Monday, November 30, 2009

Only 13 percent

Abortion continues to be the tar gumming up the works of health care reform. Despite the fact that only 13 percent of abortions in 2001 were paid for with private insurance money.
Megan McArdle doesn't understand all the complaining from abortion rights groups.
So I don't get the outsized reaction to all this--I mean, outside the professional interest groups, who of course are contractually obligated to get outraged about everything. Fears that women will lose their current access to abortion often seem to be muddled together with frustration at not being able to expand access to abortion. But anyone who was not seriously entangled in an opaque ideological cocoon could see that using government funds to help expand access to abortion was never. going. to. happen. More people are against it than for it, and they're in a stronger bargaining position.

Good news for blogs

There's another blog aggregator out there - yes, we need another one.
Lucianne is behind this one. The site is
You'll probably find some of your favorite news blogs posting there, so check it out.

Dangerous decorations

Our family bought a little Yorkshire Terrier in February, so this is her first Christmas in a home.
I took her for a walk today, and one of our neighbors had a nativity scene in the front yard. Not realistic, just white plastic figures to be seen at night.
The dog barked at them the whole time we were within 50 yards of the house. She did better on her second walk, just growling on closest approach.
Must be hard for dogs to understand the differences of the world around Christmas. Except it's more stuff to chew.

A town without pity

Blue Commonwealth liked this column about health care reform.
Professor Bainbridge ripped it apart.
Kristoff here invokes a single but attractive and sympathetic example as an argument for a major shift in national policy. Presidents do this when they invite a symbolic figure to sit next to the first lady at the State of the Union address. Congressmen do this when they decide who to invite to legislative hearings. Trial lawyers do it when they select the most piteous victim to be the named plaintiff in mass tort class action.
It's effective because who amongst wants to seem like the priests in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It's analytically flawed, however, because it fails to take into account the interests of the mass of other individuals who may be adversely affected by the change of policy in question.

NFL playoff picture

With five weeks left to go, looks at the likely playoff teams.
I like they have the Ravens as the sixth seed, possibly facing the Chargers.
Now, if the Ravens can beat the Packers and then have the Packers beat Pittsburgh, life would be good.

What Obama was doing Nov. 3

Creigh Deeds knows what he was doing Nov. 3 - losing on Election Day.
Now we know one of the things President Obama did that day - catch a pass.
Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that was the day the NFL filmed a commercial for the Play60 program promoted this weekend. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees flew up for the afternoon, joining several other NFL players.
I saw the commercial last night. Brees throws the ball and Obama comes across the screen to catch it. Then flips the ball to a kid on the shoulders of a Cowboy player - Demarcus Ware.
Cute commercial with cool slo-motion.
Wasn't the last month slo-motion for Deeds?

Coal in Playboy

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports on a letter to the editor in Playboy. It's not that bad.
Playboy decided to let coal producers tell their side of the story after Woody Harrelson attacked mountaintop removal.
Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association, got his words in the latest Playboy.
“I found his (Harrelson’s) comments to be inaccurate and an affront to our people,” Raney said. “I saw him as another one of the group of people who parachute in here and jump on the anti-coal band wagon. I don’t think they’re only against surface mining. I think they’re against the coal industry period and against our way of life.”
So if you visit the Bluefield Daily Telegraph's site, you don't need to check out Playboy.

Stayin' Alive

The Baltimore Ravens are tied for the final playoff spot in the AFC, thanks to an overtime win over Pittsburgh. Now starts Packer week.
The Colts stayed perfect after falling behind 17-0 early. I saw that score before heading home from West Virginia. Driving through the Virginia mountains at 5 p.m., I picked up a radio station on the Colts' network with the final score.
Can the Titans keep the Colts from winning next week?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Climategate Carol

Driving home, I saw plenty of houses in my neighborhood with Christmas lights already on. With four weeks of that carbon footprint, what are the climate scientists thinking?
Maybe they need a climate carol, to the tune of "Winter Wonderland."

