrats blocked it. Things could have been better if our plan could have proceded."
Good economy or bad in 2013, Republicans have a stronger hand thanks to the President's announcement.

Dry hole

Dan Riehl isn't impressed by President Obama's off-shore drilling ideas.
NRO's Corner says watch out for the EPA.

Advice for worried GOP leaders

or Get out of the way.

Tea in Utah

Instapundit gets a good report from a Utah Tea Party organizer.
Last night an reporter from CNN travelling with the Tea Party Express showed up at our shop to talk about the Tea Party Express that was coming through Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah today. (I was the local organizer for the Provo event). I gave him a tour through our shop and then took him for a drive up the canyon in one of our cars. We talked the entire time. We ended up speaking for about 4 hours. At the end of our conversation, he dropped a bomb, “You know, I decided to come and find the facts about you guys for myself. The facts are the facts. Keith Olberman is way out in left, crazy field! You guys aren’t anything like the media has portrayed you.”

Be on the lookout

Eggs were thrown at the Tea Party Express bus Saturday in Nevada. They are still trying to find what happened.
Be ready. You never know when Harry Reid's friend "Dr. Eggman" will strike again.

Idol - from 10 to 9

Dial Idol sees Crystal safe again. Any of the rest could go home, but Tim and Andrew have the lowest scores. celebrates keeping Tim in the competition this long. Does his luck run out this week?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buzz and Kate plus 8

Dancing with the Stars eliminated its first contestant Tuesday - Shannen Doherty.
Now there's 10 stars to perform next week. They can call it (another star) and Kate plus 8 (more stars).
I'm rooting for Buzz Aldrin to dance long into the spring.

Gunning for bacon

Instapundit links this, and I like. The comments are even more enjoyable.

Loan question

Banks have money.
Students need money.
How come banks, not the government, are considered the middleman?

Timeline of disaster

Doug Ross lists the upcoming changes and charges of ObamaCare.
We'll be seeing fewer ads for the "Scooter Store" for seniors next year. They have to rent a power wheelchair for 13 months before purchasing one.
Visit the list and find your outrage.

Pay less to skip your classes

President Obama signs the overhaul of student lending Tuesday. A benefit to increase learning or boondoogle that hurts banks and won't help students? We'll have to wait and see.
If you're an eighth grader now, you can get a student loan under the new program in 2014. And in 2020, only pay 10 percent of your McDonald's salary (would you like fries with that?) paying back the government.
Meanwhile, Powerline reprints a column about attending - or not attending - classes at Dartmouth. I remember having one class like that in the 1980s - "Read along with Alan" was an advertising course taught by a local radio personality. He just read from the book, so many students showed up just for the review class and exams.
It's going to be interesting to see how things shake out as my boys prepare for college time.

Tea Party just too darn popular

The Daily Caller headlines that "Nashville's Gaylord Opryland Resort turns away Tea Party Business."
What's the real reason?
“The property did absorb some unforeseen costs to cover the extra security required due to the larger than anticipated turnout,” she said.
Just too many Tea Party people. Sarah Palin is just too popular. Sure, they paid their bills, but we didn't make our expected profit.

What a photo

Visiting the American Power blog, he posted this picture of Sarah Palin.

What a nicely composed photo. Palin, flag and her name in the sky.

If you don't like Palin, can't you at least say the photographer did a great job?

Monday, March 29, 2010

In defense of Iowahawk

Norman Podhertz throws props to Iowahawk in discussing the reactions to Sarah Palin.
That can only mean one thing -
Party at Lakewood Mobile Home Court.

How to end 24

I watched 24 from the end of the second season until earlier this year. My boys like watching "Everybody Hates Chris" on Nick at Nite, and you never know when 24 going to have a brutal killing you don't want young ones to see.
But with the news of the series ending, I'd like to see a shoutout to those fans who wondered how Jack and company kept going for 24 hours without taking care of their bodies.
How about this:
Jack and Chloe are seated for dinner at a famous New York restaurant. The president is there to thank them for saving the world again. Jack takes a drink and says, "Excuse me, Madame President, but I have to use the restroom."
Tick, tick, tick, tick.

My census is done

I completed our family's form, but I'm holding it to mail Wednesday - when it will be April 1 in New Zealand and Australia. Close enough for government work, right?
I realized it's the fifth time I've been counted in the census, and fifth different address. In 2000, we were in Charlottesville getting ready to move to Lake Monticello at the end of April.
By the time the next census rolls around in 2020, both the boys could be counted other places - college or future jobs. Even though both will be under 26 in 2020, I'm not encouraging them to stay our dependents and keep our family insurance.
Fly and be free, boys.

So you wanna go back to Egypt

In honor of Passover's start, Volokh looks at the Pharoah's environmental record.
h/t Instapundit

Politicians vs. insurance companies

Thinking about how politicians and insurance companies deal with the budget realities of Obamacare, I remembered this ING commercial.
The insurance company number is based on reality. The guy on the hedge sure looks like Congress, throwing money at a vague target.
We'll probably see more of this before April 21.

Tea people coming

Stacy McCain was there as the Tea Party Express started up Saturday in Nevada.
Guess he'll be there when the bus rolls into Washington D.C. on April 15.

Call to action

The Daily Caller examines the fight that will sprout from the health care reform bill.
The American people are watching their country being transformed from an exceptional, vibrant free economy to a broken European welfare state, and many of us do not like the direction of change. We may not know exactly what is in the health care legislation (does anyone?), but we know its intent to assert government authority over health insurance. We know that it creates a large entitlement, paid for in large part by unspecified future cuts in Medicare.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pitch fork and tar futures

Ace of Spades has the data you need to know.

Mountaineer hymn

Watching West Virginia's win over Kentucky, I thought of the first line of the Marine's Hymn.
Mountaineers now say
"From the hands of Joe Mazzula
We are headed to Indy"

Not so swift

Virginia has a new commissioner for the Department of Veteran Services
You can describe Paul Galanti as:
  • A VietNam War POW for seven years or
  • A member of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group in 2004
Chris Graham decided to highlight the Swift Boat angle. And sparked quite an interesting comment war. Through 30 comments, I think the veterans have outgunned the John Kerry/Swift Boat bashers.
You can check for yourselves. Since in an issue like this, there's little convincing and much stating your solid position.
Besides, time moves on. If John Kerry had won in 2004, we would have had John Edwards as Vice President. And Barack Obama would not be president now.
Democrats ought to be thanking their lucky stars for the Swift Boat crew.

