Friday, December 31, 2010

Fearful brains still kick your butt

A good way to end the year - another "scientific" study showing conservatives with less intelligence/worse social skills/whatever/whatever.
The question for liberal is - if you're so smart, what are you going to do about it?
If you can adapt to change better, why not change your views and become conservative?
If your ideas are better, why don't they work?
If more people go to government-run schools, the schools must be doing a lousy job of teaching if so many consider themselves conservative.
I think the "studies" showing liberals with better skill sets are clogged with "liberal" bias. Good at making liberals feel good, poor at doing anything constructive.

The heat is on

Did unions slow the snow cleanup in New York?
Whatever the answer, it doesn't look good for them.
Snow cleanup is always a hard deal, especially with a massive storm like the one that hit New York. And it's not like there's plenty of open space to dump the snow you remove.
But an era of quickly uploaded videos showing plows not plowing or destroying cars, you're not going to get any sympathy.
Despite all the snow, you will get burned.

Looking back, looking ahead

Professor Jacobson has high hopes for the new year.
The Other McCain says just bring it on.

Weekend watchdog

New Year's Day used to be the big day for college football on the TV networks - three games on the same time in the early afternoon.
In 2011, if you don't have cable, you won't have a full bowl menu to choose from. There's just one game - Florida vs. Penn State in the Outback Bowl on ABC at 1 p.m. And that's only because there's no room on ESPN or ESPN2 in the time slot.
The Granddaddy of them All - the Rose Bowl - will be on ESPN at 5 p.m. Your memories of Curt Gowdy calling the game on NBC while your family got together to watch - long gone. Of course, TCU's purple in one end zone doesn't go with tradition. Although Wisconsin and its run game would fit right into the Woody Hayes era.
ESPN starts its bowl day with the Capital One Bowl between Alabama at Michigan State, while ESPN2 has the Gator Bowl goes with Mississippi State against Michigan at 1:30 p.m. in the nightcap, it's the Fiesta Bowl between Connecticut and Oklahoma.
CBS retains the Sun Bowl from El Paso, bringing together Miami and Notre Dame, Friday at 2:30 p.m. ESPN has three other games that day - South Florida tackling Clemson in the Car Care Bowl at noon, followed by Georgia-Central Florida at the Liberty Bowl and South Carolina meeting Florida State in the Peach Bowl.
The NHL has added something to the New Year's Day menu - the Winter Classic. This year, Pittsburgh gets the hosting duties, with the Steelers' Heinz Field getting a rink for the Penguins to face the Capitals.
Venues were the stars the past two years - Wrigley Field and Fenway Park - but this year it's Sid the Kid vs. the Great Eight.
The final weekend of the NFL season means doubleheaders on both CBS and FOX, except the markets of teams playing at home. CBS in Washington shows the Ravens facing the Bengals at 1 p.m., with Baltimore fans rooting for Cleveland to pull the big upset of Pittsburgh.
On FOX, the Saints and Bucs battle at 1 p.m. before the Redskins finish their lousy season against the Giants. The Redskins know they will be packing up their gear after the contest, while the Giants have a slim postseason chance - needing the Bears to beat Green Bay.
NBC brings the classic NFC West showdown - 7-8 St. Louis vs. 6-9 Seattle for the playoff berth. And the hosting duties next weekend before getting quickly booted from the postseason.
College basketball begins to gear up for the conference schedule as the new year starts. Sunday, Comcast has four games on the schedule, starting Gonzaga-Wake Forest at 1 p.m. Virginia hosts LSU at 5:30 p.m., followed by Miami-Duke. When that game ends, you head west for the conclusion of Arizona's game at Oregon State.
ESPN2 has full day of college basketball on New Year's Eve. Northwestern battles Purdue at noon, followed by College of Charleston-Tennessee and Florida-Xavier. The night tripleheader begins at 6 p.m. with Ohio State's visit to Indiana, then it's Seton Hall vs. Cincinnati and Oklahoma facing Gonzaga as we ring in the new year.
Saturday, West Virginia and Marquette have an early tip - 11 a.m. on ESPN2.
CBS brings the big contest between Louisville and Kentucky Friday at noon.
MASN offers Big East basketball Saturday as St. John's visits Providence. Sunday, there's UNC-Charlotte tangling with Georgia Tech at 7 p.m.
In women's basketball, Stanford tries to end Connecticut's lengthy winning streak Thursday at 9 p.m. on ESPN2.
The Wizards close out 2010 on Comcast with a 3 p.m. game at Indiana, then host the Hornets Saturday at 7 p.m.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

One more day

Don Surber has been counting down his top people of 2010. Friday, he announces the man of the year.
I pledge allegiance to his pick for runner-up.

Best picture of the day

Jonah at NRO sends it along, from the streets of New York, the AT-AT.
Probably the best way to get around the blizzard choked streets this week.

"What we got here... a failure to cooperate."

Gonna fly now

Iowahawk highlights the story behind this video.

Best of the year - Sarah Palin

In 2010, it's been Sarah Palin's world.
In 2011, the question will be - does she run for President? And if she does, is it a demotion from her current influence?
Her pre-Election Day visit to West Virginia inspired this song parody.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow job

On NRO's Corner, there's a perfect paragraph about the problems public servants have performing in perilous conditions.
It ends with
The unplowed city streets provide a metaphor for the nanny state: It can order us to do anything, but it can’t take care of the basic obligations of government.

Best of the year - Instapundit worthy

Being a small-time, for fun blogger, it's a great thrill to get a post picked up by Instapundit.
I got honored twice - in August and early October.
It would be nice to have more Insta-lanches in 2011. But I won't get cocky.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A really cool story

Via Instapundit, the story of a neighborhood building an ice hockey rink to share.
It's one dad's idea, but spreads like wildfire in the cold Michigan winter.
Boxing Day dawns at 15 degrees with the threat of light snow. As I gather my tools, I fret about who'll show up. I know I have enough hands to finish the setup in one day. In addition to Dave and Chris, another eager neighbor, Doug, even offers to split the $750 I spent on materials. But beyond us and our kids, who knows?

As I walk next door, I nearly drop my tools in awe. An army of adults and children—about two dozen in all—has gathered in the field. A few dogs have shown up too. The neighbors are shaking hands, making introductions and stomping their feet in the cold. Chris, who's standing in the middle of the animated group, catches my eye, and mouths, "Holy cow!"
Neighbors that play together stay together.

The blizzard that killed the 18-game season?

It's Tuesday Night Football as the Eagles host the Vikings in a game postponed by snow Sunday.
The NFL owners would like to have an 18-game season in the new contract with players, being negotiated now. Under the plan, the season would begin after Labor Day as it does now and go deeper into winter.
Forget about your December blizzards. How about January blizzards before the regular season ends, and playoff games in February blizzards before the Super Bowl. The day after pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.
If weather is so bad that it ruined the last quarter of the Vikings' season, what awaits with an 18-game season? Something to think about before the talks are finished.

