Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why SWACgirl couldn't run

SWACgirl has declined to join the race for the 20th district House of Delegates seat. Why? Obviously, since she would have had to change her nickname.
The district includes Highland and parts of Rockingham Counties. H and R. Can I buy a vowel?
Then you could remove the W from SWAC, since Waynesboro isn't part of the district. Unless you want to cheat and make it mean Western Augusta County.
Looking for inspiration, I tried to find a map of the district. I had no luck on the House of Delegates' website. (let me know if you can find it.) The Virginia co-op magazine runs a map of the districts in the winter, but I didn't save the magazine.
So, what could the nickname be? Driving to the Shenandoah Valley airport, you pass Keezletown Road. Is Keezletown in the district? Don't know, but it sounds cool.
Thus, I came up with SHAKERgirl (Staunton, Highland, Augusta, Keezletown, Eastern Rockingham).
Good luck to the Republican who will try to become the next SHAKERguy or SHAKERgirl.
UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who sent the link to vpap.org's map. B for Bridgewater makes a nickname even harder. At least the district border runs on Keezletown Road.


john m said...

VPAP has the best maps that I've found. Here is the page and map for the 20th.

Bob K. said...

Of course there is another line of reasoning that says since all of these were once PART OF Augusta County she wouldn't have to change her name.

By that same line of reasoning she could run for office in Illinois [once part of Augusta County Virginia] and help clean the place up. [In My Dreams]!!

It's easier to find an historic map of Pre-revolutionary Virginia than the 20th district. Augusta County extended to the Mississippi!