Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's your answer

Blue Virginia throws up his own strawmen and says there aren't any good arguments against health care reform.
How about this:
Our health care situation is the results of problems caused both by government and the free market. The government solutions in this bill will not fix the problem, and will probably prevent the free market from finding a solution before it's too late. And likely cause more problems for all Americans.

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Citizen Tom said...

Of course it will not work. The main reason, however, is that it is blatantly dishonest. What is wrong with just calling Liberal Democrat "health care reform" unconstitutional and therefore unlawful? Because Lowell cites another Liberal Democrat?

"They cite the justices' very broad reading since the New Deal of Congress's powers to regulate interstate commerce and to tax and spend."

Why do we need these experts? Is there some reason why we cannot read the Constitution ourselves? Just go look at article 1, section 8, clause 3. What was the purpose of the interstate commerce clause? Was it to regulate commerce between the states or within a state? Now ask a question. How much medical care takes place across state borders?

Unfortunately, too many Liberal Democrat judges believe in a "living" Constitution. The problem with Liberal Democrats is that they are so ignorant -- so poorly educated -- they do not understand the value of the Constitution. So they treat the document as of no importance. Instead of protecting the document -- and thereby protecting their rights -- they have enthusiastically help twist the document into a knotted, meaningless mess. I guess they think everything that comes from Uncle is "free."