The largest mid-term slaughter in 72 years

It's great to be on the Democrats' email list. You get these pearls of wisdom from Joe Biden.
But this Congress passed the largest set of tax cuts for the middle class since President Reagan, the largest education reform since President Johnson, the largest infrastructure investment since President Eisenhower, and the largest clean-energy bill ever.
And Democrats suffered the largest loss of seats since 1938. So Biden forgot to mention the largest load of crap - which voters rejected in November.
If the successes were so large, how come the defeat was so large?

Ya want to see a blizzard?

Via Ace of Spades, this weekend's blizzard in 40 seconds.

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.
I like the way he moved the clock and tried to keep it visible as the snow piled up.

Best of the year - Barack hates this

Certain phrases grab the attention of search engines and send traffic your way.
In March, Rush Limbaugh mentioned a site and I posted a quick note about it. And watched the traffic come in as people tried to find out what Rush had mentioned.
Just checked, and you can buy that site. I'm sure there will be plenty of things Barack will hate this year.

Birds of a feather

James Taranto links two groups who probably aren't happy to be placed anywhere near each other.
Birthers are like global warmists in a snowstorm. They can always come up with some new twist to make the facts conform to their crazy theory.

Monday, December 27, 2010

All hail the Fabulous 50

Virginia's own Virginia Right claims his part of the Fabulous 50 blog awards for 2010 for his work with the Watchers of Weasels.
Pundette comes up with a spot, tying with Nice Deb for the best up-and-coming political analysis blog.
Plenty of good blogs to check out in the list.

How green are my Eagles?

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback adds a green update with the gridiron talk this week.
The Eagles announced last month they would run the first self-sufficient alternative-energy sports stadium in the country. They'll install 80 spiral wind turbines to the stadium and mount 2,500 solar panels. Together, those devices will power about 30 percent of the stadium's energy needs. In addition, a biodiesel plant will be built nearby and that alternative energy source will help power (along with natural gas) the remaining 70 percent of the stadium's power needs. In addition, the project to install all the devices will employ 200 people for a year in, obviously, a down economy.
Over the course of the stadium's life, the team believes it can save $60 million in energy costs. That was big to Lurie, who's aggressively conservation-minded. He told Obama he was happy to put a plan like this in place, but he wouldn't have done it unless it made some financial sense. "It's good business for us, which is the point,'' Lurie said. "We talked about policy and what he hopes can happen with alternative energy, and he raved about us being the first to put a plan like this in place.''
Making conservation make financial sense is the path to go. Whining about the opposition to your utopia isn't the path to go.
Stadiums are an interesting place to work on your green agenda. They are only used a few times a year. And owners have deep pockets and the desire to spend less on their bills. Because less money going out means they get to keep more.

Coming attractions

DaTech Guy is excited about his radio show lineup for January.
He's got somebody all bloggers know scheduled for Jan. 15.
He's got somebody few know Jan. 29. Maybe we'll talk about the Ravens or Patriots going to the Super Bowl.

On the clock

One more week for the NFL regular season, but the Carolina Panthers are on the clock for the first pick of April's NFL draft.
And the exciting, season-finale of NBC's Sunday Night football? Seattle, 6-9, hosts 7-8 St. Louis for the NFC West title. Hopefully for the right to lose to the Saints in the first round of the playoffs.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Death to death panels

Sarah Palin called them "death panels."
Many mocked her.
The New York Times says they are coming Saturday - January 1, 2011.
What do you say if the government approved death panel comes to visit?
  • I'm going to die someday? Really?
  • Democrats said I paid taxes, so I want my benefits.
  • The cost of my care each day is less than a round of presidential golf.
  • Did you say something, sonny?
  • I got your death panel right here, buddy.
  • I ate my vegetables, just like Michelle Obama said.
  • I'll take your advice under consideration. After all my Medicare claims are paid.
If government really wants to curtail spending at the end of life, there's only one solution - Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit the patients for counseling.
They might kill themselves to get out of a visit from the Democratic minority leader.

Let them Oliver Twist in the wind

George Will joins the crew riding the "pension tsunami wave."
The nation's menu of crises caused by governmental malpractice may soon include states coming to Congress as mendicants, seeking relief from the consequences of their choices. Congress should forestall this by passing a bill with a bland title but explosive potential.

Private pensions have strict rules to make sure there's enough money for future benefits. Public pensions? Not so much.
Less candor, realism and pre-funding are required of state and municipal governments regarding their pension plans. (California Republican Rep. Devin) Nunes's bill would require them to disclose the size of their pension liabilities - and the often-dreamy assumptions behind the calculations. Noncompliant governments would be ineligible for issuing bonds exempt from federal taxation. Furthermore, the bill would stipulate that state and local governments are entirely responsible for their pension obligations and the federal government will provide no bailouts.
No bailouts. I like the sound of that.
Because bailouts aren't governments helping their employees. It's government forcing some citizens to make the futures of other citizens easier.

The Big Obama theory

My family has gotten hooked watching "The Big Bang Theory," the CBS sitcom about four geeky academics and their attempted interactions with real life.
I then saw Pundette's piece on President Obama's "charm offensive," and the troubles of an arrogant man trying to win over a skeptical public.
Watch "Big Bang" and you can see how it's going to work out - poorly.
Obama is like Sheldon Cooper, the brilliant theoretical physicist with absolutely no understanding of how the real world works. They are tall, thin and you wonder why people hang out with them.
Cooper is totally self-absorbed in his ways. And can not fathom why the rest of the world doesn't see the problems he sees.
"The Big Bang Theory" offers good laughs, and the reminder the social missteps of a theoretical physicist don't impact the rest of the world. The social missteps of the President of the United States are no laughing matter.
But maybe if we mock him enough, he might begin to get a clue that he's the one who's wrong.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Your Christmas instructions

Put down the computer and follow Lileks' advice.
Kiss the kids and pet the pets, enjoy your traditional holiday delights, sing the songs, rip the paper, light the fire, hoist the nog. Merry Christmas, everyone!

For Jonah's challenge

In the latest G-File newsletter, Jonah Goldberg issues a challenge - a Christmas song parody related to him and National Review Online.
I can't miss this challenge, thus we have "The Liberal Fascism Boy."

Write, a song for him, pa rum pum pum pum
A G-File parody, pa rum pum pum pum
You must keep it clean, pa rum pum pum pum
You know the couch is king, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

So a song for him, pa rum pum pum pum,
Here we go.

Thank you, Jonah, pa rum pum pum pum
We love the odd links too, pa rum pum pum pum
Give your take on the news, pa rum pum pum pum
More hits means happy suits, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

Shall I write for you, pa rum pum pum pum,
About fascism

Rich, he nodded, pa rum pum pum pum
Cosmo caught a squirrel, pa rum pum pum pum
The left gets mad at him, pa rum pum pum pum

Knock down their fascism, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

Cheer, flying monkeys, pa rum pum pum pum
Liberal fascism.

Getting ready for Winter Classic

The NHL has its Winter Classic New Year's Day in Pittsburgh. And using a football stadium this year, not baseball like the last two, means a quick turnaround to putting the rink together.

