Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PPP defends its party ID

After Public Policy Polling released its poll Tuesday, bloggers began looking at the party ID as the reason for the four-point margin. I was so proud. Especially a few hours later, when Survey USA's poll showed a 10-point improvement for Bob McDonnell and nearly the same change in the party ID. (eight-plus for Democrats to three-plus for Republicans).
It's nice that Public Policy Polling got last year right. But changes in its McDonnell lead since August seem to have matched the change in party ID in its polls. Nothing wrong with that, but it helps explain the surge as much as what was going on in the campaign.
With so many polls out there, looking at party ID seems like a way to identify which ones really have the pulse of the race, and which might be outliers.
Last year, the Democrats ran the starting quarterback against Norm, the angry troll. This year, nobody would call Creigh Deeds an attractive star who draws voters to him. Mister Outshine Everybody (Terry McAuliffe) burned out before the June primary.
We have five weeks to go and probably many polls to check.

Get your art here

Iowahawk continues his $33.18 art contest. My favorite is #35, with a #41 close second. Check out the submissions and try to do better.

Looking forward to Nov. 17

Sarah Palin's book is due out Nov. 17. There's already a few predictions about the media frenzy that will surround the release.
(h/t Texas for Sarah Palin on Pundette's sidebar)
Palin's book is being written with the help of Lynn Vincent, who co-wrote Donkey Cons with Stacy McCain. McCain's blog is the top referrer of traffic to my blog. See how close I am to Sarah Palin? Doubt I'll get a free, advance copy though.

'Jon and Kate' meet their fate

Jon and Kate plus Eight becomes Kate plus Eight in November. Just because the viewers have split after the divorce announcement.
Pretty soon, eight will be the number of viewers nationwide.

Good idea

With the Swiss arrest of Roman Polanski in the news, GrandpaJohn's has another idea.
The Zurich Film Festival has invited Osama bin Laden to Switzerland to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award.
If that doesn't work, maybe Yankee Phil and I can invite Bin Laden to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood on Halloween.

The Do-Nothing president

Checking Commentary Magazine's Contentions blog today, a theme emerges - Barack Obama, the do-nothing president.
Health care?
It’s simple really: on the signature issue in his domestic agenda, Obama never laid out and fought for a bipartisan, credible health-care plan. He conceived of health-care reform as an extension of a partisan campaign rather than as a test of serious policy-making and governance.
We could have done both–sought to aid the democratic protesters and taken swifter action to enforce existing sanctions and enact new ones. But the Obama administration has done neither.
So now we are back to where things stood at the end of the Bush administration, Satloff argues. But are we? The Israelis have lost confidence in the American president and discovered they can say no. The Palestinians have learned that “unacceptable” for Obama (as in “the settlement activity is unacceptable”) doesn’t mean anything. So we’re not exactly back to square one.
Well, as he’s been thinking about Afghanistan since the presidential campaign started and is undecided on that, too, it stands to reason he’s nowhere close to making a judgment on Iran. The last president was the Decider; this one is the Staller.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking back

It's a big day in the polling world, with Public Policy Polling and Survey USA releasing polls.
Survey USA has a plus-three Republican lean to its pool and gives Bob McDonnell a 14-point lead.
Doing some research, I found on wikipedia links to various polls in the 2005 campaign. SurveyUSA did a poll released seven weeks ahead of the election, and at that point Jerry Kilgore led Tim Kaine 46-43. That poll had a five-point Republican lean.
Kaine ended up winning the race 51.7 percent to 46 percent.

Who will get the blame?

Dick Morris looks into his economic crystal ball and describes a coming "W" economy - another sharp downturn after a short uptick.
You know the Democrats would blame George W. Bush for that.

Obama's three principles for candy

Thinking about President Obama's approach to health care reform, here's what I think his three principals for candy would be.
1. Must be delicious like the candy you're used to
2. Must be calorically-neutral. (calories burned eating candy must equal calories gained from candy).
3. Must not cause cavities or tummy aches.
Such great principals. How can you be against them?

Deeds' dilemma

I love seeing this stories and posts that Creigh Deeds needs the Democratic enthusiasm of last year in his contest with Bob McDonnell.
Let's put it in high school terms.
"Thanks, everybody, for your help getting our record-setting quarterback on the all-state team. This year, we're pushing the candidacy of our third-string underwear cleaner. Let's get excited about him, because the quarterback needs clean underwear."

PPP - still too Democratic

Public Policy Polling's latest poll is out - Bob McDonnell up 48-43. Is the race tightening or is the survey pool too Democratic?
Check question 15 of the release. The survey was 37 percent Democratic and 29 percent Republican. An eight-point edge after a seven-point edge for Democrats in the Sept. 1 poll.
Look inside the numbers. McDonnell has the Republican side locked up, leads by 16 points among independents and the overall lead is only five?
PPP also polls the other races. They have Bolling up by eight and Cuccinelli by nine.
Check in Tuesday evening for a roundup of reactions to the poll.

Five weeks to Governor-elect

Before it's election day, how do you determine when the race is probably over? Watch the candidates and supporters for signs.
Like this post from Blue Virginia, linking
I'd agree with Nate that any claims the Deeds-McDonnell race is a bellweather are ridiculous. How can you say "as Deeds goes so goes Obama" when Deeds is explicitly avoiding discussion of national issues?
When you think you're going to win, you pump it up. If you think you're going to lose, you dismiss the other side's spin that momentum's on your side.
The fact that Deeds is "explicitly avoiding discussion of national issues" is a bad sign for Obama, too. Is Obama's policies were popular with Virginians, Deeds would be riding the coattails. If he's treating Obama like Al Gore treated Bill Clinton, that speaks volumes also.

Lessons at a million hits

William Jacobson shares his thoughts as his blog, Legal Insurrection, reaches a million hits in less than a year. Among the lessons-
I didn't start out this blog meaning to target liberal America, but liberal America targeted me early on, so I am returning the favor. And the left-wing nutroots have come into my focus as well, being what is left after the liberal sauce has been reduced.

New music time

I picked up a CD with various country songs last week, and got hooked on Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead." Her new CD debuts today, and that's worth a picture.
UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Smitty.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rio vs. Chicago


Any questions?
UPDATE: Linked on Don Surber's new and improved site.

Blame Tony Blair

Why's President Obama jetting over to Copenhagen to make a pitch for Chicago hosting the 2016 Olympics? Blame Tony Blair.
I thought Wikipedia might be helpful on this. I read this about the selection process for the 2012 games.
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair was the only leader of the five candidate cities' countries to make a personal lobby (he had also been the only one to attend the 2004 Olympics).
London edged out the favorite - Paris - by four votes.
Brazil's leader has been pushing Rio hard and planned to attend the selection meetings. He even talked to Obama about who's going to win after the G20 meetings last week.
So Obama's trapped. Don't go, and if Chicago loses it's his fault.
Go, and it's bad if Chicago still loses. If Chicago wins, he may get some credit but also catch some grief for his time management.

