Thursday, September 24, 2009

Show me the numbers

It's follow the links time at polling central.
Blue Virginia notes the new InsiderAdvantage poll showing Bob McDonnell leading the gubernatorial race, 48-44.
He's got a link. Click it and you go to the Politico story.
A few more numbers, but no link to the whole poll. Search for InsiderAdvantage and find their website.
Click on latest poll. Nothing updated since August 20.
Click on previous polls. Nothing done in Virginia and I checked back to Inauguration Day. That's good enough.
Click on about. Always a good way to find out about something. The company's president is Eason Jordan, formerly of CNN. Where have I heard that name before? April 2003, when he revealed that CNN knew Saddam Hussein was torturing Iraqis who worked with CNN.
One of the co-founders worked on Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign. And we all know how non-partisan Carter's been recently.
Just like Clarus Research Group, here's a non-partisan group with a Democratic flavor.
And again, McDonnell has only a four-point lead despite winning Independents by 22 points (55-33). More to chew on.

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