Friday, July 31, 2009

Did summit include beer goggles?

With all the commentary about the "beer summit," my memory was jogged. Here's Neal McCoy's song about beer goggles.

Treacher triple feature

Jim Treacher offers three takes on the beer summit.

"Ready to move on"

NRO's Campaign Spot highlights a column on the upcoming New Jersey election. Not very hopeful for Democrats.
Democratic strategists aren't yet certain what kind of a year their party will have in November, though they think a 5-point loss by Corzine and modest losses downballot is the most likely scenario. But they acknowledge that a much bigger Corzine defeat (in the order of 10 or 12 points) is possible, along with correspondingly larger losses in the Assembly and in local races.

Rush turns 21

Rush Limbaugh's show turns 21 on Saturday. Here's to many, many more years on the air.

"I am paying for this stimulus"

From Ronald Reagan, an oldies but a goodie. Don't mess with the man who is paying the bill.

New on Jon and Kate

Jon and Kate plus 8 (and assorted others) returns to the TV Monday. They've had to make some changes, but maybe they could use these ideas:
1. Weekly recap of tabloid covers and stories
2. Lessons on how to keep your kids in the dark about your outside activities
3. Let Jon and Kate whack on each other with foam baseball bats
I might watch if they used wooden bats.

New resource

Jonah Goldberg at NRO mentioned Thursday he was looking for a website with all of Joe Biden's gaffes. Someone took up the challenge.
Bet this guy will be busy. Much busier than old Joe.

Weekend watchdog

This is the final weekend of 2009 without a football game on TV. (training camp reports, numerous as they may be, don't count).
Next week starts the exhibition season with the Hall of Fame game. Usually there are no exhibitions shown on national TV the last week of preseason, but that's Labor Day weekend when college football starts. Plenty of action to keep you on the couch.
Then it's 17 weeks of regular season and three weeks of playoffs. This year the Pro Bowl will be held the week before the Super Bowl, so it's early February before the next weekend without gridiron action.
Make your plans accordingly.
To tide you over, ESPN offers the X games. It looks cool. I don't know any of the people, and would never try what they are doing. But it looks cool.
NASCAR makes its second trip to Pocono, where points leader Tony Stewart won in June. ESPN has coverage starting at 1 p.m. Sunday.
The Orioles, struggling through the second half as usual, have Boston coming to town on MASN. The Nationals are in Pittsburgh, thus get shuffled off to MASN2.
The Dodgers visit the Braves Saturday on FOX and Sunday on ESPN. The other offerings for FOX Saturday are Royals at Rays and Yankees at White Sox.
TBS has the Phillies visiting San Francisco late on Sunday afternoon. For those with MLB network, they show the Astros at the Cardinals Saturday night.
The senior golfers are back in the States for the U.S. Senior Open, Friday on ESPN and weekend coverage on NBC. CBS has the PGA's Buick Open Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Completely unique experience went down memory lane today, using a picture of Colt 45 to illustrate the president's beer summit.
The Colt 45 commercials are some of the earliest ads I remember watching.

Venison barbecue time

Let's connect two stories on the blogosphere. GreenMiles reports how overpopulation of deer is hurting the environment in northern Virginia.
VBDems link to Ezra Klein's column on reducing our meat consumption.
Obvious answer. Fire up the grills and let's barbecue some venison. Anybody have a recipe to try?
We can get our meat while reducing our dependence on burping cows.

What have we done

The talk has been "read the bill." Don't pass a law without knowing all that's in it. These are big decisions Congress is making.
There's meeting deadlines, and then there's jumping into a Brittany Spears-style quickie Vegas wedding.
Watching CMT, I found my inspiration. Here's a parody of Carrie Underwood's "Last Name."

This year, I got served a little bit too much of Obama's kool aid.
This year, I passed bills I'm not proud of when things get a little crazy
This year, health care came on the floor and I let it slide right through

And I don't even know what's in the bill.
My voters will sure not be thrilled
It started when Obama said
"Let's pass this law"
Now it's turned into
"Oh no, quite a big flaw."
And I don't even know what's in the bill

And we left the Hill about around 3 o'clock in the morning
His MoveOn friends in the parking lot, it should've been a warning
We have no clue what we're getting into, so I blame it on Pelosi
Oh, where'd those savings go?

And I don't even know what's in the bill.
The voters would sure not be thrilled
It started when Obama said
"Let's pass this law."
Now it's turned into
Oh no, quite a big flaw"
And I don't even know what's in the bill

Down we go!

Today, I woke up thinking 'bout deficits and tea parties, oh no
How we got here, and about this lead weight on our economy
Get outta here, voters mad, here they come so I'll hit the road
Obama says it will be help, but now wish I could disappear
It's just one little problem

And I still don't know what's in the bill.
The voters would sure not be thrilled
It started when Obama said
"Let's pass this law."
Now it's turned into
Oh no, quite a big flaw"
And I don't even know what's in the bill

What have we done?
What have we done?
What have we done?
Oh, what have we done?
I didn't even know the whole bill
When it turned into, "Oh no, what have we done?"
And I don't even know the whole bill
It started when Obama said "Let's get it done"
And then it turned into, "Oh no, my career is done?"
And I don't even what's in the bill, oh no

The video inspiration

For BikiniFest week

The Other McCain is holding an International BikiniFest week to help make the web more beautiful this last week of July. Here's Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland during the filming of their video "All I Want to Do."
UPDATE: It's today's winner. Thanks, Smitty.

Club him for hot tubbing

Not Larry Sabato is unhappy with the head of the Democratic Governor's Association. It seems Nathan Daschle (wonder who his dad is or how he got such an important job) did an interview and followed the comments while hot tubbing after work.
So I checked out the interview. Ignore bad polls in New Jersey. Virginia and New Jersey will be decided by local issues.
Methinks young Daschle spent too much time in the hot tub before giving the interview, not just after.

Seattle's hot and so is McDonnell

Blue Virginia is upset. Why isn't high temperatures in Seattle news like the cooler than normal temperatures in Chicago?
Well, if it's global warming you're worried about, then high temperatures aren't news. They are expected. Cooler temperatures goes against expectations. That makes it news.
In the gubernatorial polls, Bob McDonnell is like Seattle. Red hot. Sure, it's been rainy, cool and gloomy for Republicans the past few years. But now we're standing in the hot sunshine.
Poor Creigh Deeds has found hot Chicago has gone cold. When will the weather patterns change? Is this a permanent change or just temporary? Who knows?
You think you've got it figured out - this trend will continue long-term. Then it doesn't. And you're left out in the cold.
Politics and weather. Everybody complains about them. Not much you can really do about the cycles. Enjoy them while they're good and ride them out when they're not.

Numbers don't add up

Health care reform is struggling through Congress. Why is this giving President Obama such problems? Look at the numbers.
Throwing out 47 million uninsured sounds big. Breaking down the numbers - and remembering there's 250 million insured Americans - shrinks it to size.
Here's Karl Rove's take on the numbers:
Mr. Obama’s problem is that nine out of 10 Americans would likely get worse health care if ObamaCare goes through.
Here's Dick Morris' take:
The Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll of July 21-24 found that voters over 65 opposed the Obama plan by 35-47.