Al Gore speaks, no one's listening
In the lane, lights are glistening
Oh what a sight
With houses really bright
Seeing all the Christmas lights are on

Gone away is good science
Here to stay, blind allegiance
We're singing our song
Yet lights come on
Look how all the Christmas lights are on

On computers we can cook some data
then pretend that it is warmer now
They'll ask: Are you sure?
We'll say: You know, man
And here's the hockey stick
that we have found

Later on, we'll conspire,
With warnings, that are dire
Make the people afraid
We'll pass cap and trade
No more seeing Christmas lights turned on

On computers we can cook some data
And say skeptics are just circus clowns
We'll have lots of fun with our bad data
Until our own emails knock us down.

When we speak, ain't it thrilling
People's hearts, they are chilling
We'll frolic and play, the socialist way,
No more seeing Christmas lights turned on

UPDATE: Part of Don Surber's Daily Scoreboard.

Global warming update

Last year at Thanksgiving, I drove to West Virginia and there was snow on the ground.
This weekend, I drove to West Virginia for Thanksgiving and there was trace amounts of snow on the ground. And reports in the local newspaper of accidents on snow-slicked roads Black Friday.
I'll be working on my article for a peer-reviewed science magazine this week.

For my journey 'round Appalachia

It's a short roundup because it's a busy weekend - Thanksgiving, kids home, starting to decorate for Christmas and traveling to West Virginia to see family.
I have to watch out for that "global warming" snow. Two-lane mountain roads are more slippery than English climate researchers.
For the latest from my favorite bloggers, check the right sidebar.
Elsewhere on the blogosphere,
You can check out the Other McCain's Christmas shopping ideas.
Or find out what Wyblog is thankful for.
Obi's Sister has the latest on replacing Georgia's Bulldog mascot.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Support our Augusta County bloggers.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our global warming tree

The Penguins, Polar Bears and snowmen are doing just fine on our Christmas tree.

Good job, Bluefield Beavers

It's state football playoff time across the land. In West Virginia's Class AA, the Bluefield Beavers will be making their sixth appearance in the last eight title games next weekend after posting a 13-7 victory Friday.
Bluefield dropped down to Class AA my final year there, and I covered their quarterfinal loss as my final prep game of 1994. They've won several state titles since then and met Don Surber's Poca Dots many times.
No Dots in the way of this campaign.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Headline to be thankful for

Kim Stassel in the Wall Street Journal offers the good news
'Cap and Trade Is Dead'
Internationally, world leaders finally acknowledged that the recession has sapped them of their political power to impose devastating new carbon-restrictions. China and India are clear they won't join the West in an economic suicide pact. Next month's summit in Copenhagen is a bust. Instead of producing legally binding agreements, it will be dogged by queries about the legitimacy of the scientists who wrote the reports that form its basis.
h/t Marathon Pundit

Is this a smart guy?

Visiting CMT's website, I see Lance Smith is leaving the network. He's hung out with the Rockettes, and this week the Hooters Dream Girls were part of the show.

Might need to rethink that decision.
UPDATE: Good enough for Smitty's Rule 5 roundup.

It's Christmas shopping

Today I received the email from Organizing for America about holiday shopping. They featured a logo fleece.
When I think of Obama, I definitely think of fleece. Being fleeced.

Why health care reform will fail

I was taking my dog out for a walk this morning. Our neighbors have family visiting, including their dog. Their dog watches my dog, seems to know it's supposed to stay on their lawn, but can't help himself. He runs to meet my dog, while his family yells at him.
Next week in the Senate is going to be like that dog's mind. They're supposed to do something, but that other thing (my dog) looks so interesting.
When I continue walking, that removes the distraction and my neighbor finally gets control of his dog. The distractions won't be removed in the Senate.
Reid and Obama will be yelling for attention. Abortion, costs and public option are among the distractions. Doubt they can overcome them all without letting loose some other distractions (progressives have a list).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trouble's a brewing

What Democrats have to look forward to in 2010.
h/t Lucianne

Darth Vader on Thanksgiving

Mrs. Fishersville Mike found this.
When Darth Vader says he wants a drumstick, you give him a drumstick.

