Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spaced out photos

Via Ace of Spades, 30 great photos from NASA. Here's my favorite.

This cuts hard

Blogger Saberpoint writes about his financial troubles - a CPA shouldn't be about to lose a house, should he?

Our savings kept us afloat for a year. When it was gone, I borrowed the equity out of my life insurance. That's gone too. We were hoping to ride out this recession, to survive until it was over. However, it is the longest lasting and deepest recession I have ever seen. And I remember when Eisenhower was president, to give you some perspective. (Okay, okay, I actually remember when Truman was president, but I was VERY young. Practically a fetus, mind you.)
It's just a matter of weeks before I lose my home. I never, ever thought I'd be in such a predicament. This happened to other people, sure, but not to me. I am a college graduate and a CPA. Accountants were supposed to be immune from unemployment. Not any more. The fact that I am well past 50 doesn't help. Seniors and new grads are the hardest hit.
Via the Other McCain.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Whistle while you work (as long as it's before 11 p.m.)

While checking out the News Leader website, one of the offbeat news items caught my eye.
Singing, whistling may be unlawful in South Carolina town.
Okay, you got my attention.
I clicked and saw the name of the councilwoman discussing the proposed law.
The name sounded familiar.
Sure enough, we both worked in Georgetown, S.C. in the mid-1980s. She was always calling the newspaper to get a picture of the newest awning or other improvement on the downtown streets.
She moved on, and now we know where.

Coming Sunday

Don Surber has a short post up.
Guess we'll have to check back Sunday to find out the latest big news.

Did they think about selling a spot in the wedding party?

Via Instapundit, a look at the Clintons and money.
Best of luck to Chelsea and her new husband.
I guess we should look on the bright side. Hillary can't run for President in 2012 if she's still paying for her 2008 debt.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Checking the numbers

The Other McCain notes the rise of conservative blogs in Technorati's political rankings.
Huffington Post has dropped from number one, replaced by Hot Air.
But outside the top guns, how do you find where others rank in the political rankings? I tried random searching.
I found FromonHigh on page 25, at 582 in the nation. SWACgirl is on page 35 at 842.
There's 312 pages on the site, too many to check. I gave up at page 45. Maybe I'll think about more later.

Doritos cloud

My cousin in Pennsylvania must have been hungry when she snapped this picture.
That's not a triangle, that's a Doritos.

They. Got. Nothing.

Dan Riehl on the latest Democratic attempt to drag down Republicans by linking them to the "Tea Party."
Not the real Tea Party, but the Tea Party of the Democratic minds.
Fortunately, real voters will be voting in November. Not the ones Democratic minds dream up.

You can't deny it

Smitty posted a link to Rush Limbaugh's Undeniable Truths of Life.
Since Sunday is the 22nd anniversary of Rush's national broadcast show, it's a good time to review them.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will this be a summer hit?

I saw the ad for Will Ferrell's latest movie. This is the song he plays before going to work. We'll see if this or the movie work.

Boy Scouts or her?

President Obama has decided to appear on "The View" instead of speaking to the Boy Scout Jamboree.
Hanging out with Elizabeth Hasselback or a bunch of teenage boys who've slept outdoors for a week during a heat wave.
Maybe it's not a bad decision after all.

Not enough pork chops

Michael Barone has his latest look at the 2010 election.
It reminds me of the old joke. "My mom had to put a pork chop around my neck so the dog would play with me."
There's not enough pork chops to make Democratic candidates palatable.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'll sign his if he signs mine

President Obama must not be very popular. Michelle Obama had to send out an email asking people to sign his birthday card. Guess she thinks people will forget the day.
His birthday is next Wednesday.
So is mine.
And Roger Clemens, Jeff Gordon and many other Americans.
Will he sign my birthday card?
Will there be any money in the card? A tax cut would be enough.

Bring Instapundit to Stuart Draft

Instead of an "Instapundit drinking game," we need an "Instapundit snacking game."
Live from plant making Little Debbie cakes in Stuarts Draft, it's Little Debbie over Yodels and Ding Dongs in the professor's mind.
Sure, there are McKee plants making Little Debbie in Tennessee. But we're not far away from Knoxville.

Spin and no spin

The ACC preseason football poll is out.
Virginia's website,, says Virginia Picked By Media to Finish Sixth in ACC Coastal Division
The Baltimore Sun says Media picks Maryland football team last in ACC's Atlantic Division.
How many teams in an ACC division? Six.
Guess UVa didn't want to emphasize the "last" part.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Where to spend your money

NRO's Campaign Spot has a list of 20 underfunded Republican candidates who could give you "the most bang for your buck."
Bet there will be lots of bangs for Republican bucks in November.

