Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I spent my Saturday

MASN, the Orioles' broadcaster, awarded four fans the chance to meet the broadcast team and try our hands at announcing Saturday's game (nothing for real broadcast). I'm on the far left with fellow campers, Buck Martinez and Gary Thorne on MASN salmon-colored shirt day. Eat your hearts out, baseball and ice hockey fans.

Honeysuckle twilight

The fragrant smell of honeysuckle filled the air on this last evening in May. It's almost summer in SWACgirl's Valley.

Quote of the day

Smitty posts a compilation of Budweiser Frog and Frog vs. Lizard commercials. My favorite quote:
Never hire a ferret to do a weasel's job.

Camden crazies

Just got back from Camden Yards, where I got to hang out next to the MASN broadcast booth for the Orioles' game with the Tigers. (I signed up for a MASN blog last summer and got tickets for the game).
Before the game, we got a tour of MASN's offices in the warehouse behind right field. The receptionist has a view of the ballfield from her office. The web team has a view of the ballfield from their office. The men's bathroom has a window with a view of the ballfield - closer to the sink than other bathroom fixtures. Wash your hands and watch batting practice.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Is She Wise Er?

Last night, I was thinking about the Wise Latina comment. So, she thinks she's wiser than the old white guys?
And the Budweiser frogs from the mid 90s popped into my mind.
I fired off a quick email to Carol at No Sheeples Here with my idea, and here it is. Obama's toadies may think she's wise er. Friday, they say her choice of words was poor. I think the American people are wise er.

UPDATE: We've caught the eye of Skepticrats, The Other McCain and Ed Driscoll from Pajamas Media. Thanks.
UPDATE 2: Also mentioned in the Sunday Funnies at Paco Enterprises.
UPDATE 3: Troglopundit says he likes the graphic in his Sunday roundup.

Is Virginia Dems' best hope?

The Other McCain links polling data out of New Jersey, where both Republican candidates lead incumbent Jon Corzine.
Bob McDonnell continues to lead all three Democrats in the Virginia governor's race. If both parties with primaries join together to support the nominees, then Corzine could be in a world of hurt. McDonnell knows he's got a good battle, but it's always good to lead.

A question

The Real Bob McDonnell website still has Jeff Frederick on the far right side of it's "Friends of Bob" header.
Will he remain through the weekend?
Will the new RPV chair replace him?
Will a picture of a conservative blogger take his place?
Can't they hire an unemployed Virginian to update the photo?

Behind DealerGate

The Other McCain looks at MSM indifference to the questions about why certain Chrysler dealers got the axe, and riffs off to indifference by the Republican leadership towards those working hard to push an aggressive message.

Bacon, bacon, bacon

Instapundit keeps us up-to-date on the latest in bacon flavorings.
Hey, Father's Day is coming up soon.

Weekend watchdog

It’s a sad weekend in NASCAR-land. It’s the final race FOX will be covering this season.
It’s the last time to hear Darrell Waltrip say “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, let’s go racing boys” for eight months.
Sure, the season continues on TNT, ESPN and ABC. But Digger and his friends will hibernate until next year at Daytona, so catch them Sunday afternoon from Dover’s Monster Mile.
Yours truly won a visit to the MASN TV booth for Saturday’s Orioles game against the Tigers. The game will be shown on MASN2, while the Nationals play at Philadelphia this weekend on MASN.
Saturday on Fox, most of the nation will get to see the Dodgers at the Cubs. To the south of Fishersville, the Roanoke TV market is scheduled to watch the Braves and Diamondbacks. Thanks to to finding a map with the Fox scheduled games this week.
Need more baseball? ESPN’s Sunday game is Dodgers at Cubs, while TBS has Yankees at Indians Sunday afternoon. Those lucky enough to have MLB Network can see Phillies at Giants Saturday night.
The NHL has reached its final two, and it’s the same as last year. NBC has the first two games between Detroit and Pittsburgh this weekend, and the action moves to Versus Tuesday and Thursday.
Will the NBA get its hoped-for matchup, the Lakers vs. Cleveland? The Lakers can advance Friday at Denver, and have Game 7 at home Sunday if necessary. LeBron and the Cavs need to win Saturday at Orlando to return the series to Cleveland Monday.
The first week of the French Open concludes with third and fourth round action. NBC has taped coverage of action Saturday and Sunday afternoon, while ESPN has the weekday coverage.
And if you have ESPNU as part of your TV package, you can see Virginia open play in the NCAA tournament.
UPDATE: The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting Comcast SportsNet will broadcast Friday night's UVa game.
And this column makes its debut at this week.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sotomayor is smarter than...

Here's the now famous quote from Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor:
“I would hope that a wise Latina woman, with the richness of her experiences, would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Let's help out the Obama administration. Can you name some white males that she is wiser than? I'll start the list.
1. Joe Biden
2. Robert Gibbs
3. Barney Frank
4. John Murtha
5. John Kerry
Feel free to add your own to the list.

Have fun in Richmond

While many of our fellow bloggers will be in Richmond (and others will be waiting to see if Jeff Frederick comes out and there's six months of strife), I'm heading to Camden Yards Saturday. I won a contest on MASN and will get to hang out in the broadcast booth before and during the game with the Tigers.
While you're listening to Sean Hannity, I'll be watching new catcher and hopefully heavy-hitter Matt Wieters.
You'll be with 10,000 excited Republicans. I hope there's more than 10,000 people at Camden Yards Saturday.
You'll be with a team looking for its first win in the gubernatorial race since 1997. I'll be with a team that hasn't had a winning record since 1997.
At least the Republicans have a better chance to beat the Yankees (McAuliffe and Moran) than the Orioles do now.

Margaret Thatcher's quote updated

This quote has gotten plenty of play recently - "The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."
How about "The trouble with Obama's economic policies is that eventually the Chinese will run out of patience."

Clear-cutting marriage

Pundit and Pundette takes a whack at a proposal to replace marriage with a neutral "civil license."
It's a proposal akin to clear-cutting the Redwood forests of California. They're old, they're in the way, let's get rid of them.
Many of us honor and respect our ancestors. Traditional marriage is part of the world in which they worked and sacrificed to give us the life we have today. We are defending the honor of our ancestors when we defend marriage.
If you think the world begins and ends with you, you can wail against the unfairness of how life is. Sorry, but if you're gay, you come from a long, long line of heterosexuals. You can't deny your ancestry.
You can rev up the chain saws all you want. Power up the bulldozers to tear down the old. We'll be standing and fighting.

Quote of the day

Some people get too dependent on their technology. Like Troglopundit.
I’m tellin’ ya, the day Skynet becomes self-aware is the day I begin to starve because I can’t do a damn thing for myself.

Sotomayor and me

Instapundit links an NPR report on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor and her role in the 1994-95 baseball strike.
Turns out she was the inspiration for one of my favorite column headlines.
"Injunction Junction, what's your Function?"

Augusta Marketplace

The Augusta County Board of Supervisors approved going ahead with the large Augusta Marketplace development at Wednesday's meeting.
As a resident, I'm not sure the county can support this development and what's going on in Waynesboro. But as a former I-81 traveler, it would catch my eye.
From 1987 to 1995, I drove I-81 back and forth on visits between Bluefield and my parents' home in Baltimore. When I drove past exit 225, I knew I was halfway there.
But I rarely remember stopping in Staunton for food or gas. I stopped in Woodstock a lot on the south-bound trip, and often hit Harrisonburg going north-bound. Sometimes I would exit on exit 150 in Roanoke, but usually I stuck to the road through Rockbridge and Augusta Counties. I knew Staunton was there, but prior to 1995 nothing jumped out at me to get me to stop.
I-81 is definitely a pretty drive, and a development behind the big hotels won't change my impression as a through traveler.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They're onto something

One of our Augusta County banks advertises on its sign that it has not taken federal bailout funds. I wondered if that was a big deal for some customers.
Then I check Don Surber's blog, and he posts how people would rather buy a Ford since they are not being bailed out. Guess there is a market there for companies not tangled up with the government.