Weekend watchdog

After spending time with a tree with Christmas balls, the NBA hopes you'll watch their players on the court Christmas afternoon.
Five NBA games tip off Christmas Day, with the two biggest on ABC. The Celtics head south to face Orlando at 2:30 p.m., then at 5 p.m. LeBron, D-Wade and the crew take the Heat against the Kobe and the Lakers.
The day starts at noon on ESPN with the Bulls visiting Chicago at noon. At 8 p.m., Denver takes on Oklahoma City followed by Portland-Golden State.
Elsewhere in the NBA, the Wizards head to San Antonio Sunday at 7 p.m. on Comcast.
NFL network has its final game this week, with Dallas visiting Arizona Saturday at 7:30 p.m. The NFL moved Vikings-Eagles to the Sunday night NBC slot, and the NFC South battle between the Saints and Falcons has coverage on ESPN Monday.
Sunday afternoon, the Ravens visit Cleveland on CBS. FOX has the doubleheader, with the Redskins taking on Jacksonville in the early game and the Giants-Packers earning the 4:15 p.m. spotlight.
College bowl season continues as Tulsa spends Christmas Eve in Hawaii, meeting the Rainbow Warriors at 8 p.m. on ESPN. Sunday at 8:30 p.m. Florida International takes on Troy in the Little Caesar's Bowl.
College basketball has a few contests over the Christmas weekend. Friday starting at 7 p.m., there's two games from the Cancun Governor's Cup on ESPN2. Christmas Night, there's two more games from the Diamondhead Classic at 7 p.m.
The Capitals visit Carolina Sunday on Comcast-plus.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa at the Brickyard

ESPN showed this as one of the top plays Wednesday.
Before traveling the world, Santa Claus visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and kissed the bricks.
And why don't they race at Indy in the snow?

How to start fights at the Christmas table

The Democrats must want family strife around the Christmas table. Why else would they send out an email to highlight their view of progress in 2010 - and encourage people to share it around the table?
This time of year, Americans around the country are taking the time to exchange heartfelt messages with friends and loved ones, reflecting on the past year. They write of achievements and setbacks, of births, graduations, promotions, and moves.

These messages allow us to overcome the miles that separate us. And they allow us to continue one of the most basic American traditions that has held folks close for centuries -- the simple sharing of stories.
And as families gather around holiday tables this season, we also have the opportunity to share the stories of the change this movement has achieved together.
If you don't like braggy Christmas family letters from family or friends, will you like braggy Democratic friends trying to convince you President Obama's idea of progress is really progress? Sounds like a recipe for a fight with your tea party friends.
Stick with safe topics - like the weather, religion and Sarah Palin.

From my hometown

Interesting story from where I grew up - car crashes into house and driver dies.
Police arrive to investigate, and find homeowners have bigger problem - an indoor marijuana farm.
When you break the law, you never know how you'll be found out.

Fox news, Sarah Palin

Two things to be thankful for this Christmas season -not worried about how they are destroying America.
It's such to see Facebook postings from people upset by these two.
If they keep worrying about Fox News and Sarah Palin, their 2011 will be in turmoil, also.
UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Texas4Palin.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Answer: Don't ask, don't tell

Question: If you ask President Obama how 2010 went, what would he say?

Watch out for the pink pig

Where I currently work, the former manager loved pink pigs. They were a sign of successful work in the department. A stuffed pink pig still floats around, to be bestowed on the top worker of the month.
Obi's Sister tells of a pink pig from her childhood, now brought back to glory.
I wonder if work will sponsor a road trip?

More class warfare

Democratic class warfare is usually rich vs. poor.
Ace examines the class warfare - establishment vs. Tea Party, which leads the things like the START treaty passing.
Culture is thicker than ideology. It is often noted by Tea Partiers (and before that, what used to just be called grassroots conservatives before they had a more evocative name) that the leadership class, even the "conservative" parts of the leadership class, shares the same basic culture -- tastes, preferences, religiosity, manners, mods of thought -- with all other members of the leadership class, and that culture is largely liberal in almost all ways.

When offered a choice between their own culture -- shared with liberal senators -- and a culture to them which looks a lot like The Other, alien and frightening, they will do what human beings usually do, behave in a xenophobic, tribal fashion and align with the people they know and respect, and they respect them primarily because they agree with them so much.
Need an answer to the Sarah Palin phenomenon? Look no further.
This I think is the reason many grassroots conservatives hate Mitt Romney and love Sarah Palin. Even though they agree on most issues, they sense Mitt Romney is from that leadership class, and will sell them out at the drop of a hat to keep in the good graces of the culture he admires and identifies with, and Sarah Palin is definitely from their own class -- what the establishment regards as The Barbaric Other -- and will tend to support them.

When Facebook makes you hungry

Checking Facebook, I found this as a profile picture.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My pipes have frozen

Via Instapundit and Althouse, the latest on global warming.
There is now strong evidence to suggest that the unusually cold winters of the last two years in the UK are the result of heating elsewhere.
Althouse's take
When everything is evidence of the thing you want to believe, it might be time to stop pretending you're all about science.

Recommended by TMQ

Does Christmas approach too quickly for you? Get this clock to be ready for Christmas creep, 2011.
TMQ doesn't like when the start of Christmas selling season gets pushed back further into fall. But cheerleaders in Christmas outfits, he likes.

Kicking the can down the road

Lots of countries are in financial trouble, especially in Europe.
Politicians are good at kicking the can down the road.
Too bad we're fast running out of road.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Good news, bad news

With two weeks left in the NFL season, it looks like the Baltimore Ravens will make the playoffs again.
Good news.
It looks like they might play Peyton Manning and the Colts in the first round.
Bad news. Yuck, yuck.
Maybe the Panthers can beat the Steelers Thursday night, giving Baltimore first place in the division. Hey, if Obama can dream of being popular again, I can dream too.

Merry Christmas, DaTech Guy

DaTech Guy, putting his Christmas radio show together five days ahead of the big day, found a nice present under his tree.
With less than 7 hours before taping of the show it is so nice of the Government and the media to provide me more fodder:

Federal Reserve examiners came to Perkins bank last week to make sure banks are complying with a long list of regulations. The team from Kansas City deemed a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say “Merry Christmas, God With Us,” were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the Internet also had to be taken down.
As I’m fond of pointing out Christmas is a FEDERAL HOLIDAY as I’m sure federal regulators should know.

Watch the skies

Joy at the Right Network reminds your to look to the sky late tonight - it's a lunar eclipse on the night when winter begins.
Thanks to the full moon rising just before winter starts, the last full moon of winter will be right before spring starts. Thus, Easter will be late in April in 2011.