Interesting outtake

Public Policy Polling teases its Virginia gubernatorial poll on its blog Monday.
Make of this point what you will.
-Among voters who are very familiar with the thesis story McDonnell actually leads 55-41.
McDonnell's lead in the last PPP poll was seven points on Sept. 1. It had been 14 points on August 4.

Good advice

How to make conservatives less angry.
Yes, it's possible.

Olympic effort

President Obama will head to Denmark at the end of the week to help Chicago become the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics.
What if Chicago loses?
Chicago's main challenger is Rio de Janeiro. They're going to have a private beach near the Olympic village. That catches your attention.
South America has never hosted an Olympics, and a Chicago win would probably make the continent wait to host in 2028 at the earliest.
It's going to be an interesting week.

Monday pick-me-up

Feeling down, since it's Monday?
And since the Redskins lost to the Lions?
Just repeat this phrase
"Terry McAuliffe is not going to be our governor."
"Terry McAuliffe is not going to be our governor."
Hope you feel better. I do.

Shannon (dog gone)

Rounding out the song parodies of the Democratic ticket, we have a one-hit wonder about a dog. Sorry, but I did buy the single back in 1976.
In honor of Attorney General candidate Steve Shannon, wail along with "Shannon."

Another vote is at end
Dems were so tired again
We can't believe we're in the cellar

We hardly know what to say
The tide should have been our way
We can't believe we lost
to Cuccinelli

Shannon is done.
I heard he's losing 'cross the state
Where's the votes in Northern Va?
Maybe we'll try another day, until then
Pick up the sign from my frontyard

We will try hard to pretend
The party will do better again
But we can't use George Bush forever
Finally the tears fill our eyes
We know in the White House tonight, Obama's in real deep trouble

Shannon is done.
I heard he's losing 'cross the state
Where's the votes in Northern Va?
Maybe we'll try another day, but until then
Pick up the sign from my frontyard

Pick up the sign from my frontyard

Undefeated teams watch

The ranks of undefeated NFL teams fell from 9 to 7 as the 49ers lost at the Vikings and the Falcons couldn't solve New England.
There's one matchup between 3-0 teams this coming weekend - the Jets at New Orleans. Too bad it's a 4:05 p.m. game, so only a few fans will watch over the air.
Looking ahead, we could still have a final weekend game matching 15-0 teams - the Giants visit the Vikings for the season finale. Always nice to have hope.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Synchronized blogging

I visited Pundette's website to see what's happening.
Down the sidebar is a link to Marathon Pundit with the blurb - Troglopundit makes the Chicago Tribune.
Great for Trog. Wonder what caught their attention.
His post on the Olympics. Inspired by checking out my blog. Great blogging teamwork.

How about them Ravens?

Ravens 3-0
Browns 0-3
Life is good.
We'll see how good next weekend in New England.

TV trucks

Take a picture of the Spanish president's family. Add Instapundit and Iowahawk, and you get information on three trucks from 1960s TV.

Muppets for Rio

Troglopundit linked my post on President Obama and the Olympics selection, and got me thinking more about this week's decision.
Like, can we find if the Muppets did a musical number to support Rio's bid? Yes, we can.

Parody place

I've updated the sidebar to collect my song parodies of the coming Virginia elections.
Steve Shannon's parody will be ready to roll Monday morning.

Fishersville Mike Jettisons Rancid Albatross

Rush Limbaugh gets credit for the idea of this headline. He used the word Albatross Monday in talking about New York governor David Paterson, and the headline grew from there.
On to the protests. Two weeks after going to the 9/12 protest, Smitty headed to the Green Tea Party. He might go to the Million Med March if he can read the directions. And he still had time for the FMJRA roundup.
And over at Little Green Footballs? Don't know, don't visit there.
The Classic Liberal does get some linky love from the Other McCain.
Obi's Sister suffered through the flooding in Georgia and offered several posts on the damage.
Pat posted a post-birthday roundup.
Grandpa John's has his own children's chorus.
Legal Insurrection looks at polling on the public option.
Dustbury has a top 10 list from the United Nations.
Troglopundit keeps on up all the Danica Patrick news.
Sundries Shack has the latest from the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs in the Atlantic League.
Pundette moves traffic with her random linkables.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Find some good reading material and celebrate a special occasion.

Greg Marrow and taxes

Alpaca them on.
From Yankee Phil.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get the cameras ready

Organizing for America is looking for 30-second videos about health care reform.
It's a good idea. Because government may overlook something really important about an issue.
Because government employees don't have all the answers.
Because no matter how many creative people that government contacts, someone outside may have a better idea.
We've got until October 18th to come up with our videos.
Gee, I wonder what James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles could come up with.

Who's going to be the favorite?

I'm intrigued by Public Policy Polling planning to poll Virginians on their favorite governors over the past 20 years.
You have three Democrats and two Republicans. What's the likely order? Is it
1. Mark Warner
2. George Allen
3. Douglas Wilder
4. Tim Kaine
5. Jim Gilmore
If Allen finishes ahead of Warner, it could be good news for Republicans. Or just Democrats splitting their votes among three candidates.
What's the worst order for Democrats?
1. Allen
2. Gilmore
3. Wilder
4. Warner
5. Kaine
We'll see sometime next week.

Olympics update

We're less than a week from learning the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. President Obama and Brazilian leader Lula discussed the competition this week, as Chicago and Rio de Janeiro are the leading candidates. Tokyo and Madrid are also in the mix, but since the Western Hemisphere has not had the Olympics since 1996, it's probably our turn.
The World Cup goes to South Africa for the first time in 2010, so it's probably time for the first South American Olympic host.
I'm sure President Obama would like to end his presidential terms by hosting the world in his hometown. But I think President Sarah Palin will do a good job as host before her re-election bid.
UPDATE: Troglopundit link, and Chicago Tribune links that.

Coming from PPP

I like how Public Policy Polling has a blog to preview its coming poll questions and results. For the coming Virginia poll, they are asking about favorite governors of the past 20 years, and opinions of Doug Wilder and his endorsements.
They also plan some questions on Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Should be some interesting results.

Disgusting ice cream

Mark Steyn goes back to some favorite sayings to describe this week's United Nations activity.
Half a decade or so back, I wrote: "It's a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice cream and a quart of dog feces and mix 'em together, the result will taste more like the latter than the former. That's the problem with the U.N."
And on President Obama
His principal interest in the rest of the planet is that he doesn't need some nutjob nuking Cleveland before he's finished reducing it to a moribund socialist swamp.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Steel Cage Art Death Match

Over at Big Hollywood, Iowahawk is hosting an art competition.
You've got a week to think up some great art promoting Iowahawk, and maybe you can win the $33.18 prize.
One of the commenters had an idea, but this is for pictures of Iowahawk, not President Obama.
I can piss his profile in a snow bank...............cig hanging out of his mouth and everything.