Today's science lesson

While digesting the Thanksgiving dinner, you can digest this post at NRO's Corner on signs that consensus is more "con" than "sense."
Although my neighbor was mowing his lawn this afternoon. That's anecdotal evidence for climate change, since I doubt they mowed their lawn in late November at Jamestown 400 years ago.

Weekend watchdog - Turkey Day edition

Do you have your Thanksgiving turkey? The NFL sure does.
First, you have 2-8 Detroit hosting Green Bay.
Then, it's 3-7 Oakland visiting Dallas. (And it took fluke plays Sunday to give them such lofty records).
And NFL Network offers the Giants and Broncos in primetime. Both teams will be happy to see November end.
There's a few more turkeys on the Sunday schedule before you get to the meat of the slate in prime time - Steelers at Ravens on NBC Sunday night, and Patriots at Saints for Monday Night Football.
Locally, it looks like the Sunday afternoon slate will be Redskins at Eagles followed by Bears-Vikings on FOX. CBS goes with the late Sunday game of Jacksonville at San Francisco.
The college football regular season begins winding down this weekend. Thursday, ESPN has Texas at Texas A&M at 8 p.m.
The Black Friday football schedule opens with Rutgers at Louisville at 11 a.m. on ESPN2. The deuce adds a primetime doubleheader - Pittsburgh at West Virginia at 7 p.m. followed by Nevada at Boise State.
ABC has a doubleheader - Illinois at Cincinnati at noon and then Nebraska visiting Colorado.
CBS features Auburn-Alabama Friday afternoon, then brings you Florida-Florida State Saturday.
Saturday, ABC has three games in the late afternoon time slot - Virginia Tech at Virginia, Arizona at Arizona State and Missouri-Kansas. In primetime, the choices are Notre Dame at Stanford and Georgia-Georgia Tech.
NBC offers entertaining football and a great halftime show - the Bayou Classic featuring Grambling and Southern.
ESPN has an ACC doubleheader - Clemson vs. South Carolina at noon followed by Miami-South Florida. Then it's Arkansas taking on LSU at 7 p.m. ESPN2's game of the day is North Carolina at North Carolina State at noon.
Wake Forest-Duke is the ACC game of the week. MASN offers Utah State at Idaho Saturday at 5 p.m. Comcast brings you Oklahoma-Oklahoma State at 12:30 p.m., and closes the night with USC-UCLA.
There's time for a few college basketball games. ESPN2 has five games through the day Thanksgiving, starting at noon, and the ESPN family has the Preseason NIT Friday and Old Spice tournament throughout the weekend.
MASN shows some games from the Great Alaska Shootout Thursday and Friday, along with the final and third-place game Saturday night.
The NBA has a Thanksgiving doubleheader - Orlando takes on Atlanta at 8 p.m. and Chicago-Utah is the nightcap. Friday on ESPN, it's the Wizards at Miami early and Suns-Timberwolves at 9:30 p.m.
The Wizards are also on Comcast Saturday when the Bobcats visit Verizon Center.
The Capitals take a post-Thanksgiving road trip, visiting Montreal Saturday on Comcast-plus and Carolina Monday on regular Comcast.

Worthy Christmas project

A former co-worker sent me an email about the Holiday Mail for Heroes program. Snopes has the lowdown on the partnership between Pitney Bowes and the Post Office.
Follow the rules and send some cards.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ten for 2010

Republicans currently have only 40 seats in the U.S. Senate, so it will take a lot of work to get to a 50-50 tie.
But Public Policy Polling has listed 10 states with Senate elections where a Republican has held a polling lead.
Sure it's a longshot. But are the chances any better that Reid and Pelosi can keep their crews together through this health care reform battle?

Wile E. Obama, super genius

You just know everytime the Coyote failed to get the roadrunner, he thought,
"I'm closer to catching that Road Runner that I've ever been before."
Or close to catching Bugs when he substituted in the role, like this cartoon.

Closer than ever before, one of President Obama's favorite phrases, doesn't mean gonna happen. It shouldn't take a super genius to figure that out.

The one curve they've bent

Kausfiles has the latest roundup of part of the health care reform bill that you'll really hate/won't make it to the real world.
h/t Instapundit

One room, bad view

All of this talk about a Northern Virginia Delegate finding new housing reminds me of a joke I heard while living in South Carolina.

