Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Promise Keepers

You may remember PromiseKeepers from the 1990s - they held gatherings of Christian men in stadiums around the country. They are still around, with a big event planned for Colorado this summer.
Who do I call the New Promise Keepers. All children in every school in the country. They will be called on to keep promises made by politicians of current day and years past. Promises to pay social security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and other benefits. Promises the politicians should have backed with savings, but instead they spent. Making promises for votes, because "A penny saved is a vote lost" in the world of politics.
Megan McArdle has a take on the latest reports on the health of our entitlement programs. So you students who heard President Obama at Arizona State last night, get a job. Work hard. You've got the promises of politicians to keep.

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