Federal Medical Jurisdication Runs Amuck

You may not know this, but the health care reform bill declared blog roundups a medical procedure. (In a 2,000-plus page bill, who knows exactly what's in there.) Blog therapy is the next big thing.
I don't have a tip jar, but you can send your copay to one of the following bloggers.
Smitty at the Other McCain is the high efficiency, high quality roundup blogger that we should aspire to. Or else.
Interesting fact - after the House vote Sunday, three bloggers noted being sick - Little Miss Attila, Pat in Shreveport and Ruby Slippers. Their health care costs didn't decrease after the Democrats acted.
Pat finished her roundup through the illness.
Carol keeps cheering as Duke keeps winning.
Wyblog has more good words for New Jersey governor Chris Christie.
Daley Gator cruises the world for news.
Camp of the Saints looks at a scary future.
Grandpa John celebrated his great achievement.
The Classic Liberal explains medical socialism.
Another Black Conservative reached a year on the web.
Troglopundit has too many scary pictures.
Pundette brings the real information.
Ruby Slippers says repent, the end is near.
Dustbury saves money by nevering printing out emails.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See an eye on dangerous situations, embrace your friends, help a good cause and share a great story.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Farewell, Dick Enberg

Dick Enberg called his final NCAA tournament game Saturday as West Virginia beat Kentucky 73-66.
And he brightened up the baseball scene of the "Naked Gun" movie in 1988.

Butler did it

Butler 63, Kansas State 56
I know every sportswriter is thinking that headline. It works and it's great.
Reminds me of the 1993 World Series. We watched Joe Carter's series-ending home run. The TV camera panned the crowd and came upon a sign "Phillie-buster." That was our headline that night.
Wonder how many times "Hoosiers" will be mentioned on SportsCenter this week.
UPDATE: Only Kentucky left for President Obama's bracket.

Ice fields ahead

What the... remembers April 1912. Others don't remember the lesson.

Other underwater ideas

The government is looking for ways to help people who are underwater in their houses (owe more on their houses than they are now worth).
How about not taxing those people? Instead of asking the bank to take the hit (and weaken their bottom line), let what they would pay in taxes go to the mortgage. Don't withhold taxes from these home owners, or try to collect taxes off their unemployment benefits.
Why should the banks have all the fun giving mortgage forgiveness?

Bringing Israeli and Palestinians together

Elliott Abrams tells how the Obama administration is bringing people in the Middle East together - the wrong way.
Since the Oslo Accords of 1993, 17 years of efforts under three American presidents and six Israeli prime ministers have taught five clear lessons. Each of them is being ignored by President Obama, which is why his own particular “peace process” has so greatly harmed real efforts at peace. Today the only factor uniting Palestinian, Israeli, and Arab leaders is distrust of the quality, sagacity, and reliability of American leadership in the region.
The question for future historians will be - which was the worst debacle authored by the Obama administration this month. Was in health care or their dealings with Israsel?

President's bracket sinks

Interesting how AP portrays President Obama's picks in the NCAA tournament.
They emphasize he is among the top 12 percent.
They miss that he opened in the top 6 percent.
When your choice for national champion goes down early, there's only one way for your bracket to go - down.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Frum Here to Eternity

I don't have anything to say about David Frum. But when you think of a good headline, you've got to use it.

Obamacare pain

I wonder when someone will start a blog or website with all the examples of pain caused by the Obama health care reform.
It would be a collection of
  • Companies who note added charges to budget projections
  • Companies that close or may have to close
  • Jobs lost from "closed loopholes"
  • States that cut programs or raise taxes to pay for unfunded mandates.
  • Stories of people who have lost their job after the bill was signed.
I'm sure the Tea Party Express guys could do a good job. Maybe a clock like the deficit clock.
I'll sure they'll get on it, once they get out of Las Vegas.

Federal happy juice

Mark Steyn hasn't been drinking it.
A question. If the U.S. has a value added tax, that means no money for the federal government. Because they definitely add no value.

For Earth Hour

Gearing up for Earth Hour on Saturday? Last year, I highlighted Trace Adkins' "Every Light in the House is on."
Why not give David Cook a chance to shine in 2010?

Light On

David Cook MySpace Music Videos

Downsides coming up

The caller to Rush Limbaugh's show this week worried that people wouldn't feel the pain of Obamacare before the November 2 election.
No such luck for the Democrats.
Dan Riehl brings the bad news from Kaiser Health and Indiana's Republican governor.
Contentions has the cost of closing a "loophole." Oh Deere, business is getting squashed like a Caterpillar.
We also heard from Verizon. More to come, I'm sure.

It's not just Cuccinelli

States are working on suits against the health care reform bill.
So is New Jersey physicians.
Leaving physicians with the choice between practicing efficiently and earning a living is not a solution to the problem. Without fixing the reimbursement system and providing meaningful tort reform to eliminate defensive medicine, costs will continue to rise, insurance premiums will continue to rise, and rather than improving access to healthcare, the Act may well have the opposite effect. Indeed, with passage of the Act, many physicians are already planning early retirement in the face of an already anticipated severe doctor shortage.
Besides, the more people who sue, the cheaper the cost due to volume, right?
h/t Bread upon the Waters

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama wants you to harden your heart

Want to repeal health care reform? President Obama says you've got to be mean. You'll be taking benefits away from sob story 1 and sob story 2.
Like he's trying to doom businesses across the country, and add taxes and burdens to the American people.
Guess we'll need to listen to this song. Since this line sounds like President Obama "words for you are lies."

The lyrics, in case you'd like them.

Cryin' on the corner
waitin' in the rain

I swear I'll never ever wait again.
You gave me your word
but words for you are lies.
Darlin' in my wildest dreams I never thought I'd go
But it's time to let you know -
I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears

I'm gonna turn and leave you here.
All of my life I've been waitin' in the rain

I've been waitin' for a feelin' that never ever came
It feels so close but always disappears.
Darlin' in your wildest dreams you never had a clue
But it's time you got the news -
I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears

Darlin' in my wildest dreams I never thought I'd go . . .
I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears
. . .
I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears

I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears

Harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears

harden my heart -
I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna swallow my tears

I'm gonna harden my heart . . .

Go for it

Repeal? Go for it.
Because what does Obama stand for?

