Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't get cocky vs. ride the wave

Instapundit has often used the phrase "Don't get cocky" after describing good polling news for the Republicans or tea parties. Maybe it's good to be cocky. Really cocky.
The more enthusiasm on the Republican side, the more likely the opposition will be down and unable to match the enthusiasm. Which leads to mistakes that can turn close Democratic wins into close Republican wins. To reverse the last two election cycles, the enthusiasm must be on the Republican side and discouragement on the Democratic side.
I'd like to see the Republicans win 111 more seats - one for each panel, commission or government entity in the health care plan.
Too big? Probably. But you've got to dream big to win big.
Living in the sixth district of Virginia, we have no worries of a Democratic win. No Democratic candidate is running. They tried in 2008, and lost despite coattails of Barack Obama and Mark Warner. With no potential coattails this year, no one is trying.
Instead, Democrats not used to challenges will be seriously challenged. The list of competitive races grows as the election gets closer.
The wave appears to be building. Don't rest on your laurels, but put yourself in perfect position to ride the wave to victory.
It's just like bodysurfing on the ocean. The wave is there and you just have to find the sweet spot. Instead of missing the action, you're propelled to the shore with great speed and enjoyment.
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smitty1e said...

I really care not fig #1 for the body count in the election.
I care for a sober, principle-based review of what's happened the last century.

Dana H. said...

The Republicans as a whole are unprincipled hacks. Yet I hope for a Republican landslide in the fall. The Democrats *must* be punished for their unprecedented statist power grab over the last 18 months, or we'll be on the fast track to totalitarianism.

Anonymous said...

smitty: Absolutely. A thousand honest accountants and Cal Coolidge would do me fine.

Anonymous said...

I think Glenn got the "Don't get cocky." from Star Wars when Luke managed to hit a Tie Fighter with one of the the Millienum Falcon's defense turret gun and Han Solo admonished him: "Great shot kid! Don't get cocky!"