Friday, May 31, 2019

Warren's Wampum

Erick Erickson got a 12-hour suspension from Twitter for making a joke about Elizabeth Warren and Wampum.
Wrecking American Prosperity Under Marxism - WAMPUM act.
Works for me.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mueller's afraid

Why won't Robert Mueller appears before Congress?
Democrats would love to have video to go with the text of his report.
They think it would make their case against President Trump stronger.
But Mueller knows the hearing won't be one sided.
Republicans will get to ask questions.
Questions on how he led his investigation.
Why it went so far past "Russian collusion."
Questions that he probably doesn't want to answer.
At least not in front of all the cameras.
For those who think President Trump is afraid, Mueller's behavior should tell you he has more to fear than Trump.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Nobody likes Mueller

Did Robert Mueller's press conference Wednesday make anybody happy?
Not likely.
Especially when he set a new, impossibly high standard, for Trump.
The “I couldn’t exonerate him” point is discomfiting for another reason, which is: Since when do prosecutors exonerate people? That isn’t a prosecutor’s job. Maybe in the aftermath of a wrongful conviction, with irrefutable physical evidence, prosecutors will say something exculpatory. But even in most of these cases, they usually drop charges on grounds of insufficient evidence, not positive proof of innocence.

Last two years in one sentence

Instapundit often brings back this thought from early 2017 - mostly because it fits.
Hypothesis: The spying-on-Trump thing is worse than we even imagine, and once it was clear Hillary had lost and it would inevitably come out, the Trump/Russia collusion talking point was created as a distraction. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

The sneak attack failed

Andy Schmookler at Blue Virginia is fun to read because he's so wrong about President Trump.
His latest tries to rouse the public about Trump's supposed obstruction of justice.
Since the investigation Trump supposedly obstructed found no collusion with Russia, how can you obstruct something you're not guilty of?
Schmookler is waiting for Democrats to rouse the sleeping giant of the American public against Trump.
Too late.
Trump has already roused the sleeping giant of the American public against the establishment - even that stellar list of 800 former Justice Department officials.
The type of people who started the Russia collusion investigation with flimsy evidence.
Trump was the victim of the sneak attack - and emerging stronger.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Did you find Indy 500?

I turned to ABC out of habit this afternoon, looking for the Indianapolis 500.

I forgot it had moved to NBC.

ABC was a tradition, just like Jim Nabors singing "Back Home in Indiana."

Mueller is being patriotic

Andy Schmookler has an interesting definition of patriotism.
It's doing what Andy wants.
Robert Mueller isn't being patriotic because he doesn't want to testify in public about his investigation.
The written word won't do, Andy says.
We need to hear Mueller.
What Andy doesn't consider is the possibility that Mueller is being patriotic and loyal to the country.
He was asked to find collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.
He didn't find it.
It's patriotic to except the report - even if it didn't go your way.
Especially if it didn't go your way.
Lest you be a blinded partisan, only thinking your opponent is lawless.
Mueller appears to be standing up to the partisan Democrats.
That's true patriotism, fighting for what's right when you're attacked on all sides.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday song

A Memorial Day tradition, Trace Atkins' Arlington.

Remembering U Hall

Virginia's University Hall will be no more later this morning, but the memories live on.

Point this out

Since President Trump liked the cartoon of Comey, Clapper and Brennan trying to deflect blame, I should share as well.

Monday, May 20, 2019

One month til summer

This weekend is the official kickoff of the summer season.
College graduations are going on.
High school graduations are starting.
And it's snowing in Denver.
Maybe those who question global warming are right.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday song

Four years ago, this song came on the radio as we took my oldest son to college. Graduation is now done, and time for job search. This is really it.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Not a good climate

Vodkapundit pops the popcorn ahead of the next Democratic civil war.
But the Progressive attacks on Biden might be little more than the opening salvo in the coming Democratic Civil War. The party's progressives almost certainly won't get the impeachment they were promised.
House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler told CNBC's John Harwood yesterday that he and his fellow Dems are "'probably' not headed for impeachment." That's in no small part because some party leaders fear a "2020 backlash," like the one Republicans suffered in the 1998 midterms following Bill Clinton's impeachment by the GOP House.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Another one rides the bus

With Bill DeBlasio entering the Democratic nomination contest, we're now at two dozen candidates.
You need to borrow someone else's fingers to count that high.
All of them don't equal the power of President Trump.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Thanks, New York and Virginia