Indoctrination thoughts

Several bloggers have posted the elementary school group singing the praises of our president. That stuff doesn't really bother me.
Kids aren't swayed that easily.
Saturday, Nick will be having "Worldwide Day of Play." From noon to 3 p.m., the channel will be silent so kids can play outside instead of watching TV.
I asked the eight-year-old if he was going to join the Day of Play. No, there's other channels on, he said.
Nick struck out with my boy.

One state, one vote

Silly Virginians, you think the gubernatorial election is about you and your concerns. There's one man whose vote counts, and he announced his non-decision Thursday.
Former governor Doug Wilder declined to endorse a candidate for governor. And Creigh Deeds felt the first shovel of dirt that will bury his campaign.
In the questions of how much influence the former governor has, the summary says it all - Virginia's only African-American governor declines to endorse the candidate of the first African-American president.
Check the focus of the Washington Post story.
Not Larry Sabato put up a tweet that brought smiles to some, as did the lengthy analysis from Wilder's former campaign manager.
Jim Geragthy at NRO's Campaign Spot heard a "nail in the coffin." I heard it too.
Most people don't follow politics closely, so talking about troubles during Wilder's administration doesn't sway. People see a Democrat doesn't support a Democrat, and think accordingly.
A prediction for Nov. 3
Bob McDonnell - 55 percent
Creigh Deeds - 45 percent.
UPDATE: Linked by Classic Liberal.

Weekend watchdog

Ever since baseball went to an unbalanced schedule several years ago, it has meant six series between the Yankees and Red Sox. It just seems like more.
The teams meet for the final time this weekend, unless they both reach the AL championship. A very likely scenario.
This weekend, you can watch them Friday night on TBS, Saturday afternoon on FOX and Sunday afternoon on ESPN. Unless you get the Cubs at Giants as the FOX alternate game.
Gives you reason to root for the Angels and Tigers/Twins when the playoffs start.
The Orioles visit Cleveland on MASN while the Nationals host the Braves on MASN2. TBS Sunday afternoon has the Cardinals at the Rockies.
The Redskins continue their tour of the bottom of the NFL, visiting Detroit. Check for your local listings, but Fishersville should see the Chiefs at Eagles early and Steelers at Bengals late on CBS. For the second straight week, the Colts and Cowboys have the national spotlight. The Colts visit Arizona on NBC Sunday night, while the Panthers visit Dallas and Jerry Jones' super stadium for Monday night football.
For the second straight week, Virginia Tech gets the ABC 3:30 p.m. game against a ranked foe. This week, Miami visits Lane Stadium in a key ACC matchup. Other parts of the country will see Illinois at Ohio State or California at Oregon.
Iowa visits Penn State in the ABC prime time game, while CBS has the SEC at 3:30 p.m. - Arkansas at Alabama.
ESPN starts the college weekend Thursday Friday with Missouri at Nevada.
Saturday's slate starts with Michigan State at Wisconsin at noon, and has Notre Dame visiting Purdue in prime time. On ESPN2, Indiana visits Michigan at noon. Florida hits Kentucky at 6 p.m. and Texas Tech at Houston closes the night.
The ACC game of the week features North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech at noon.
Versus offers three games Saturday from across the spectrum - Cornell at Yale with Ivy League action at noon, followed by the Atlanta Football Classic - Florida A&M vs. Tennessee State - and Arizona at Oregon State at 7:30 p.m.
Comcast opens its day with two teams that beat ACC squads last weekend - Southern Miss at Kansas. UTEP at Texas follows, and there's a Pac-10 game at 10:30 p.m. - Washington State at USC.
NASCAR visits the Monster Mile Sunday on ABC, with Mark Martin leading the Chase for the Cup after the first playoff race.
The PGA tour closes out the FedEx Cup with the Tour Championship on NBC this weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rush's Green Car Challenge

Just watched Rush Limbaugh on the Jay Leno Show, where he did the Green Car Challenge on the backlot. You're supposed to try to drive your fastest and avoid obstacles, like cutouts of Al Gore and Ed Begley that dangle over the track.
Rush hit Gore. Stopped. Backed up and hit Gore again.
May be the worst time there will ever be on the Green Car Challenge. Can't wait to hear him talk about it Friday.

Upcoming polling

Public Policy Polling plans to do a poll in Virginia this weekend.
SurveyUSA did a poll this week for Roanoke's Channel 7 on potential soda taxes. Wonder if that means their next gubernatorial poll is close to being released.

Show me the numbers

It's follow the links time at polling central.
Blue Virginia notes the new InsiderAdvantage poll showing Bob McDonnell leading the gubernatorial race, 48-44.
He's got a link. Click it and you go to the Politico story.
A few more numbers, but no link to the whole poll. Search for InsiderAdvantage and find their website.
Click on latest poll. Nothing updated since August 20.
Click on previous polls. Nothing done in Virginia and I checked back to Inauguration Day. That's good enough.
Click on about. Always a good way to find out about something. The company's president is Eason Jordan, formerly of CNN. Where have I heard that name before? April 2003, when he revealed that CNN knew Saddam Hussein was torturing Iraqis who worked with CNN.
One of the co-founders worked on Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign. And we all know how non-partisan Carter's been recently.
Just like Clarus Research Group, here's a non-partisan group with a Democratic flavor.
And again, McDonnell has only a four-point lead despite winning Independents by 22 points (55-33). More to chew on.

Thanks, Mr. Wilder

The decision is in from Richmond. The smoke you see rising is coming from upset Democrats.
Former Governor Douglas Wilder declined to make an endorsement in the gubernatorial race.
Those upset with the decision would be praising his brilliance if he decided to endorse Creigh Deeds.
Those happy with the decision would say "Shut up and deal" if he had endorsed Deeds.
My song parody can go sit on the shelf until the next electoral cycle.

The latest threat

Mark Steyn is subbing for Rush Limbaugh today, and kicked off the 1 p.m. hour talking about this story Pundette highlighted - toilet paper.
What a load of crap.
It's fall. Better stock up on leaves when they fall from the trees.

Is there an endorsement scorecard?

The endorsements are coming fast and furious. It's hard to keep track what endorsements are big - George W. Bush joins Republicans for Deeds (just an example, people) - and which are small - FishersvilleMike joins Republicans for Chris Graham.
It would be nice for groups to state "For the past --- election cycles, we've endorsed this party 100 percent." Endorsements that don't fit the mold perk up my ears. Groups that endorse just Democrats, or just Republicans, are nice to have but not game-changers.
I'm sure as newspaper endorsements come out, we'll be able to go back to 1993 or further to see if the endorsement is major or just party-based. Until then, keep those endorsement posts coming.

Doodle for Uncle Sam

I knew Iowahawk would have something good about the NEA conference call.

The fun of being a stay-at-home parent

Part of my job as stay-at-home dad is to pick up the kids after school. It's go to the elementary school to get the third grader, then off to middle school for the seventh grader.
Several parents make the same trip, including a family whose girl is in the same class with my boy. Yesterday, we pulled up behind them at the middle school pickup. She had her window down, so my boy put his window down.
She waved it him, and he waved it her. Smile on his face. On it went until we got to the front of the line, and it's pick up the older sibling and head home.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks, Pundette

When I checked my email this morning, I found a comment from Pundette. Cool.
Went to her site, and I'm among the featured blogs of the day. Better be on my best behavior.
I have to dress appropriately for sure.
Thanks for the link.