Winter in the lane

It's not even Christmas yet, but West Virginia is struggling under a battering of snow and ice. Let's burn more coal.
The lane outside my in-laws was snow covered this weekend, and the county has almost run out of snow days. It's going to be a long winter.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A different Christmas song

DaleyGator takes a whack at liberals.
And brings the important reminder - Palin rhymes with wailin'.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snark meets Reality

Blue Virginia had an interesting post the other day - touting Arlington as a sustainable community while snarking how John McCain's brother had called the area "communist country."
I wasn't sure what to think of the point.
Then I read Victor Davis Hanson's story of modern-day California. And Legal Insurrection's take on that, with thoughts of 1980s USSR.
Were the shiny cities the reality of the communist country? Or what Professor Jacobson saw outside the cities?
Leaving the ring road was like taking a step a hundred years back in time. No modern toilets, donkeys pulling carts, manual pump water wells, and so on. This was a scene repeated from city to city. If all you ever saw were the cities, you couldn't understand the country.

I commented at the time (I have witnesses!) that I didn't see how the country could last another decade given its intrinsic third world economy supporting a first world military, and it didn't.
The snark - if it's a shiny nice place and not a labor camp, then a "communist country" isn't that bad. This is how you ought to live.
The reality - maybe the "shiny city" is the facade, taking resources from out in the country to make life appear good under its regime.
Maybe it's time to stop touting the "shiny city" as the way to be. Instead, look at what your laws have destroyed in the country.

Find your favorite diva

It's the end of the year. Time for roundups and "best of" lists.
No Sheeples Here is among the nominees for the "Grande Conservative Blogress Diva" award with a crew of good women bloggers.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Schoolyard lessons

Michael Gerson schools President Obama on his greater than thou attitude.
It is the president's favorite rhetorical pose: the hectorer in chief. He is alternately defiant, defensive, exasperated, resentful, harsh, scolding, prickly. He is both the smartest kid in class and the schoolyard bully.
More like grater than thou.

Hitting the streets for the tea party

DaTech Guy shares his experiences dealing with small businesses - and what they would like to see.
Wonder if Washington is listening to Main Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
I submit that if a congressman, state rep or MSM reporter came with me for a week door to door; they would not dare advocate the taxes, spending and regulation that they do.

For Festivus eve

Instapundit has a good take on the latest "Blame the American people first" column.
Is it just me, or is the Gentry Class starting to sound kinda . . . frustrated? But hey, it is almost Festivus. So I guess the Airing Of Grievances makes sense.

Weekend watchdog

It's college bowl season. Thirty-five bowls spread over 24 days, starting Saturday with a tripleheader on ESPN. But don't wear yourself out watching too much early bowl football. You've got to pace yourself to make it to the national championship game Jan. 10. The first bowl champion will be crowned at the New Mexico Bowl, with BYU facing UTEP at 2 p.m. Then it's Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State in the Humanitarian Bowl, and Troy faces Ohio in the R&L Carriers Bowl from New Orleans.
Tuesday is the famous Beef O'Brady Bowl, with Southern Mississippi going against Louisville.
ESPN is your home for almost every bowl game - CBS is down to the Sun Bowl and FOX keeps the Cotton Bowl - ESPN produces the Capital One Bowl on ABC New Year's Day.
The former I-AA has its semfinals, with Villanova meeting Eastern Washington Friday at 8 p.m. on ESPN2 with the other semifinal Saturday on ESPNU. The Division II final matches Delta State and Minnesota-Duluth Saturday at 11 a.m. on ESPN2.
On Sunday, FOX has only one NFL game and some good choices - the NFC East battle between the Giants and Eagles, and a potential Super Bowl preview as the Saints and Ravens meet in Baltimore. Sorry Fishersville fans, but you'll get the Redskins and Cowboys fighting for last place in their division.
The CBS doubleheader will be Jacksonville meeting Indianapolis with the AFC South title basically on the line, followed by the slumping Jets at the Steelers.
In primetime, the Packers visit the Patriots on NBC Sunday night, and the traveling Vikings play the Bears on ESPN Monday night. Might be a bit chilly for Viking fans outdoors.
NBA Friday on ESPN has the Heat meeting the Knicks at 7 p.m., then the Suns visit the Mavericks in the nightcap. The Wizards visit New Jersey on Thursday on Comcast, then host LeBron and the Heat Saturday.
The college basketball schedule is limited with the exams finishing and holidays looming. Virginia gets back into action Friday, hosting Oregon on Comcast at 8 p.m. Saturday, Comcast hangs out in Florida for Miami vs. Central Florida at 1 p.m. and Florida-Kansas State at 3:30 p.m.
ESPN has USC-Kansas Saturday at noon, while ESPN2 offers Arkansas-Texas A&M at 2 p.m. followed by Gonzaga vs. Baylor and Alabama-Oklahoma State.
MASN offers four games from the Big East Saturday, starting with Loyola at Georgetown at noon. Cleveland State visits West Virginia at 2 p.m., then Gardner-Webb plays Louisville. The day concludes at 7 p.m. with Maryland Eastern Shore against Pittsburgh.
Women's hoops takes center stage Sunday at 7 p.m. when Stanford visits Tennessee.
The Capitals are on the road this weekend, visiting Boston Saturday on Comcast-plus and Ottawa Sunday on Comcast.
The NCAA women's volleyball champion will be crowned Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN2.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas present idea

Our work unit has its Christmas luncheon Wednesday, and I rode with a co-worker who mentioned this song.
Don't think Santa brings a plastic surgeon down the chimney.

Crabs for Christmas

Time for a holiday rerun, from last December.
It's the Baltimore favorite, Crabs for Christmas.

Fishersville snow, 11:20 a.m.

It's the snow-covered main intersection in Fishersville, coming home from work in Charlottesville.
No problems driving on I-64, but the neighborhood roads are tricky.

Good news for snow driving

Fishersville is under a snow warning, closing schools before the flakes hit the ground.
I hit the road for work in Charlottesville and saw beautiful sights along the way - two snow plows idling on eastbound I-64, and four more in the parking lot on Afton Mountain.
Idling snow plows means they are ready for snow - but there's none yet.
Get to work? Mission accomplished. Now let's wait out the weather.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A good choice

Bob at the Journey makes a great selection for his person of the year - the informed voter.
The work of this selection will make life better in 2011.

It's a perfect time for snow panic

Last night, the forecast models said one inch of snow in Fishersville Thursday.
It rose to two inches by Wednesday morning.
Two to four inches on the way home.
Almost five inches on the 6 p.m. news.
The kids' Christmas vacation may start two days early.
Maryland's starting to worry about this "dusting" becoming a dust-up.
We never had so much snow when George W. Bush was president.

The sounds of silence

At work, our phone system went down the last hour of the day.
Made for a peaceful end of the day, but imagine if we lost our phones and communication for good.
Be thankful for those repairmen, fixing problems in the cold weather we're experiencing this week.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is how you try to trip somebody

The event on the Jets' sideline Sunday reminded me of 1995, my first year in Charlottesville.
Rule 1 - if you try to trip someone, don't be wearing orange pants.
Rule 2 - TV is forever.

At the end of the game, I was on the field near the south end zone. Waiting for a Virginia score that never came.

So you want snow?

Lileks checks in from snowbound Minnesota. How does the scenery look?
It’s like huge chunks of leprous skin sloughed off by an albino giant.

