Sunday, March 28, 2010

Federal Medical Jurisdication Runs Amuck

You may not know this, but the health care reform bill declared blog roundups a medical procedure. (In a 2,000-plus page bill, who knows exactly what's in there.) Blog therapy is the next big thing.
I don't have a tip jar, but you can send your copay to one of the following bloggers.
Smitty at the Other McCain is the high efficiency, high quality roundup blogger that we should aspire to. Or else.
Interesting fact - after the House vote Sunday, three bloggers noted being sick - Little Miss Attila, Pat in Shreveport and Ruby Slippers. Their health care costs didn't decrease after the Democrats acted.
Pat finished her roundup through the illness.
Carol keeps cheering as Duke keeps winning.
Wyblog has more good words for New Jersey governor Chris Christie.
Daley Gator cruises the world for news.
Camp of the Saints looks at a scary future.
Grandpa John celebrated his great achievement.
The Classic Liberal explains medical socialism.
Another Black Conservative reached a year on the web.
Troglopundit has too many scary pictures.
Pundette brings the real information.
Ruby Slippers says repent, the end is near.
Dustbury saves money by nevering printing out emails.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See an eye on dangerous situations, embrace your friends, help a good cause and share a great story.

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