New (invisible) majority

The Other McCain has been whacking Tucker Carlson's new web venture pretty well. It got me wondering how another web venture is doing, David Frum's New Majority. I signed up before he started, checked it a few times and moved on.
Riehl World View has been wondering too. Especially when he featured a guest post by Mark Levin and Frum blasted that. Unfortunately, Riehl needed a magnifying glass to see the few visitors New Majority sent his way.
Looking at the New Majority page today, there's lots of posts from Frum and very little else. I wonder what it's traffic numbers are in its first four months. Is it gaining readers or will I be passing it on the way up?

Idol aftermath

Vivian Paige catches up with the continuing story of last week's American Idol finale. Did AT&T help Kris Allen win? The New York Times has the info on two Arkansas parties where additional votes may have been cast.
Now, the number of votes for the finale was about 12 million more than the previous week - a jump but not extraordinary. Allen was also the favorite on TV guide's website poll and had an edge in phone votes tracked by
I'd say Allen won fair and square, but I doubt the questions will die.

Something to watch

Is there a political component in which Chrysler and GM dealerships are slated to be closed? That's a question bubbling up on the internet, and several bloggers are on the case. Michelle Malkin added a status report Wednesday morning, after she posted Tuesday not to rashly jump to conclusions.
Doug Ross at Journal had the first post on the topic that I saw. He listed several dealerships on the cutting block and their giving to Republicans or Democrats not named Barack Obama.
Obviously, car dealers are important businessmen in their community. Those are the people who are also interested in politics, and established politicians would likely be courting them for donations.
It's something to watch.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 400 million, Instapundit

Sometime Wednesday, Instapundit's sitemeter reading will flip over 400 million. Wow. In about 15 minutes, he gets as many hits as I've gotten in six months.
So, what will he do to celebrate this milestone?
A nice walk around the Tennessee campus?
Checking out the Blu-Ray deals?
Catching up on the latest space and technology news?
One thing for sure. There won’t be a congratulatory letter from Senator Chris Dodd.

Elvis' thoughts on China

Instapundit and Don Surber (Thanks for the link) both mentioned this Financial Times story about China being "caught in a trap."
"Caught in a trap." I hear a song parody coming on, thanks to Elvis.

We’re caught in a trap
We can’t get out
Because you spend way too much money

Why can’t you see
How worthless bonds will be?
When you don’t control your spending?

We can’t go on together
With deficit spending (deficit spending)
And we can’t build a future
On this pile of debt

So, old friend, I know
When I drop by to buy gold
Will there be suspicions on your eyes?

Here we go again
Asking for more credit
You can’t see these bills are real
I’m holding (bills I'm holding)

We can’t go on together
With deficit spending
And we can’t build a future
On this pile of debt

Oh can the world survive
Or pay the debts that you’ve got
Let’s not make our children cry
When Obama, you know
I can’t bail you out
Mmm, yeah, yeah

We’re caught in a trap
We can’t get out
Because you spend way too much money

Why can’t you see
How worthless bonds will be?
When you don’t control your spending?

And here's the inspiration.

Gift idea for Kim Jong-il

When the Obama administration meets with anyone from North Korea, here's the gift idea.
A t-shirt for Kim Jong-il...
with the slogan...
"My people need food and all they got with an atomic test blast."

Better gift idea than an IPod for the Queen or DVDs for the British prime minister.

Pelosi cried, are Dems fried?

Pajamas Media looks at whether Democrats can hold together Nancy Pelosi's story about not knowing about waterboarding, or not acting to stop waterboarding, or just being a politician instead of a deep thinker.

What politics is like

The Other McCain's column is up on the blood-sport of politics.
"Turn the other cheek" is an excellent moral principle, but it doesn't work in politics any better than it works in saloon brawls.
The last half of this Toby Keith video gives the visual. This ain't no fancy cocktail party or tea party, but a war.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I can't wait

The Other McCain teases a column he's working on.
When you begin a bar fight by slamming a barstool into the back of a guy’s head, the Marquis of Queensbury rules do not apply. If your opponent responds by ripping open your carotid artery with the jagged edge of a broken beer bottle, whose fault is that?
Can't wait to read the rest.

Obama by the numbers

Victor Davis Hanson breaks down the President's speeches into their basic components
1. Look what a mess I inherited
2. The straw man argument. (are you going to stop shooting puppies for target practice?)
3. Look how different I am. Follow me to our new world.
Don't really need speechwriters when it's all just cut and paste.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trace Adkins sings

A solemn song for Memorial Day - Arlington.

Remembering on Memorial Day

The Washington Times posts a link to search the names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. My wife's uncle is on the wall, died in 1971 after only a month in country.

Cool kid vs. the nerd

I caught a snippet of Meet the Press, where they were talking about the dueling speeches by President Obama and former Vice President Cheney Thursday.
They said the public agrees with Cheney's positions in polling, but he polls poorly.
So instead of arguing substance, the fight seems to be "You don't want to think like that. He's a nerd. Think like the cool kids think."
How long can a presidency by peer pressure last?

This probably won't help

Via Little Miss Attila, here's a site with an interesting idea for the Gitmo prisoners.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a savvy bid to empty the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the U.S. government is offering a free pen to every country that accepts a terrorist. Said Defense Department spokesperson Bill Haskitt, "These are blue, medium point, uni-ball pens made of durable plastic. Every nation that takes a terrorist will get one. Accept two, get two pens, that's how win-win it is."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not the finest whine

It's interesting how the American Idol finale became a battle between political sides. Big Hollywood has a wrap-up.

For those on Facebook

Legal Insurrection offers links to a pair of facebook pages - one urging Dick Cheney to shut up and one urging him to keep talking.
Guess which one I joined.

Update your bookmarks

YankeePhilip is now YankeePhil.
And FishersvillePhil is still available.

Baltimore's pension woes

Instapundit links a column by Baltimore radio talker Ron Smith about public pensions and the lack of reforms. How long can public pension plans ask people with lesser pension plans to give more to them? Just because a politician promised it doesn't mean the taxpayer will always pay for it.

Lessons from 1977

The Weekly Standard's cover story this week describes Ronald Reagan's work in the first two years of the Carter administration setting the stage for his victory in 1980.
Lots of good lessons here. Who's going to read and learn?

Steyn reads the paper

Mark Steyn checks out a local Vermont newspaper and sees all the opportunities for community organizers.
May the Funds be with you.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Deeds endorsement - why today?

Everyone is buzzing about the Washington Post endorsing Creigh Deeds in the Democratic primary. But why is the editorial in today's paper?
Everyone knows the best way to bury news in Washington is to release it on Friday afternoon. Especially Friday before a holiday weekend. Most of Washington thinks about traffic on the Bay Bridge or I-95 to New York on the first Friday of the summer season.
It's good for Deeds to get the endorsement, but it could have had more power coming out next Tuesday when the world returns to work. Could have been written the same time as today's endorsement. Most editorial pages are done early so that group of writers can enjoy the weekend.
Let's see how much buzz the endorsement has for Deeds on Tuesday.