This week's golf

The PGA tour makes its closest visit to Fishersville this week - the Greenbrier Classic is less than two hours away.
The West Virginia newspapers, including my former employer, are really looking forward to the event. You'll have to find Golf Network to watch the action.

Something good for your mind

Bob at the Journey got the hymn "Be Thou My Vision" in his head Sunday.
Follow the link and you may too.

We didn't melt

Part of my orange shirt is in this screen shot from Camden Yards' scoreboard Sunday. (behind the person in the maroon shirt on the left side of the picture). Those green seats sure hold the heat.
Typical Orioles' game. They lost big.
It rained.
Traffic around D.C. coming home was terrible.
A good experience for my 9-year-old boy and his friend makes it worthwhile.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Will I melt in the heat?

I'm headed to Baltimore to see the Orioles play at Camden Yards.
Hope they let me bring a cooler into the stadium. It's going to be a hot one.
Look for me on MASN. My seats are right behind the Orioles' dugout, so you can see us in the seats when a left-handed batter is on the screen. Look for me in the orange Orioles' shirt in the top row of seats in the TV frame, probably center to left of center.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yes, we can? Whatever...

Dan Riehl highlights the passing of the excitement torch. The Democrats have the youth vote locked up? Maybe not.
And Barry has lost Obama Girl, too?? I guess even young adults are realizing there is no God, at least not one who is actually just a hack Chicago politician, with the thug mentality and everything else that goes along with it. Hope and change is suddenly, nope he's deranged! Who woulda thunk it?

The answer is we on the Right not only thought, but knew it. You could spot this one coming from miles away, unless, of course, you're one of those elite Beltway alleged conservatives who were so quick to fall for a lot less than a pretty face because it was the right color for a change.

Part of the LMA conspiracy

Every once in a while, I get an email from Little Miss Attila about something she's posted. (part of the Other McCain alliance, I guess). I've posted a few on my blog the past few months, since Rule 2 is one of my favorites.
She explains the right-wing blog connections here. Use for future reference as needed.

Your boating award

On a hot day in the Mid-Atlantic, let's think about boats.
Big boats.
John Kerry's yacht.
Thanks for the poll, Instapundit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lessons from "The Last Lecture"

While cleaning up the house, I found our copy of Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture." He was the professor who got terminal cancer and gave an inspiring talk at his college as a way for his young children to remember him.
Sunday is the second anniversary of his death.
He grew up in my hometown and his mom taught English at my high school (I didn't have her as a teacher, however).
I really enjoyed the part of his book where he remembered the first lunar landing in 1969. He loved talking about reaching your childhood dreams, and found inspiration from the Apollo project.
"I understand the arguments about how the billions of dollars spent to put men on the moon could have been used to fight poverty and hunger on Earth. But, look, I'm a scientist who sees inspiration as the ulitimate tool for doing good.
"When you use money to fight poverty, it can be of great value, but too often, you're working at the margins. When you're putting people on the moon, you're inspiring all of us to achieve the maximum of human potential, which is how our greatest problems will eventually be solved." 
Randy reached for the stars and Star Trek. It's a great read, two years after publication.

Everybody's doing it

My sons called me to see what they found on the computer. Motivators for Pokemon.
Some weren't for the target Pokemon audience, but I liked the one they showed me first.

Kos they are upset

Dan Riehl brings the good news from the far-left, hanging out in Las Vegas.
Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos blog and an organizer of the first such annual conference five years ago, said he and his followers are disinclined to help Democratic candidates simply to preserve the party's big majorities.
"There's a lot of Democrats I'll be happy to see go," Moulitsas said in an interview. "I'll celebrate when Blanche Lincoln is out of the Senate. There is a price to be paid for inaction and incompetence. We're not getting much done with 59 [Democratic senators], so if we're down to 54, who cares?"
I think he'll be getting his wish in November.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kellie for the Paco crowd

Kellie Pickler's latest video offers a '40s feel, perfect for readers of Paco Enterprises.
Except Kellie is in color.

Coffee, get your coffee

Carol at No Sheeples Here must be having problems getting going on those hot summer mornings.

Who will kiss the bricks?