Clemson had a housing shortage one year. A student looking for a room stopped by the house of a South Carolina graduate. The Carolina grad offered his outhouse, and the Clemson student moved in.
Shortly thereafter, the Carolina grad saw a second TV antenna sprouting from the outhouse. The Carolina grad went to check it out. The Clemson student said, "You were charging me so much rent that I had to sublet the basement."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kittens being boiled in hot oil

Pundette takes out the trash, and closes with Michelle Malkin's thoughts on Adam Lambert and his "performance" Sunday.
It sounded like kittens being boiled in hot oil while a kindergarten class pounded on ’80s synthesizers and a Rock Band drum set. Egad, this is desperation draped in glitter drenched in liquid eyeliner smothered in hairspray and cinched with a spiked collar.
Fortunately, Lambert came on at the end of the show. But it's out there all over the internet now.

NY 23 - It's finally over

The final numbers have been posted in the special Congressional election in Northern New York.
Conservative Doug Hoffman got 46 percent of the vote - pretty good for an unknown a month before the vote, but not enough to get to Washington.

Health care soundbite

On the health care reform bill, Sen. Chuck Schumer said "Failure is not an option."
He's right. Failure is a feature.

Latest from Iowahawk Geographic

Iowahawk shows his investigative side, visiting the Climate Researchers and their bizarre rituals.

I created a monster

I've been enjoying trying my hand at song parodies, even bringing together Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as the band Sourland.
Now I've inspired Smitty to do his own parody. Barry Manilow will be so proud.

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

Thanksgiving means remembering WKRP's turkey giveaway episode from 1978.

Monday, November 23, 2009

No reconciliation from reconciliation

After taking our money (and giving it to Louisiana) to get to 60 votes in the Senate Saturday, Democrats are struggling to keep their 60 votes together. It sure would be easier to just need 51.
So, what's stopping reconciliation on the health care bill?
1. History. Robert Byrd may be 92, but he's not going to go that route quietly. Reconciliation was meant for budgetary bills.
2. What goes around comes around. It wasn't that long ago Republicans talked about the "nuclear option" when trying to get judicial nominees through the Senate. They didn't pull the trigger on that. Because they knew the possibility existed they would not always be the majority party.
If you think Democrats will be the majority party in the Senate for the rest of history, go ahead and try reconciliation. If you'd like some Senate protections when you're the minority party again, step back from reconciliation.
Or start working on your time machine and convince the founding fathers to write the Constitution differently.

What does Pundette think of this?

Rush Limbaugh just unveiled a Paul Shanklin parody. It's terrorist KSM (Mr. Sloppy T-shirt) singing his own version of "New York, New York."
Doesn't quite fit with Pundette's Frank Sinatra theme on the sidebar.

Prepare for "peasants with pitchforks"

The Other McCain notes a planned retirement of Democratic congressman Dennis Moore of Kansas. And what to expect as Republicans try to take the district back.
Expect to see a lot of Not-A-Politician candidates emerge as the GOP challengers in these districts. This isn't just about "populism," it's about Republicans understanding the current political terrain.

They may be running out of pitchforks in the Fifth District. But there's enough to take on Tom Perriello, and Rick Boucher in the 9th also.

Where's the aggressive progressive?

Blue Virginia wrote a lengthy post Sunday with advice for the Obama administration to get done the things progressives hoped he would get done.
Why the malaise on the left? Does Obama spent all day listening to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and thus doesn't have time to get his priorities done?
Maybe the priorities of real life have doomed the progressive ideals. When Obama excited the Democratic primary electorate in early 2008, the stock market and budget were still in a normal range. You could still dream of doing things you want to do.
After the stock market fall, that became the biggest priority. And money that could have provided some progressive wishes disappeared or needed to hold up the economy.
Maybe, progressives, it's only going to get worse the next three years.
Maybe progressives would have been better off with more - not fewer - Republicans in Congress. Expectations would have been more realistic and you wouldn't be facing today's disappointing lows.