Weekend watchdog

Four more days and we'll be down to the Final Four.
CBS tips off the Sweet Sixteen Thursday at 7 p.m. with the Big East survivors in the early slot - Butler against Syracuse and Washington vs. West Virginia. Nightcap games around 9:45 p.m. include Kentucky-Cornell and Kansas State facing Xavier.
Friday, the Tennesee-Ohio State game begins coverage at 7 p.m., along with Baylor against St. Mary's. Later, it's Northern Iowa meeting Michigan State before Purdue tackles Duke. Of the eight games in the Sweet Sixteen, it's the only one matching either a No. 1 seed vs. No. 4 or 2 vs. 3.
Regional finals start Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Then it's on to Indy.
The women's Sweet Sixteen kicks off Saturday on ESPN at noon with a doubleheader from Memphis. Tennessee faces Baylor early, then it's Duke against upstart San Diego State.
The Sacramento region tips off at 9 p.m. with Stanford vs. Georgia on ESPN. The nightcap game between Xavier and Gonzaga will be on ESPN2 at 11:30 p.m.
Sunday, the action shifts to Dayton at noon with Connecticut against Iowa State on ESPN. Then it's off to ESPN2 for Florida St.-Mississippi State, and they show both games from Kansas City starting Sunday at 7:30 p.m. - Oklahoma-Notre Dame and Nebraska-Kentucky.
Want to see the best of Division II? CBS shows the men's championship Saturday at 1 p.m., after ESPN2 offers the women's championship between Fort Union and Emporia State Friday at 8 p.m.
TNT has its NBA doubleheader Thursday, with Miami at Chicago at 8 p.m. followed by the Mavericks at TrailBlazers. Sunday, ESPN offers San Antonio's visit to Boston.
The Wizards visit Charlotte Friday, then host Utah Saturday on Comcast.
The Major League Soccer season starts Thursday on ESPN2, with the new Philadelphia Union visiting Seattle. Saturday, ESPN shows Chicago at the New York Red Bulls.
NASCAR stays on the short tracks, heading to Martinsville Sunday at 1 p.m. on FOX.
The PGA tour is at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, with coverage on NBC.
The Capitals visit Carolina Thursday, then host Calgary Sunday afternoon on Comcast.
ESPN gets into exhibition baseball, showing the Tigers against the Braves Friday afternoon.
Virginia's lacrosse contest with Johns Hopkins will be shown on ESPN2 Saturday at noon. MASN also offers college lacrosse Saturday, with Hobart facing Fairfield.
For those who can't wait until September, ESPN2 shows the LSU spring football game Saturday at 4 p.m.
ESPN2 also has college softball from the SEC Saturday at 2 p.m. - Florida vs. Alabama. They are the worldwide leader in sports, you know.

Fiscal constraints

Megan McArdle looks at inflation, and whether short-term fixes will bring long-term trouble.
Every government in the world is coming up against fiscal constraints, and we just accelerated the pace at which we're running towards them.

Another looming crisis

Reading the Contentions blog from Commentary Magazine, you get coverage of more than the health care debacle.
They have also focused on the Obama administration's inept dealings with Israel.
Hurt the American people, hurt America's friends overseas.

CBO approved weight loss plan

Great news. I've developed a weight loss plan. I sent my proposal to the Congressional Budget Office and they agree that it reduces weight.
It's really simple. If you sleep eight hours a night - like 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. - during that time frame you will lose weight. They can't judge what happens outside that time frame; they have to follow what I wrote.
Guaranteed weight reduction. How about that?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Does this guy need a red square on his car?

Chris at Wyblog brings to our attention the latest joy of living in New Jersey - a bright red sticker to be put on the car when the driver is under 21.
This driver is under 21 (until May 24, 2011). Good thing there aren't any NASCAR tracks in New Jersey. He got to take his rookie strip off the car before the season started.

Pension tsunami update

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this story about how much drug company profits will shrink under health care reform.
Let's think about this.
Take $90 billion in profits, and you lose lots of tax revenue, right? If not business taxes, then taxes paid by employees on that money.
The government plans to pay pensions for its employees. You usually buy stocks and bonds to have the growth to pay for those benefits.
Weaker companies produce fewer dividends to shareholders and worse returns. So the pension funds will be short of their goals.
So, do you raise taxes more to pay pension obligations, or reduce the promised payout to retirees?
If you're not careful when you chop down a tree, it may take out your favorite flowers when it lands.

Idol - who's on the tour

American Idol reaches its top 10 Wednesday - the 10 who will sing on tour this summer. says Crystal is safe, and any of the rest could be in the 11th spot. continues to hope fans vote for Tim.

Can you hear me know?

NRO's Corner reprints a memo from Verizon about its future health insurance plans.
How many companies will be lettting their employees know "This premium increase is brought to you by President Obama and the Democratic party" before November 2?

Will people not pay?

The interesting question of the health care reform - will people decline to pay for yearly insurance covering until they get sick?
Since many people have coverage through work now, the cost is subsidized. You take it if it's a good deal and otherwise don't think about it.
We had to think about it in 1995. We left our jobs so my wife could start school at the University of Virginia. I didn't have a job lined up and she was a student, so we paid $800 for a semester of Blue Cross coverage.
I thought briefly of going without coverage - I was in my early 30s and hadn't needed medical coverage. She wanted coverage and so we got coverage.
A few months later, I got a full-time job and the insurance that came with it.
It's easy for Rush Limbaugh to say he won't buy insurance under this plan - he can probably buy Costa Rica and use their hospitals if need be.
For the rest, on one hand you have the newly increased premium plus payments for your services. On the other hand, you have the fine for going without insurance, plus the medical costs you're used to having insurance cover above the co-pay.
How high does the premium have to go to make dropping insurance a good idea? A couple might squeak by, until they decide to start a family. If you have kids or are over 50, insurance might seem to be still a good idea. You never know when your kid is going to break a bone.
And since you've always had insurance, you never had to pay full cost.
We're going to a vast, uncharted territory that's not as bright as Democrats would have you believe.

How about a Tan Party?

Dan Riehl imagines the impact of the 10 percent tax on indoor tanning that goes into effect in July.
Shame all those northeast college girls are in for a surprise when they go to get their spring and summer pre-vacation tans. Ten percent? For what? Oh, that's the new health care tax. Waah!!! There will be no Obama-bots lobbying college kids in tanning salons across the states. And it's the service assistant who will be cluing them in to their need to have health insurance, soon - and pay for it.

Fiscal responsibility and government accountability

Jules Crittenden offers words of wisdom for Republicans.
If it was my campaign to take over Congress, I’d talk fiscal responsibility and government accountability. Everyone will know exactly what you are talking about. Elected leaders that don’t listen, spend too much and think they know better than you do.

Slogan for November

Do Republicans need a strong slogan for the coming campaign?
How about
Change - the right kind this time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Using our compassion against us

To me, the saddest part of the sales job of Obamacare has been using our compassion against us.
Democrats brought the sob stories - this person couldn't afford health insurance and is now deathly ill. They asked conservatives - "Don't you care about their pain?"
Of course we care. We're human.
We care for our family. Our neighbors. Our churches and communities. Our nation.
Democrats use the caring response to get their way. To cut off arguments over facts with a wave of emotion that's hard to argue against. And that appears to be the plan to keep it.
We look at the suffering, and also the financial numbers. We see Social Security lacking money to pay promised benefits. Same with Medicare and Medicaid. Sure, there's IOUs in the file drawer, but food stores don't take IOUs.
Democratic leaders and their staffs aren't volunteering to take IOUs instead of cash.
We see pain in the future - crushing tax burdens that stomps the dreams of many Americans. Or unfulfilled promises that cause problems because no one could say no the past 50 years or so. Shouldn't Democrats care about that also?
The pain you use for sob stories, we fear will happen to us when government is in control. Government will be causing the pain, and no one will be left have compassion on us.

Mr. President, why do you hate me?

It's not April 1 yet

Tuesday's mail brought the postcard to remind me to fill out the census form.
Which arrived last week.
Like the letter the week before said it would.
The census is supposed to record who lives in your house on April 1, 2010. I didn't miss April 1, did I? I thought I'd wait until closer to the appointed Census day.
Too bad there's no on-line option.

