Friday, September 25, 2009

One state, one vote

Silly Virginians, you think the gubernatorial election is about you and your concerns. There's one man whose vote counts, and he announced his non-decision Thursday.
Former governor Doug Wilder declined to endorse a candidate for governor. And Creigh Deeds felt the first shovel of dirt that will bury his campaign.
In the questions of how much influence the former governor has, the summary says it all - Virginia's only African-American governor declines to endorse the candidate of the first African-American president.
Check the focus of the Washington Post story.
Not Larry Sabato put up a tweet that brought smiles to some, as did the lengthy analysis from Wilder's former campaign manager.
Jim Geragthy at NRO's Campaign Spot heard a "nail in the coffin." I heard it too.
Most people don't follow politics closely, so talking about troubles during Wilder's administration doesn't sway. People see a Democrat doesn't support a Democrat, and think accordingly.
A prediction for Nov. 3
Bob McDonnell - 55 percent
Creigh Deeds - 45 percent.
UPDATE: Linked by Classic Liberal.

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