A reminder for your NASCAR fans, the rest of the season will be on either ESPN or ABC for the three Saturday night races.
Sunday, it's time to visit Indy. And watch the winning driver and crew line up at the start/finish line to celebrate.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everybody hates Earth Day

My boys enjoy watching "Everybody Hates Chris" on Nick at Nite. Tuesday, it was an Earth Day episode.
Early in the show, the dad said "If Earth Day is so important, how come I have to work?"
Words to live by.

KO Keith

While Keith Olbermann is on vacation, Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller are playing. Send in your idea for your own limited edition email address today.
h/t Other McCain.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The best dad in the world - Sheetz division

The Other McCain discusses his parenting skills and philosophy.
I announced to the three youngest of our children that we were going to Sheetz to get slushies. Not only did we get slushies, but we also got hot dogs and hamburgers and french fries and, for dessert, Hershey bars with almonds.
After we got back home and everyone had gotten their bellies full, I then turned off the TV and convened the children for a meeting.
“We’re going to take a vote,” I said. “Who’s the best dad in the whole world?”
“You are,” the kids muttered.
“I can’t hear you.”
“You are!” they shouted.
“That’s more like it,” I said, before proceeding to tell them that they were to wash the dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The editor speaks

Vivian Paige, the Virginia editor for Blognetnews, adds her information on the suspension of the website.
She likes using Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll for her information. I'll add him to my sidebar, even though I'm not included on the blogroll.

The dollar - until Congress takes it away

Jamey Johnson's video "The Dollar" just appeared on TV.
It's worth a look, until the taxman takes your last dollar.

Elite, but not bright

Dan Riehl continues his crusade against the Washington establishment, thanks to some new polling.
The numbers confirm just about every suspicion about DC discussed regularly across the Right-side blogs. It also suggests Americans want the government to shift Right from where it is today. But not even the Republican elites get that. It's a very good rationale for throwing out more establishment politicians as we go forward. The current crop is out of touch and to the Left of where the country would seem to prefer that they be.

Irish eyes aren't smiling

The Other McCain posts about the Irish debt problem.
I guess we just keep hanging on, hoping for the best.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great quote

Troglopundit posted a link to The Observatorium.
I like his quote on the header.
"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." C. S. Lewis

Man of the people - the rich people

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the life of the rich and famous president and his liberal friends.
And offers a word of warning.
Obama had better get the populist photo-ops down a lot better, since his calls to soak the rich from the 18th hole or the coastal vacation home look increasingly ridiculous.

Missing my Blognet News ranking

Every Sunday morning, I liked to check on the Blognetnews influence index to see where I stood that week. I didn't know how the numbers came about, but they were interesting to see. I made number two in Virginia a few times, but never number one for the week.
SWACgirl noticed Blognetnews was offline, and Citizen Tom has a roundup of reaction.
I guess if you want to disappear from the blogosphere, the dog days of summer are a good time to do it. But now bloggers in all 50 states are wondering what happened, if Blognetnews will resume and what we'll do under either scenario.
Until then, make sure to catch the Old Dominion Blog Aggregator that Tom White has set up.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If it's new, let's try it

Blogger has added some new template choices. SWACgirl updated her site, so I decided to try some changes. I'll probably do some tweaks over the next few days.

Roller coaster of profit

Ever buy a picture of yourself at the amusement park? They offer them at the entrance, on big rides and wherever else they can. Especially our friends at Disney.
A California study shows parks could increase their profits by giving riders the option of paying what they want, with half of that money going to charity.
Maybe we shouldn't be giving Disney any more ideas how to make more money.

Camping out

I just checked Facebook, and found two friends talking about Boy Scout camp ending.
One was Yankee Phil, for those wondering where his Rule 5 posts were this week.
Another is a friend from college in Maryland, happy her son is home.
Don't know if they went to the same camp, but the facebook posts were together.

A mid-summer's political outlook

NRO's Campaign Spot looks at the good and bad in the 2010 election outlook during the dog days of summer.
While the beach is hot, politics is not. Words to remember.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Spreading the love

Mind Numbed Robot is running an interesting experiment - writing short stories that include names of the blog on his blogroll - and the links too.
He's named a lot of blogs in two impressive installments.
UPDATE: The Robot picked up Fishersville Mike and Yankee Phil in the final installment. Read to find us.

No pictures, no news?

Rich Lowry wonders how quickly the BP spill will drop from the news now that the cap is holding.
Boring pictures from underwater may be enough for the cable crews to move along.