The year began with New York loosening abortion restrictions and celebrating the fact.
Virginia proposed a bill, leaving the doctor Governor red-faced before we found he did black-face.
Now Georgia and Alabama strike back.
If some states are going to push for even more liberal laws concerning abortion, doesn't it make sense for more conservative states to push back?
If these states did nothing, the abortion lobby moves ahead more easily.
Now they are stopped.
I'm pro-life.
If Alyssa Milano had sex with me, I'd still be pro-life.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Hey There farewell

Many tributes to Doris Day mention "Que, Sera, Sera." But in high school, I was in the musical "The Pajama Game" which brought this song.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What a tough guy

Pro-life protests at Planned Parenthood happen all the time - at least weekly at the Charlottesville center I passed on the way to work.
Abusive counter-protesters don't always happen - especially among state representatives.
Friday, the pro-life side gets to show Rep. Brian Sims how to behave like an adult - even if you're a teenager.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cold as ice

The Arctic Council wanted to issue a statement about climate change.
The United States objected to the wording.
Interesting how global warming has major benefits up there.
With Arctic temperatures rising at twice the rate of the rest of the globe, the melting ice is creating potential new shipping lanes and has opened much of the world’s last untapped reserves of oil and gas to commercial exploitation.
Maybe we should enjoy the benefits.

Monday, May 6, 2019

They all spy

Legal Insurrection gives a reason why so many hate William Barr right now.
It was Barr’s comments about spying on the Trump campaign, and his pledge to investigate that spying, that explains the frenzy to take down Barr. That spying, regardless of whether lawful, has the potential to be a scandal that could touch deep into the Obama administration, and some former officials who loom large in the anti-Trump resistance.
It also could reach deep into the media, with the involvement of Fusion GPS in feeding Russian-provided, Clinton/DNC paid-for, disinformation to the mainstream journalist community.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Get to know Joe

Visit for all you need to know about Joe Biden.
Although it might not be things Biden wants you to know.

Two writers, one mind

Andy Schmookler and Maureen Dowd must be hanging out together.
They both write today about Democrats not being tough enough against wily, evil Republicans.
They both bash poor Joe Biden - for this behavior during the Clarence Thomas hearings and now in the current campaign.
If only Democrats were tougher.
But if they were tougher and smarter, then they wouldn't be Democrats.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

I cloaked investigate

Everyone is having fun with the New York Times using "cloaked investigator" instead of spy.
Such a short, specific word.
Would Bill Cosby have been a TV star in "I Cloaked Investigate?"

Saturday Derby song

The perfect song for the first Saturday in May.

Saturday song

Did Randy Newman know about Baltimore's current problems 40 years ago?

Friday, May 3, 2019

When the Dems cry

Andrew McCarthy analyzes the latest Democratic spin - William Barr lied about knowing the Robert Mueller was unhappy with his summary letter.
The claim that Barr gave false testimony is frivolous. That is why, at least initially, Democrats and their media echo chamber soft-pedaled it — with such dishonorable exceptions as Mazie Horono, the Hawaii Democrat who, somehow, is a United States senator. It’s tough to make the perjury argument without any false or even inaccurate statements — though my Fox News colleague Andrew Napolitano did give it the old college try.
No lie, but Democrats cry.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

It's the economy

Even CNN has President Trump getting good grades on the economy.
White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney spelled out Trump's 2020 economic message on Tuesday -- suggesting voters would still be willing to support the President even if they don't like him personally.
"You hate to sound like a cliche, but are you better off than you were four years ago? It's pretty simple, right? It's the economy, stupid. I think that's easy. People will vote for somebody they don't like if they think it's good for them," Mulvaney said during a talk at the Milken conference in Los Angeles.

Time to lock her up

Victor Davis Hanson sees through Hillary Clinton's latest speech.
In truth, Clinton was at the heart of the entire Russian collusion hoax. Even after the election, she kept fueling it to blame Russia-Trump conspiracies for her stunning defeat in 2016. Unable to acknowledge her own culpability as a weak and uninspiring candidate, Clinton formally joined the post-election "resistance" and began whining about collusion. That excuse seemed preferable to explaining why she blew a huge lead and lost despite favorable media coverage and superior funding.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Polling, polling, polling

It's May 1, now 18 months from the next election.
Is it too early to care?
Doubtful, but the final reason of this column shows present coverage may have an impact.
Sixth, these races are susceptible to last-minute, event-based swings—the financial crisis in 2008, the James Comey statements about Hillary Clinton in 2016—that are impossible to predict this far in advance. These swings could work in favor of Trump or against him. It's hard, though, to imagine Trump getting worse press coverage than he already has, so late surprises could well hurt his Democratic challenger.