Obamacare and NFL, NBA

With Obamacare passed, will it impact other areas of our lives? How about professional sports?
Both the NFL and NBA labor agreements expire in the summer of 2011.
Both sports pit rich guys vs. rich guys. Owners vs. players.
The owners have seen their prospects slow with the economy. The owners want to cut their costs and rein in player salaries.
Of course, players don't want restrictions on their potential salaries.
Add to the usual owner-player strife the added taxes on rich players and owners. How much will taxes increase on a $10 million salary? The players won't want additional cuts after playing those taxes.
How much will owner's taxes go up, either on the team or the business they ran to become an owner?
I expect some trickle down trouble into the sports world. As the deadline looms, keep the Obamacare taxes in mind.

Health reform - it's good for families

Under the health care bill, your child can stay on your policy until they're 27th birthday.
And with the added burdens on the economy, they won't be able to afford their own house until they're 40.
Unless they can move in with their spouse's family.

Ignoring the pre-existing conditions

The debt.
The deficit.
The Social Security IOUs.
The retiring of the Baby Boom generation.
The unfunded mandates to states.
IOUs in the state retirement funds.
Lots of pre-existing conditions that point out why this health care reform is a bad idea.

Repeal talk - it's a health benefit

Conservatives are depressed about the health care reform bill. Depression is bad. It's bad when you feel bad.
Thinking about repealing the bill, sending Democrats packing and right-thinking ruling the nation? That's good.
Conservatives being creative, gathering together to help ease their pain? That lowers health care costs down the line, since so many are opposed to the bill right now.
I've found lots of things to help me feel better. Hopefully you have too.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good news comes from those who wait

Checking NRO's Campaign Spot, he posted an email from a reader. A reader who overheard two waitresses talking.
I am in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today, and eating at the hotel restaurant, I overhear two waitresses talking about the HCR vote. I know Obama did best among college towns, state capitals, and the younger vote. Both waitresses were in their early twenties. Both were very upset, and thought it was horrible that this makes them to work harder to provide health care for people who do not want to work. (their words, not mine) They also hated that this will increase their taxes. They hated all of the games (again their words, the process of moving the bill . . .).
That message is not good news for Democrats.

Next health care plan

Since President Obama and the Democrats were so interested in health care, how about giving the 219 yes votes a closer look?
When will they volunteer to work third shift at some hospital in their districts? Bed pans need to be cleaned all the time. Vomit needs to be cleaned up.
Such health care wisdom shouldn't stay on Capitol Hill. They say they want to help the people, so help the people.

Bad news for HR types

Ace of Spades lists the bad news of the health care bill.
I find the penalty for not covering employees interesting. If it stays at $750, isn't every employer simply going to drop health coverage, pay the per capita fine and pocket the difference? That might not work in a boom economy where employers are competing for workers but in tight times like these, a job without insurance is better than no job at all.
Even at 2 or 3 thousand dollars per employee it might be worth it for some companies to dump health care coverage. I'm not sure what group rates are for big employers but I'd think it's got to be close to that number and then factor in all the costs associated with a company administering a plan, including all the HR types you could lay off and it's probably a money maker for companies.

UPDATE: Linked by Daley Gator as part of his huge roundup.

Enough second guessing

When you lose, it's easy to focus on what you've done wrong - and miss the next opportunity to win.
About the Blair House summit, if it gave Democrats momentum now, it gives Republicans momentum into November. As the taxes hit, Republican concerns will prove valid and can be replayed. Rep. Paul Ryan is now high on the national radar.
Other challenges are coming up fast. What's done is done. We're right and let's show the people.

Megan's predictions

Megan McArdle offers some predictions to health care reform supporters. After speaking to those who celebrate the other side's misery.
The people wondering why I was so upset should contemplate that first, I think you people just screwed up both our health care system, and our fiscal system (even further), and that if I'm right, that's not really funny.

"Just being alive is not interstate commerce"

Contentions posts part of the email from Ken Cuccinelli about the suit against the health care reform bill.
Seven words sum up the suit.

For those who think Glenn Beck is paranoid...

"Thank you for proving me right," he just said on the radio.
"The fruit of this tree is extraordinary evil."

Morning thoughts

Lots out there on the health care reform passage.
Rich Lowry sums up the hollowness of the victory.
If the enactment of a program for universal coverage fulfills a long-standing goal of the Democrats, this wasn't how it was supposed to happen -- with public opinion firmly opposed, with protesters chanting just steps away from the Capitol, with procedural contortions and brazen deals, with blatantly dishonest accounting, with a wave of popular revulsion threatening to undo their work.

Supply and demand, Congress style

Congress demands.
The people have to supply (or else).

Looking for silver linings

Dan Riehl is still feisty.
And Powerline has some silver linings for the Conservative side.
If the progressives fought 100 years for universal health care, we must fight how it attacks the unborn and burdens the young with huge promises they will have to pay.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frum? He's still around?

Legal Insurrection brings up David Frum's thesis - Republicans should have worked with Obama in the process.
His idea seems to be that talk radio hosts interested in enhancing their bottom line led the Republicans astray.
But if they followed his ideas, it would have enhanced Frum's bottom line.

At the movies

I took the boys to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" Sunday afternoon.
I return home to see the Stupak news.
Guess he'll need another title for his book about this negotiation over the health care bill.

Hole in the Landon argument

Alf Landon's been getting some publicity this weekend - for his losing bid against FDR when he vowed to repeal Social Security.
What's the hole in the argument? When did the government first start collecting Social Security taxes to pay for the program? 1937. A few months after Landon lost the election.
The program was still pretty much a theory on Election Day.
Any health care reform passed includes tax hike starting before November's election. If individuals don't see them in their paychecks, then they'll see the trickle down from added business taxes. Or added federal debt as Democrats try to push the cost down the road. The cost and the debt fuel the opposition.
The benefits those for the bill or neutral trickle out until 2014.
You have the 2010 and 2012 elections before the program kicks into gear. Whatever benefits Democrats think will change minds, they will outweigh the bad changes in the near future.

"Why don't you pay"

If it's Nancy Pelosi's Day, then time to remember a post about Sourland - her singing group with Harry Reid. With apologies to Sugarland, here's “Why don’t you pay."

I been sittin’ here staring
At the Fox News Channel
And I been layin’ here praying,
Praying to St. Joe
It’s just another tea party
They’ll get all excited
And I’ll be gone
And I’m beggin’ for support
Blue Dogs don’t you leave
But I’ll be left here sitting
Liberal heart on my sleeve
Oh, for the last time I’ll be here
Not again in a million years
And I know we’re dying

What do I have to do so you’ll stay with me
No one loves pork like me

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

You keep telling me Obama
That it’s now our time
The people love you so much
And will forever be yours
But I don’t think that’s the truth
Tea Parties give me blues
And I’m tired of waiting
I’ve got too much pork I want to spend
Can’t wait for economy to mend

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

I can’t take it any longer
Their will is getting stronger
And I think they want to push us out the door
We can’t waste another minute
Buy some friends to keep us in it
We’ll give them what they want
Even if it’s not best for you
So the next time we find
Mad taxpayers at door, let’s whine

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oha oh

Here's the original to enjoy.

