Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Kirk Gibson moment

I got to attend Saturday's Virginia Tech-Nebraska game.
I sat in the last seat.
Of the last row
Of the last section
(wait for it)
Of the new luxury boxes.
Hey, some sympathy. The cupholder was too small for the bottle of water I bought. And the cell phone coverage was spotty.
With Tech trailing by five and turning the ball over on downs with two minutes left, we decided to head out. Down the stairs while Tech burned its three timeouts and forced a Nebraska punt.
We got to the corner of the stadium when a roar went up. What did we miss? The ushers didn't want people to return, so it was off to the parking lot where someone had a TV at their tailgate. First-and-goal. Stand with the crowd and see what happens. Third down, and we hear a roar from the stadium. A truck drives by and honks. The quarterback still scrambles, since the TV feed has a delay.
Then there it is, touchdown. Virginia Tech pulls out an amazing victory. And we're outside the stadium. Still part of the crowd, as we watched a very mad Nebraska fan storm the opposite direction.
At least we were ahead of the traffic, and I made the 110-mile trip to Fishersville in two hours.
Kind of reminds me of the Kirk Gibson home run in the 1988 World Series, part of this montage. Watch the ball disappear into the right field stands, and you see the taillights of some fans who wanted to beat the crowd home.

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