Clunker program

How's the Cash for Clunkers program working out? Not so good in Minnesota so far.
But dealers reported problems with the government's online system to get the transactions approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is running the program.
Scott Lambert, vice president of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association, said he was "astounded" to learn at a meeting Tuesday representing about 150 Minnesota dealers that not one has had a deal approved.

h/t Instapundit

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How can it be?

Tuesday is President Obama's birthday. He'll be 48. To celebrate, some male-oriented websites are declaring it Megan Fox media blackout day?

You'd think you'd want to celebrate Megan on the president's birthday.
What should be their punishment?
Raise their taxes, or make them post pictures of Nancy Pelosi all day.

New sponsor for Insta-lanches

We have a new sponsor for Insta-lanches - Organizing for America.
When Organizing for America has a rally, there's often a counter-rally. Usually with more people than the rally. Send your report to the professor, and you have an Insta-lanche.
Also works when moveon is sponsoring the rally.

Definitely unusual

Tooprogressive noted this, so I checked my email. Sure enough, there it is.
So I want to ask you for something unusual: Can you chip in $1 each day until we pass real health insurance reform? A huge response will show the insurance companies and their allies in Congress that their delay tactics will only make our movement stronger.
Sounds like a way to get your money for the rest of your lives, Obama supporters.
If tooprogressive is suspicious, then I'd bet the phone won't be ringing off the hook.

Read the whole thing

Megan McArdle on why she's against national health care. Good from beginning to end.

Looking to 2010

Politico reports that Republicans are feeling a lot better about their chances in November 2010.
“What’s hurting the Democrats badly is that people are afraid of the deficit and spending. They don’t see signs of economic growth, and people are worried,” said GOP pollster John McLaughlin. “If you look at the economy right now, voters gave the Democrats benefit of the doubt, they thought the stimulus would work, employment would recede — and they’re finding out now it’s not the case.”

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Headline of the day

From Ed Driscoll, on the eight-year-old driving a subway train.
The Taking Of Sesame Street One Two Three

Tempting fate in the nanny state

My boys have really enjoyed going to the neighborhood playground this summer. We just got back, as they joined several kids for a game of "Midnight."
For those who don't know, in Midnight one child is it. They have their eyes closed and must try to find someone else on the playground structure. If the others are tagged, or on the ground when the it child says "Midnight," then they are it for the next round.
So you have kids climbing on areas of the structure not meant to be climbed on. The outside of the tube slide. On top of the railings. On top of the protective coverings. Trying not to be tagged. While a child with their eyes closed climbs around, hopefully not falling off the structure.
The playground equipment is the newest and safest we have, but kids are still doing dangerous stuff.
The other day, one of the little neighborhood girls joined my boys in climbing a willow tree. She's a pretty good climber. When I looked to the top of the tree and could see her, I had to yell for her to come down. She was as high as a human could be on that tree. A squirrel might go one branch higher.
These are our kids. They learn in school about global warming and saving the environment, then leave the TVs and lights on in every room of the house. Everything is a gun for the boys. Sweets are great.
Good luck, government, trying to change behaviors. You can set up fences to keep kids from sugary snacks, and they will be climbing over the fence to get to them. They'll pass your test at school and never once think about applying it at home.
They definitely aren't going to be happy to be paying taxes for our spending for all of their working lives.

Answer to the doom and gloom

Are people worried about how the country and our world are going? I fall back on the words of a radio preacher that I heard in the 1980s, and still easily remember.
"God is in control, and prayer changes things."

Not a good sign

For supporters of President Obama's health care reform plan, this is not a good opening sentence.
For the 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, the Obama health plan is bad news.
If 47 million lack health insurance, then north of 250 million have it. So for between 150 million to 200 million people, the author says this is bad news. Debate the point, debate the numbers, but that's a large number of people. To tell them they are actually better off, you need more than just words. How about some numbers?

Democrats and the 22nd amendment

Should Democrats get behind an effort to repeal the 22nd amendment, the one that limits a president to two terms?
Not to give Barack Obama the chance to serve more than eight years. So they could say George W. Bush is coming back.
Since he left the scene, Democrats are lost. How much longer they can blame bad things on him? Sorry, bad things are now your fault, Democrats. George W. Bush is in Texas (unless he's with the family in Maine).

Wal-Mart still in the wilderness

I thought the Wal-Mart near the Wilderness Battlefield problem would be settled Monday night. But nooooo. Nobody reads the paper in Orange County, apparently.
Sure, you can blame the weekly paper for missing the second of two required legal notices. But isn't someone in the county government reading the paper? The ad was missed in May, and it's two months later. They need to check that they are getting their money's worth.
Income from legal notices may be all that's keeping some newspapers afloat right now. I remember our reporters in South Carolina checked the legal notices each edition, in case something we hadn't heard about was being proposed. You know they weren't slipping in Wal-Mart.
Oh well. A couple more months of blog posts and opinions before final approval.

Bikini Fest Ballad

The Other McCain has declared this International Rule 5 BikiniFest Week, hoping pictures of hot babes beat down the traffic slump of the dog days of summer.
I figure Bikini Week needs a song parody. Since Rule 5 fights "zero hour" on your Sitemeter, here's from Wilson Pickett and a parody of "Midnight Hour."

Don't wanna see another zero hour
That's when my traffic goes tumbling down
Can't handle another zero hour
When there's no one on my blog
I'm gonna find pretty girls and post them
Link across the blogosphere
To fight zero hour
Yes I will
Ooh, yes I will

One more thing I just want to say right here

I'm gonna find photos of the stars
And put them on my blog
Not gonna see another zero hour
I want my Sitemeter to really shine
It's pretty girls you know
That make the traffic flow
And no more zero hour
Oh no, no more zero hour
Alright, post another pix for me

***horn solo***

Fighting hard to stop zero hour
Won't see my traffic tumbling down
Keep away, keep away zero hour
I really want my blog to shine
With you I'll fly, pretty baby
With you I'll fly
Posting your pix baby, with you I'll fly
I'm gonna post you, right now

UPDATE: Part of BikiniFest, round II.

Congrats, now let's ring his bell

The Republicans have a candidate again in the 20th district House race - Dickie Bell of Staunton. Congratulations and on to victory in November.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking at algae

I took the boys to the playground this afternoon. There's a lazy creek there, and in summer the algae is growing green and thick. How's the work going turning algae into fuel oil?
It would be great to clean the creek and create some fuel, also.

Nancy ain't Settlin'

Along with trying to pass health care reform this week, Nancy Pelosi had time to write a new song for Sourland, her duo with Harry Reid. With apologies to Sugarland, here's my song parody.