Watching Congress

What's it like watching Congress about to jump off the Obamacare cliff?
My youngest found this video on YouTube. Kinda fits.

Find Me Jim's Roundup Anxiety

It's been an anxious week, with what's going on in Washington.
Try not to be anxious. It's Sunday and time for another roundup.
Carol's "sweater puppy" contest ought to help ease your mind. Or the collected roundup of the week.
While Smitty was out hitting the streets, the Other McCain collects links to the Code Red rally coverage.
Daley Gator features cold beer and hot blogs.
Fuzzy Logic joins the FMJRA fun.
GrandpaJohn reports on the antics aboard Air Force One.
Troglopundit celebrates a national championship.
Jamie Jeffords tries to make sense of the whole health care thing.
Mindnumbed Robot features a Looney Goon.
Adrienne has a good idea for St. Patrick's Day.
Carl went looking for a friend.
This week, Don Surber hosted visitor number 6,666,666.
Little Miss Atilla remembers the Rockford Files. Now I have the theme song playing in my head.
Paco lists the sad legacy of Barack Obama so far.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Read something important, enjoy the outdoors and listen to radio announcers.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The ones we can't afford, duh

NRO's Corner offers this headline from Steny Hoyer's office.
The ones we can't afford.
The ones that don't do what's promised.
The ones added to the bill to secure a vote.
The ones that harm patients.
It's a starting point.

42.2 percent of the nation went ughhh...

President Obama and many brackets crashed with Northern Iowa's 69-67 win.
Of ESPN's 4.8 million brackets, 42.2 had Kansas winning it all.
Only .9 percent had Northern Iowa winning in the second round.

Fetch me a juice box

Ace of Spades has the secret communication between the Senate and House.
Now be good little Representatives and follow my lead once again. Sure, people will wonder how you could vote for something you hate, but you can just tell them "because the Senate is smarter and better at legislatin' and stuff" and they will certainly understand.

Sorry, Mr. President

Villanova went down, costing President Obama one of his Final Four picks. His other Final Four picks - Kentucky, Kansas and Kansas State - play later Saturday.
The Big East has not been helpful to many brackets so far.
UPDATE: Two of Obama's Final Four picks made the Elite Eight. Kansas State goes down, and Kentucky trails by 14 with 4:12 to go.
UPDATE 2: All of President Obama's Final Four picks have been eliminated.

Government at work

Pundette has several links to bloggers keeping track of Saturday's activitites.
And her sideline includes:
Rules Committee meeting descends into chaos
The Demcare bribe list
Speaker of the Devil
Can't wait to see how future historians write this up.

Ruinous meltdown

Reading Blue Commonwealth's tale of woe, I wonder if there's enough money in the economy to tax to pay for all the things he wants to save.
Perhaps, the Tea Party crowd is looking at the "ruinous meltdown" from the other side. We don't have to money to do what you want to do. Let's cut spending and work together, instead of screaming for our fair share.
If we'd listened to the Republican Congress in 1995, perhaps we'd be in better shape. Slowing spending then would have left more money available now.
Tax money spent is tax money gone.
If used right, last year's stimulus money could have helped cities, states and individuals prioritize and prepare for a day when the money spigot dried up.
The day is arriving.

Obamacare preview

Groups of bureaucrats spend Friday night talking about our fate.
We are on the outside.
Sounds like what health care reform will bring.

From the CBO

The numbers from the CBO made the Democrats happy.
After finishing the report, did CBO staff ask that future salary payments to them be made in gold?

For the Badger boys

Wisconsin held off Wofford in Friday's NCAA tournament action. Troglopundit and GrandpaJohn are happy.
These ladies aren't happy. Don't you guys feel a little bit bad about that?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes, we con

What's the Democrats' new slogan if this mess passes through?
Answer: Yes, we con.

What's up, doc?

Byron York reports on Republican success recruiting candidates to run for Congress. Out of 95 top recruits, 31 are from the medical field.
Talk to the new candidates, and they're worried about the entire scope of Obama policy. But an indicator of the specific effect of Obamacare is the unusually large number of new recruits -- 31 -- who come from the medical profession. Twenty-four are doctors. The GOP already has a significant advantage in the number of physicians-turned-lawmakers -- at the Obama health care summit, the Republicans brought three doctors to the table, while the Democrats brought none -- and that advantage will probably be larger in 2011.
That gives them a special authority on what will surely be a continuing debate over Obamacare. "I think it will basically decimate the health care system in America," says Bucshon. "The number of doctors who are going to retire, and the number of young people who are no longer going to go into medicine, will be massive."

Sunday roll call

When you think of Sunday roll calls, it's more likely church or Sunday School than Congress.
Hopefully, the Congresscritters will remember there's another roll call they'll have to deal with in the future.

Barack hates this

I heard Rush Limbaugh mention this site toward the end of Friday's show.
Here's the numbers to be calling.
UPDATE: Welcome, Google visitors. Over 250 of you in the first two hours since I posted this. You are not alone.
UPDATE2: Make that over 550 visits in three and a half hours.

About those insurance companies

Do you think the insurance companies are watching President Obama and the Democrats in Congress...
And thinking...
Whatever scams they think we do, it's nothing compared to the scams they've done this week.

Stock up

Did you know that Saturday is National Corndog Day?
I didn't until I saw it at Caught him with a Corndog.
What are you waiting for? Get to the store before college basketball tips off Saturday afternoon.

CBO assumes Tea Party control

Looking at the CBO preliminary numbers released Thursday, they have to assume the savings the Democrats said they would make.
Even if the savings are cuts to programs unlikely to be cut by future Congresses. Since past and present Congresses run from any kind of cuts.
If Republicans and Democrats have not been able to cut spending over the years, you have to assume someone new will be in charge by 2018.
Sounds like a job for the Tea Party.

Unknown unknowns ahead

So much to read about the health care reform bill, it makes your head spin. Is it going to be great like the Democrats hope, or the beginning of the end of the world?
Time to remember the wisdom of Donald Rumsfeld.
There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. These are things we do not know we don’t know.
I think there's going to be lots of hard "unknown unknowns" ahead if the bill passes.