Status quo that has to go

Via Instapundit, the editorial from the San Diego Union-Tribune. After giving a good list of bad government decisions, they say
We could go on, but our point is clear: It is absurd for any pundit or politician to blame voters for the budget disaster. And it's a canard that gets in the way of a constructive response to the crisis.

Weekend watchdog

As a kid growing up in the 70s, I always remember the Indianapolis 500 being a big deal. Even though it was on tape-delay for Sunday night broadcast before going live in 1986. Yes, kids, it's true.
I remember Lloyd Ruby, the hard-luck loser of several races in the 60s.There was A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, the Unser brothers and ABC’s famous broadcasters. Now, it’s hard to know any of the racers besides Danica Patrick. But people will watch and remember their youth Sunday on ABC.
Then, if you haven’t had enough racing, it’s the 50th running of the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte. Fox has the coverage that will go late into the night.
Memorial Day weekend is also time for the NCAA lacrosse championships. The University of Virginia is involved again, and plays Cornell at 2 p.m. Saturday on ESPN2. The winner goes for the championship Monday on ESPN.
Both the NHL and NBA are down to the final four. Detroit and Pittsburgh both lead series 2-0, and hit the road. The Red Wings’ game 3 and 4 are in Chicago, Friday on Versus and Sunday on NBC. The Pens visit Carolina Saturday on Versus for Game 3, then take the holiday off.
The LeBron train hit a bump in game 1 against the Magic, and the Rockets surprised the Lakers Thursday. Cleveland has game 2 tonight and game 3 Sunday on TNT, and the Western Conference moves to Denver with ABC/ESPN on scene.
It’s also time for baseball’s interleague play. ESPN has the Brewers at the Twins Sunday – aren’t you glad it’s not the Yankees or Red Sox? And the Orioles and Nationals face off all weekend on MASN. So one of them will have a winning weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The man can write a headline

The Other McCain highlights several recent blog posts on his right sidebar. He took this post by Clever S. Logan and called it "I want to have Marco Rubio's babies." That gets your attention.
As long as Mrs. Rubio and the four kids don't mind the headline.

Kristol's take

Bill Kristol looks at Obama vs. Cheney on the speech front. Why does he like Cheney better?
Cheney's is the speech of a grownup, of a chief executive, of a statesman. He's sober, realistic and concrete, stands up for his country and its public officials, and has an acute awareness of the consequences of the choices one makes as a public official and a willingness to take responsibility for those choices.
Debate amongst yourselves.

What Idol means? McDonnell wins

So, the talented, over-the-top performer loses to the cookie-cutter, nice Christian guy. American Idol sure sounds like a scenario of the McAuliffe-McDonnell battle for the governor's race.
Blue Virginia asks what it means. He brings up "lingering homophobia" as a possibility, but I doubt that. The voting cohort for American Idol does not fall into the traditional "homophobic" group. I can't see Bubba texting for four hours to make sure the "gay-looking guy" didn't win.
The Idol voters mostly fall within the Obama generation, those under 30. Kris won the "guy I'm comfortable with" vote. Just like Obama did last year. That's a big part of your lesson.
Looking at McDonnell's campaign, that's what he's shooting for also. The liberal bloggers and progressives who think society is moving their way probably won't be pleased. Sorry guys. Remember, there's a large pool of people who don't study the issues like you do. A "cool" McDonnell will beat a "hot" McAuliffe in the likeability race.
At least, after the election, McAuliffe supporters can talk about the better life he will have back on the Washington circuit.

Idol shocker

Rolling Stone's blogger and commenters seem pretty distraught that Kris beat Adam in the finale. I really liked this comment
Almost everyone I know voted for Adam. I have friends in several states and except for 1 or 2 everyone I knew (and their friends from what they told me) voted for Adam.
since it reminded me of this comment, supposedly said in 1972.
"I don't know how Richard Nixon could have won," the late film critic Pauline Kael is said to have observed after the 1972 election. "I don't know anybody who voted for him."
It's a big country people. Lots of people think differently than you do.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Idol chatter

Congrats to Kris Allen for winning American Idol.
Especially after reading Rolling Stone magazine's story on the finale, "Adam Lambert single-handedly saved 'American Idol.'
Then reports were the lowest ratings for a final sing-off in the eight year history. had it pegged. Another Southerner wins American Idol.

Let's send Gitmo prisoners to Yucca Mountain

The Senate has overwhelmingly voted not to spend money relocating Guantanamo prisoners to the U.S. So, what do we do?
Is there an existing area considered safe enough to contain dangerous elements for a long, long time? Yucca Mountain, Nevada, of course.
Terrorists are safer than nuclear waste, right? If the Obama administration doesn't want nuclear waste there, then why not put terrorists there?
How about it, Senator Reid?

California is hosed

Megan McArdle lays the cards on the table. Her closing thoughts -
California will go bankrupt, muni and state debt will spike, the federal government will backstop humanitarian programs and very possibly all state and local debt, and eventually, California will figure out whether it wants higher taxes or lower spending. But we will not actually make the world a better place by enabling the lunatics in Sacramento to pretend they can have both.

Not a good start

With the change of auto standards, I followed links to the BlogProf's thoughts. His first commenter put down the current CAFE numbers, showing Toyota already at the new standard and Honda close.
But I would like a solid link to that number. So up to Yahoo and type in Current CAFE numbers with no quotes. The first link sent me here, on the Department of Transportation website. Clicking around, I found the latest numbers - from 2004. And an annual update from 2003.
Now either Yahoo or the government needs to update that info.

Worst. Headline. Ever.

California's budget initiatives went down in flames Tuesday. And the L.A. Times writes -
California voters exercise their power -- and that's the problem

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Was Iowahawk invited?

Iowahawk's Congressional Motors must be part of the new auto standards, right?

Fly me to the Death Star

Give some people photoshop and they can do anything.
h/t Instapundit.

Previewing Beck's tour

On Glenn Beck's show now, he compared his upcoming tour to a combination of Thomas Paine and Sam Kinison. That's something to see. Maybe a little like this.

Dead men walking

When GM and Chrysler reps walk to the meeting announcing new car standards, will someone be behind them shouting "Dead men walking?"

Californians at the polls

It's Election Day in California. NRO's Campaign Spot passes along this fact from the San Francisco Chronicle.
"Groups backing Props 1A to 1F raising a combined $25.5 million, compared with about $3.1 million for the opposition."
Spending more and losing. Not a vote of confidence.

"Poster child for dysfunction"

Michelle Malkin has the rundown on "California screaming" for a bailout.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Solving two problems at once

Visiting Monday evening, two of the latest three entries deal with cars.
Chrysler has 44,000 cars on the lots of dealers it is dumping.
Toyota has 75,000 orders for the 2010 Prius.
Just ship "Prius" nameplates to Chrysler. It sounds better to say you bought a Prius than a Chrysler.

Atheists: Quit your whining

The L.A. Times publishes a column about atheists, and you can't beat the opening paragraph.
I can't stand atheists -- but it's not because they don't believe in God. It's because they're crashing bores.
And drawing to his conclusion -
What primarily seems to motivate atheists isn't rationalism but anger -- anger that the world isn't perfect, that someone forced them to go to church as children, that the Bible contains apparent contradictions, that human beings can be hypocrites and commit crimes in the name of faith. The vitriol is extraordinary.

MoDo's flub

Maureen Dowd's Sunday column in the New York Times became much more popular when a liberal blogger noticed his words as the next-to-last paragraph.
Josh Marshall said in his blog: “More and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when we were looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of Iraq.”
The 'torture' also occured during the Angels' "Rally Monkey" run to the 2002 World Series title. Is there a connection?
The 18 months between 9-11 and the start of the Iraq war was a time aimed at stopping another attack. Since it took a while for Bin Laden to think up and plan the airplane attacks, it was time to find out what information was out there for something looming.
Not everything is about political justification. Some is about saving lives.