A few more days to throw a bill together
Hey Mr. Right Now, the impact's forever
Don't know why they even try when they know how it ends
Going to twist enough arms so I get this win
I'm not leaving it up to fate
Here's the bill, the vote I'll take

I ain't settlin'
'til after recess
I've had enough Blue Dogs
For the rest of my life
Tired of hearing their whines
So raise the bar high
I want to get it all this time
I ain't settlin' for anything less than total control

Pick up these old ideas
And our big majority
Gonna push this thing right on through the House, you see
Maybe lose a few freshmen, that's how it is
With my mind shut closed
Yeah, I will push it through
I'm sitting in the Speaker's chair
Won't change my mind
Will destroy your world

I ain't settlin'
'til after recess
I've had enough Blue Dogs
For the rest of my life
Tired of hearing their whines
So raise the bar high
I want to get it all this time
I ain't settlin' for anything less than total control

I ain't settlin'
`Til September comes
I've had enough no-no
For the rest of my life
Keep shooting off my mouth
So Dems get in line
I ain't settlin'
No, no, no, no, no, no
So Dems gets in line with me

The video inspiration

I'd like to see that

FromOnHigh blog has gone dark for a few days due to technical difficulties. When tech support can climb the mountains, he'll be back up.
Until then, his daughter will be offering fashion tips. She's just kidding, but wouldn't you like to see that? We already know from her dad that Obama's plans clash with reality. They definitely aren't wearing well.
Here's hoping he's back online by Wednesday morning, in time for President Obama's visit to Bristol.

In praise of Sarah

I found a different take on Sarah Palin's resignation, in Charlottesville's free weekly the Hook. The Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk, brazenly praises Palin for adapting to what's important in the 21st century.
Watching Sarah Palin resign from her governor post in Alaska inspires me to be more brave in my own career. She’s running her career in ways I intuitively think we should all be running our careers. And she’s reflecting my own experience back to me in a positive way: That breaking new ground is difficult but it pays off.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good luck, guys

Monday at Buffalo Gap High School, seven men who have offered themselves as candidates for the 20th District House of Delegates seat will meet the public. Best of luck to all seven as they discuss the issues and their platforms.

Get backronym where you once belong

Smitty and I like our backronyms. Unfortunately, so do governments.
A terrible example popped up Sunday in Commentary Magazine's contentions blog. Britain has a National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).
How about some truth in advertising, guys?
How about Democrats for Excellence in Academics, Transportation and Health (DEATH)? They can have a banquet and be DEATH eaters. (Yes, I just saw Harry Potter 6 and we picked up the Harry Potter 7 book.) Check out the cool masks.

Dunphy's teaching moment

Is Gates-gate a "teachable moment?" If so, who should be learning. Let's ask a cop.
What's the cop thinking when he approaches you?
At that moment I can assure you the officer is not all that concerned with trying not to offend you. He is instead concerned with protecting his mortal hide from having holes placed in it where God did not intend.

Not so sure, Mr. Brown

Willie Brown, former Speaker of the California House, usually has some interesting insights in his Sunday column. This week he writes about the Obama comment on Professor Gates' arrest, logically.
I'm not sure I agree with this statement, though.
I have no doubt that he used his intellect to humiliate the hell out of that cop.
But, if Professor Gates is such an intellectual, how come he got arrested?
If he's so smart, why didn't he think about backing down the disagreement? Many comments blame the officer for not walking away once he established it was Gates' house.
If Gates is so smart, he should have seen an arrest would be the logical place for a police officer to go.
He should have seen he was humiliating the cop, if that's how it happened.
I think Speaker Brown downplays the cops' smarts and oversells Professor Gates. If you think this is what happens to a black man in America, then you need to be ready if it happens to you.

Fishersville Mike Juggles Red Apples

It's Sarah Palin retirement weekend. Let's throw a FMJRA party.
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the way to Smitty's heart is through the backronym. Or some Rule 5 action.
Troglopundit has gone on vacation, but he's left us with two guest bloggers and this.
Pundette celebrates 100,000 visitors after being the place I found out about Mark Buerhle's perfect game. Those day baseball games sneak up on me.
Pat throws the Blue Dogs some puppy love in her roundup.
American Power offers all you need to know about Erin Andrews' uncoverage coverage.
Check out the redesigns at NoSheeplesHere and SundriesShack.
Don Surber has the chilly news about temperatures, although he tried to heat it up with ABBA songs.
Daley Gator spends Friday night in Kansas.
Noah Jones enjoyed my Kellie Pickler song parody.
Wyblog offers pictures from his vacation at the Jersey shore.
Skepticrats is already thinking about back-to-school. Sorry kids, but for parents it can be a happy thought.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Support your favorite candidate, even if it isn't you.

Let's go Krogering

Kroger has been my supermarket, off and on, for over 20 years. But when a cheaper store is more convenient - like Food Lion or Wal-Mart Supercenter - they get my business. I'll pick up some specials at Kroger, but I'll often hit Food Lion - now that it has a Fishersville store.
President Obama is headed to Kroger in Bristol Wednesday. We've seen what's he's selling. And it's still sitting on the shelf.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Start a blog

I've pondered writing a song parody to honor blogging. UPDATE: And get a link from Smitty. I think I've finally got it, inspired by Brad Paisley's "Start a Band."

Yes I was a straight-lace, straight A student
teacher's pet who talked policy
I loved to watch them throwing a football
But let Reynolds get the law degree
So I sat and watched Obama sadly
Want to talk some sense into his thick head
And the best advice that I ever got
was from the Speedo blogger of Washington

Just get a computer and learn how to type
Cut up some pols, make up a cool name
When Congress does stuff that you don't understand
Make a few good buddies, start a blog
Start a blog, Start a blog

And all those girls that were too cool to talk to,
They’ll be waiting to make Rule 5 Sunday
You'll get an op-ed in a big time paper
Maybe buy your momma a used Hyundai

Just get a computer and learn how to type
Cut up your foes, register your name
When Obama does stuff that you don't understand
Find a few good buddies, start a blog
Start a blog,
Forget all about money, buy a fan
Learn the rules and ramble on, man
Never leave your house again

(typing solo)

Just get a computer and learn how to type
Throw out your thoughts, make up a cool name
With a little bit of luck your Sitemeter will fly
Find a few good buddies, start a blog
No need to worry, start a blog
Call up some buddies man, start a blog

Here's the video inspiration. Can we find kids who look like McCain and Smitty for a video?

Does Obama drop to Bush's poll level?

Numerous polls are showing President Obama hitting 50 percent approval and moving toward the 40s. How low can he go?
Bush got so low because Democrats hated him and Republicans got tired of his attempts to spend more so Democrats would like him.
Obama's got the hate from the other side. How many Democrats will maintain their approval of him through the August congressional recess?

That's a crowd

Via Anchorage Daily News, a photo of Sarah Palin amidst the thousand-plus people at her picnic in Wasilla. It's not all media and angry people in the crowd.

What's the name going to be?

Do we call the problem between Professor Gates and the Cambridge Police Gates-gate? Or Crowley-quiddick, as Smitty likes?
Reminds me of a joke from the 1980 Democratic primary campaign.
They asked Jimmy Carter about his son's interest in swimming.
He said "Yes, Chip's aquatic."