Where'd the youth support go?

Have younger voters lost their enthusiasm for President Obama and his plans?
They're probably too busy getting ready to pay for the tax increases to come the rest of their lives.

Please Mr. Wilder

Tired of waiting for Doug Wilder's endorsement? You know Creigh Deeds is. Time for a song parody.
Apologies to the Marvelettes.

Oh yes, just a minute Mister Wilder
Wait Mister Wilder

Please Mister Wilder,
can you see
(Oh yeah)
If you have an endorsement for me
(Please, Please Mister Wilder)
Why's it takin' such a long time
(Oh yeah)
For me to hear a good word from you

How about you decide today
To endorse me, please right away
Please Mister Wilder, can't you see
What your endorsement could do for me

You know I've been waitin' Mister Wilder
For just a sign, or just an email
Sayin' you really like me

(Mister Wilder)
Mister Wilder, look and see
(Oh yeah)
What your endorsement could do for me
(Please, Please Mister Wilder)
Why's it takin' such a long time
(Oh yeah)
To boost my campaign, yeah mine

So many days, I've had to wait
Looks like you really hold my fate
You didn't call to make me feel better
All I know is my shirt's getting wetter

(Mister Wilder)
Mister Wilder, can't you see
(Oh yeah)
What your endorsement would do for me
(Please, Please Mister Wilder)
Why's it takin' such a long time

(Why don't you check my party, we're on the same team, remember)
(Mister Wilder)
Mister Wilder, look and see

(I need an endorsement, the sooner the better)
Mister Wilder

A video of the inspiration

Palin in Hong Kong

Don Surber has a roundup of articles from Sarah Palin's speech in Hong Kong.
Three writeups, he doesn't enjoy.
Methinks some people expected Joan of Arc while others expected Tina Fey. I think they got Sarah, a bright person from middle America who is more mainstream than the geniuses we have in Washington.
Then he brings the whole AP story. Good job, AP.

Beck's fired up, ready to go

I enjoy listening to Glenn Beck, although I wonder how much those shiny rocks (gold) and survival seed banks will do if something goes really wrong.
Check out the Other McCain's take on Beck. And this one.
Beck's popularity is not something to be mocked, but shows where many people are right now. And it will not be ignored.
UPDATE: Additional thoughts from SWACgirl.

All sham, no wow

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More NEA

Whenever conservatives say something about President Obama's agenda, you either hear
1. Bush did it too.
2. Why weren't you complaining about this when Bush was president?
Under answer one, Iowahawk finds a Bush-era conference call for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Million Med March

Did you know a Million Med March was planned for October 1st? Smitty did. Thus he said this:
The only major flaw I foresee in all of this is that the doctors' hand-written signs will be completely unintelligible. I recommend as many non-doctors as possible show up a week from Thursday for a legibility assist.

Glad we have remote control

Due to the start of Yom Kippur at sundown Sunday, the Jets, Giants and Yankees will all play at 1 p.m. Sunday.
Although I like Best of the Web's line best.
The Detroit Lions are also playing at 1 p.m., and they've got a lot to atone for.

Wisdom of TMQ

Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column features football along with cheerleader pictures, astronomy, economics and politics. And pithy lines under photos, like at the picture of President Obama at the end of this week's column.
My fellow Americans, if you missed my speech today, just tune in to my speech tomorrow.

Olympic effort

I saw on that President Obama sent a letter in support of Chicago's effort to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.
I like Don Surber's links better. Especially the group Chicagoans for Rio 2016.
You can see why a president would like his hometown to get the Olympics. Presiding over an Olympics can help your popularity - I bet it helped Reagan in 1984 and Clinton in his 1996 reelection campaign.
I'm sure in 2016 Obama hopes to be ready to hand his job over to another Democrat. Unless something unexpected happens in 2012.

Dental appointment

I had to go to the dentist this morning, and I remembered Blake Shelton's video "Some Beach."

When I mentioned the video to the dentist before, he wasn't pleased. But I never have any problems, since he's a great dentist.

'Couch Olympics?' - Eew

Thanks to the internet, you can easily find the most interesting stories. Best of the Web serves as a great collection point.
Monday's interesting link comes from Toronto - warning parents to be careful about their Facebook postings. My favorite piece of advice?
Don't send the ‘What Sex Position Am I?' quiz to everybody
Facebook quizzes are good times, true. You don't have to give them up. Just don't share the results with all of your friends. Be selective about who you forward results to.

Undefeated teams watch

We're done two weeks of the NFL season and we're down to nine teams with no losses. Each division has a 2-0 team, and the NFC South has two - Atlanta and New Orleans.
But there's only one matchup between unbeaten teams in week 3 - San Francisco at Minnesota in Brett Favre's debut at his new home.
The 1972 Dolphins are watching.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rules to remember

Mommy Life blog posts an enjoyable look at teenage dating.
Enjoyable if you're not a teenager.

"It's all about the O"

I like the caption to the photo over at Jammie Wearing Fool.

NEA in trouble

Andrew Breitbart has a story on the National Endowment for the Arts attempting to use artists to push the Obama agenda.
That's the bad news.
The good news is - everyone who attended the 9/12 rally is now eligible for an NEA grant.

Independents' day

Public Policy Polling has looked at a trend in their recent results - Republican candidates winning among Independents in 25 of 33 statewide contests they've polled since early June.
Those results include their latest Virginia poll, where Bob McDonnell led Creigh Deeds 60-29 among independents.
No spinning. That's bad for Democrats. The more Republicans lead among independents, then the more likely Republican turnout will be higher than Democratic turnout come election time. That usually results in Republican wins.

After the talk shows

Where does President Obama go next to convince people about health care? Interesting News has an idea.

Hey, Mr. Deeds

After Creigh Deeds stumbled through his tax answer after Thursday's debate - no general fund tax increase, but maybe an admiral fund tax hike and corporal fund hike and private fund increase, et. al. - I think this would be fun.
Ask him his opinion to Blue Virginia's post on the estate tax.
Watch out for the wobbly spin.

Important reading

Anti-BVBL links a piece from Huffington Post about the "Pointlessness of the Racism Debate."
Glad to see it.
To me, the debate has sunk to the "When did you stop beating your wife" level. You're debating racism instead of what the president is doing/would like to do.
Both sides lock into their position. The president doesn't want "status quo," but debating racist or not racist locks the health care reform into the status quo.
Accept that those who oppose President Obama would have fought Hillary Clinton or John Edwards with the same intensity. It's not a race thing; it's a liberal vs. conservative thing.