Before the weekend starts

Instapundit runs down the financial news to give you sleepless nights this weekend.
When debt flies off the charts
A look at the Dodd-Frank bill
Visions of the Japanese Nightmare
How to tell a nation is at risk
All posted within 30 minutes Friday morning. Is the Professor trying to teach a lesson?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughts on Paul (the apostle)

Little Miss Attila branches out and looks at the issue of Paul and women.

Obama Trails Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Ties Palin. No, Really.

Obama Trails Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Ties Palin. No, Really.
I like Campaign Spot's look at the latest polling numbers.
I suspect Obama’s 2012 standing will be more similar to his standing in 2010 than to 2008′s euphoria. Obama’s 2008 bid and his early popularity were based on what he would do, on promises, on a vision, on potential. His standing today is based on what he has done as president. The perception of Obama won’t change until the reality of what Obama is delivering changes.
In light of this, if Obama delivers a circumstance where Americans feel good about the state of the country, he’ll probably beat any of the above names. If he doesn’t, he’ll probably lose to any of them, even Jan Brewer.

Doom, doom, doom

Monty at Ace of Spades rounds up the financial news.
Read, then go back to bed and hide under the covers.

I want my way.... NOW!

Drudge Report had the story about unhappy Europeans. And I couldn't resist the photo.

Change the people

Jonah Goldberg looks at the latest Democratic lament.
Donald Rumsfeld said you go to war with the army you have. You govern with country with the people you have, not the people you wish you had.
The people you have are primed for November. Anc change.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's the next webcam?

When the BP Oil Spill is finally capped, what webcam will TV and cable people show next?
How about the BS Spill from Obama and friends?
It's toxic. It's never-ending. It's destroying the economy.
And it's not underwater.

Bet we'll read lots more about this today

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, together again.
You can almost smell the brain cells smoking in some heads. Since those heads have so few brain cells, there's more oxygen to start a fire.
DaTech Guy and others will be watching this interest.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Didn't they say the same thing last July?

Blue Virginia has a post trying to buck up the spirit of Democrats - we aren't going to get killed in November.
One of the commenters ends a thought with "End the Cuccinsanity." Proof that Republicans have won in the Obama era.
For Democrats, it's doom and gloom before voters lower the boom.

Darn, Troglopundit's right

Troglopundit looks at President Obama's poor numbers. Right about where Trog thought he would be.

Welcome, Chick-fil-A

SWACgirl has the info on Chick-fil-A opening in Waynesboro Thursday morning.
My family's history with the company goes back almost 30 years. My middle brother worked there at the end of high school/beginning of college. I remember visiting him as he showed customers about chicken nuggets.
He would say Chick-fil-A used real chicken for their nuggets. McDonalds? He brought out the rubber chicken.
When I lived in Bluefield, WV, the local franchisee attended our church and Bible study. The finger food at our wedding reception - Chick-fil-A nuggets and assorted treats.
Looking forward to new memories here off Exit 94.

All-Star memories

You'll probably see this highlight from the 1993 All-Star game of John Kruk facing Randy Johnson.
My parents watched the game from the box seats behind the American League dugout, so they are somewhere in the background of the clip.
And a reminder. Kids who are 13-years-old have never lived in a world where the National League has won an All-Star game. It's all AL wins and the one tie since the last NL win in 1996.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Can you survive the Steyn hiatus?

Closet Conservative is pining for something to comment about from Mark Steyn.
Does anyone else feel the massive, weird absence in the blogosphere?
It's kind of not as fun without Teh Steyn around.
One of the most fun things each morning for me is checking various web sites, news and otherwise and finding the good, the bad and the disgusting stories and then seeing which of my local, national and international partners-in-hate and crime have found them, posted them, and commented on them.
Never mind the laughs that ensue when there is something truly outrageous said or posted by a hemp-wearing, jihadi-sympathizing lefty (etc..fill in your archetypes) and the reaction from people like Mark Steyn.
Don't worry, he'll be back. Or else we'll have to practice his accent in attempting to take his place.

Something old, something new

The Speculist brings you a link to the USB typewriter.
Okay, who still has a typewriter hanging around the house. Besides you, mom.

There's a Facebook page for that

How specific is your Facebook? There is a page for yard sales in Augusta County. Several people posted theirs for last weekend, and there's one in Stuarts Draft on July 31.
And the newspapers cry, ughhh.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Despair never felt so good

Big Journalism collects the latest examples of unhappy Progressives. Reading it is a great way to start the week.

