Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clear-cutting marriage

Pundit and Pundette takes a whack at a proposal to replace marriage with a neutral "civil license."
It's a proposal akin to clear-cutting the Redwood forests of California. They're old, they're in the way, let's get rid of them.
Many of us honor and respect our ancestors. Traditional marriage is part of the world in which they worked and sacrificed to give us the life we have today. We are defending the honor of our ancestors when we defend marriage.
If you think the world begins and ends with you, you can wail against the unfairness of how life is. Sorry, but if you're gay, you come from a long, long line of heterosexuals. You can't deny your ancestry.
You can rev up the chain saws all you want. Power up the bulldozers to tear down the old. We'll be standing and fighting.

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John Doe said...

Careful, don't take a firm stand. Liberals love conservatives. So long as conservatives don't take a firm stand in opposition to liberal policy.