Get a haircut, hippie

Don Surber takes the health care mandate to the next level.

I can start breathing again

The Ravens cost me sleep, but at least they won - 34-28 in overtime.
Let's see how they do against the Saints at home next Sunday. Maybe not see. The Redskins-Cowboys will be seen in our area.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Politics? Yeah. Tech issues? Nah.

It's great to read Jim Geraghty's political writing on the web. But he knows his strengths and weaknesses around computers.
Please keep in mind, sending tech issues to me is kind of like asking your dog for advice on fixing your car.

Closing of Glen Burnieland

Facebook brought sad news this afternoon - a college colleague passed away at age 49.
Chuck worked with me on the Towson University newspaper, the Towerlight. He lived on the opposite side of Baltimore from school, and after he finished the week's newspaper Wednesday nights he would attend the on-campus music club until midnight. And sleep in the newspaper offices to make his Thursday classes.
Chuck kept his humor despite the troubles of life - losing part of his leg to cancer and trying to survive as a journalist in the new tech era. He had an op-ed published in the Washington Post in October, 2006.
He will be missed.

Cuccinelli helps Progressives?

We'll be talking and reading lots about the Obamacare decision this week.
The Richmonder has an interesting take.
The only part of the law that Judge Henry E. Hudson struck down was the personal mandate forcing Americans to purchase health care insurance at whatever rate the private insurance companies cared to charge us. The only part of Health Care Reform that was struck down was the part that Big Business loved.
The rest of the Health Care Reform, designed to address the abuses of the industry, stands. Ken Cuccinelli may have just cost the Health Care fat cats billions in lost revenues from people forced to buy health insurance at inflated prices.
We'll see. Don't think we'll see many people with this view, though. Especially in the long run.

More on the Minnesota snow

After watching all the fun at the Metrodome Sunday, I figured Lileks would have some good snow stuff on his site.
He didn't disappoint.
After a few years of false alarms, it’s good to get the genuine article, a city-closing storm that smothers the streets and steps and sidewalks in a deep cold stratum. You wake up, you look outside, and you know you’re not going anywhere today. Hurrah! Homebound!

Thinking playoffs

After the two games Monday night, there will be just three weeks left in the NFL season.
Only New England has clinched a playoff spot, but several teams look very likely to be playing the weekend of Jan. 8.
And San Francisco is still alive at 5-8, since none of the NFC West teams are above .500.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Make promises someone else will pay for

Blue Virginia has a post that sounds like a Tea Party thought - complaining about politicians making promises someone else will pay for.
Isn't that the problem Tea Party members see with federal spending, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, et al? Politicians spend for today and tomorrow's children will pay. And tomorrow is a lot closer than it used to be.
Changing the rules for state employees will be hard. But it's just joining the rest of the world, where retirement returns are not guaranteed.
If it's not fair for these employees to lose their defined benefit, than is it fair for taxpayers without defined benefits be forced to pay more taxes? To pay for someone else's promises in the past?
Don't just fuss at current Ponzi schemes. Democrats had their hands in the cookie jar for years.

You just gotta watch

Whenever there's a problem, people just have to slow down and catch a glimpse.
You can't help yourself when you see these types of troubles.

Farewell, lame ducks

The Democratic House majority is limping out of town. Time to reach back into the archives for this song parody of the Beach Boys' "Fun, fun, fun."
Only a few more weeks and Nancy Pelosi and friends will be "Done, done, done."

Well they took the voters' cash
And pushed the bloated stimulus bill now
Seems they forgot all about the deficit
Like they said on the campaign trail
Despite tea party protests
keep spending just as fast as they can now

And they'll be done, done, done
when the voters take their power away
(done, done, done when the voters take their power away)

Well, the folks can't stand them
'cause they spend like a drunken sailor
(you waste our money now, waste our money)
Sure Republicans spent big, but they couldn't match your pace now
(you waste our money now, waste our money)
A lotta folks try to stop them
But they're ignored when they visit your place now
(ignore us at your place, ignoring our pleas)

And they'll be done, done, done
when the voters take their power away
(done, done, done when the voters take their power away)

Well we knew all along
That the voters would get wise to you now
(the voters are wise now, you know they are wise)
And since they hate your policies
You've been thinking that your run is all through now
(the voters are wise now, you know they are wise)
But you can work along with us
'cause we gotta a lot of things to do now
(the voters are wise now, you know they are wise)

Or else you're done, done, done when the voters take your power away
(done, done, done when the voters take your power away)
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
(done, done, done when the voters take your power away)

done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away
done, done, done when the voters take your power away

Why to get your news from the Internet

At my former newspaper, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, the managing editor looks at the troubles newspapers face in the winter - snow and getting the paper out safely during treacherous overnight driving times.
Going with an early deadline is no problem for many areas - most news is done, while features, comics and editorials are all ready. Sports gets hit hardest when important coverage goes past your early deadline. The best story is left behind and something lesser fills the space.
All the more reason to get your sports news off the internet. Wake up, fire up the computer and it's there. No trudging in the snow or wondering when the paper will arrive.
Although it might be a little tough to check the latest news while in the bathroom.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Climategate carol

Got your Christmas lights up? Increasing your carbon footprint to celebrate the season? Here's my song parody of "Winter Wonderland."

Al Gore speaks, no one's listening
In the lane, lights are glistening
Oh what a sight
With houses really bright
Seeing all the Christmas lights are on

Gone away is good science
Here to stay, blind allegiance
We're singing our song
Yet lights come on
Look how all the Christmas lights are on

On computers we can cook some data
then pretend that it is warmer now
They'll ask: Are you sure?
We'll say: You know, man
And here's the hockey stick
that we have found

Later on, we'll conspire,
With warnings, that are dire
Make the people afraid
We'll pass cap and trade
No more seeing Christmas lights turned on

On computers we can cook some data
And say skeptics are just circus clowns
We'll have lots of fun with our bad data
Until our own emails knock us down.

When we speak, ain't it thrilling
People's hearts, they are chilling
We'll frolic and play, the socialist way,
No more seeing Christmas lights turned on

Don Surber is a genius

Pundette said it in a final update to this post, and this is why.

Recycling update

A cold day to recycle cans, but I got 45 cents a pound today. Staying stable, but still below the 60 cents a pound when the economy was hot.

Obama's "Killer Rabbit" moment

Instapundit links reactions to President Obama's "I'd like to stay, but I must be going" moment at Friday's press conference.
Is this his "Killer Rabbit" moment? Just as Jimmy Carter fending off the rabbit capped a feeling of incompetence in his administration, Obama's departure shows his struggles. Possibly the point when the weirdness of his behavior finally tips the scales away from a chance of being a respectable president.
If he can't get Bill Clinton away from a podium, can his solve any problems out there? If he'd rather be at a party when answering the hard questions, maybe we'll look to people who will fight the hard questions.
As the days go by, looks like Obama won't even reach Carter's standard as president.