On the beat

Whenever there's a national story about police, I always look for "Jack Dunphy's" reaction. He's an L.A. cop who wrote for National Review and I found this on Pajamas Media.
He closes with a story about being accused of using the "N-word" on the street. Fortunately for him, he had a tape recorder going.
It revealed, among other inconsistencies in my accuser’s tale, that it was he and not we who had so liberally used the accursed word, and that he used it, in the span of about 45 seconds, as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, and as something of an all-purpose interjection, a linguistic feat I suspect I may never see equaled.

Quote of the day

From the FromOnHigh blog:
Northern Virginia isn't really part of Virginia anymore. It's now dormitory housing for tens of thousands of government employees.

Gates-gate in one sentence

From Mark Steyn:
A black president, a black governor and a black mayor all agree with a black Harvard professor that he was racially profiled by a white-Latino-black police team, headed by a cop who teaches courses in how to avoid racial profiling.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lessons of Gates-gate

We seem to be at a standoff. Some believe Professor Gates' story. Some believe officer Crowley's story.
What can we learn from all of this?
Don't trust authority.
Police are authority. The president, the man in the ultimate position of authority in our country, thinks the Cambridge Police Department "acted stupidly."
If we question the police's authority, why not the president's? What's the difference? If you think the police had a bias, then doesn't the president have potential for bias also?
If Professor Gates think he was treated differently because he's black, can others who think they've been historically been mistreated complain as well?
Some people don't trust the government. They think it's done wrong in the past, and in the case of "birthers," don't trust those who claim Barack Obama is an American citizen.
How far is Professor Gates from the birthers? And how do we have a reasoned discussion about these important issues when we automatically don't trust others? When we see an incident and plug it into our template.
The health care reform discussion has taken a big hit while Gates-gate consumes the conversation. But how do you get people to trust the authority of the government in health care if you don't trust the policeman who knocks on your friend's door?

Fool me once...

Byron York sees the quick rush for the stimulus package in February making the rush for health care reform so much harder now.
The stimulus has also pushed the issue of the deficit near the top of the public's concerns at precisely the time the Congressional Budget Office has concluded that Obamacare would make the nation's rising debt worse, not better.
Maybe they should have listened to conservative concerns about the stimulus back then.

Weekend Watchdog

ESPN cranks up its NASCAR coverage this weekend with NASCAR's 16th trip to the Brickyard.
Remember when the Indianapolis 500 was a bigger deal than NASCAR. About the time NASCAR paid its first visit to Indy in 1994, Indy car split into two groups. Indy ratings went into the tank, while NASCAR added its touch to the famous race track.
Nobody ever thought of kissing the bricks at the start/finish line until NASCAR came along.

The Tour de France finale concludes its three-week run by riding into Paris. Versus has coverage each morning.
The Orioles visit Boston on MASN, while the Nationals host San Diego. Both teams are more than 20 games behind the division leader, so plan accordingly.
FOX has the Cardinals at the Phillies Saturday, and the two teams are on TBS Sunday afternoon. The White Sox at Tigers - ESPN's Sunday night game - is also in the Saturday afternoon mix, along with Twins vs. Angels.
Think a few more people are interested in the British Senior Open, after Tom Watson's run last weekend? Watson joins his fellow seniors at Sunningdale this weekend on ABC.
CBS offers the Canadian Open Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m.
The WNBA has made it halfway through the season, and plays its All-Star game Saturday afternoon on ABC.

ABBA - Amazingly Bad Bill Ahead

Don Surber featured an Obamacare song list on his Wednesday Daily Scoreboard feature. There was "Waterloo" in honor of Sen. Jim DeMint, then "S.O.S." for obvious reasons. Both from the playlist of ABBA, apparently one of Sen. John McCain's favorite groups.
Anything next? How about Take a Chance on Me? Nah, too risky.
UPDATE: Smitty likes it, and adds more from the ABBA playlist. Mamma Mia!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My guide to Republican blogging

Blue Virginia is quite amused by the RPV's slim pickings on its Guide to Blogging page. It's a Republican thing. Here's the best there is - - go and learn from them.
They could have put down more information, but isn't blogging done best by doing? No one-size fits all government blog format, but find what you like and make it work.
I would prefer the RPV's blog be updated more than once since April, but the message must be getting out other ways - check your latest poll.

Three guys walk into a bar

Smitty has the story.

Wisdom from Ann Coulter

Barticles likes Coulter's take on health care reform. I like the first sentence.
All the problems with the American health care system come from government intervention, so naturally the Democrats' idea for fixing it is more government intervention.

There goes New Jersey

I think Creigh Deeds' job just got a lot harder. Look at the list of those charged with bribery and corruption in New Jersey - bipartisan but mostly Democratic.
Democratic governor Jon Corzine must be wearing cement boots.
Sure looks like Republicans can concentrate all their fire and finances on Virginia.

Get your tickets now

The Wilmington Blue Rocks of the Carolina League will be handing out Joe Biden bobbleheads next Thursday. The stadium is just off I-95 in Wilmington, Delaware. You've been warned.
h/t Fishersville Mike's youngest brother

Red hots, get your red hots

The Other McCain and Skepticrats speak in praise of red-heads. Red heads are a good thing.

"Acted stupidly"

President Obama calls a press conference to help move along his health care proposal. And the first thing on "Today" show was about his comment on the Harvard professor.
Way to step on your message.
When Chuck Todd mentions "10 events in 10 days" about health care, you're losing the media. They get bored hearing the same message day after day. And they're paid to hear it. Their boredom infects the coverage and how the story is going.
Now, National Review is collecting stories of doctors and policemen who feel the President is beating up on them. I can hear those poll numbers dropping now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Did I miss anything?

I was playground blogging between 8 and 9 p.m., joining the boys and our neighbors at the local playground. Let me know if President Obama said anything interesting or out of the ordinary.

It's just too bad

Today's parody comes since the Obama health plan is in a pickle. Thus, thanks to Kellie Pickler for "Best Days of your Life."

Cause I'll be there,
In front of your face
Reminding you of what took place
And you're going down
You've already had the best days
The best days of your term

And who's to blame?
Blame for an agenda that is floppin'
Big plans you had are stoppin'
You can't win a vote
And ain't it sad?
Think of the popularity you had
Take a look at how you thought it'd be
Your promises aren't free.

Cause I'll be there,
In front of your face
Reminding you of what took place
And you're going down
You've already had the best days
The best days of your term

And don't you know?
Know about the stories that you told me
Health care, environment you sold me
You're the ...the only one
I heard about
Yeah, CBO says your plans cost too much
Pelosi went crazy ran her mouth about me
Ain't politics funny?

