Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remembering Zero Hour

In honoring Dan Riehl's prodigious posting - 15,000 posts so far - the Other McCain mentions zero hour.
Time to pull out of the archives from last July, my parody of Midnight Hour "Zero Hour."

Don't wanna see another zero hour
That's when my traffic goes tumbling down
Can't handle another zero hour
When there's no one on my blog
I'm gonna find pretty girls and post them
Link across the blogosphere
To fight zero hour
Yes I will
Ooh, yes I will

One more thing I just want to say right here
I'm gonna find photos of the stars
And put them on my blog
Not gonna see another zero hour
I want my Sitemeter to really shine
It's pretty girls you know
That make the traffic flow
And no more zero hour
Oh no, no more zero hour
Alright, post another pix for me
***horn solo***

Fighting hard to stop zero hour
Won't see my traffic tumbling down
Keep away, keep away zero hour
I really want my blog to shine
With you I'll fly, pretty baby
With you I'll fly
Posting your pix baby, with you I'll fly
I'm gonna post you, right now

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