Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seattle's hot and so is McDonnell

Blue Virginia is upset. Why isn't high temperatures in Seattle news like the cooler than normal temperatures in Chicago?
Well, if it's global warming you're worried about, then high temperatures aren't news. They are expected. Cooler temperatures goes against expectations. That makes it news.
In the gubernatorial polls, Bob McDonnell is like Seattle. Red hot. Sure, it's been rainy, cool and gloomy for Republicans the past few years. But now we're standing in the hot sunshine.
Poor Creigh Deeds has found hot Chicago has gone cold. When will the weather patterns change? Is this a permanent change or just temporary? Who knows?
You think you've got it figured out - this trend will continue long-term. Then it doesn't. And you're left out in the cold.
Politics and weather. Everybody complains about them. Not much you can really do about the cycles. Enjoy them while they're good and ride them out when they're not.

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