My talking points

This week's talking points for the governor's race.
1. It's still a change election. Another Democratic governor isn't change. Bob McDonnell is.
2. If there's a 10-point swing in party ID between polls, then there ought to be a tightening of the race this month.
3. You need more than 50 percent to win an election. 51 percent is more than 50.
4. Creigh Deeds still would rather talk about 20 years ago instead of what will happen in 20 weeks if he's governor.
Wonder if the professionals are doing any better with their talking points.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ACORN - a dad's view

How does Doug Giles feel about his daughter dressing like a prostitute and taking on ACORN? Read the whole thing.
h/t the Other McCain, a real nice guy.

Your first place Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens win with a second straight big offensive game, and the defense makes a big play late to preserve it.

Steelers lose, so the Ravens are atop the AFC North at 2-0. And Cleveland comes to town next Sunday.

Trog's not happy in Wisconsin, but I'm happy with the Ravens.

The Lego inspiration

My eight-year-old was playing Lego Star Wars, and wanted me to watch him.
They had a character I hadn't seen before - a Beach Trooper.

Guess we all know where they got the inspiration - the Other McCain.

Inside the numbers

Thanks to Blue Virginia for linking the questions of the Washington Post poll.
Check out questions 15 (which direction to go) and 23 (party ID).
Likely voters seek a new direction vs. same direction 63 percent to 36 percent. In the previous four gubernatorial cycles, twice the new direction vs. same direction were the same - 2005 and 1997.
In 2001 and 1993, new direction had big leads and the governor's mansion eventually switched hands.
The party ID numbers shifted toward the Democrats in this poll from August, when McDonnell had a much bigger lead. Democrats are +3 in likely voters in September vs. -7 in August. That's a big pile of your surge right there.
Check the questions and see what else you can see.

Fishersville Mike's Juicy, Realistic Analysis

It's been a week of milestones around the blogosphere.
Mr. Raaaaacist himself, the Other McCain, passed 2.5 million visits this week while singing
"God knows what happened to Little Green Footballs,
I don't care to ever link him or read his slime."
Troglopundit hit 100,000 visits Friday with a little help from Obama Wan Kenobi.
Don Surber passed 5 million visits, and I had my best day thanks to a "Boob Czar" picture.
Elsewhere in the blogs, Jim Treacher does the follow-up work of interviewing the Boob Czar and her friends.
Pundette has the latest on John Edwards. Eew.
GrandpaJohn's checks out an ACORN strategy session.
Pat in Shreveport blogs through the rain.
Naked Villainy's son enjoys the Nationals. Glad someone does.
The Classic Liberal redistributes the news.
Cynthia has "Obamacare- the Musical.
Ruby Slippers Blog watches eBay.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Share your pictures and watch out for running criminals.

51 percent means you win

Is the governor's race tightening? Yes.
When you're on the wrong side of 50 percent, that may not be a good thing.

From the other side

What are Nebraskans thinking this morning after the loss to Virginia Tech.
The columnist from the Omaha newspaper
Talk about growing pains.
This one will hurt for a while. This was a punch in the gut, a self-imposed sucker punch, which made it worse. This one's going to leave a mark.

And lots of links at Husker Extra in the Lincoln newspaper.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Kirk Gibson moment

I got to attend Saturday's Virginia Tech-Nebraska game.
I sat in the last seat.
Of the last row
Of the last section
(wait for it)
Of the new luxury boxes.
Hey, some sympathy. The cupholder was too small for the bottle of water I bought. And the cell phone coverage was spotty.
With Tech trailing by five and turning the ball over on downs with two minutes left, we decided to head out. Down the stairs while Tech burned its three timeouts and forced a Nebraska punt.
We got to the corner of the stadium when a roar went up. What did we miss? The ushers didn't want people to return, so it was off to the parking lot where someone had a TV at their tailgate. First-and-goal. Stand with the crowd and see what happens. Third down, and we hear a roar from the stadium. A truck drives by and honks. The quarterback still scrambles, since the TV feed has a delay.
Then there it is, touchdown. Virginia Tech pulls out an amazing victory. And we're outside the stadium. Still part of the crowd, as we watched a very mad Nebraska fan storm the opposite direction.
At least we were ahead of the traffic, and I made the 110-mile trip to Fishersville in two hours.
Kind of reminds me of the Kirk Gibson home run in the 1988 World Series, part of this montage. Watch the ball disappear into the right field stands, and you see the taillights of some fans who wanted to beat the crowd home.

"Turning to Biden"

Jim Treacher has fun with President Obama's "Star Wars" photo op.
h/t Obi's Sister

Prognosis: Not so good

Don Surber looks at those who've done five Sunday morning shows the same day in the past. Three names, and none representing Republican interests.

Hey, can you see the pee?

Popular Science has pictures of what the Space Shuttle leaves behind when it's time to dump waste water overboard.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not too late to turn around

Via GrandpaJohn's.

What to watch Sunday morning

President Obama will appear in interviews on five Sunday talk shows. But Fox News Sunday is not on his list.
Guess that's what I'll be watching.

Kanye and the Founders

Everyone is having fun with Kanye West's "Awardus Interruptus" on MTV Sunday.
Didn't know he was in Philly in 1776.

What's your favorite Virginia roller coaster?

Is it Busch Garden's Loch Ness Monster?
Is it Kings Dominion's Rebel Yell?
Is it gubernatorial polls? Two-point Rasmussen lead and seven-point Daily Kos lead for Bob McDonnell in polls released on back-to-back days.

Your Friday good news

I checked and enjoyed the three-word link to their columnist - McCartney: Deeds stumbles.
The opening paragraph:
If you're a candidate for governor coming to debate in Northern Virginia, you'd better be able to say simply and plainly how you'd raise money to repair and improve the roads. Democratic State Sen. R. Creigh Deeds (Bath) failed to do that Thursday. In fact, he bungled it pretty badly. He managed to sound both vague and two-faced about the most important issue in the race for the Washington region.
The columnist wants Deeds to do better. Thinks Deeds would be better for Northern Virginia. That's okay, since he's an opinion columnist.
But if he's disappointed in Deeds, that flows over to the voting population. You don't like following indecisive drivers who are all over the road, and the same goes with indecisive politicians.