Your bridal update

The Other McCain, proud papa of the bride, shows off wedding photos and videos of his oldest daughter.
One kid down, five more to go.

Signs of the time

Grandpa John lets everyone know the signs outside his house.
I'm not getting any closer.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who's sane? Not him

The Other McCain joins those wondering what President Obama means - Israelis are suspicious of him because of his middle name Hussein.
How about, they want to live? Live in peace?
It's not very peaceful seeing Iran working on a bomb and ways to deliver it.
It's not very peaceful to see different American attitudes toward them.
The middle name is the last of their concerns.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grab a margarita and enjoy

Slublog at Ace of Spades has the Jimmy Buffett parody.

In the mail today

Today's mail run included a nice postcard from Books a Million.
Advertising a big sale.
A one-day sale.
On June 26.
Missed it by two weeks, guys.
This post is more helpful for Books a Million than when they mailed.

Bad news for your man

A look at unemployment numbers shows more men out there looking.
h/t Instapundit

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron James - Tea Partier?

Why did LeBron James sign with the Miami Heat? Could it be the income taxes? There's none in Florida.
Don Surber asks. Rush Limbaugh could give you the easy answer.

Baseball? Anybody for baseball?

It's a few days from the Major League All-Star game. The midway point of the season. All other major team sports are in their offseason.
And yet, all we hear about on ESPN is LeBron James. It's worse than those horns at the World Cup.

Pessimists and terrorists

Instapundit runs a lengthy excerpt on Matt Ridley's article on pessimists.
Rest the whole thing, of course, but what keeps the pessimists going? Like terrorists, they only have to be right once.
We can foil terrorists thousands of times, put many in jail, and they can still claim success with one bombing or other attack.
If you claim the world is going to fall apart, eventually you will be right. As long as we don't fight to keep it together.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Behold, the power of George W. Bush

So the Gulf oil spill is George W. Bush's fault?
Everything that's gone wrong in the past 18 months has been blamed on him. Add that to his eight years in office, and George W. Bush will soon catch FDR - the longest run as the most powerful man in the United States.
That will be true if President Obama runs against Bush in his 2012 re-election campaign. And it's not much of a stretch to think he'll do it.

Who ya got? Dutch or Spain

No Latin American teams.
No big underdogs.
Who to root for on Sunday?
I pick Brazil to win on its home turf in 2012.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remembering Zero Hour

In honoring Dan Riehl's prodigious posting - 15,000 posts so far - the Other McCain mentions zero hour.
Time to pull out of the archives from last July, my parody of Midnight Hour "Zero Hour."

Don't wanna see another zero hour
That's when my traffic goes tumbling down
Can't handle another zero hour
When there's no one on my blog
I'm gonna find pretty girls and post them
Link across the blogosphere
To fight zero hour
Yes I will
Ooh, yes I will

One more thing I just want to say right here
I'm gonna find photos of the stars
And put them on my blog
Not gonna see another zero hour
I want my Sitemeter to really shine
It's pretty girls you know
That make the traffic flow
And no more zero hour
Oh no, no more zero hour
Alright, post another pix for me
***horn solo***

Fighting hard to stop zero hour
Won't see my traffic tumbling down
Keep away, keep away zero hour
I really want my blog to shine
With you I'll fly, pretty baby
With you I'll fly
Posting your pix baby, with you I'll fly
I'm gonna post you, right now

Five guys for every job

Bad news for those seeking employment. For every job vacancy, there are five people looking to fill it.
It will be quite a while until there's a "Five guys for every job" song for Jan and Dean or someone else to sing.

Ideas for Twaitors

Iowahawk collects the best ideas to destroy the country - at least the liberal side.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Marketing opportunity

Doug Ross offers a sure-fire opportunity for the savvy investor.

Birthday boy

The oldest turns 13 today. More fun in the Fishersville Mike household.

Long time for 1st appearance

Arthur Rhodes made the National League all-star squad as a reserve. How long has he been a pro?
He joined the Bluefield Orioles four games into the 1988 season, my first season covering the squad. I covered the team for seven seasons, and moved to central Virginia 15 years ago this month. Most members of the 2010 Bluefield Orioles weren't born when Rhodes made his pro debut.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Activism matters

Instapundit offers his thoughts on the path of gun control and a lesson for the Tea Party movement.

Saturday, July 3, 2010