Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have fun in Richmond

While many of our fellow bloggers will be in Richmond (and others will be waiting to see if Jeff Frederick comes out and there's six months of strife), I'm heading to Camden Yards Saturday. I won a contest on MASN and will get to hang out in the broadcast booth before and during the game with the Tigers.
While you're listening to Sean Hannity, I'll be watching new catcher and hopefully heavy-hitter Matt Wieters.
You'll be with 10,000 excited Republicans. I hope there's more than 10,000 people at Camden Yards Saturday.
You'll be with a team looking for its first win in the gubernatorial race since 1997. I'll be with a team that hasn't had a winning record since 1997.
At least the Republicans have a better chance to beat the Yankees (McAuliffe and Moran) than the Orioles do now.

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Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I always laugh at the light-hearted way you put things, Mike! We'll miss you in Richmond ... enjoy your weekend and your trip!