Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Big Obama theory

My family has gotten hooked watching "The Big Bang Theory," the CBS sitcom about four geeky academics and their attempted interactions with real life.
I then saw Pundette's piece on President Obama's "charm offensive," and the troubles of an arrogant man trying to win over a skeptical public.
Watch "Big Bang" and you can see how it's going to work out - poorly.
Obama is like Sheldon Cooper, the brilliant theoretical physicist with absolutely no understanding of how the real world works. They are tall, thin and you wonder why people hang out with them.
Cooper is totally self-absorbed in his ways. And can not fathom why the rest of the world doesn't see the problems he sees.
"The Big Bang Theory" offers good laughs, and the reminder the social missteps of a theoretical physicist don't impact the rest of the world. The social missteps of the President of the United States are no laughing matter.
But maybe if we mock him enough, he might begin to get a clue that he's the one who's wrong.

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