Weekend watchdog

Living in Virginia, each week ABC shows an ACC game at 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Even if there might be a better game elsewhere in the country, we get to watch ACC teams.
Even though there's numerous other opportunities on local TV to watch the league.
Fortunately, there's usually another national game at 3:30 - the Southeastern Conference on CBS. The conference of the last three national champions. Where four schools set school records for attendance at the spring game (h/t ESPN's TMQ). The conference several bloggers I follow pump up.
The SEC schedule starts this week, with top-ranked Florida hosting Tennessee. Don't have the same thrill as the late 1990s, but Tim Tebow ought to keep it exciting.
This is a week where the ACC zone gets a game that looks worthwhile - Nebraska visiting Virginia Tech. USC at Washington and Arizona at Iowa will be offered in other parts of the country.
ABC's prime time offering is Texas Tech at Texas.
The ESPN gets going when Boise State visits Fresno State on Friday. The Saturday slate starts with California at Minnesota, followed by Utah at Oregon and Georgia at Arkansas in prime time. ESPN2 offers East Carolina at North Carolina at noon and West Virginia at Auburn in prime time.
NBC29 and other ACC affliates will feature Boston College at Clemson. Versus has a pair of ACC teams heading west - Duke at Kansas at noon and Florida State facing BYU at 6:30 p.m.
ComcastSportsnet offers four games, starting with North Texas at Alabama at noon. Tulsa at Oklahoma follows, then it's Cincinnati at Oregon State and Kansas State at UCLA.
This week's NFL action starts with the Rams visiting the Redskins on FOX. CBS has the doubleheader this week, but Fishersville gets nothing early since our CBS station is from Washington. The late game will be Ravens at Chargers. (Sorry for those Steelers fans who'd like to see them beat the Bears).
NBC visits the new Cowboys Stadium as the Giants visit. Let's see how many times the punters can hit the new scoreboard.
Monday night, Peyton Manning and the Colts are in Miami on ESPN.
As baseball winds down, the Cubs at Cardinals highlights the schedule. They appear on FOX Saturday afternoon, along with Giants at Dodgers and Tigers at Twins, and on ESPN's Sunday night game. TBS has the Angels at Rangers on Sunday afternoon.
Red Sox Nation visits Baltimore on MASN, while the Nationals head to New York on MASN2.
Week one of NASCAR's Chase for the Cup comes from New Hampshire, with ABC coverage starting at 1 p.m.
The WNBA playoffs began this week, with best two-out-of-three series. ESPN2 has doubleheaders scheduled Sunday and Monday, if needed, to determine the conference finalists.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

20-20 vision

A new slogan for Creigh Deeds - "Ask me about 20 years ago, not 20 weeks into the future."

Falling ACORN

Don't sit under the ACORN tree - things are falling fast.
Guess you can't trust people dressed up like prostitutes anymore.

Spending vs. thesis

E.J. Dionne's column Thursday quotes an unnamed Democratic adviser
"Right now, this is a race between Barack Obama's spending and Bob McDonnell's thesis."
Sorry, Democrats, but that battle doesn't end well for you. Obama's spending has a more direct impact on voters than a 20-year-old thesis.
It's the practical vs. theory. What impacts me now usually wins over what might impact me some day.

Obama-Wan Kenobi

Some advice for President Obama and staff - the next time you plan to make changes in missile defense, don't have a photo op of the president with a Star Wars light saber.
UPDATE: I posted this before seeing Pundette's site, I swear.
UPDATE 2: Troglopundit likes.

Thought of the day

If I had a dollar for every "Woe is me, where's the Democratic enthusiasm" stories, I'd have enough to pay for the yearly cost of the cap-and-trade bill.
Maybe enough to pay yours too.

Plan your viewing has more ACORN videos in the can, according to an interview with Human Events.
It is fall, the time of the year when ACORNS fall.

New at Pajamas Media

Want to know what's really up with Sarah Palin? Pajamas Media now feature's Barbara Curtis' Palin-Tracker blog with updates on the former vice presidential candidate.
Obviously, you'll miss all the juicy tabloid rumors. But if you like reality, this is the blog to check.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go Trog go

Troglopundit is nearly the 100,000 mark in visitors. If he reaches the mark before Sunday, he'll do a Lambeau leap at the Packers' game.
(No, he might get arrested, and it's hard to blog from prison.)
He'll appoint a Lambeau Leap Czar when the Packers score a touchdown.

Kid show for Obama

On NRO's Corner, John Miller floated some ideas of more shows for President Obama to appear on. He suggests ICarly for kids, but I think Bobb'e Says on Cartoon Network (yes, they are doing live action shows) is more fitting.

Little Green

The Other McCain has written several lengthy posts this week after being attacked by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.
I think Little Green and finish the phrase with Apples. This song.
Somebody better than me can take this song and make a "Little Green Footballs" parody.

What is Clarus Research Group?

There's a new pollster out there - Clarus Research Group. A poll they released Tuesday had the Democratic candidate closer than other recent polls in the Virginia gubernatorial race.
It's advertised as a non-partisan group, and where's what I found on their website today.
The company started in June, 2008 by Ronald Fauchaux. His political background includes serving as chief of staff for Senator Mary Landrieu (Democrat-Louisiana) during the Hurricane Katrina recovery period, along with being a state legislator and Louisiana Secretary of Commerce.
I checked, the website of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, but no results turned up. Since he's been in Washington for over 15 years, his state service would have been in the pre-internet era.
The website has a link to his column in Forbes last month on using polls to understand how politicians and ordinary Americans look at the health care reform debate differently.
I don't see any other pre-election polls on his site, but an article with polling results on the William Jefferson-Joseph Cao congressional race of last year. The full article is on the paid side of the site.
We wish new businesses good luck. In polling, you need to be right to stand out and get repeat business. Not just the attention that comes from giving Democrats some hope.

Photo of the day

Obama on Letterman

President Obama is scheduled to visit the David Letterman show Monday.
Will he have a special top 10 list?
How about, top 10 reasons people oppose my health care reform plan.
10. They're racist
9. They're racist
8. They're racist
7. They're racist
6. They're racist
5. They're racist
4. They're racist
3. They're racist
2. They're raaaaacist.
1. They're hard-working Americans who don't trust the idea. Go figure.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My theory

Here's the fate of President Obama's health care reform plan -
As long as opponents are called racists, reform will fail. That simple.

A good acorn nut

It's been a rough week for ACORN. Videos from different offices, losing the census gig and now seeing funding taken away.
About a good acorn nut? Sandy Cheeks has an acorn on her outfit, which lets her live by a pineapple under the sea.
Of course, she's from Texas. That may explain things.

Start spreadin' the news

Chris Graham takes a critical eye at a Washington Post story on the Deeds' campaign. Is it over?
I say yes. The trends are against Deeds. National trends are hurting President Obama, and the time is too short for a rebound. Sure you can say the economy's getting better, but until people feel it that doesn't change the vibe.
It's last year in reverse. I held out hope for John McCain, but you just knew it was Obama's year.
Even the latest Deeds radio commercial, with a speaker twangin' through about McDonnell's votes on tax hikes, won't make a dent. The man from Bath County will take a bath at the polls in seven weeks.

Let's ask Sarah

What should be done with Rep. Joe Wilson? Is his apology to President Obama enough, or should the House reprimand him?
Republicans focus on how Democrats hissed at President Bush in 2005. Thus, the trend line is hiss to "You lie" to "who knows what" awaits the next Republican president.
What does Sarah Palin think? She may face something worse than "You lie" one day if she'd like to be president.
Everybody else can talk theory. Ask someone who might stand at the podium one day.

14 unhappy teams

I turned to the end of the Bills-Patriots game Monday. The Bills lead by 11 late, and you wondered how were they going to lose. They found a way. Patriot touchdown, fumble on kickoff, Patriot touchdown, and two sacks when they got 25 yards from field goal territory.
Elsewhere in the AFC, it's trouble. New England got a win they shouldn't have, and it will make a difference in home-field advantage or playoff berths in January. When the playoff field is set, probably one AFC team will look at this game costing them somehow. We play on to see who it's going to be.

