Monday, December 13, 2010

Closing of Glen Burnieland

Facebook brought sad news this afternoon - a college colleague passed away at age 49.
Chuck worked with me on the Towson University newspaper, the Towerlight. He lived on the opposite side of Baltimore from school, and after he finished the week's newspaper Wednesday nights he would attend the on-campus music club until midnight. And sleep in the newspaper offices to make his Thursday classes.
Chuck kept his humor despite the troubles of life - losing part of his leg to cancer and trying to survive as a journalist in the new tech era. He had an op-ed published in the Washington Post in October, 2006.
He will be missed.

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mosprott said...

I just heard about Chuck. The last couple of years had been rough, but he was *so* excited about being a granddad.

I'd always kind of hoped that I'd get another issue of GBL in the mail.

Here's hoping heaven's full of Natty Boh.