September Tea Party

The Evil Angry People Always Rarely Tolerating You (Tea Party) groups are organizing another gathering for Sept. 12 in Washington. (Isn't that is what Tea Party stands for, according to Keith Olbermann and friends?)
The Other McCain gets the hat tip for the latest update.

Pelosi cried, CIA clarified

Legal Insurrection examines the Nancy Pelosi saga of what she knew and what it means.
The same people who decry the waterboarding of the mastermind of 9/11 are silent when Obama orders missile attacks on Pakistan which inevitably cause civilian casualties. To continue the analogy, in this debate there are many draft evaders and few conscientious objectors.

No joking matter

Glenn Harlan Reynolds takes President Obama to task for joking Wednesday at Arizona State.
Mr. Obama noted that ASU had refused to grant him an honorary degree, citing his lack of experience, and the controversy this had caused. He then demonstrated ASU's point by remarking, "I really thought this was much ado about nothing, but I do think we all learned an important lesson. I learned never again to pick another team over the Sun Devils in my NCAA brackets. . . . President [Michael] Crowe and the Board of Regents will soon learn all about being audited by the IRS."

End of the line

Via Rod Dreher's Crunchy Con blog, here's the story of one of the original Dodge dealerships getting the bad news.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Idol day minus two

The American Idol finalists Adam and Kris will sing their three songs Tuesday night. Sometime after 10 p.m. Wednesday, after two long hours of filler, we'll know the winner.
Will it be Adam, the favorite most of the season, or Kris? Last week, they noted that there was only a difference of a million vote between the top two. Will Danny fans be more likely to vote for Kris or Adam?
Adam has received the praise, but is Kris more mainstream and thus likely to be a bit more popular?
Will the winner be a star or a trivia answer? Have a decent musical career or be a one-hit wonder? Get those dialing fingers limbered up.

Your move, Mrs. Pelosi

NRO's Campaign Spot contacted the Association of Former Intelligence Officers for their take on the Pelosi controversy.
Those CIA officers chosen to brief the Congress, and especially the intelligence committees, are very senior, experienced officers, who well know the reputation and future of the CIA, as well as their own jobs, are on the line should they be perceived as not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Such restrictions, however, do not apply to members of the Congress when they then appear before the public.

Can't stop Dick Cheney

The Weekly Standard is Dick Cheney central this weekend. The blog describes how Cheney is tightening the box around President Obama on the terrorism front, that he's winning against Democrats and should keep it up.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

In honor of Armed Forces Day

It's the third Saturday of May, Armed Forces Day. So enjoy John Michael Montgomery's Letter from Home.

Also from the Other McCain

The Other McCain has started a new blog to protest the National Republican Senatorial Committee's decision to back Charlie Crist in the Florida primary next year. So, do I join the battle?
The Republican party has two wings struggling for control now, and this is another skirmish. You have your establishment and your hard-core conservatives. Both sides believe the other cost them in the past two election cycles, and both believe following their way is the way out for the Republican party.
But neither has the strength to make the other cry "Uncle."
The problem goes back to the 2004 Pennsylvania primary between Arlen Specter and Pat Toomey. The establishment supported Specter and look what it got us - the 60th Democratic senator, who whined that the party pushed out Lincoln Chafee in 2006. Not a great return on investment.
The hard-core conservatives believe "give us a fighting chance and the people will listen." The establishment helps those in their group. NRSC figures it better support Crist, since he could just run for governor again and win.
The establishment sees young people voting Democratic and think they'd better get closer to their concerns. The hard-core conservatives see the bad impacts of taxes and out-of-control spending looming, and wants to be there when today's youth get the bill.
When the youth figure both parties have ruined their future, they will be looking for a choice, not an echo.

Incendiary? Nah.

Friday, my second grade and his class went to the local Boy Scout center for a field trip. They learned about trees, leaves and a little about living in nature.
The scoutmaster showed them how to set up wood and tender to start a fire, depending on where conditions. He also showed them firestarter they use to start a fire when it's really snowy or wet.
Firestarter. That's incendiary. Comments by RPV chair Pat Mullins? Not incendiary. A Republican criticizing a Democrat is normal. Like the sun rises in the East and water is wet.
Nice job trying to fan the flames. You need more than just a spark to get this fire going.

Dick Cheney is Carrie Prejean

Mark Steyn unloads his wisdom in his column and the Hugh Hewitt show from Thursday.
But we don't want to see Cheney in a swimsuit.

Somewhere in Texas...

George W. Bush must look at what's going on now and smile. Commentary Magazine has details.


President Obama used the word "unsustainable" in talking about the country's debt Thursday.
Good thing there's a song parody for the automakers with that title. From my blog in January.

Unsustainable, that's what you are
Unsustainable, you can't sell a car
Like the pile of debt that clings to you
Makes me want to buy a Suburu
Never before has someone been more
Unsustainable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
Thats why, Big Three, its incredible
That someone so unsustainable
Thinks that I am going to pay for you

Here's the inspiration.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Help for free

Augusta Conservative and SWACgirl blog about Augusta County's new position for Economic Development Director. They don't seem to approve. Guess I can't ask them for a reference when I apply for the position.
Economic development for Augusta County should be a piece of cake, even without a full-time director. I can give plenty of reasons to entice businesses to move and stay here. No cost at all.
1. We have mountain views and interstates. How about that?
2. We have Hershey's and Little Debbie's. It's snack food heaven.
3. Close to Charlottesville, but this is Virginia Tech country.
4. All Redskins games on TV.
5. If an asteriod hits earth like in Deep Impact, we'll have oceanfront property.
I know there are plenty more, but I've got to work on my resume.

Commencement at UVa

This weekend, the University of Virginia turns loose its latest group of graduates. If you want to see what's going on, check out the Rotunda Cam.
In years past, I enjoyed checking out the time lapse view from that camera on setup day. Unfortunately, the archives aren't up and running. But some older views can be found here.

Californian to lose crown?

No, not another Carrie Prejean story. Besides, she's staying.
It's San Francisco's own Nancy Pelosi who's in trouble. Powerline has a roundup, as does the Other McCain. The Washington Post also weighs in
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's extraordinary accusation that the Bush administration lied to Congress about the use of harsh interrogation techniques dramatically raised the stakes in the growing debate over the Bush administration's anti-terrorism policies even as it raised some questions about the speaker's credibility.
Obviously, a poll on instapundit attracts a weighted sample, but 96 percent against Pelosi to two percent against the CIA says something.

Weekend watchdog

By Saturday evening, we’ll know if America will care about horse racing the next few weeks. If Mine that Bird wins, there’s a chance at a Triple Crown. He loses, and who really cares who wins the Belmont.
NBC will be on the scene at Pimlico in Baltimore.
Two NBA series will be going to Game 7s on Sunday, with the Lakers hosting the Rockets and the Celtics taking on Orlando in Boston. Denver awaits the West winner, while Cleveland looks forward to the East winner as its next victim.
The Capitals’ loss means you know where to find NHL hockey the rest of the way. It’s either on Versus or NBC. The finals start Sunday, with NBC in Detroit for the Red Wings against the Blackhawks. It's a rematch of the Winter Classic game from New Year's Day, so expect to see highlights from that contest. Besides, it's cool to see ice hockey at Wrigley Field.
The Penguins face Carolina starting Monday, after both upset top seeded teams on the road in Game 7s.
This week’s baseball feature matchup is the Mets at Giants. Fox has coverage Saturday afternoon and ESPN Sunday night. The Orioles are in Kansas City and the Nationals host Phillies on MASN.
NASCAR is at All-Star weekend, with Speed providing the coverage.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bush lied, Pelosi cried

The Perils of Pelosi continue.