A little help for Taylor

Everybody, even the president apparently, has an opinion on Kanye West spoiling Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs Sunday. How about sharing the video that won?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Trog's picture of the week

Last week, I emailed Troglopundit that to predict he would find a picture of Brett Favre being sacked for his favorite photo.
I forgot the Vikings were playing the Browns. Favre didn't see much of the Browns' defense, except their backs as they chased Adrian Peterson downfield. But Troglopundit did find a photo to use.

Obama quote of the day

From Troglopundit, as President Obama plans to visit five Sunday shows next week.
At this point, even Peyton Manning thinks Obama’s overexposed.

Endorsement thoughts

Monday, Bob McDonnell received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.
Creigh Deeds received the endorsement of Virginia Professional Fire Fighters.
Good for Deeds. When your campaign is going up in smoke, it's helpful to have help from people who are used to dealing with smoldering embers.

Waldo saves a few bucks

With the NRA's endorsement of Bob McDonnell, I guess Waldo Jaquith won't be joining. Or dancing around the living room in the nude.

Home of the Boob Czar

South Florida Tea Party has pictures of the 9/12 rally with its featured member, the Boob Czar. Should have figured that was her home.
Visit their site and check out the photos.

Here she is, the Boob Czar

Bob from the Journey blog made it to Washington Saturday and caught the Boob Czar and her entourage - the Czar of Transparency and a Green Czar.
h/t SWACgirl
Welcome, visitors from Twitter and Jim Treacher.

Deeds' talking points

Is it a big deal that the McDonnell campaign sent out 30 talking points about the thesis? Gotta keep the campaign staff busy doing something.
btw, what are Creigh Deeds' talking points?
1. I'm a Democrat, like Mark Warner
2. I'm a Democrat, like Barack Obama
3. All of problems are the fault of Republican George W. Bush
4. My opponent talks too much about national issues, not Virginia issues
5. Tim Kaine? I've heard the name but can't place the face. Haven't seen him around much lately.
6. Did I mention Mark Warner? We're alike, except he's rich and from the north, and I'm poor and from Bath County.
I think I hit the major talking points.

Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody

After doing a song parody for Creigh Deeds, I thought maybe I should go down the ticket. Here's one for Jody Wagner, with apologies to Dolly Parton.

Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody
Your begging sure won't get my vote
Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody
I'm sorry but your campaign didn't float

You had a job with Tim Kaine
Sure budgeting is a pain
When revenue projections fall short
Now you want a higher post
Bolling won't give up the ghost
And you cannot compete with him, Jody

Your ticketmate puts us asleep
It's another shortfall you will keep
There's not much help from Deeds, Jody
And I can easily understand
Why you'd think Obama is the man
But his numbers continue to fall, you see

Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody
Your begging sure won't get my vote
Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody
I'm sorry but your campaign didn't float

It's time to make a choice again
The winner looks Republican
He's the best one for me, Jody
We have to have this talk with you
We hope your career's not through
But this job is not for you, Jody

Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody
Your begging sure won't get my vote
Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody
I'm sorry but your campaign didn't float
Jody, Jody

A video of the inspiration

And hold on, Steve Shannon. Your song is coming.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thanks, guys

Star City Harbinger got the memo on 30 talking points about Bob McDonnell's thesis.
Maybe later this week Creigh Deeds will have 30 talking points about his candidacy.

Checking Van Jones' references

I know Van Jones has been gone a week, but I have to pass along the thoughts of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown in his Sunday column.
The only question I have about Van Jones' resignation as the White House green czar is why didn't they call me before they hired him. You would think that, as part of the vetting process, they would have called the mayor of the city where he was from.
I would have said, "Yeah, I know a lot about him. He's really a pain in the ass. When he ran Bay Area PoliceWatch, he slanted every case to make the cops look as bad as possible. And while he might be talented enough, he's totally and completely unreliable."

h/t Don Surber, who likes another part of the column

TV viewing plans

Sunday night at 7 p.m., do you watch President Obama talk more health care reform on CBS?
Or Keith Olbermann join the football coverage on NBC?
Neither, of course. FOX has the Redskins' game and the OT when it's done. It's no contest.

Numbers game

How many people were at Saturday's march in Washington?
Go ahead, blame the Brits for the two million number. And they were clean - too clean to have been that many.
There may have been 70,000 different slogans on posters. I enjoyed the ones I saw.
Maybe you can count all those you see in SWACgirl's photo essay. It's a start.
All I know is that was a lot of people. Fired up people. People who will be heard and will not take "trust me, I won" for an answer.
UPDATE: Welcome Memeorandum readers. SWACgirl has her thoughts on the cleanliness.

Future rulers from Quincy

Instapundit was impressed by the Quincy, Illinois 9/12 rally he attended.
I’ve been involved with a lot of events over my life, from civil rights protests to rock concerts to science fiction conventions, and I’ve never been involved with an event that ran with such well-oiled efficiency. I was going to say “ruthless efficiency,” but of course it was cheerful, considerate Midwestern efficiency and not ruthless in the least. The Quincy folks were charming hosts, and threw a dinner party for us last night where all the food was homemade, and delicious.
Wonder if there was bacon at the dinner party?

A speed bump with spike strips

What does Saturday's 9/12 rally mean to Democratic plans? It's a speed bump to plans to push health care reform through, and spike strips to quickly deflate the illusion that would settle the issue.
When a speed bump and spike strips are in front of your car, you either slow down or you crash. The choice is the driver's.

Fired up, ready to go

At Saturday's rally in Minnesota, TV showed President Obama and the crowd doing the chant "Fired up. Ready to go."
That's good. Especially because the chant didn't come from David Axelrod or an army of political consultants. It came from a lady in Greenwood, South Carolina who inspired Obama with it during the primary campaign.
The brilliance of the American people was on display in Washington Saturday. Lots of homemade signs with slogans they thought up. There were reports of a lady with a "Boobs Czar" t-shirt. They didn't have a picture, but I bet somebody in the crowd got the picture.
When it's posted, it's going to be popular. I bet a t-shirt company will be selling "Boobs Czar" t-shirts by the end of the week.
The "fired up" lady and "Boobs Czar" lady are just ordinary Americans looking to make their country better.
The large numbers who marched in Washington should be a warning to all those in power - "Listen to us." Lest they should soon be "Fired. Made to go home."
UPDATE: Don Surber found a picture of the "Boobs Czar" lady. I bet there's better pictures out there.
UPDATE 2: The t-shirt actually says "Boob Czar." Jim Treacher's having fun with the idea.