Cause I'll be there,
In front of your face
Reminding you of what took place
And you're going down
You've already had the best days
The best days of your term

The election was a fairytale love
The press head-over-heels 'til governing starts
And it's just too bad you've,
already had the best days
The best days of your term

I heard you're pretty much harried
Still preaching your policy
Hoping your dreams will still come true
But I know that a schemer is always a schemer
Our blogs are hot; the Dems are through

Cause I'll be there,
In front of your face
Reminding you of what took place
And you're going down
You've already had the best days
The best days of your term

Of your term
Oh, oh yeah
You're gonna think and cry
Gonna think and cry how you lost
Oh, oh, yeah
You're to blame, you're to blame...You're to blame

(Here's the video that inspired this. The guy may need universal health care, but that's what you get for standing in front of a bus.)

Obamacare and sex change operations

Health care reform is faltering. It's hard to go from "Let's help these people" to "It's going to cost what?" without losing some momentum.
Let's throw another speed bump at it. Will Obama's proposal cover sex change operations?
We usually don't like to think about such things. Too much wincing. We enjoy God's creations and the beauty out there. But you've got to examine all parts of an issue like this.
What's the stance on these type of operations? Will they be paid for or not? Why or why not?
Some people think they are necessary. They would like to be made the gender they think they are. I would like to throw a fastball 100 mph, but I'm not whining to the government to operate on me so I can.
We've heard that pacemakers may be restricted if the patient is near the end of life. How many pacemakers can you buy with one sex change operation?
Or will it be "Sorry grandpa, you can't get the pacemaker but you can life out your days as a grandma."

Musical interlude

Sen. Jim DeMint said defeat on health care reform could be President Obama's Waterloo. So why not check out ABBA's version of Waterloo.
What will happen if Democrats get the song in their heads?

Donkey days of summer

Blue Virginia adds to the theme of "Where's the Democratic momentum?" It's just like the waves at Virginia Beach. They come in and go out. The tide is going out.
Not Larry Sabato is blasting Rep. Gerry Connolly for "Protecting the Rich."
Is one high-profile endorsement of Bob McDonnell a fluke or a trend?
Life ain't easy with George W. Bush out of office. Sorry guys.

Weird news

Memeorandum highlights a USA Today article about "de-baptisms." Some offer certificates. They get a carbon copy at the Pearly Gates for your file, also.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why SWACgirl couldn't run

SWACgirl has declined to join the race for the 20th district House of Delegates seat. Why? Obviously, since she would have had to change her nickname.
The district includes Highland and parts of Rockingham Counties. H and R. Can I buy a vowel?
Then you could remove the W from SWAC, since Waynesboro isn't part of the district. Unless you want to cheat and make it mean Western Augusta County.
Looking for inspiration, I tried to find a map of the district. I had no luck on the House of Delegates' website. (let me know if you can find it.) The Virginia co-op magazine runs a map of the districts in the winter, but I didn't save the magazine.
So, what could the nickname be? Driving to the Shenandoah Valley airport, you pass Keezletown Road. Is Keezletown in the district? Don't know, but it sounds cool.
Thus, I came up with SHAKERgirl (Staunton, Highland, Augusta, Keezletown, Eastern Rockingham).
Good luck to the Republican who will try to become the next SHAKERguy or SHAKERgirl.
UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who sent the link to's map. B for Bridgewater makes a nickname even harder. At least the district border runs on Keezletown Road.

It's all our fault

Before she leaves office Saturday, Sarah Palin was hit with another ethics compliant Monday - from her biggest Republican foe. We can't blame Democrats for this craziness.
Items are listed in the complaint as unclaimed gifts, including "boxes of unopened mail" to Palin and her family from supporters dating back to the governor's national campaign.
"We deserve to know who plied their governor with gifts," McLeod wrote in her complaint.

Everybody who sent Palin a note, maybe something for little Trig to enjoy, gets the blame for this complaint. Don't send stuff to your favorite politicians. Somebody may get upset with you.

So he thinks he can dance

President Obama moved his press conference time Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m. to better fit into the network's schedule.
ABC usually shows "Wipeout" at 8 p.m. Now it's Obama Wipeout at 8 and regular Wipeout at 9. Gotta make sure the boys know that.
Fox will skip Obama dancing around the issues and instead show real dancers doing their thing. Who will be more critical, the White House press corps or the Dance judges?

Perils of Perriello

Instapundit links Rob Schilling's report on Friday's Charlottesville Obamacare protest.
UPDATE: Blue Virginia notes a Daily Progress correction that Perriello's office did not call police. Now, who did call the police to disperse the crowd?

Affliliate of ESPN Fishersville

ESPN has launched ESPNChicago and plans to launch local websites for Dallas, New York and L.A. by the beginning of next year. How far will they go?
The challenges outlined in the New York Times' article on the plan don't seem too challenging.
These moves have challenges, even for a company with pockets as deep as ESPN. Sports fans, loyal to their local newspaper columnists, could balk at the continued march of ESPN across the sports news landscape, and the media giant could easily run afoul of local quirks. Costs also may be difficult to control, and maintaining editorial standards with content supplied by fans might be difficult.
h/t NRO's Media Blog.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Official movie of Obama administration

Tuesday on DVD, it's Coraline. It's the story of a young girl who has a tough life, but finds a door that takes her to a magical world.
The magical world seems better, but to stay she has to have her eyes replaced by buttons. When she refuses, her parents in the magical world turn on her and she has to escape.
Sounds like the first six months of the Obama administration, doesn't it?

Another moon story

A view of the moon landings from a P.O.W. held then in North Vietnam.
h/t WeeklyStandard's blog

Back to the moon

Plenty of info out there on the 40th anniversary of the first man walking on the moon.
Instapundit offers links to new photos of the landing sites. Popular Science has much more to offer, including a story on those who think the whole thing was a hoax.

Answer to everything

Via Commentary Magazine's Contentions blog
The following joke is making the rounds in the Prime Minister's Bureau these days: What do Americans do when something breaks down in their home - when the sink is blocked up, the toilet overflows, a fuse burns out? Simple: They ask Barack Obama to give a speech and the problem is solved.

Happy two million hits

The Other McCain claims he surpassed two million hits on his blog Sunday.
How do we know that number is accurate?
Those fired Inspectors General have to count something.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Answering Trog's challenge

Troglopundit didn't care for my use of a pun in a blog headline. And he thinks I'll like this new guy's blog since he asks "Are you in the Noah."
So I have to offer this, received last year from my brother in an email. Among all the puns, the weiner was...

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Thanks to Twitter, the world can easily find out what Sarah Palin's hairdresser says. Palin's hair is not thinning. The New York Times must have made it up.
Stop repeating it and go back to your lives.

Rule 5 Stone-day

Is it pushing the Rule 5 theme to include statues? Here's the Lady of the Sea, keeping watch at Hampton Beach, N.H. I worked at the Ashworth Hotel behind the statue in the summer of 1982.

UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Smitty.

True words babbled

James Lileks examines Joe Biden's comments on what's going on in the world.