Idol surprise

I visit the site, which lets you try to predict the winners of reality TV shows and sporting events. The picks have to be made months ahead, so there's lots of luck involved in winning.
Of the 43 entrants guessing the finalists of American Idol, no one picked Kris. Eight picked Danny and Adam with Adam winning, and those eight will be declared contest winners next week. Nine others picked Danny and Adam in the final with Danny winning.

Abortion kills health care reform

Glenn Beck started Thursday's show by seeking pro-choice callers to explain their views. He tried not to argue; he wanted to understand.
A caller in the first half-hour mentioned the decision should be between the doctor and the woman. Thus, the government should not dictate.
Now, let's add the health care reform plans to our thought processes. We need to save money, so let's get the government involved. Will the decision be between a patient and doctor?

New Promise Keepers

You may remember PromiseKeepers from the 1990s - they held gatherings of Christian men in stadiums around the country. They are still around, with a big event planned for Colorado this summer.
Who do I call the New Promise Keepers. All children in every school in the country. They will be called on to keep promises made by politicians of current day and years past. Promises to pay social security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and other benefits. Promises the politicians should have backed with savings, but instead they spent. Making promises for votes, because "A penny saved is a vote lost" in the world of politics.
Megan McArdle has a take on the latest reports on the health of our entitlement programs. So you students who heard President Obama at Arizona State last night, get a job. Work hard. You've got the promises of politicians to keep.

Piled high and Deep

Among the casualities of the economic slowdown is Ph.D. programs at universities across the country. Fewer students are being admitted to programs, as they are learning to live with economic realities. A professor in Chicago is quoted -
"the number of positions available for people having a Ph.D. is also decreasing; it makes some sense not to train too many of them, for a few years at least."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry, Brian

On March 27, I posted Virginia Idol, breaking down American Idol and the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary.
Sorry Brian Moran, but Danny Gokey finished third. Kris Allen represents all the rest (Creigh Deeds) in the final. Will Adam (Terry) win?

Makes you feel good

Reading Commentary Magazine's blog Contentions, they post reactions to the President's decision not to release photos of "torture."
They pass along a snapshot from the famed "Beagle Blogger."
From extending and deepening the war in Afghanistan, to suppressing evidence of rampant and widespread abuse and torture of prisoners under Bush, to thuggishly threatening the British with intelligence cut-off if they reveal the brutal torture inflicted on Binyam Mohamed, Obama now has new cheer-leaders: Bill Kristol, Michael Goldfarb and Max Boot. Yep: that’s why he was elected — to continue, deepen and protect the legacy of George W. Bush.
Sounds like he's being tortured.

T-Mac moneybags

There’s a theme in the Democratic primary that’s been nagging me. It’s the idea that with Terry McAuliffe at the top of the ticket, there will be more money available for delegate candidates. If the Democrats can flip enough seats, they can have the majority in the House of Delegates.
So if McAuliffe loses the primary, that would mean there will be less money available. Why? Is McAuliffe not going to work hard fundraising for Moran or Deeds? Is he not going to be as persuasive with his friends to help fund Democratic campaigns if he’s not on the ticket? Is he going to steer Bill Clinton away from Virginia in the fall? Are people giving money to help McAuliffe or help Virginia?
That makes him sound even more mercenary - he’s just in this for himself. If he’s not the nominee, then he’ll take his friends and stay away. No money for you, Virginia Democrats.
Sorry guys, but the Democratic pot of money this election cycle will be the same, whoever the nominee is. McAuliffe has access to money, and I’m sure he’ll help nominee Moran or Deeds and all the delegates. I’m sure he’ll work as hard as he expects Moran and Deeds to work for him.
Obviously, politicians don’t like to talk about what happens if they lose. But it sure would be nice for McAuliffe to state his fundraising prowess will be available for Moran or Deeds if they win the Democratic nomination.

He could do worse

Jules Crittenden offers his thoughts on the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy. His case for the Donald as the Justice.
The guy’s like freakin’ Solomon. OK, sort of a low-budget, Cheese Whiz, weird combover Solomon with an eye for nautch girls. He couldn’t possibly be worse than anyone else Obama will nominate. And as this sage decision shows, he’s a uniter, finding what we have in common, splitting the baby without axing the babe.

Is it Adam vs. Danny?

Most of this American Idol season, it's looked like Adam and Danny would be the two finalists. Tonight we find out. has Adam first, Kris second and Danny third in tracking busy signals, but all numbers are within the margin of error - all three could be first or last. hopes to push Danny to the final.

David Shuster needs to read the rules

Checking out National Review's Media blog, I found this tweet from David Shuster.
Can't we just do away with these stupid beauty pageants? I'm anchoring 11am - 1pm today and sitting in for CM on Hardball tonight at 5p/7p.
Guess he hasn't heard about the rules. Pretty girls draw an audience. Having an audience draws advertisers. Advertisers pay money for commercials. The money pays to keep David Shuster in snacks and hair gel.
Any questions?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New on the net

Some familiar faces have started a new politically focused blog, StrictlyVa. I've added it to my blog list on the sidebar.

Watching your headlines

Smash Mouth Politics comments on a headline he saw on the blognetnews feed. I see a headline "Jeff Frederick on Ritalin" and think somebody's breaking patient/doctor confidentiality. You can't have healthcare reform with those kind of headlines.
And there probably isn't a medication strong enough to settle down some Democrats to make them respectable.

Watch California

Next Tuesday, Californians will go to the polls to try and fix the state's budget problems. Hugh Hewitt thinks this time, the voters will say no to more taxes. And no amount of crying wolf seems to be working for the state.
"Shrill" doesn't begin to describe the campaign designed to stampede the Golden State electorate. The latest ad has a weary, soot-covered fire-fighter urging a yes vote on the tax hike. The message is clear: Vote no and your homes will burn down.
Guess the voters will take their chances with the wolf.

h/t From On High blog.

Carrie Prejean keeps her crown

Donald Trump and Carrie Prejean just held their press conference, and she will stay Miss California USA.
In her statement, she told about her grandfather fighting with General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge. That will teach you fighting spirit.

Be still, my heart

Tough night on the TV, watching 24 and trying to follow the Caps' game. It's 2-2 when the show begins.
Commercial break, and it's 3-2 Penguins.
Next commercial break, it's 4-3 Caps. How did that happen?
Then it's 4-4 and going to overtime. The bioweapon on 24 has been dealt with. What are they going to do the last two hours.
24 ends and the Caps are celebrating. I hope they don't play next Monday. It's the two-hour 24 finale.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trickle down linky-love

Checking my sitemeter today, I found a few hits from the Washington Post's Virginia Politics blog. They linked me on their Around the Web blog roll. It's cool to be noticed.
But I like linking the Other McCain, who worked at the Washington Times. Will he still offer linky-love to me now that my blog has been noticed by a nemesis of his? Guess we'll just have to tune-in (and keeping hitting the site) tomorrow.

Warm and fuzzy

Bob McDonnell's ad is up. Blue Virginia isn't really happy with it, but he's not the target audience anyway. Warm and fuzzy is what McDonnell needs at this point in the election cycle.