Instapundit for Congress

These extra Congressional districts - now removed from - continue to provide amusement. Check out the support for potential candidate Instapundit.
Reader Jeff Bangle writes: “I fully support your bid for office in Tennessee’s 29th Congressional District. I have maintained a virtual residence in this District for several parsecs, ever since moving there from Kessel. If you can get your name on the ballot, I promise to donate the maximum number of quatloos allowed by law to your campaign.” The momentum is building. Steamroller, baby!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Maureen Dowd, obit writer

Maureen Dowd uses her insults of Sarah Palin to diagnose President Obama's troubles. Including this killer sentence.
The animating spirit that electrified his political movement has sputtered out.
Don't remember any Virginia Democrats using that line after the election.

Undefeated teams watch

The Saints and Colts both moved to 10-0 Sunday. The less said about the Colts' win over Baltimore, the better.
The Colts visit Houston next week, while New Orleans has a big Monday night matchup with New England.

Completing the NFL rounds

A website I enjoy is called The506. They really like NFL football, and each week of the season post maps with the distribution of all Sunday afternoon games. So if you're traveling, you can easily know what games will be on TV.
Fans at the site keep track of "completing the rounds," when either a team has been on in each TV market in the U.S. or all 32 teams have been on in a market each season.
Through 10 weeks of the season, five teams have been seen everywhere. The Bears have missed two TV markets - Washington, D.C. and Harrisonburg.
Believe it or not, but this week is the first time an AFC South team has been TV in Fishersville. The Colts have had four national games, but those don't count toward completing the rounds.
I've been tracking games seen in Fishersville at my Weekend Watchdog blog. We're up to 22, and have yet to see Cleveland, Miami, Oakland, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona over the air.
Hope locals aren't fans of those teams. Probably will only see a few of them before the regular season ends.

Thanks Milmont

My seventh-grader decided for his science project to grow seeds in different environments. He wanted to do green beans, but in October he forgot to ask his grandfather in West Virginia for some seeds.
So last week, he said he had to get seeds. The project would take two weeks and needed to be done by Thanksgiving.
So we went in search of seeds. That's very hard to do in November.
But Milmont Garden Center in Stuarts Draft came through. They had a few seed packets left, and filled three pots with soil. They even gave us some fertilizer to test how seeds grow with different kinds of fertilizer.
The seeds are growing. Looks like the project will be a success and my son should get a good grade.
And Milmont gets to be the Official Nursery of FishersvilleMike.
They've already received good word from SWACgirl.

"Fins", "Margaritaville" Jukebox Really Awesome

Who cares if it's almost Thanksgiving? It's always summer for Jimmy Buffett. He stopped by Charlottesville Tuesday, visits New York this week and inspires this weekly roundup.
The Daley Gator takes a bite out of his roundup despite not feeling his best.
He even adds another blog with the Founding Fathers' greatest hits.
Wyblog entered the Weblog Awards for Best Conservative Blog. Some see a problem and ask Why. Others say Wyblog.
Carol examines those with full-blown Palinoia.
Pat can do a roundup but can't bear to watch another Saturday in Washington.
Reaganite Republican Resistance adds to the roundup fun.
Smitty worked extra hard on his roundup this week - I counted five links back here.
Elsewhere on the web, Troglopundit's gone huntin'.
Obi's Sister enjoyed the story of two ladies in red.
Grandpa John's highlights another magazine putting Obama on the cover.
The Classic Liberal has a golden post.
Dustbury likes the idea of an Obama value meal.
The Camp of the Saints discovers an epic sneeze.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Enjoy the changing seasons and eat a good breakfast.

Mmm, mmm, mmm

Jim Treacher combines mammograms and our favorite elementary school song of the year.
h/t Instapundit

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleep tight, Democrats

It's only a battle; the war continues.
ObamaCare is a political liability for Democrats. Buried in that ungodly mishmash of legislative detail are enough stinkbombs to fuel a thousand different attack ads next fall, and if the Democrats don't see the danger, they're marching blind to their own destruction.