Fishersville Mike Judges Reality Appearances

Welcome, members of the FMJRA community and the Rule 5 community, to another edition of my weekly roundup. I passed 10,000 visits since Thanksgiving over the weekend, and dream of joining the Other McCain in the million hits club one day.
Don Surber and Dr. Melissa Clouthier found pictures of Madonna to share, and put them together and you get this. My most traffic on a post ever.
Troglopundit celebrated his first thread on Memeorandum by making us all think about Meghan McCain. I'm glad to help the team, but it's going to take a while to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
Pat in Shreveport got noticed by Michelle Malkin, and celebrates with a yummy roundup.
Carol offers her roundup after showing that not everybody can work at Wal-Mart.
Grandpa John and Daley Gator are getting ready for some football. After the baseball All-Star game, it's not long until training camps open.
Dustbury offered Oklahoma perspective on a road near Fishersville.
American Power offers a report on an Obamacare rally in California, along with links to others across the country.
After watching the British Open, it's the perfect time to read Jules Crittenden's roundup on North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Eleven holes-in-one? Does that include the final hole, where you have to shoot it through the clown's mouth?
Athens Runaway adds some Ohio-based blog info along with his Rule 5 contribution.
Eye of Polyphemus offers his roundup from South Carolina.
Rule 5 Sunday means you have to link Smitty's effort.
Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the scenery. Or your favorite videos.

Got syrup?

One of our vacation traditions is a breakfast trip to Stack 'Em High in Kitty Hawk. Don't know if we'll be buying this T-shirt design.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shows Obama watches

President Obama is exactly one year older than I am. His two daughters are close in age to my two sons. So when he goes to the White House residence to spend time with the family, I'm sure he watches some of the shows my kids like.
Looking at his plans for the economy, health care and dealing with foreign countries, he must like "Destroy, Build, Destroy" on Cartoon Network.
Health care also shows the influences of Spongebob Squarepants. "Doctor Patrick" scares a sick Spongebob with thoughts of old magazines in the waiting room. "Doctor Patrick" offers quack cures and says that takes care of it.

Google goober

How does the government tell that the economy is getting better? Fewer people are googling "Economic depression."
That's the word from Lawrence Summers, via Politico and Don Surber.
Oh well, off to google and see if I can change some economic policy.

Horsing around

Mark Steyn goes to town on Congress, which spent Friday deciding how to deal with older, tame Mustangs that are supposed to be wild and free. The Mustangs may be free, but it's going to cost you.

Chilling up north

Powerlineblog gives the report from Minnesota.
Today, walking down the street in downtown Minneapolis at 5:30, en route from my office to my parking ramp, I saw something I've never seen before: a man wearing a winter coat in July. Well, maybe not quite a winter coat, but definitely a fall/winter semi-parka with an unzipped, faux-fur lined hood. He was carrying a briefcase and looked like a businessman who was tired of being cold every time he went outdoors. In the summer.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grandpa John found a weiner

Just click the link. You'll relish it.

Saxman timeline

Delegate Chris Saxman's decision to end his re-election bid came as a shock. Here's a quick take of what he's been up to the last week.
Friday, July 10 - hosts meeting with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. YankeePhil takes lots of pictures.
Tuesday, July 14 - has interview with Chris Graham of Augusta Free Press. Talks about school choice but not re-election. Decision to end run has been made but not released yet.
Thursday, July 16 - Harrisonburg Daily News Record gets the story. Saxman confirms in a phone interview. Unless they are in the habit of cold calling politicians to see if they'll quit, then someone tipped the DNR about what was going on.
Friday, July 17 - Press conference to announce decision.
Saturday, July 18 - Planned meeting to select ballot replacement.

Show me a scary protest

Gateway Pundit documents the Obamacare protest that scared Sen. Claire McCaskill's staff.
McCaskill's office manager locked the doors, pull down the blinds, called the cops and forced the protesters across the street.
h/t Instapundit

Post-Saxman roundup

Now that Chris Saxman has dropped his re-election bid, what's next?
The Daily News-Record and News Leader report that Dickie Bell is the leading candidate to take his spot on the ballot.
Yankeephil and AugustaWaterCooler discuss a possible candidacy by Lynn Mitchell.
Republitarian doesn't like things moving so quickly.

Strong horse, weak horse

NRO's Corner is discussing if the Apollo program helped end the Cold War and bring down the Soviet Union. They post the thoughts of a Soviet military officer as part of the discussion.
I believe that the Moon landing was the most consequential American action since at least WWII and perhaps since the 18th century. There was definitely a huge impact on the Cold War. There was a tremendous propaganda effect (and let's not forget that in the absence of American landings the Soviets would sooner or later have landed on the Moon themselves and made a huge deal out of it).

Friday in Iran

Friday is the day for prayers and protests in Iran.
h/t Don Surber

Weekend watchdog

Set the alarm clock. They're golfing in Scotland this week.
The Open championship tees off awfully early, 1:30 a.m. Eastern time Friday. They're playing at Turnberry for the first time since 1994, thus the first time in the Tiger Woods era.
TNT opens coverage Friday and Saturday at 7 a.m., then begins at 6 a.m. for Sunday's final round. ABC hits the links Saturday 9 a.m. and Sunday at 8 a.m.
Thursday's opening round brought out an unexpected story line - Tom Watson shooting a 65 to stand one shot off the lead. Watson knows plenty about the course, winning there in 1977 with a 65 on the final round. He also won the Senior British Open in 2003 there.
Woods stands at 71, seven shots off the lead as he seeks his 15th major championship.
The Orioles make Fox's Saturday schedule this week, visiting the White Sox. Much of the nation will see the Mets and Braves, or Angels at the A's, but the Mid-Atlantic gets more Orioles.
Baltimore returns to MASN2 Friday and Sunday, while the Nationals host the Cubs on MASN.
Sunday's baseball is the Tigers at Yankees on TBS and Mets at the Braves on ESPN at night.
There is no NASCAR race this week. Everybody idle. Your speed on wheels is supplied by the Tour de France on Versus.
If you'd like to catch up with your soccer, D.C. United hosts the Colorado Rapids Saturday night on ComcastSportsnet. ESPN2 will show Houston at Toronto Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh? Canada?

Mark Steyn looks at what former Canadians miss about Canada - nothing that would make them want to return there full-time.

Take him out to the ballgame

President Obama called old Comiskey Park "Comiskey Field" on TV Tuesday (MLB Network, watched by many fewer fans by FOX). It inspired a contest at National Review's Media Blog for the best botched field name.
The winner is "Che Stadium."

A modest proposal

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has an idea. Read the whole thing.

Lousy pitchman

Wednesday, people were criticizing President Obama's first pitch at the All-Star game.
Now, kausfiles whacks away at his sales pitch for health care reform.
Who knew we were electing a national mother-in-law?

Frog in her throat

Sonia Sotomayor appears to be limping to confirmation. Commentary Magazine collects some of the underwhelming reviews.
We must still return to the “why” — the puzzle as to why a liberal president, selecting a liberal justice with 60 Democrats in the Senate, has sent up a nominee to spout judicial conservatism.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why's everybody always picking on me?