Melvin Perkins' law

Ace of Spades seems upset about this new Maryland law, extending hate crimes legislation to protect homeless people. It reminds me of Maryland's most famous homeless person.
In the 1970s, my house was part of the Maryland sixth congressional district. Our congressman, Democrat Goodloe Byron, died of a heart attack a month before the election. Who was the Republican opposing him? A homeless guy named Melvin Perkins.
Somehow, Perkins was the only person to put his name on the Republican side. Don't think anybody realized who he was until Byron died. The Democrats put Byron's wife Beverly on the ballot and she went on to serve 14 years in Congress. Not before Perkins got the bum's rush from Congress when he protested the election result.
Nowadays, would Maryland have to seat Perkins to avoid a hate crime?

Bipartisan agreement

Raising Moran has great insight today. I totally agree.

A McAuliffe win in June = McDonnell win in November.

UPDATE: Welcome Kos readers and thanks Eddie for the link. T-Mac provides so many points of attack, and I listed three here.

John Edwards farewell tour

If we never hear John Edwards' name again, it will be a great thing for our country.
Until that day comes, Slate's Mickey Kaus is on the case. Asking what the staffers knew and what they planned to do about it. And focusing on Mrs. Edwards' role in all this.

More on Wanda

I like for its show biz analysis, especially on weekend box office numbers. Nikki Finke analysizes Wanda Sykes performance and finds it wanting.
But I do think her overall performance was inappropriate for the room, and I say that as a liberal Democrat.
h/t Instapundit

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raising a stink

So some people are bothered by Wanda Sykes' remarks at Saturday's dinner. Don't they remember she played a skunk in "Over the Hedge" in 2006?

On Powell vs. Limbaugh

For those wondering how Vice President Dick Cheney can choose Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell, remember back to late 2003. Where did the Valerie Plame/CIA leak originate? Colin Powell's office, with deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage giving the name to Robert Novak.
So instead of embroiling the administration in several years of distraction of who said what, Powell and Armitage could have stopped it all in 2003.
And whose professional life was destroyed by the whole affair? Cheney's chief of staff, Scooter Libby.
Powell did some great things in his career. But in looking to revive the Republican Party, you can do better following Limbaugh than Powell.

Tracker poll

Interesting post over at VBDems but I don't think they get the real message.
If Bob McDonnell's video tracker is filming Terry McAuliffe but skips Brian Moran's visit, maybe that means Moran is toast. Why follow the candidate who's not going to win? Use your resources on the real November opposition.
This may be a better predicter than any of the public polls being released.
It would be nice for Moran to threaten McAuliffe the next month. McDonnell can use whatever attacks Moran says in his opposition research, and in the fall use advertisements like "Brian Moran agrees with Bob McDonnell about ..."

UPDATE: Welcome readers from Washington If you'd like, check out why I pick T-Mac to lose in November.

Star Trek and economy

Instapundit points to an interesting post on Volokh Conspiracy - how did the world of Star Trek become a world without money.
Remember, the problems with a socialist economy and Captain Kirk's problems are the same - Klingons (cling-ons).

Kennedy news from London

Need a shot of gossip about Ted Kennedy's family? The Times of London reports what it's heard about family squabbling about his Senate seat.
Take it for what it's worth. It would be nice to ask Massachusetts voters what they would like to do with the seat.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Idol rewind

I always like Josh Gracin, the Marine who sang on American Idol. I also liked the title of this song "I Want to Live."

Thanks, bro

What does Brian Moran think of older brother Jim's column in today's Washington Post?
1. Good idea. We need to do the right thing.
2. Could you talk about this after June 9th? "Moran - Let's try Gitmo detainees here" isn't the kind of headlines I'm looking for right now.
3. Terry McAuliffe has a choice of residences. Let's try one of his other ones.

Steyn moving mountains

Mark Steyn discusses the hard trek ahead for conservatism, but marvels that 46 percent of the people voted for John McCain despite all the troubles.
All things considered, the resilience of American conservatism is one of the most remarkable features of contemporary Western politics. It's up against significant members of its own party. It's up against a media for whom the Democrat positions are the default positions on almost anything that matters.
And in conclusion:
But, when the going gets tough, you don't, as Gen. Powell advises, "move toward the center." You move the center toward you, as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher did. It's harder to do it that way, but if it's a choice between more government and more taxes, or more liberty and more opportunity, I'll stick with the latter, and so should the Republican Party – however difficult it is. Unlike Colin Powell, conservatism does do mountains.

How to spend your Saturday

Did you know the Other McCain should top 1.5 million visits on his blog today? Which means -
1. He'll have to change his post to "How to get 1.5 million hits on your blog in less than 15 months."
2. What are you still doing here? Go visit.
3. Has Smitty posted the weekly roundup yet? Better go check.
4. Maybe there's a special prize if the person making the 1.5 millionth visit has a Speedo. You don't know unless you click.
5. Maybe he'll throw a link up for me, a little pebble in his linky-love orbit? Gotta love that trickle down linky-love.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lessons from Oprah's KFC giveaway

It's been three days since pictures of angry people denied their free two-piece chicken dinner filled our TV screens. What have we learned?
1. Reuters learned nothing. Their columnist bashes KFC for even existing. Sorry guy, but KFC tastes good.
2. Who bore the brunt of unhappy customers? Was it the decision-makers, or the cashiers and managers of the stores that met the free dinner quota for the day? Whatever decisions Congress or President Obama make, they usually don't have some unhappy person yelling directly in their ear.
3. Oprah's more popular than the World Series. Taco Bell - part of the same company - has given away a free taco during at least the last two World Series, and no word of upset customers. They did limit the giveaway to one afternoon between the lunch and dinner rushes.
4. Free doesn't automatically make people grateful. It may even make them more demanding.

Origins of SWAC corps

Some of our local bloggers need a refresher about the history of SWAC corps. In my second week of blogging, I created SWAC corps in response to President Obama's service proposals - read our blogs and it's just like joining the Peace Corps or Americorps. I also started Iowahawk Corps on facebook at that time, and it has 158 members from across the country.
As a new blogger, I only knew three other SWAC bloggers since they welcomed me in comments on my first post. That's the original SWAC corps, but it's inclusive, not exclusive.
Remember, it's better to be a SWACer than a T-Macker.

Flat Glenn in Boston

Heard this on the radio today and had to check it out. Glenn Beck's insiders have a drawing of him called "Flat Glenn" that members had taken around the world. And a few weeks ago, flat Glenn ran in the Boston Marathon to raise money for cancer research.

Happy Mother's Day

Second graders don't always get the niceties of flowers and such Mother's Day stuff.

Going to the yard sale

Spring is a great time for yard sale. Time to clean out the old junk and time for people to find treasures at a great price. Before you hold the yard sale, don't forget to check what the government has to say.
This handbook will help sellers of used products identify types of potentially hazardous products that could harm children or others. CPSC’s laws and regulations apply to anyone who sells or distributes consumer products. This includes thrift stores, consignment stores, charities, and individuals holding yard sales and flea markets.
I think I'll cancel the yard sale and hide in my room.

Time to catch-up

Legal Insurrection gives the historic of Dijongate.
I don't remember Dijon mustard being on the menu at Five Guys, but I could by wrong.