They're gonna need a bigger restaurant

SWACgirl and YankeePhil have the report on the latest conservative breakfast.
In October, they overwhelmed the small meeting room.
Saturday, they overwhelmed the big meeting room.
Lots of hungry conservatives in the area.

Doctors and politicians

In health care reform, politicians are making decisions and doctors will bear the brunt of the changes. If politicians really understood the differences between them and doctors, they might pause before dumping all of this on doctors.
It takes lots of work to be a doctor. Anybody can be a politician.
Becoming a doctor takes years of study and practice. Family ties or marriage can launch a political career.
The doctor's oath includes "Do no harm." Looks like politicians enjoy doing harm.
Doctor might even work for free if needed. Louisiana's Nancy Landrieu asks for $100 million in aid to get her vote.
There are medical missions to Africa, where doctors and nurses take their expertise to lands that really need help. When was the last time you heard of a "political mission" to teach third-world people how to get votes?
Doctors try to heal people. Politicians cause wounds that may damage entire countries.

Watch your punctuation

C-Ville Weekly in Charlottesville offers a "Rant" line, to let people have their say.
Unfortunately, speaking a rant into the phone may not work out on the printed page. A punctuation mark may be missed. You may rant a little too long.
Like this recent rant about giving shelter animals to the elderly.
I think they (animals) should be given to elderly people to keep them company so that they have company so that they need less services but they should all be spayed or neutered.
Don't think the end of "Price is Right" would be the same if Drew Carey said "Remember to spay and neuter the elderly."

Aborting health care reform

How's the Stupak Amendment looking two weeks out? The left is still in turmoil, blaming abortion opponents for standing up for their principles instead of making health care reform the top and only priority.
Augusta Free Press runs a column blasting the Catholic Bishops for their pro-life stand. Never mind that they've pushed health care reform hard in recent years.
The columnist will accept the bishops' help when their religious views help the cause, but blast them if they disagree with a part of those views.
By grasping so tightly to abortion, the rest of their agenda may slip through their fingers.

Friday, November 20, 2009

From the Sin City Roller

Another Saturday night and another important vote. Democratic legislators must think they get overtime.
How about a song parody for Harry Reid, here's the Bay City Rollers' Saturday night.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
Gonna talk all day and take a vote tonight
On Saturday night, Saturday night
Send the economy right down the hole
On Saturday Night, Saturday night
IIIII think it's great
IIII won't negotiate

My plan has so many problems that they don't know
Saturday Night, Saturday Night
Gonna talk it up, vote it up
You can't stall Landrieu's haul
Saturday Night
Mess up a Saturday Night
The bill's such a fright
Voting on Saturday Night


Gonna spin the press when the night is thru
On Saturday Night, Saturday Night
Tell them all the little things the bill will do
On Saturday night, Saturday Night
IIII think I'm cool
III got so many to fool

My plan has so many problems that they don't know
Saturday Night, Saturday Night
Gonna talk it up, vote it up
You can't stall Landrieu's haul
Saturday Night
Mess up a Saturday Night
The bill's such a fright
Voting on Saturday Night

Mess up a Saturday night
Destroy a Saturday Night,
The bill's such a fright,
Voting on a Saturday Night

A video of the inspiration

I can't believe my lying eyes

Blue Virginia watches a video of Bob McDonnell and can't square the circle - this isn't the monster I think he is.
You'll see plenty more starting January 16.

Anybody (or any body part) can blog

Little Miss Atilla alerts us to the newest blog on the block.
Sarah Palin's Uterus

Advice for Republicans

Another Saturday night, another health care vote. Maybe Elton John has it right - Saturday Night's all right for Fighting.

Enemies list

Jonah Goldberg looks at a reason to like Sarah Palin - the reactions from those who don't.
Indeed, some of us will always be sympathetic to Mrs. Palin if for nothing else than her enemies. The bile she extracts from her critics is almost like a dye marker, illuminating deep pockets of asininity that heretofore were either unnoticed or underappreciated.