It's beat up on Madonna day in the blogosphere. From Don Surber, here's a look at her arm.

I followed a link from the Other McCain to Dr. Melissa Clouthier, who adds this link.

UPDATE: Linked by Don. Thanks.

Around the world and back

I just got a comment on a post. I didn't recognize the name, so I check it on blogger. It was from in Oklahoma, where I've visited a few times.
What's the most recent thing posted on this Oklahoma blog? He found a post by Dr. Weevil who traveled Rt. 340 to Al Gore Lane - about 10 miles from my house. And home to, where the boys have played soccer over the past five years.

Obama's floating pitch

How do we grade President Obama's ceremonial first pitch at the All-Star game? A floater in the dirt. The pitch just died.
Someone grabbed the highlight off ESPNews, since FOX's live coverage was a side shot of Obama. Remember, Obama is only one year older than Roger Clemens. About a year older than Satchel Paige when he appeared in the 1953 All-Star game.
This YouTube poster wasn't impressed. Judge for yourself.

Burnout - is it McAuliffe's fault?

Chris Graham at notes the trouble he's had getting information from the top three candidates for the coming election. And the level of enthusiasm being lower than recent election cycles. BlueVirginia and Vivian Paige pick up the column with what they are seeing, so it's not just a Valley issue.
So, why do Democrats seem burned out? Could it be Terry McAuliffe's fault?
We just finished a primary campaign that began almost as soon as President-elect Obama left the winning rally in Chicago. McAuliffe planned to embrace the enthusiasm of the Obama campaign to bring new voters into the Virginia primary, and thus become the next governor.
There seemed to be enthusiasm for McAuliffe, or at least his fundraising potential. He'd draw in money and help Democrats win the House of Delegates back in November.
But he lost.
The wave of enthusiasm he hoped to carry him to the nomination dissipated before June 9. Instead of a focused two-man run between Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran, McAuliffe's joining the fray increased costs, divided established alliances and left the dangling question - how in the world did Mr. Moneybags lose the primary, anyway.
In my election prediction - McDonnell wins 52-48 - I give him two extra percentage points for not having to battle for the nomination. Maybe that's low.
Maybe Democrats don't realize how lucky they were to have Barack Obama as a candidate. He pumped up the expectations, and now Democratic enthusiasm is settling at it's normal state.
It's vacation season, so let's finish by thinking about the beach. Sometimes when you ride a wave, you end up with a faceful of sand when you're done.
UPDATE: Linked by Washington Post's Race to Richmond page.

Everyone knows it's windy

Don Surber finds the info from Austin, Texas - only one percent of electric company users want to spend more to use green sources of energy for their electrical generation.
If green energy is good for us, then lead the way. How can you donate to Democratic candidates when you could spend more on energy?

Palin's countdown

Sarah Palin enters her final 10 days as Alaska governor. Will she spend her time enjoying the outdoors or running over her opponents?
UPDATE: Welcome Other McCain readers, including one from Wasilla. Enjoy the rest of your Rule 5 day.

Arnold gets the message

In California, Governor Schwarzenegger is now focused on balancing the budget without tax increases. College professor Donald Douglas has an idea why. And you didn't have to go to college to figure it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waiting on Jackson answers

FoxNews reported that the toxicology report on Michael Jackson may be released Friday, or next Monday.
I found file footage of a coroner hard at work, like the L.A. guys now.

Inspired by Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor discussed her "Wise Latina" comment Tuesday during her Supreme Court hearing. She said the comment was meant "to inspire" young Hispanics and women to get into law.
It sure inspired lots of blog posts and comments. And it inspired this graphic, which Carol at put together from my inspiration.

Positive economic indicator

I recycle aluminum cans, so every six weeks I can get a sense of where the economy is headed.
Today, I received 35 cents per pound for the cans - up from 28 cents in early June. It's still far below 60 cents a pound last year, but today's trip was 25 percent more profitable than June.
Let's see how things stand before Labor Day.

Troglopundit dating service

Troglopundit puts his match-making skills to the test - Levi Johnston and Meghan McCain.
If it works, I don't know if I'd want to see who he tries to bring together yet. Will he bring Chuck Woolery and Love Connection back?

Keep watching New Jersey

Two states have gubernatorial races this year - Virginia and New Jersey. Virginia should be close, thus important for Republicans to win. What about New Jersey?
NRO's Campaign Spot posts the latest Rasmussen Poll from New Jersey. Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine trails by 12 points. Can he come back by picking up undecided voters? They seem to like him even less.
Of the undecided who could be swayed, three percent have a very favorable opinion of Corzine. Unfavorable? 32 percent. Ouch. Good luck coming back against that tide.

Palin takes the arrows

Sarah Palin speaks about cap-and-trade in the Washington Post. Blood boils. Insults flow. Where's Rodney King when we need him "Why can't we all just get along?" Palin took time from fishing Bristol Bay to write this.
Particularly in Alaska, we understand the inherent link between energy and prosperity, energy and opportunity, and energy and security. Consequently, many of us in this huge, energy-rich state recognize that the president's cap-and-trade energy tax would adversely affect every aspect of the U.S. economy.

Time for a Tertium-lanche

Checking Instapundit this morning, he links Tertium Quids' post on the problems with the Virginia Retirement System.
Instapundit finds lots of pension problems around the country. Figures that Virginia is on the list.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rule 5 community rules

The Other McCain and Smitty's Rule 5 Sunday has now been dubbed a "community." Does that make them community organizers?
At least they could make "Rule 5 community rules" t-shirts. We'll have a Rule 5 section at the Tea Party protests.
Just because I'm already thinking about what I'll post for next week's Rule 5 Sunday, does that make me a "Rule 5 addict?"

Thoughts from Leskie

The Other McCain reports on an Reuters article that says "hot bloggers" can earn a six-figure salary. Since he's a hot blogger, he'd like to know where the numbers come from.
It reminds me of my late friend Leskie Pinson, who worked at Weekly World News after we worked together at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. Questioned about whether WWN paid for photos of space aliens with presidential candidates, Leskie said
"You know we're a little bit different than some news organizations. They say they never pay for their stories. "We would never pay for a story!" some of 'em say. We know, but hey -- when it's a big special like the space alien shaking hands with the presidential candidate or the Bat with Al Gore, we're not afraid to go sometimes 6 figures, maybe 8 figures if you count both sides of the decimal point for a photograph like that."
See? The Reuters guy meant six figures including the cents. $1,000.00 is a six-figure salary to him.

Rest stop memories

The flashing sign outside the Mount Sidney Rest Areas tells the tale - they close July 21. One more week to visit your favorite rest area.
Any favorite rest stop memories? In December 1993, my fiancee and I stopped there after visiting my parents for Christmas. I picked up the USA Today baseball publication, and found the Braves would be in San Francisco while we were on our honeymoon. The Braves were her favorite team, so that was a good thing.
Now, when these stops close, where are the truckers going to sleep overnight? I haven't seen any discussion of that topic. They aren't going to keep on driving all hours, so they'll stop somewhere. Where, and will it be safe?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cast of problems

Don Surber finds it, and I don't know quite what to say.
When there's government run healthcare, will we all get logos on our cast sleeves?
My youngest broke his arm last winter, and got to choose the color of his cast. Don't think they have these in stock.

