Saturday, September 10, 2022

Would Allahpundit approve?

Checking HotAir's headlines, I saw an interesting link and clicked.
It was by Da TechGuy
Good to see a link to a solid conservative friend.
Allahpundit has moved on, and Captain Ed is in charge at
And he said change was in the air.
My new mission is to position Hot Air for the midterms and the 2024 election cycle as the, well, hottest place to find conservative perspectives, trenchant analysis, and aggregation of both breaking events and sharp takes in the commentariat.
We'll all benefit from the wisdom of Da TechGuy.

We'll talk ill of you, alive or dead

Uju Anya was first out of the box with an insulting tweet about Queen Elizabeth II just before she died.
It brought much discussion and pushback.
She keeps pushing.
“Speak no ill of the dead” is a weapon that’s leveled against the oppressed to silence them, to lionize oppressors, and to sanitize their history.
Thanks to her tweet, people will speak ill of her for many years to come.