Weekend watchdog

It used to be that NASCAR was always at Darlington Labor Day weekend. It used to be that NASCAR didn't race on Mother's Day Weekend.
When they ended the first tradition, they ended the second to keep Darlington from following Rockingham and North Wilkesboro to the land of forgotten tracks. The track "Too Tough to Tame" gets to host another Saturday night race on Fox.
Back in the day, I did a college internship with Baltimore's ice hockey team that was affiliated with Pittsburgh and Boston. Friday, those two teams try to even their Eastern Conference semifinal games on Versus.
No ice hockey on NBC this week; they'd rather show Tiger Woods playing golf. The Players Championship is usually worth it.
If you'd like to see A-Rod's return to the Yankees' lineup, MASN has coverage from Camden Yards. The Nationals are out in the desert on MASN2, where the Diamondbacks fired manager Bob Melvin Thursday.
Fox Saturday afternoon and ESPN Sunday night have the Tampa Bay Rays facing the Red Sox. At this time last year, you would have thought that scheduling would never happen.
The NBA continues its second round with a pair of Game 3s on ESPN Friday, and the Cavaliers visit the Hawks Saturday in prime time on ABC. LeBron or NASCAR. What's your choice?

Reminds you of Spaceballs

So the Washington Post finds about Bob McDonnell's TV guy. And you check out his past productions.
Reminds me of the finale from Spaceballs "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."
"What does that make us?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Troglopundit delivers

Troglopundit, another member of the Other McCain's mafia family, has opened his heart and blog to any and all who would like link backs.
Who can resist?

Poor Arlen

It's been a bad week for Senator Arlen Specter, losing his promised seniority and landing 99th among 99 senators.
Feeling sorry for him, Thursday they gave him a link to a free chicken dinner at KFC.

Star Trek - better or worse

Newsweek isn't impressed with the new movie, opening Friday.
Protein Wisdom isn't impressed with the review.
My boys aren't interested despite months of commercials on Nick, so I'll pass for a while. I never really got into Star Trek, just hung around the edges. I did enjoy Star Trek IV in San Francisco "Everybody remember where we parked" and First Contact. According to the timeline, First Contact is only 54 years away.
At the rate the federal government is spending, that version of Earth in 2063 may be more like a documentary than science fiction.
And I always enjoyed the title sequence for Enterprise.

Just wondering

The Other McCain might like to know what Marie Osmond's lesbian daughter would think of these performances from the archives.

Writing on the wall

You have to hand it to the Other McCain. He goes from "Carrie Prejean nude" to the Old Testament book of Daniel in one column.
Daniel is a good book for us to remember nowadays. Just eat the right food, follow God and you'll be saved from the worst disasters. Those in power are doomed, and they can't even understand the writing on the wall.

In the cereal aisle

While in college, I spent a summer in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. To save money, we didn't buy the Cheerios, but instead Toasted Oats (promptly renamed Toasted Goats).
Reminds me of the thoughts of David Brooks, David Frum, Colin Powell et. al. Just be more like the Democrats and you'll have a chance. I can surely see the kids passing Froot Loops with the Star Trek toy for Fruitie Tooties with a toy from the Howard the Duck movie.
Republicans have a view that's something to chew on. It's not sugary-sweet empty calories. And as the years go by, the Democrats won't be able to give away all these toys. The wallet will be empty.
The young generation will be paying the bill for today's budget for years to come. We owe it to them to keep the bill as low as possible. We don't wanted Toasted Oats to be the luxury meal for the Pack Mule generation.

Cool column

Don Surber's column discusses coal, the reason Boone County's average wage is above the national average. If you don't want coal mined via mountaintop removal, then turn off your air conditioning and elevators.
But if Washington insists on banning mountaintop mining, then Washington must lead the way and cut its use of electricity by 22 percent overnight to protect our hills.
We're waiting.

Blue Va gets it wrong

Blue Virginia lists numerous women being considered for the third Democratic pick to the Supreme Court in over 40 years. He tries to blast Ed Gillespie for saying Samuel Alito was better than any conservative woman.
Don't worry. Alito's smarter than anyone on your list also.
Just this time, we won't get to see a Supreme Court nominee trying to stay awake while Joe Biden asks his 13-minute question.

Spreading the love around

I didn't get around to printing my free KFC coupon from Oprah. So I'll settle for a free link from Troglopundit.

More McArdle on Chrysler

The Atlantic's Megan McArdle answers questions you might have about the Chrysler deal. And you wonder why people have worries about government controlled health care.

Bad news from Japan

Right up Mark Steyn's alley. Tuesday in Japan was Children's Day. Except there are fewer and fewer children there. Just 13 percent of the population is under 15, while 22.5 percent is over 65. The youngest group keeps shrinking and the oldest group is expected to continue rising.
The unprecedented changes in Japan's population, fueled by low birthrates and one of the highest life expectancies in the world, are expected to strain government services and pension programs, as well as lead to labor shortages.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good cause

Watching the hockey game on Versus, they showed the website for Courage for Life Foundation. An 18-year-old girl with cancer was attending thanks to the Foundation, inspired by a young man who died of cancer last summer. Check it out.

Another warning

Via Instapundit, Megan McArdle looks at the dangers of the government's role in the GM and Chrysler financial dealings.
When the government gives money to favored constituencies--well, I don't like it, but as PJ O'Rourke says, that's basically what our government does. "It ought to be right there in the constitution: 'We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and give money to jerks . . . ' " But when it starts stepping in and trying to bypass the bankruptcy rules in order to make someone else give money to jerks, that's different in magnitude, and in kind.

Aftermath of a firing

David Steele, formerly of the Baltimore Sun, describes being losing his job via phone call during covering the Orioles' game last Wednesday.
My reporting career included a dozen free-lance articles for the Baltimore Evening Sun in 1990-91. I've been in the press box at Camden Yards - a beautifully open airy place to watch a game - along with the second place Steele lost his job - old Baltimore Memorial Stadium.
Another interesting fact for me - two general sports columnists were attending an afternoon mid-week game in April. Along with a columnist/blogger, two or more sports writers and photographers. Obviously the Baltimore Sun needs to have a lot of information about the Orioles each day, but the days of multiple reporters attending the same game for the same newspaper appear near an end.

Quote time

My fellow Augusta County bloggers are quoting Mark Twain. I prefer Groucho Marx.
I sent the club a wire stating, Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.

Comparing apples to apples

The latest job approval ratings are out from Survey USA. For Governor Kaine, it's 50 percent approve and 42 percent disapprove.
I went to their archives and found the May 2005 ratings. Back then, Mark Warner had 55 percent approval and 31 percent disapproval.
Something to think about as this year's gubernatorial race goes along.

Why Kerry wants a newspaper bailout

NRO's Corner reports on Wednesday's hearing about the future of newspapers. Why is John Kerry holding this hearing?
If you're a politician, who would you rather talk to? Nice newspaper people in a big office building or bloggers in their basements? We promise to pick up the papers on the floor, except when it's endorsement time.

Idol from four to three has Adam safe and Kris and Allison receiving the fewest votes last night. wanted people to vote Danny last night. Looks like we're two weeks away from the expected Adam vs. Danny finale.

Unlikely ally

Don Surber highlights the lone vote on the D.C. council against recognizing gay marriages from other jurisdictions - Marion Barry.
Barry said: “What you’ve got to understand is 98 percent of my constituents are black and we don’t have but a handful of openly gay residents. Secondly, at least 70 percent of those who express themselves to me about this are opposed to anything dealing with this issue.”