Weekend Watchdog - 64...32...16

Is your bracket shredded yet? If not, wait until the end of the day.
Friday at noon, the NCAA tournament tips off on CBS. The hard-working people at this website are trying to map all coverage of the first three rounds for wherever you are in the nation, although it's easy for Fishersville - West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Duke and Maryland will be Friday's highlight games.
The first round, coverage is on from noon until 5 p.m., and resumes at 7 p.m.
Saturday, coverage starts at 1 p.m. and goes through the conclusion of the last two games around 10:30 p.m. Sunday, it's noon to 7 p.m. and we'll be down to the Sweet 16.
Remember, there's also the NIT hanging around. ESPN2 shows the second-round matchup between Memphis and Mississippi Friday at 6:30 p.m., and ESPN has Mississippi State and North Carolina Saturday at noon.
If 65 teams in the men's tournament isn't enough, there are 64 teams to keep track of in the women's bracket. ESPN2 has first round coverage Saturday starting at noon and 8 p.m.
Sunday, ESPN2 has games at noon, 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., while ESPN covers the 2:30 p.m. slot that includes James Madison's game with Temple in Norfolk. The Virginia women play at 7:21 p.m. against Green Bay.
For your NBA doubleheader, ESPN waits until Sunday night. San Antonio visits Atlanta at 8 p.m., followed by Portland at Phoenix.
The Wizards are on the West Coast, facing Portland Friday and the Lakers Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on Comcast.
NBC shows the Rangers at Bruins Sunday afternoon. The Capitals are on the road also this weekend, visiting Tampa Bay Saturday on Comcast.
The PGA tour is on NBC this weekend, with the Transitions Championship starting at 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
NASCAR is back after a week off, with the Food City 500 in Bristol Sunday at 1 p.m. on FOX. The Nationwide race is Saturday on ABC (2 p.m.), but Danica Patrick isn't in the field. What will they talk about?
Comcast offers ACC college baseball Saturday, with Boston College visiting Virginia at 1 p.m.
MASN shows college lacrosse Saturday afternoon, with Air Force facing Loyola.
For tennis, the BNP Paribas Open finals will be on Comcast Sunday at 3 p.m.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Least

The Big East conference has some great basketball during the regular season and tournament. Thursday, not so much.
Notre Dame, Georgetown and Marquette all lose to lower seeds. Villanova barely survives Robert Morris in overtime.
They had five teams in the NIT, and only two won.
Four more teams play Friday. We'll see early if West Virginia can maintain its tournament prowess.

A world without lawyers

Since so many Congresscritters are lawyers, how about catching the wisdom of Simpsons lawyer Lionel Hutz.

Chart of the day

How does the health care bill get costs under a trillion in the 10-year cycle? Very, very little spending until 2014.
When kids entering high school this fall will be graduating.
When toddlers now learning to walk will be entering kindergarten.
Two election cycles. Forever in politics.
I got the graphic from the Other McCain.

Save the Constitution or Save Obama

The Conservative side fears for the Constitution. President Obama fears a weakened presidency if health care reform goes down.
In this game of lifeboat, I vote to save the Constitution.

High anxiety

What's up with health care right now?
What's the latest whip count?
What's the latest poll?
Lots of anxiety. Time to enjoy a Mel Brooks movie trailer.

Happy tournament starts day

Ready for some basketball?
Thankfully, Congress is not in charge of picking the NCAA tournament field.
They might have this year's field selected by June -

What the world sees

Don Surber opines on President Obama's struggles with health care reform.
In case the president has not noticed, since he began giving these great speeches on health insurance, public support for his plan has gone from slightly supportive to grab the pitchforks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking for a contest winner

Carol at No Sheeples Here has decided to hold a contest - challenging bloggers to post their best cheerleader photos. She plans severals rounds, to go with the weekends of the tournament schedule.
How do I stand out, to get that edge and beat the others? I must find a woman so close to Carol's heart that she'll have to pick me.
Let's see how I do.

Spring fever

Beautiful weather this afternoon in Fishersville. The boys both wanted to play outside - the oldest wanted me to play tennis with him, and the youngest wanted me to play baseball catch.
Where's cloning when you need it?
I'll sleep good tonight. If my sore pitching arm doesn't keep me up.

I want one too

Dennis Kucinich has switched his health care vote from no to yes. Amazing what a trip on Air Force One can do.
He's just one of 216 needed votes. How do the others feel about the special treatment Kucinich got?
I've got two kids. They watch you like a hawk to make sure the other one isn't getting special treatment. Wonder if President Obama's daughters do the same.
What's the price of getting other votes to switch to "yes?" Might be a huge carbon footprint to fire up Air Force One if there's 10-15 switches needed.

"Deem and pass" explained

Imagine two kids playing on the floor.
Dad walks in. "Hey, kids, I got you toys."
The kids are excited.
The wife comes in and asks, "How did you get toys? We don't have the money for them."
Dad says, "Hey kids, do you like your toys?"
Kids say "Thanks Dad. They're great."
Wife asks "Did you rob a bank again?"
Dad says "Look at how happy the kids are with their new toys."

Idol - from 12 to 11 has Lee and Crystal as the top singers from Tuesday's show. Paige and Andrew are at the bottom of the list, but it's too close to call for all 12.
Vote for the Worst continues to pump up Tim Urban.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama's real bracket

I saw on ESPN that President Obama's picks for the NCAA tournament will be released Wednesday around noon.
My post with Obama's health care bracket has been getting plenty of attention from Google searchers, so they'll be happy to see the real thing.
Guess it's okay for him to talk about his college basketball picks. Every minute he's thinking basketball, he's not bothering Congresscritters about the bill.
Sorry, Speaker Pelosi, but I've got to watch some hoops.

Preach it, brother

GrandpaJohn preaches from the ObamaCare text.
Watch out when they pass the collection plate.

Fun on Facebook

Blue Virginia and Richmonder have noted that the Coffee Party facebook page has more fans than the biggest Tea Party page.
Maybe it's because the Tea Party is more decentralized. I joined the Tea Party Patriots and Richmond Tea Party pages earlier this week, and got a note of a new fan group "I bet the Tea Party can get One Million fans before ANY political party!"
We'll see how fast that grows.
Maybe the Tea Party groups are too busy trying to talk sense into the minds of their Congresscritters to be joining the latest Facebook groups.

Mr. Courage

President Obama's word of the day Monday was "Courage."
Wasn't that Dan Rather's word?

If you've got kids, Courage might remind you of this show on Cartoon Network.

Important dates in Irish history

1980 - Yankee Phil and I both march in the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York. I'm with my high school marching band, and he's with the Galwaymen's Association that year.
2005 - Yankee Phil moves to my neighborhood in Fishersville.
2008 - Yankee Phil's blogging inspires me to start my own blog.
2010 - Yankee Phil and I both contribute to the Other McCain's Rule 5 Sunday.
Any other bloggers who have done both the St. Patrick's Day parade and Rule 5 Sunday?

At the Capitol

Smitty from the Other McCain has some reports from Tuesday's rally against the health care reform bill.
Mind Numbed Robot has a link to some pictures.

Here's your answer

Blue Virginia throws up his own strawmen and says there aren't any good arguments against health care reform.
How about this:
Our health care situation is the results of problems caused both by government and the free market. The government solutions in this bill will not fix the problem, and will probably prevent the free market from finding a solution before it's too late. And likely cause more problems for all Americans.

Three words

Byron York offers three big reasons - mandates, penalties, tax - to oppose the health care reform bill.

Battle of wits

The health care reform battle, as illustrated by Vizzini and the man in black. Vizzini sure sounds like a Democrat.

