Friday, March 26, 2010

Obamacare pain

I wonder when someone will start a blog or website with all the examples of pain caused by the Obama health care reform.
It would be a collection of
  • Companies who note added charges to budget projections
  • Companies that close or may have to close
  • Jobs lost from "closed loopholes"
  • States that cut programs or raise taxes to pay for unfunded mandates.
  • Stories of people who have lost their job after the bill was signed.
I'm sure the Tea Party Express guys could do a good job. Maybe a clock like the deficit clock.
I'll sure they'll get on it, once they get out of Las Vegas.


smitty1e said...


robot said...

I'm not sure one person could keep up. I think you would need a team of Smittys and a super computer to parse that much data. - Just sayin' :)