Monday, July 13, 2009

Thoughts from Leskie

The Other McCain reports on an Reuters article that says "hot bloggers" can earn a six-figure salary. Since he's a hot blogger, he'd like to know where the numbers come from.
It reminds me of my late friend Leskie Pinson, who worked at Weekly World News after we worked together at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. Questioned about whether WWN paid for photos of space aliens with presidential candidates, Leskie said
"You know we're a little bit different than some news organizations. They say they never pay for their stories. "We would never pay for a story!" some of 'em say. We know, but hey -- when it's a big special like the space alien shaking hands with the presidential candidate or the Bat with Al Gore, we're not afraid to go sometimes 6 figures, maybe 8 figures if you count both sides of the decimal point for a photograph like that."
See? The Reuters guy meant six figures including the cents. $1,000.00 is a six-figure salary to him.

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AREJAY said...

Uncle George always said he had a six figure salary, if you included the decimal point and the two numbers after it.