Football magnificiently joins regular activities

As Rush Limbaugh said at the end of Thursday's program, it's Christmas Day for NFL fans. The season kicked off Thursday with the Steelers edging the Titans in overtime, and 13 more games are on the slate today.
But not everyone likes the NFL (for some reason). And you may get bored during the commercials and features you don't care about. Just don't reach for the No-Doz.
So here's a blog roundup to keep you busy during those down times.
Smitty's waiting for both O-Dough and a tie to be returned. And still had time to finish the FMJRA roundup before heading to the 9/12 rally.
Troglopundit hopes a picture of Danica Patrick helps his numbers. But Grandpa John's has some real babes.
Pat's cooking Gumbo and watching the tea party coverage after doing her roundup.
Dustbury reaches back to the 70s.
Jules Crittenden remembers 9/11 and reactions of his son - then 5.
Carol remembers as well.
Dan has the President's speech in realistic language.
The Classic Liberal loves his Rule 5 roundups.
Eye of Polyphemus has a roundup from the home of Rep. Joe Wilson.
Naked Villiany spent the week working on lists.
Enjoy the games and the rest of the weekend. Relax after your bus trip and schedule your TV viewing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday's news

Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell caught using naughty word on radio.
Democratic politicians probably used same word early and often looking at the crowd on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Even George Washington got in on the action.

Army of creative Davids

Just checked National Review's Corner and found several instances of creativity among the marchers. Like
"Having government manage your health care is like having Michael Vick watch your dog.”
A woman wearing a "Boobs Czar" t-shirt.
And pictures:

Can't wait for other reports from the march.

UPDATE: Checked Sitemeter and sometime next week I expect to see ads for a T-shirt with the words "Boobs Czar."

Don't mock those who pay the freight

Blue Virginia thinks it's funny that anti-tax protesters used tax-funded transportation to get to Washington. Nah. Just time to roll out a Ronald Reagan clip from 1980.

Don't mess with those who pay their taxes every paycheck and every April 15th. They are using their roads and transport to have their voices heard.

Channel surfing

I check on C-SPAN, where an Ohio coal miner is talking about cap-and-trade.
I switch to CNN, and there's President Obama in Minnesota. Saying, "I always believe change comes from the bottom up instead of the top down."
Which guy is coming from the bottom up and which from the top down?


In the last two hours, I saw these messages with the same number - 450,000.
1. More than 450,000 responded to Organizing for America's letter to support President Obama.
2. The Other McCain reports an estimate of 450,000 people at the 9/12 rally.
Close enough for government work.

A man to listen to

Democratic representative Bart Stupak would like to talk to President Obama. Will he listen? Or will it be too late?
The White House might want to reconsider its cold shoulder, because Stupak may have enough votes to keep the health care bill from making it to the floor of the House. Stupak says that if Nancy Pelosi and Rules Committee chairman Louise Slaughter do not allow an up-or-down vote on his amendment to explicitly ban coverage for elective abortions in the bill, he's going to lead a coalition of Democrats to vote with the Republicans "to try to take down the rule." That would keep the bill from moving out of the committee to the floor.
We'll be watching.

Great omission

Don Surber wasn't impressed by President Obama's speech Wednesday.
President Obama should have praised the American health system and said he'd make it available to everyone.
Instead, he belittled the hard work and dedication of Americans in the health industry.

Shove back

Mark Steyn has a gloomy take on President Obama's speech Wednesday. Steyn feels Obama is going to shove some form of health care reform through to shift political life to the left.
I use another Steyn thesis - the demographic crunch - to say Obama will fail. Obama's health care reform push also comes from the realization there's not enough money to pay for government's promises.
You can't promise more than there's fewer workers to produce tax revenue for you. You get unhappiness all around, especially at the group - Democrats - that overpromised.
So it's important to shove back, like the 9/12 march on Washington. Because Obama's plans for Democratic control are just as good as the IOUs sitting in some files somewhere.

Remember the 9-11 film?

Thinking about 9/11, I remembered the film done by the French brothers that day. It aired in its entirety six months later.
I decided to search for info about the film. And I found a truther site. Imagine that.
Someone who thinks the brothers were used as part of the conspiracy - look closely at their film and you can see what I imagine.
The site I visited hasn't been updated since 2006. Is that part of the conspiracy too?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Somewhere in Texas

A man read this article and thought, a job well done.
Thanks again, George W. Bush.

MSNBC balance?

For an unfortunate reason, I happened to catch a few minutes of MSNBC's show at 5. Chuck Todd was subbing for Chris Matthews, so I was curious. Bad choice.
They were talking about Rep. Joe Wilson. They had someone from and former McCain adviser Mark McKinnon. Usually the political shows have opposing views, but they both were bashing "uncivility" like they think Wilson displayed.
Dan Riehl catches McKinnon's essence. Ughh.

Obama is...

Is President Obama the most leftist president we've ever had? It's what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity say.
Or he is a bipartisan guy who's being unfairly smacked around by boorish Republicans like Virginia Democrat thinks.
Both are right. Let's move on.
Looking at history shows Limbaugh and Hannity are right. Of the 42 guys who've held the office, Obama is more to the left than Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. Go back further and the more conservative demeanor of the country would make presidents closer to the center.
Looking at the polls may make you think Virginia Democrat is right. Republicans haven't rolled over and played dead. They're holding rallies, shouting at elected offices and training plenty of fire on Obama positions and staffers.
Virginia Democrat sees the town halls helping fire up Republicans and boost Bob McDonnell into the lead. But he's depending on Obama on buckling down and firing up Democrats to boost Deeds' standings.
Right now, any action from Obama will produce an equal (and possibly greater) reaction on the Republican side.
Sorry Mr. Deeds, but Obama's not your rocket to a win. He's an anchor to your loss.

Some friends for SWACgirl

SWACgirl has six buses going from the Valley to Saturday's 9-12 rally.
Hundreds of motorcyclists are riding up from Atlanta for the rally also. As Troglopundit says, "Go ahead and call them teabaggers."
They might be a good group of people to be around in D.C.

Great communicator, eh?

President Obama held a press conference in July to talk about health care reform. Afterwards, everyone talked about the police in Cambridge, Mass.
Wednesday, President Obama did a special address to a joint-session of Congress about health care reform. Afterwards, we're talking about Rep. Joe Wilson shouting "you lie" and his concerns about illegal immigrants being covered under the plan.
The president is supposed to be one who gives great speeches to make his point. Maybe that was just a campaign thing.
Just read this transcript.

Smart guys against Obama

Looking at the Left has pictures from the Doctors rally against Obamacare.
They may not be candidates for the cover of People Magazine, but I think I'd trust their medical judgement.

Some good news, please?

Public Policy Polling is looking for help to decide where to poll next week.
I really liked this line.
Maybe I should add a third criterion that we want to poll something that might make Democrats happy...we've delivered enough bad news lately!
Good luck with that.

We're getting older

In her classroom in Louisiana today, Pat will not ask her students in English class to write about their memories of 9/11. They were too young then. Eight years is a long time when you're in middle school.
Others remember all too well.
Smitty honors a co-worker.
Carol at No Sheeples Here has been posting pictures from the 2,996 Project.