Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food fight

Ace has a long, interesting post up about liberals vs. conservatives on food.
Part of the war of liberals vs. conservatives on everything, starting with "openness" to other ideas.
I don't think that in this respect -- "openness" -- there is much of a difference between conservatives and liberals. I think the main difference is what each is open to. Liberals are open to foreign crap because they hate their own culture and therefore anything not of their culture is superior; sampling other cultures, untainted by the despised home culture, is therefore ennobling.

Conservatives tend to like their home culture and have the opposite take on things.
Liberals are not more "open" to "foreign" things or new experiences, I would contend-- they just define the foreign or new differently. Try getting a committed urban liberal to watch NASCAR once. Just once. He will refuse, and if he does try it, he will fill the air with snarky insults about the sort of people involved in racing and the sort of people who enjoy it. He will begin indulging in cultural stereotypes and insults that he'd be aghast at if directed at, say, the giant guitars of Peru.
Read the whole thing.

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