Do the hustle

The Other McCain blasts the Mainstream Media for lacking hustle on the Carrie Prejean picture story. But can you teach an old dog new tricks?
How do most stories get into a newspaper? Somebody has a story they want to tell and they want the best megaphone. In this case, the person with pictures of Carrie thought a blog would be a better megaphone than say, the L.A. Times. As long as the pictures got publicity, why should they care who gets credit for being first.
Individual reporters can hustle with their sources, so they are first on the list to get information when it's ready to go. Local newspapers publish all the local news, so when something big happens, their reporters should have it before someone swooping in from the mainstream media.
Besides, there's a firehose worth of information out there, and the media can only put a trickle on their news space. They have to use filters. We don't have to use the same filter. We can search the internet and find stories that interest us, and promote them outselves if we'd like.
The mainstream media used to have the biggest, and often, only megaphone. Not anymore.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Going back 2000 years

It was a good thing there was no internet in Biblical times. Peter could have fallen into the media trap Carrie Prejean is in.
Can you imagine what would happened after Pentecost?
"Hey Peter, here you are talking about Jesus being raised from the dead. But less than two months ago, you denied knowing him three times. We have an affidavit from one of the servant girls and two centurions.
"Are you just doing this to advance your own career? You think you're better than the other disciples?"
UPDATE: Linked on the sidebar of the Other McCain.

Where do undecideds go?

The latest poll of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates shows:
Undecided 36%
McAuliffe 30%
Moran 20%
Deeds 14%
The T-Mac people are happy, but should they be? There's an awful lot of undecideds out there, and McAuliffe is probably the only candidate most regular voters have heard about. Maybe it's pro-McAuliffe 30% and against McAuliffe 70%.
There's five weeks left. Will 40 percent be good enough to win? Probably. Can he get there?

We need Dr. McCoy

Chrysler says it can turn a profit in 2012. We probably need a second opinion from Dr. McCoy.

Steyn on his topic

Mark Steyn, along with guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh, focuses on the rising rate of Muslim population growth in Europe and what it might mean for the future. Have someone doubt his thesis and he has an answer.
Some people have numbers, but I think Steyn sees the trend.

Democrat for Mountain top mining

Across the border, West Virginia governor Joe Manchin sees a place for mountaintop mining - road building.
West Virginia would like to build a four-lane road throughout the mountainous coalfields between Huntington and Bluefield. Years of planning and money pumped in by Senator Robert Byrd have built little bits of the road. They have found a segment where a private company will mine coal and leave behind a road bed for this project.
Is this a good use of mountaintop mining, or must it be stopped all times, at all costs?

Monday, May 4, 2009

More sports info

I always enjoy reading the TV sports column in the newspaper. But in the last month, two of my Friday stops - Orlando and Baltimore - have been victims of budget cuts. The Baltimore guy has landed at Sports Media Journal. They provide a Friday roundup from newspapers across the country, and ought to fill my need.

Enjoy your hiatus, Jeff

Jeff Frederick has announced he will not try to reclaim the chairmanship of the Virginia Republican party, and he and his wife will be taking a break. Good for them.
Looking back, last year was going to be a hard year for Republicans. No matter who was in charge. Hopefully this year will be better, and those in charge now know that poor results will not be tolerated.

Jack Kemp roundup

SWACgirl has collected a bunch of posts remembering Jack Kemp.
At a time when Republicans are thinking how to grow the party, it's nice to be reminded Kemp grew the party with ideas and enthusiasm. Not by telling other parts of the coalition to be quiet.

More, more, more

The other McCain's post on Specter and cancer reminded me of a song from the 70s. What do Democrats want? More, more, more.

The fight over Specter

Should the Republican party make room for people like Arlen Specter or scrape them off the bottom of their shoes?
I'm scraping. Especially after this cancer answer.
"If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine."

Let's hear from a GM bond holder

The Truth about Cars blog met up with a retired couple who own GM bonds as part of their retirement portfolio. Not all bondholders are high-flying New York types.

For your car news

I followed an instapundit link to the truth about cars website. I know where I'll be going for my car news now.
Here's a take from Sunday on the continuing crisis.
Some Detroiters honest-to-God believe that Chrysler and GM will repay the money “loaned” to them by the federal government. That’s a leap of faith that would have taken Evil Knievel across the Grand Canyon (proper) and on to Maui.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hey Terry, we need some help

Blue Commonwealth has a nice, long post on the Wal-Mart planned across from the Wilderness battlefield outside of Fredericksburg.
So Terry McAuliffe, you're talking about bringing more jobs to Virginia. Can you help Wal-Mart find a better site for this store? Because Wal-Mart doesn't build stores for kicks. It builds where there's a need for a store. It builds where people are.
More jobs mean more people, and more people mean more services are needed. Wal-Mart brings in jobs. Terry, can you find a nice location for this employer of Virginians?

Jobs McAuliffe will create

1. People to track his employment history.
2. People to explain Global Crossing without using the phrase "Right-wing conspiracy."
3. People to track the political connections used during his career.
4. People to explain what favors he will offer businesses to do more business in Virginia.
5. People to explain how a dealmaker from the dot-com bubble will make it through the current credit crunch.
6. People to add other jobs I may have missed.
The Washington Post weighs the positives and negatives of McAuliffe's background. His father-in-law -partner in several Florida land deals - says he's a very good businessman.
"He's very prescient and just has a good sense and a good instinct as to value and a sense of timing," Swann said.
If he wins, will he tell Virginians what market is going to tank so we can get out before the losses mount.

Celebrate and offend a feminist

The Other McCain has declared this National Offend a Feminist Week. He's gotten a great response in the day since his post, and Pundit and Pundette are definitely on fire with the anthem for the week, "I enjoy being a girl."

If you can follow this, thank a teacher

Kausfiles posts a Los Angeles Times graphic of all the steps needed to remove a teacher from the L.A. school system.

Economics in one sentence

While It Won't Work is short and to the point, the Other McCain can also give longer answers to why President Obama is putting us on the wrong economic path.
It helps to have a good closing sentence.
You can't make capitalism work without capital, and the capital shortage is going to result in a lack of job creation.

Common sense from Lucente

The News Leader looks at how local governments are attacking possible budget shortfalls. Waynesboro vice mayor Frank Lucente examines the facts.
"We can't be all things to all people," Lucente said. "Unlike the federal government, we can't print money, though we probably would if we could. We have to balance our budget and if we spend a dollar, we have to take it from someone."

What happens next

The Atlantic's economic blogger Megan McArdle takes a look at the Chrysler situation and doesn't like what she sees. Especially if the hedge funds give into the President's demonization of them.
And if you were a rich people, how would you react to the news that a hedge fund manager who had a senior lien had refused to allow his claim to be treated like unsecured debt in a bankruptcy? Would you be outraged and pull your money?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

On religion and torture

The Pew Forum's poll has produced plenty of shock - how can people who go to church more think torture can be justified?
The breakout sample is pretty small - 174 people identified as white evangelical protestants - out of 742 surveyed. Double the sample size for both groups and let's see what happens.
This is just part of the old abortion/death penalty question. "How can you be against abortion and yet for the death penalty." The easy answer is innocent life of the unborn vs. person found guilty government and a jury of his peers.
In the cases of torture of Al Qaeda members, you can say we were protecting innocent life - those people at the sites where terrorist acts could happen. It shouldn't be a shocker.

Lawyers to the left, lawyers to the right

How about a quick bankruptcy for Chrysler? Not so fast, my friends.
The only ones who are going to make money off this deal are the lawyers. If you think the government pressured your bond holder to accept less money than a normal bankruptcy, I see a lawsuit there. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm sure somewhere someone has an idea for successful litigation in this mess.

From the wayback machine

While doing some spring cleaning, I found a page from USA Today from November 2004. It had a story about the auto industry, so I had to check it out.
The headline - Dealerships plan to cut back on auto inventory
The problem - The issue stems from a fundamental business problem facing Detroit automakers. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler Group need to keep their factories running to generate enough cash to pay for their huge pension and health care obligations. Toyota and Honda can simply cut production when demand wanes rather than pile on profit-eating incentives.
A few years down the road, the same problem is there.