Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T-Mac moneybags

There’s a theme in the Democratic primary that’s been nagging me. It’s the idea that with Terry McAuliffe at the top of the ticket, there will be more money available for delegate candidates. If the Democrats can flip enough seats, they can have the majority in the House of Delegates.
So if McAuliffe loses the primary, that would mean there will be less money available. Why? Is McAuliffe not going to work hard fundraising for Moran or Deeds? Is he not going to be as persuasive with his friends to help fund Democratic campaigns if he’s not on the ticket? Is he going to steer Bill Clinton away from Virginia in the fall? Are people giving money to help McAuliffe or help Virginia?
That makes him sound even more mercenary - he’s just in this for himself. If he’s not the nominee, then he’ll take his friends and stay away. No money for you, Virginia Democrats.
Sorry guys, but the Democratic pot of money this election cycle will be the same, whoever the nominee is. McAuliffe has access to money, and I’m sure he’ll help nominee Moran or Deeds and all the delegates. I’m sure he’ll work as hard as he expects Moran and Deeds to work for him.
Obviously, politicians don’t like to talk about what happens if they lose. But it sure would be nice for McAuliffe to state his fundraising prowess will be available for Moran or Deeds if they win the Democratic nomination.

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Chris Graham said...

Who's going to give money to a candidate who just lost a primary? T-Mac raised gobs of money for the Clintons when they were candidates, but even he couldn't raise money for Hillary when she lost the '08 nomination race.

It's not that he takes his ball and goes home. It's that who cares if he doesn't if he falls short on June 9?

And in the meantime, can Moran or Deeds raise enough money to fund themselves and HOD candidates as the successful candidate? The jury is out on that; the 2005 race cost Kaine and Kilgore in the area of $20 million each, and there's no reason '09 doesn't cost the two major-party candidates the same or slightly more this fall.

Those numbers don't scare T-Mac assuming he's the nominee and can go out and do the asks that he needs to do as the nominee. T-Mac the runnerup or T-Mac the third-place guy has little or no value, though.

Not that I think he's going to do anything other than post a solid 20-point win.