Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Obama announcement help Bolling in 2013?

The waters offshore Virginia can be opened to exploration for oil and natural gas. Does this help Lt. Governor Bill Bolling if he runs for governor in 2013?
I've figured the focus on offshore oil was always a win-win for Republicans. It shows you're looking for ways to bring jobs to the state. And any holdups would likely come from Washington, making it easier to run against Washington and Democratic bureaucrats who are holding up progress.
Now, President Obama appears to have given his blessing. Whether it's just a "Stall, baby, stall" plot to woo Independents, people will remember he approved a plan.
If it stalls in court or in the bowels of a federal department, it becomes much easier for Bolling to run against Democrats in 2013. He can honestly say "Republicans had a plan. Democrats blocked it. Things could have been better if our plan could have proceded."
Good economy or bad in 2013, Republicans have a stronger hand thanks to the President's announcement.

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