The difference

DaTech Guy examines the differences between Democratic presidential leadership - the guy in office in 1994 and the guy now.
It was such a contrast to see him at the podium rather than Obama; comfortable, ready with answers, unafraid. For all of his faults there is no question that he is a master of media and handing the press. If he was president there would have been no sign of revolt from anyone on the hill. It had to be an embarrassment for the president to see Mr. Clinton do what he could not.
Didn't President Obama say the 2010 elections would be different because of him? Friday, we got to see what he meant.

Mr Pissypants

Virginia Virtucon finds a great summary to President Obama's struggling week.
Struggles to the left, struggles to the right.
How many on the left are going to be walking out on him?

Friday, December 10, 2010

House of cards

Here's a housing story - more adults ages 25-34 are living with their parents.
Does it mean - plenty of potential buyers in the future?
or who's going to buy your house if you'd like to sell and retire to warmer climates?
It's nice to say your house is worth so much money. You need someone who will pay that much money for it sometime to make the house worth a reality.

Funny, it doesn't feel warmer

Green Miles has the latest "the Earth is warming" story.
It's cold outside. It's 5 degrees at my in-laws in West Virginia.
Not the best time to bring out the global warming stuff.
Just like when President Obama and Democrats tried to say they stopped a great depression from happening with their policies. Sure you have stats. But it doesn't feel like what you're saying.
So it's much easier to say "So?" or "Maybe those stats don't mean what you think they mean."
Don't blame those who question your conclusions when they're bundled up for a cold winter's night.

Roadmap to victory?

Ace likes seeing Sarah Palin endorse Paul Ryan's Roadmap on entitlements.
Last week, or two weeks ago, when I was arguing about Palin in the comments, I thought about writing, "Well, if Palin wants to convince me she's serious-minded, she can endorse Ryan's roadmap on entitlements/spending; but that's not really a fair bar for me to set, because she almost certainly won't do that. Too risky, too big."
The conversation continues.

Congressional Democrats? I don't know those guys

Chris Graham wonders if congressional Democrats going "Just say no" will help President Obama in 2012.
Since they might deflect the bad attention away.
The president has been shouldering the blame for what hasn’t happened, but I think we’re starting to see what’s been gumming up the gears. It wasn’t so much Republicans as it was Democrats who worked themselves up to a point of giddiness over what they’d do once they got big majorities back in Congress and subsequently imploded in in-fighting that put the in-fighting that had crippled Republicans in the Bush years to shame.

Weekend watchdog

With college football basically down to the bowl season, college basketball begins to step into the spotlight.
Saturday, CBS has a two-sport doubleheader. Saint Louis visits national champion Duke at noon at Cameron Indoor Stadium, then the coverage heads to Philly for the annual Army-Navy game. While it's the biggest game of the season for both, they still have bowl season to look forward to.
The Football Championship Series (old I-AA) playoffs provides the rest of the football this weekend. The quarterfinals start Friday at 8 p.m. on ESPN2 with a battle between CAA schools - New Hampshire at Delaware. Villanova visits Appalachian State Saturday at noon on ESPN, and MASN features Georgia Southern-Wofford at 2 p.m. North Dakota State visits Eastern Washington following the conclusion of that contest.
Off the field, ESPN has the college football awards season, capped by the awarding of the Heisman Trophy Saturday at 8 p.m.
ESPN continues it's early-season hardcourt action Saturday when the SEC takes center court with Tennessee against Pittsburgh at 3:15 p.m. followed by Kentucky-Indiana. ESPN2 begins the day with Auburn-Rutgers at 12:30 p.m., followed by Wisconsin-Marquette. Then it's a matchup in the Big 12/Pac-10 challenge - Washington vs. Texas A&M - followed by a team moving from one conference to the other - Colorado - meeting Kansas. Gonzaga plays Notre Dame at 8:30 p.m.
MASN offers George Mason at Liberty Saturday at 7 p.m., then Sunday at 2 p.m. Wake Forest takes on UNC-Wilmington. Comcast shows Dayton's game at Old Dominion Saturday at 4 p.m., then Sunday Virginia Tech hosts Penn State at 1 p.m. and Maryland battles Boston College at 4 p.m.
The NFL primetime games of the weekend come from Texas - Eagles at Cowboys on NBC Sunday night, then the Ravens take on the Texans on ESPN Monday night.
The Redskins host Tampa Bay Sunday afternoon on FOX, while CBS has the doubleheader. The Washington CBS channel doesn't have a game at 1 p.m. - while most of Virginia sees Cincinnati-Pittsburgh - and in the nightcap New England visits Chicago.
ESPN has the NBA doubleheader Friday, starting with the Lakers heading to Chicago at 8 p.m. In the nightcap, it's the Heat at Golden State.
The Wizards take on the Knicks Friday on Comcast.
The Capitals take on the Avalanche Saturday and visit the Rangers Sunday on Comcast.
NBC will feature the Shark Shootout Saturday at 4 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.
The NCAA crowns its men's soccer champion this weekend. The second semifinal - Akron against Michigan - is Friday at 11 p.m. on ESPN2, with the final Sunday at 4 p.m.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas comes early

Republicans must have been very good this year.
Look at the present under our trees.
Good luck, Democrats, finding something good in your stockings.

$6.6 million dollar man

C-Ville Weekly checks out the campaign finance reports from the 5th District congressional race.
The candidates spent $11 million and Republican Robert Hurt will be the new congressman.
Democrat Tom Perriello's parting gift to the area was around $6.6 million in spending - $3.6 million raised by him and $3 million spent by outside groups.
Yes, the Democrat spent more than the Republican - in both outside groups and his own campaign.
Media General thanks them for their support.

Shovel ready project

Instapundit links an article about President Obama, unhappy Class Warrior.
Burying income in the backyard - until the 2012 election - is the newest shovel ready project.

Food fight

Ace has a long, interesting post up about liberals vs. conservatives on food.
Part of the war of liberals vs. conservatives on everything, starting with "openness" to other ideas.
I don't think that in this respect -- "openness" -- there is much of a difference between conservatives and liberals. I think the main difference is what each is open to. Liberals are open to foreign crap because they hate their own culture and therefore anything not of their culture is superior; sampling other cultures, untainted by the despised home culture, is therefore ennobling.

Conservatives tend to like their home culture and have the opposite take on things.
Liberals are not more "open" to "foreign" things or new experiences, I would contend-- they just define the foreign or new differently. Try getting a committed urban liberal to watch NASCAR once. Just once. He will refuse, and if he does try it, he will fill the air with snarky insults about the sort of people involved in racing and the sort of people who enjoy it. He will begin indulging in cultural stereotypes and insults that he'd be aghast at if directed at, say, the giant guitars of Peru.
Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chillin' in Cancun

I thought it was cold in central Virginia this week.
The cold extends to Cancun, notes Instapundit.