Opting out of Medicare

Via Instapundit, thoughts from a doctor who opted out of the Medicare system.
The service’s paltry reimbursement structure coupled with its impossible to-adhere-to regulations doesn’t allow us to offer a complete service to our patients.

Where are the frogs?

Scotusblog has posted the press release with witnesses for Sonia Sotomayor hearing, which starts Monday. They have room for a baseball pitcher and not the frogs?

Sure, they only have one line, but this is the Senate we're talking about. Senators have 30 minutes to ask questions and will speak for 29 minutes and 30 seconds before they realize they ought to give the witness some time to say something.
That's how Joe Biden did it and look where it got him. Off the committee.

Fantastic Mountains Jeopardize Retail Activity

This week's roundup is in honor of my short trip to West Virginia. I went to see the Bluefield Orioles play rookie league pro baseball, but left before the Orioles won in 12 innings. I did get to chat with a friend from my former church and our former youth pastor, who now runs a center from area youth out of an old school building.
But you can't talk about West Virginia without mentioning Don Surber. He's inviting Creators Syndicate to move to Poca, since Los Angeles taxes are getting them down. Is there a better school nickname than the Poca Dots?
Now that I've been on Robert C. Byrd Drive in Beckley, traveled the Robert C. Byrd Appalachian Highway System and passed the Robert C. Byrd hardwoods center along the WV Turnpike, it's time to link some bloggers who are not Byrd-brains.
Carol brings together President Obama and Chevy Chase for a special edition of her roundup.
Smitty sends traffic hurling through the web after posting the Other McCain's jaw-dropping FMJRA roundup. It includes a link to this story from DaleyGator. Not what you want to read before seeing this.
Gator's weekly roundup seems safe enough.
Pat is trying to chill out in Shreveport, where's it's a lot hotter than Fishersville. Here, we're wrapped in blankets at the end of Fourth of July festivities.
Troglopundit finished a fine "you email me, I'll link it" week with plenty of stuff from American Power. Pundette graciously handed over the crown from the previous link contest.
Grandpa John is the go-to guy for news of animals in the Badger State.
Dustbury adds his thoughts and suggestions after signing up for Twitter.
Generation Patriot offers a scenic Utah view in his roundup.
And no weekend is complete without Smitty's Rule 5 Sunday.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and take a break from blogging when needed. Although you never know when a good picture will present itself.

Sorry kids and teachers

It's now halfway through summer vacation for Augusta County schools. When the school year ended June 4, it was 75 days until school starts again August 18. It's now 37 days until then, with 38 days of vacation over.
Sorry kids and teachers, but time is short.
And Target and Wal-Mart have begun putting up their back-to-school display areas.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Instapundit's town hall

While Mark Steyn has been collecting medical horror stories from Canada and Great Britain, Instapundit has a family-full of stories to tell.
We'd rather have nanotechnology than mega-government.

David Brooks and groping - huh?

Every morning when you wake up, you check the internet to see what's going on - if something important happened or to see what's being talked about.
Never in a million years do you think you'd see something about David Brooks being touched by a senator at dinner. Never in a million years would you want to think about it. But today, here it is.
Carol has done a roundup with photoshop, including Otto the Auto Pilot from Airplane. Which allows me to play my favorite clip.

Tell me why, Eurabia version

Newsweek takes on the thoughts of Mark Steyn and others that more Muslims in Europe may lead to a more radical continent, less helpful to America values.
So, Republicans need to be more inclusive due to demographic trends. But the demographic trends in Europe can be ignored (more Muslims won't make a difference until they have a majority).
Can't have it both ways, Newsweek.

Pay attention while texting

Via Drudge Report, the story of a New York teenager who was texting - and fell into the sewer. The manhole cover had been removed, but there was no warning around.
"Regardless of whether I'm texting or not if there was a cone there I'm gong to see a big orange cone," she said. "I walk that sidewalk every day, I don't expect a big hole there."
She may sue. I guess that means she'll raise a stink.

Answer to the headline

The Other McCain highlights the Washington Post headline: Palin to stump for conservative Democrats.
It could have been "Palin to stump for unicorns, Bigfoot." You're more likely to find unicorns and Bigfoot than a conservative Democrat worthy of Palin's support.

What you learn from watching TV

I had CMT's countdown show on this morning.
Did not know there was a group called Trailer Choir.
Did not know there was a song called "Rockin' the Beer Gut."
Now I do. And you do, too.

How to get laughed at

Only four people at a rally at a senator's office? Whatever push you were hoping to get kinda vanishes in the "only four people show up" part. Guess we'll have to MoveOn.
h/t Instapundit and Patriot Room

Smash Mouth smash

Interesting to see Democratic complaints about reporting of the news of Creigh Deeds' son's alcohol possession charge. Smash Mouth hits it out of the park.

Steyn on target

Mark Steyn takes a whack at the wacky horsemen of the looming Ecopalypse - led by Prince Charles.
The old rationale for absolute monarchy – Divine Right – is a tough sell in a democratic age. But the new rationale – Gaia’s Right – has proved surprisingly plausible.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts at 1000 posts

Here's a milestone, so I thought I'd share a few things I've learned in my short time blogging.
1. Find your niche. There's so much going on in the internet, and no one can be an expert at all of it. Post on what you're interested in, and focus on those items. Let some stories pass you by - there's plenty of other voices out there.
I visit Instapundit or Don Surber to see what's hot, and if there's something I can add to the story.
2. Be timely and timeless. To be read, it's helpful to be quick on the draw when a big event hits. But you'd be surprised at when your posts can get read.
Google search keeps the past alive a lot longer than people hold onto newspapers. You may write something and get hits on it a month or two later. I avoid using today, since who knows the day the reader will visit.
3. Short and sweet. For most posts, I keep it within one text box in blogger. I love writing one sentence items, or a short item with a pull-out quote. There's more things for the reader to choose from, and it doesn't fill up the computer screen.
If something pops into my head about something in the news, I put it out there. Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.
4. Drafting. Just like on the NASCAR track or the interstate, find some big dogs of the internet and follow them closely. It increases your reach and helps bring the hits along. I saw stuff by the other McCain earlier in the year, especially his advice on getting a million hits in a year. I'm far from that pace, but it's nice to be part of his team.
The weekly roundups do bring in the traffic. And it doesn't always have to be Megan Fox.
It's cool to find your blog among American Power's super list of conservative blogs, or to see a spike in traffic on Sitemeter when someone picks up your post.
5. Have fun. I enjoyed reading Mark Steyn and Iowahawk before starting blogging, and now enjoy highlighting their latest writing on my blog. And it helps me find things I liked more easily in the future.
American Power had the post that inspired this post. I've added my two cents, and now it's on to the next 1,000 posts.