Be on your best behavior

The House Democrats are passing out talking points in an email about dealing with health care reform opponents Tuesday.
Many of the conservative activists are not opposing the actual provisions in the bill, but are instead reacting to a caricature of the reform bill presented by right-wing media outlets.
Same old things they've been saying for almost a year. President Obama said the same thing in meeting Jake Tapper after Monday's speech. Same things that haven't convinced people.
American Power highlights some of the last minute tinkering with the bill. I think adding pages and unnecessary items will make the bill less, not more, popular.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Statement from Dora the Explorer

Yes, I watched plenty of Nick Jr. with my oldest when he was 2 and 3. So I watched Blues Clues, and remember the debut of Dora the Explorer in 2000. So Dora provided me with this statement.

Hola, I did not approve of appearing with Rielle Hunter in the GQ photo shoot. But I will re-enact Rielle and John Edwards were discovered with the enclosed photo.
John and Rielle were walking hand-in-hand in the park. The National Enquirer was hiding behind the tree behind them. John and Rielle shouted "Enquirer, no enquiring." But it didn't work. The Enquirer enquired.
As a role model for young girls, I say follow the map. Listen to your parents and grandparents.

Website to remember

Thursday and Friday, there are four different NCAA tournament games going on at the same time. Which game will you get to see?
This hard-working website has maps to each coverage window. Make sure to check back often during the weekend.

Obama's good for billboard guys

First, it was "Miss Me Yet" north of Minneapolis.
Now, there's a Reagan billboard in Minnesota also. Hot Air has plenty of info.

The House has been disrespected

All of the talk about this week's House vote misses a point - the Senate didn't like their original work.
The House voted on a health care reform bill in November. The Senate could have voted and approved the same bill in December. They didn't.
Now, the Senate bill must be adopted by the House or this health care plan dies. The Senate way or no way.
Your work wasn't good enough for us, but our work better be good enough for you.
All of this dancing, fudging, looking for loopholes comes because the Senate didn't like the House's original work.

Not Winnie, but Grizzly

Jonah Goldberg liked this column by Peter Beinart, so I figured I should read it.
Lots of talk about bears, and whether Democrats are going to be in the woods very soon.
By the late 1990s, “don’t scare the bear” Democrats pretty much dominated Washington. But in the Bush years, a new faction began to emerge. These Democrats were mostly newer to politics. They had never seen a McGovern or Mondale mauled for being too far to the left. What they had seen was the post-1994 Bill Clinton, who shied away from ambitious liberal reform. And they had seen the Iraq War, which DLC types largely supported, partly out of fear that opposing it would allow Republicans to paint Democrats as soft on defense.
So is the bear cuddly like Winnie, or ready to maul you? Looks like Democrats are going to find out the hard way. Again.
After this talk about bears, why not find the Bear ad from the 1984 Reagan re-election campaign.

Why Democrats need to pass health care reform

They're running out of sob stories.

"Arugula of Wrath"

You've got to love the creativity of the Army of Davids.
Instapundit posted about California's troubles and the growth of Tulsa and Oklahoma, using the bloggers' line "Grapes of Wrath in reverse."
A reader emailed him "Wouldn't that be the Arugula of Wrath?"
Many minds think up better lines.

Help from the newspapers

Carol at No Sheeples Here issued a challenge - post pictures of cheerleaders from teams in the NCAA tournament.

Good challenge. Then I visited the Baltimore Sun's website, and they have a gallery with cheerleader pictures. Like this one of the Texas Longhorn cheerleaders.

Newspapers are useful in some ways.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get your March Madness info

The NIT field is up.
For those who would like to see the NCAA tournament expand from 65 teams to 96, here's your bottom four seeds in the NIT - Quinnipac, Stony Brook, Jacksonville, Jackson State. They would be the bubble teams in an expanded tournament.
I vote keep it at 65 teams.
The NCAA website has the game times set for the first round of play. Lots of cool ways to search, including the weird stat - three of the six ACC teams will be playing Friday in the 7 p.m. window of games.

Hokies in their Cassell has part of the NIT bracket up. Virginia Tech will host Quinnipac Wednesday at 7 p.m., and the winner will play either Connecticut or Northeastern in the second round.

Obama's bracket

Last year, ESPN made a big deal about President Obama selecting his NCAA tournament bracket. Will they do that again this year?
While we're waiting, we can check out his picks in the health care reform bracket.
  • In the battle between Conservatives and D.C. Democrats, he picked D.C. Democrats.
  • In the contest between special deals and open debate on the bill, he picked special deals.
  • In the fight between doctors/patients and bureaucrats, he picked bureaucrats.
  • In the match between higher costs and more freedom, he picked higher costs.
It's a final four I don't want to see - D.C. Democrats, special deals, bureaucrats and higher costs. It leaves lots of losers across the country.

Broadside on Wreck-onciliation

Visiting Michelle Malkin's website, I found this graphic by LeoBroadside.
I've got to give him credit. It's a good photo of what's going on.

Bulge or the Bunker

The Other McCain takes issue with Powerline's thought of Saturday - the protests won't stop the Obama administration and Democrats from pushing this health care reform through.
The Democrats want to push the bill through because they have no other choice. The demographics and fiscal outlook will never allow this to go through in the future. Even though they are losing the battle, it's their last chance.
They are like the Nazis in the death throes of World War II. It's just hard to tell where they are on the Normandy to Berlin timeline today.
Are we in December, where the Battle of the Bulge could stop the Allies' advance and maybe allow them to salvage some kind of peace?
Or are we in April in the Bunker? Hope is lost, there's no chance of winning but you just keep fighting. Because fighting is what you do. It's all you know to do.
I think they're in the bunker, when you can't tell what crazy trick they'll try to pull to stem the momentum. We can't assume they will reasonably look at their situation. So be wary.

For March's Ides, Read Always

Okay, I'm going to cheat this week - using I instead of J for today's headline since the Romans didn't have the letter J during the time of Christ.
Time to check out the roundups, starting with those bloggers who'll get the first invitations to the wedding - when my 9-year-old marries Megan Fox someday.
Smitty spread the word quickly Tuesday, and has the best of the Other McCain.
Daley Gator was impressed, and puts together a fine roundup.
Troglopundit had words of wisdom
GrandpaJohn had a point of concern.
Elsewhere among the roundups, Wyblog is fighting off the crazies, while Carol wants to join the Cameron Crazies at the ACC tournament.
Virginia Right has unleashed the News Hound.
Pat's on Spring Break.
Ruby Slippers continues keeping an eye on health care.
The Classic Liberal links some friends.
There's interesting news in Farmville, for you Facebook players.
Pundette reached a half-million hits Friday night, and has sent over 1,000 visitors from her site to mine.
Naked Villiany finds a new favorite girl.
Dustbury checks out the ruins.
Camp of the Saints found a great quote.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take in the warmer weather (when it's not raining), read a good magazine, and get a stylish shirt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good job, Mountaineers

West Virginia won the Big East tournament championship, and the sounds of John Denver filled Madison Square Garden. This song, of course.

Lots of foam

Nice to see coverage of the Coffee Parties. People can compare the crowds to the actual attendance of Tea Parties. Past, present and future.
If citizen activism is so exciting, the media can be ready for Tuesday.

Fired up, ready to go?

Will passing health care inspire progressives to vote in November? Or remind them of what might have been.
I think Blue Commonwealth's fired up, more about what's not in the bill than what's in it.