Driving into the light

The next six weeks are interesting driving into Charlottesville from the west on I-64.
Four miles west of town, the interstate rises up Ivy Mountain. This time of year, just before 8 a.m., the sun rises in the view of oncoming traffic. One minute you're going 65, then you hit the sunny area and it's a quick slowdown as you're looking pretty much into the sun.
I've found driving behind 18-wheelers helps block the sun. You creep up the hill behind them, but they take the sun. As long as nobody behind you comes up too fast.
Cloudy days are appreciated on the way to work. So is late January, when the sun moves north in the sky and higher when I and my fellow commuters hit the area.

Pizza Hut - when you gotta have it

The Staunton News Leader features two guys you won't see in any upcoming Pizza Hut commercials - they broke in after hours to make a pizza.
Police broke up the party.
Somebody had the munchies.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First - find a serious Democrat

Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard looks at the chances President Obama could face a serious primary challenger in 2012.
While a liberal/Jacksonian coalition is possible in theory, in practice I just do not see anybody out there right now who could actually stitch it together. I think it is possible for a primary challenger to embarass the president by keeping him, say, under 60 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, but I think there is zero chance Obama will not win the nomination, and there is essentially zero chance he'll have to go the distance.

"Bunny boiling time"

The Other McCain pops the popcorn and enjoys the Democratic civil war.
I love the sound of whining Democrats in the morning. Sounds like . . . victory!

Meanwhile, Instapundit collects the disbelieving reactions to President Obama's press conference.

Watch out, ground approaching

Ace of Spades looks at the structural problems Western economies face in the coming years.

No budget, no reconciliation

Byron York goes into the rulebook to see how Democrats gave themselves no room in dealing with the tax cut issue in this lame duck session.
To pass a measure by reconciliation, the Senate must pass a budget that contains what are called reconciliation instructions. But this year, as they faced an angry electorate and grim prospects in the midterm elections, the Democratic leadership made the specific decision not to pass a budget. Revealing their spending priorities to voters already unhappy with out-of-control federal expenditures was just too risky, so Sen. Harry Reid and party leaders punted, even though passing a budget is one of Congress' core constitutional responsibilities.
With no budget, there could be no reconciliation. And no possibility of using reconciliation to extend the Bush tax cuts -- which were originally passed with bipartisan support -- on the Democrats' terms. Shirking your constitutional responsibilities can have consequences.

When you're talking taxes

Via Instapundit, the Tax Prof blog collects links to the tax deal between President Obama and the Republicans.

A Snoopy for this season

Yankee Phil's post on the Red Baron, and his nemesis Snoopy, reminded me of the Snoopy Christmas song.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogospheric History 101

The Other McCain looks at the enduring popularity of Instapundit, and the fleeting nature of blogs - lost in the deep recesses of search engines.

It's still Sarah Palin's world

DaTech Guy brings a roundup of views on Sarah Palin.
The third view brings the task Palin faces back to reality.
The choice between Palin and Obama, phrased in the least flattering (to Palin) possible way, is a choice between a woman who may turn out to be seriously inadequate to the job and, therefore, become a failed president; and a man who has already convincingly demonstrated that he is seriously inadequate to the job and, therefore, already is a failed president. This rather changes the “electability” issue, doesn’t it?

When you know it's cold

It's a cold Monday in early December.
How cold is it?
Let's check a facebook status update.
Cobbled together lunch from stuff I had in my desk drawer instead of braving the cold.

What's not to love?

Fall weekends are for football, not Senate votes on taxes.
But at Ace of Spades, they took time to enjoy the tax-vote show.
Jake Tapper had some quality snark on how big a retreat extending the tax cuts represents for Obama.

In addition to extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, President Obama has agreed to re-invade Iraq
The left is going to freak about this. What's not to love?

Your Redskins news

Just received an email from Papa John's, that you get a free topping since the Redskins scored a touchdown Sunday.
Instead of four free toppings for what the Giants scored.
Act now, and Donovan McNabb will deliver your pizzas. Ooops, sorry.
He just dropped them.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Find your spot in the standings

I'm watching the Ravens play the Steelers for first place in the AFC North.
Monday, the Jets and Patriots play for first in the AFC East.
With four weeks left to play, no one has clinched a playoff berth. But one team has clinched last place in their division - the 1-11 Carolina Panthers.
The Buffalo Bills are close to clinching last in the AFC East.
It's getting close to the time to start focusing on the NFL's playoff scenarios.

Where are you Christmas

At church Sunday, the pastor titled his sermon "Where are you Christmas" from the Faith Hill song.
He decided to play the song with film clips from "It's a Wonderful Life" instead of Grinch. Good choice.

Keep Star Trek beautiful

Facebook is having a weekend to post cartoon characters from your youth.
It reminded me of the Star Trek Animated Series. I'm surprised I haven't seen an animated Kirk or Spock yet.

First taste of winter

Fishersville wakes up to a taste of snow - about an inch.
The perfect kind of snow. Pretty on the country side, and not on the road.
It was nice to see football highlights in the snow at Cincinnati and Appalachian State - just enough snow to alter the look of field, but not enough to change the game.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Looking for Obama's last win

DaTech Guy wasn't impressed by this Crooks and Liars piece on tax cuts.
But I liked the line at the end.
Obama had a golden opportunity to have an actual victory -- the first he's had since he killed that fly back in 2009.
Has anything Obama's done in two years been a clear-cut, everybody can agree with it, victory? Anything?


Don Surber sums up President Obama's first two years in office.

Mount Crawford weather

December means snow.
Snow means checking for local weather sites when the storms approach.
Fishersville is close to Mount Crawford, so I found this cool site.
Last year, we had 5.5 inches of snow on Dec. 5. Friday's flurries don't count as snow - yet.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't emotionally blackmail the faithful

Will there be a rift between Christian conservatives and libertarians?
Dana Loesch doesn't think so. No matter how hard the media tries.
Can churches embrace doing more to help the poor? Yes, we can.
Churches should be doing more, people of faith should be doing more and want to do more because big government is an attempt to remove action from faith thus making the faith less viable. When taxes go up, tithing goes down. When the government assumes the role of the shepherd, the power of churches is diminished. It’s another way to attack religion and for the state to eradicate it from society.

Da Right stuff on tax cuts

Da Tech Guy explains why tax cuts work, then almost blows it with this line.
And if you are an artist, tell me who is going to pay you $5000 for some bent metal or a faux stuffed emu? It is not going to be the avg guy. It is either going to be the rich who have money or the government who is spending another persons money.
I now support raising taxes on people who buy faux stuffed emus. I think Al Gore has a dozen, and Nancy Pelosi carries them back and forth to San Francisco every weekend.
For the rest of us, cut those taxes.

If you cut taxes and nobody feels it.... it really a tax cut?
One of my favorite excuses of the Democrats is - we cut taxes, but people didn't think we did.
It's summed up in this quote:
In fact the stimulus bill was full of tax cuts. The tax cuts were incremental, gradual, and extended over a period of time, so not only did people never actually notice them, the Democrats never explained them to the voters.
If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?
If you cut taxes and nobody feels it, did you really cut taxes?
There's an old saying that matches the Democrats' tax cut cries - it gives you a warm feeling but no one else notices.