President PePe LePew

How best to describe President Obama's wooing an angry electorate about health care reform? Remember PePe LePew?
He thought he was the greatest. But he kept mistaking cats for other skunks. And they wanted nothing to do with him. And he never caught on.
I found some clips of PePe in action.

More Irish Facts

Interesting News Items found some different Irish facts than Yankee Phil.
Watch out for the flying cabbage.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Health care - Don't like it, don't want no more of it

Byron York's look at Republican hopes for the Easter recess inspired me to turn Tim McGraw's "I like it, I love it" into a Tea Party song.

Spent forty-eight weeks talking 'bout ObamaCare
We keep saying no; they aren't getting anywhere
They keep looking for sweet words we'd like to hear
I wonder if they've seen our protests all year
They're gonna get fired, if they don't listen to us
Pelosi and Reid will be thrown under the bus

I don't like it, don't love it, don't want no more of it
They try so hard
But they still can't pass it
Don't know what it is 'bout that crazy ol' bill
I don't like it, don't love it, don't want no more of it

My mama and daddy tried to teach me right and wrong
Like don't talk to Rahm when he's wearing just a thong
Now they're holding up Congress instead of talking jobs
They think we'll change if their stories make you sob
I'm crossin' my fingers
and countin' every vote
Knowing that this bill just ain't gonna float

I don't like it, don't love it, don't want no more of it
They try so hard
But they still can't pass it
Don't know what it is 'bout that crazy ol' bill
I don't like it, don't love it, don't want no more of it

Got to get my truck
Gas it up
To head on down to D.C.
If we'd sit down in their office
We won't move any closer
They'll never convince me

But I don't like it, don't love it, don't want no more of it
They try so hard
But they still can't pass it
Don't know what it is 'bout that crazy ol' bill
I don't like it, don't love it, don't want no more of it

Don't forget to turn out the lights

A link to the video of the inspiration

Burnt coffee

Via Instapundit, the news you need to know about the Coffee Party.
It's nice for the Coffee Party to be getting so much free publicity from the mainstream media. It makes it easier for conservative bloggers to search the "grassroots" people behind it. And find all of their Democratic/Obama ties.
We're not swallowing this burnt coffee.

Limerick for Yankee Phil

In the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day, Yankee Phil is listing Irish Facts daily. Friday, he focused on Limericks.
How about a Limerick in honor of Yankee Phil?

The blogger named Yankee Phil
Knew Obamacare made him ill
He wrote a limerick
It made Pelosi sick
And a cheer rang down from the Hill.

Fingers sez

The Democrats seem to change their strategy to pass health care reform day by day. Fingers Malloy offers some different ideas.
If they followed just the first idea, it could all be over.
1. Tell House Democrats that they are really voting on a bill to send Rush Limbaugh to Guantanamo Bay.

The best college basketball day of the year

Make sure there are fresh batteries in the remote. It's probably the best day of the year for college basketball fans.
Sure, the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament is exciting. But from coast to coast, today most of the best teams are on the court. Many more close games than blowouts are the order of the day.
You've got quarterfinals in the ACC, SEC, Big Ten and Atlantic 10. Semifinals in the Big 12, Big East, Conference USA, WAC, Mountain West and the Pac-10. While the ACC goes on dinner break, the Patriot League crowns its champion.
Twenty-two years ago, I began designing sports pages during this week. So much to fit on the front sports page.
Sit back, and see who makes it through to Saturday.

Obamacare theories explained

The Wall Street Journal dissects the various theories Democrats are using to help pass health care. And concludes:
No way around it, the politics of ObamaCare are bad. So bad that it lends credence to the belief that some in the White House and Congress are far more ideologically interested in establishing European-style health care than they are the public's will or their party's electoral success. The question now is how many congressional Democrats are going to follow them into a political black hole.

Do I have to have a beer with them?

Contentions blog highlights makeover advice from Dee Dee Myers on how President Obama should be more like Bill Clinton, I guess.
Myers includes this brutal line.
People want to have a beer with him. They’re just not sure he wants to have a beer with them.

Weekend watchdog

There's plenty of college basketball this weekend, but everyone is looking forward to 6 p.m. Sunday - the announcement of the 65-team NCAA tournament field.
While waiting for the last one in and the last one out, the major conferences hold their tournaments. The ACC began its 57th tournament Thursday, with quarterfinals starting Friday at noon as Virginia faces top-seeded Duke. Virginia Tech faces Miami at 2 p.m.
The championship starts Sunday at 2 p.m. ESPN and ESPN2 also cover the tournament, but in ACC territory expect either ESPNews or other tournament action in those time slots.
CBS gears up for the tournament with four games Saturday and two more Sunday. Saturday begins at 11:30 a.m. with the Conference USA title game, then it's back-to-back coverage of the Big Ten semifinals. The night closes with the Pac-10 championship.
Sunday, it's the Atlantic 10 championship at 1 p.m. and Big Ten at 3:30 p.m. Then just a little time to fill before the tournament announcement.
ABC has the Southeastern Conference semis Saturday - starting at 1 p.m. - and final Sunday at 1 p.m.
The Big East tournament has filled the schedule on ESPN all week. We're down to the semifinals starting at 7 p.m. Friday and the championship game Saturday at 9 p.m. with the GameDay crew on hand.
Friday starts with two Big Ten games in the afternoon on ESPN. ESPN2 has four ACC games, along with the Patriot League championship between Lafayette and Lehigh at 4:30 p.m. At midnight, there's a game from the WAC tournament.
Saturday's ESPN schedule has the ACC semis at 1:30 p.m. and 4, then at 6 p.m. it's the Big 12 championship.
ESPN2 starts at noon with the America East championship between New Hampshire and Vermont. The MEAC follows at 2 p.m., then it's the Southland, Mid-American, Big West and WAC tournament finals.
MASN offers the semifinals of the Big 12 tournament Friday starting at 7 p.m.
Comcast has two games from the Atlantic 10 quarterfinals, starting at noon Friday.
Versus features the Mountain West finals Saturday, with the men's game at 7 p.m. after the women decide their champion at 4 p.m.
MASN has the semifinals from the Big South women's tournament Saturday starting at 1 p.m. The final is set for Sunday at 2 p.m. Comcast will show the CAA final Sunday at 12:30 p.m.
With college basketball taking center stage, the NBA has only one national game on the weekend schedule - ABC shows the Celtics and Cavaliers Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
The Wizards have a busy weekend, visiting Detroit Friday and taking on the Magic Saturday on Comcast.
The Capitals make another appearance on NBC, visiting Chicago Sunday at 12:30 p.m. They are home to the Lightning Friday on Comcast. Comcast also shows the Blackhawks vs. Flyers Saturday afternoon.
The PGA tour hits the TPC Blue Monster at Doral for the World Golf Championships. NBC has coverage Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.
MASN brings spring training action home Friday afternoon, with the Nationals playing the Yankees at 1 p.m.
The IndyCar season starts Sunday in Brazil, and Versus has coverage starting at 11:30 a.m.