Triple blue light special

Driving to work on I-64 this morning, police pulled over three cars on the west side of Afton Mountain - in the first mile of 70 mph speed limit.
Sorry drivers, but the state needs the money. And the rest of you need to slow down.

Weekend watchdog

We know when the BCS bowls will be.
We basically know who's going to be in the BCS bowls.
But it won't be until Sunday night that we officially know who's going where, and who's playing for the national championship January 10.
ESPN's BCS selection show Sunday at 8:15 p.m. - and the bowl selection show at 9 p.m. - caps off the final big weekend of college football.
Top-ranked Oregon knows it's in the BCS, and plays Oregon State in the Civil War Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on ABC.
Over on CBS, No. 2 Auburn faces South Carolina in the Southeastern Conference final at 4 p.m.
Virginia Tech goes for it's 11th straight victory and a BCS berth against Florida State at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN. Keep the clicker busy, as the Big 12 title game matches Oklahoma and Big Ten-bound Nebraska on ABC at 8 p.m. while Connecticut can clinch the Big East crown when it plays South Florida on ESPN2.
West Virginia can stay alive in the Big East with a win in its noon contest against Rutgers on ABC.
ESPN2 has a doubleheader Friday - the MAC championship between Northern Illinois and Miami at 7 p.m., followed by Illinois visiting Fresno State.
Saturday at noon, ESPN2 shows the C-USA title game between SMU and Central Florida, while Pittsburgh meets Cincinnati on ESPN.
Versus offers the Apple Cup between Washington and Washington State Saturday at 7 p.m. Comcast brings together L.A. rivals - USC vs. UCLA - Saturday at 10:30 p.m.
In the world of college football playoffs, MASN shows a pair of games from FCS (the old I-AA) - Wofford at Jacksonville State at noon, followed by Villanova taking on Stephen F. Austin.
Going against the BCS selection show is one of the top NFL games of the season - Steelers at Ravens on NBC Sunday night football. The AFC North title and likely a top-seed will be on the line when the rivals meet in Baltimore.
Monday night, ESPN has the AFC East grudge match between the Jets and Patriots.
On Sunday afternoon, the Redskins visit New York at 1 p.m. on FOX. So CBS in Washington decided to show the Raiders' game with San Diego in the 4 p.m. slot, against the Cowboys' visit to Indy.
The NBA is on ESPN Friday, when the Bulls visit Boston at 8 p.m., then the Mavericks play the Jazz.
The Wizards host Portland Friday on Comcast, then begin a west coast swing at Phoenix Sunday at 8 p.m.
In college basketball, the ACC hits conference play early when Virginia visits Virginia Tech Sunday at 6 p.m. on Comcast.
Saturday, there's an afternoon doubleheader on ESPN - Butler-Duke at 3:15 p.m., then Illinois meeting Gonzaga - while ESPN2 offers Alabama-Purdue and N.C. State-Syracuse starting at 3:30 p.m.
Comcast's basketball weekend tips off Friday, when the Big 12-Pac10 challenge continues as Kansas State takes on Washington State at 11 p.m. There's two more games Saturday afternoon -California heads east to face Iowa State, then Texas Tech battles Washington - and Sunday at 11 p.m. it's Texas at Southern Cal.
Comcast goes to the CAA Saturday at noon when VCU plays William & Mary.
MASN has Connecticut hosting UMBC at 7 p.m. CAA basketball gets the coverage Saturday at 7:30 p.m. when UNC-Wilmington goes to George Mason. The weekend closes with a pair of games from the BB&T Classic - George Washington vs. Navy at 5 p.m., followed by Maryland-Temple.
Comcast offers women's basketball Sunday at 2 p.m., when Tennessee visits rival Old Dominion, while ESPN2 has Purdue-Notre Dame at the same time.
The Capitals face the Thrashers Thursday on Comcast.
The NCAA Women's College Cup semifinal will be on ESPN2 Friday at 5 p.m., with Notre Dame taking on Ohio State. The final will be Sunday at noon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My lawyer can beat your lawyer

West Virginia will crown two of its three state football champions this weekend.
The third?
Depends on which lawyer wins.
I did find Don Surber's favorite sentence in the story.
According to the SSAC’s website, one title game was called off due to bad weather. Poca and Vinson were declared co-champions of Class B in 1950.

A story that includes the Dots? Good.

Getting ready for Christmas

Here's a clip of Mannheim Steamroller's "Silent Night" to help get you in the Christmas mood.

Wacky for Wikileaks

The Other McCain takes a bat to the Wikileaks guys and the media who love him.
Julian Assange is to liberal journalists what Justin Bieber is to 11-year-old girls. He’s Sinatra at the Paramount, Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles at Shea Stadium.
Should Justin Bieber or 11-year-old girls be mad about the comparison?

Come on, Trog

Troglopundit thinks I don't want snow in Baltimore Sunday due to not liking cold and nasty weather. Nah.
There are important reasons to keep snow away from the Ravens-Steelers game.
  1. One or both of these teams will likely be in the AFC championship, so we need the best playing conditions.
  2. These teams don't like each other. You don't want snow to add to the ways they can battle.
  3. The white snow would clash with NBC's green "global warming" logo.
  4. Troy Polamalu's hair.
You can have snow in Wisconsin. In between Baltimore and Fishersville is Washington, D.C. - home of lots of lawmakers and government employees. If you think the laws they pass are crazy, you haven't seen them driving in snow.

Watch out for thieves

Instapundit highlights a story about copper thefts across the country.
In southern West Virginia, thieves hit a church for its copper.
Copper is lying around and worth money. But then again...
In this year alone, fatalities involving copper thefts have been reported in Boone, Logan and Raleigh You can't enjoy stolen gains when you're dead.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Filibuster fun

The 42 Republicans will stand together, slowing down the Senate until there's a vote on the expiring tax cuts.
Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?
I like the take at Ace of Spades.
It's not like the year-end tax hike is a surprise. It's only been sneaking up on us for most of a decade now. And it is the duty of Congress to pass a budget every year, so that isn't a surprise either. Nevertheless, the Democrats simply let these two critical issues slide because they were too hard.
Now we're running out of time, but the Democrats would rather pass out goodies to constituent groups. I'm impressed (and sadly, a little surprised) that the Senate GOP managed to pull together to tell Democrats that some things are actually more important.

Not this year

With the calendar turning to December, thoughts of the first snow of the season loom.
It's snowing some in West Virginia today.
December 5 is the big day for snow in Baltimore recently, but this year looks like it will be snow-free.
We don't want the Ravens and Steelers playing in the white stuff on Sunday Night football, do we?

Back to its roots

Is it an interesting story that Cracker Barrel will put some electric car charging stations at its restaurants?
Sure, Cracker Barrel features rockers on the porch and old-time items on the wall, but how did the franchise begin?
As a place to gas up and get some food at the same time. The gas station business changed, so Cracker Barrel left the fueling behind. Now, they can join back.
Wonder when some state will decide to put electric car charging stations at rest stops?