Weekend watchdog

After 36 races since February, NASCAR crowns its season champion Sunday.
And sends gearheads into withdrawal for a while - only 12 weeks or so until Darrell Waltrip screams "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity" again at Daytona.
Jimmie Johnson appears on his way to his 4th straight championship, as long as if finishes no worse than 25th. I thought the "Chase for the Cup" was supposed to increase competition and interest down to the final race.
Maybe if other racers could distract Johnson. Give him some projects to do, like the commercials show.
The MLS season also comes to a close, with Real Salt Lake and the L.A. Galaxy playing for the MLS Cup Sunday night on ESPN.
There are several big rivalry games on the college football schedule Saturday.
Ohio State takes on Michigan at noon on ABC.
Versus has "The Game" - Harvard at Yale - at noon and Stanford at California (keep that band off the field) at 7:30 p.m.
ESPN2 begins the weekend Friday it's Boise State at Utah State. Other Saturday games include the SEC package on CBS featuring LSU at Mississippi.
ABC shows Virginia-Clemson and Penn State-Michigan State in the late afternoon, with Oregon at Arizona and Kansas-Texas in primetime.
At noon, ESPN has Minnesota at faltering Iowa. ESPN2 has North Carolina-Boston College at noon and Kentucky at Georgia in primetime.
Maryland visiting Florida State is the ACC game of the week.
Notre Dame closes at its home schedule - and possibly the Charlie Weis era - against Connecticut on NBC.
MASN has Louisville-South Florida at noon, followed by UAB at East Carolina. Comcast shows Oklahoma at Texas Tech at 12:30 p.m. Versus has a 3:30 p.m. game featuring San Diego State at Utah in between its rivalry games.
In the NFL, Indianapolis will try to remain undefeated when taking on Baltimore in the CBS early game. The prime late afternoon game features the Jets at Patriots, and locally FOX will show the Redskins at Cowboys.
The Eagles visit the Bears Sunday night, while the suddenly resurgent Titans visit Houston on Monday night. Keep an eye on that owner's box.
There's a few early season college basketball games on the tube this weekend. Comcast offers Florida State-Mercer Saturday at 4:30 p.m., while Sunday, MASN shows Morgan State-Louisville at 1 p.m.
ESPN's Friday doubleheader has Orlando visiting Boston at 8 p.m., with Nuggets-Clippers as the nightcap. The Wizards have a Southwest swing this weekend, visiting Oklahoma City Friday and San Antonio Saturday.
The Capitals have a Canadian tour after hosting Montreal Friday on Comcast. Then it's off to Toronto Saturday and Ottawa Monday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful for Rule 5

The Rule 5 Sunday before Thanksgiving remind you to be thankful for friends.
Like Yankee Phil collecting some of my recent postings in one link.
And to Smitty for all his hard work checking out the pictures and putting the Rule 5 roundup together each week.
And we can be thankful on this Rule 5 Sunday that Sarah Palin is visiting Virginia for a book signing.
UPDATE: Part of Rule 5 Sunday, of course.

The more you know

I'm confused. Is it..
The more you learn about the health care reform bill, the less you'll like it?
The more you know about the health care reform bill, the more you like it?
I lean to the "less you'll like it" side. A pair of 2,000 page bills offers a lot to be uncovered. It may take time, but bad things will come out. That more info will not help support these bills.

You still need doctors

An important part of the health care reform debate seems forgotten. Do you have enough doctors to do this?
Dick Morris looks at Massachusetts and underserved areas and finds the answer is no.
Maybe if all the government lawyers started medical school now. That might solve the problem.
Imagine - Attorney General Eric Holder, here's the list of bedpans you need to empty and clean. Current doctors are going to need all the help they can get.

Taxes, get your taxes here

Keith Hennessey explores some of the new taxes the Senate has dreamed up.
h/t Legal Insurrection

Meet me in St. Louis

Checking sitemeter, I found a political writer for Inside St. Louis found my post on the health care timeline.
Don't think they liked it, but I live in Virginia. I've seen the Obama tide beginning to go out to sea. Whatever the House and Senate do, it doesn't have to be permanent. Especially if there's no money to pay for it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Classic bow smackdown

GrandpaJohn's found the classic, this ends it, take on President Obama's problems with bowing.

Weblog Awards countdown

Two more days until nominations close on the Weblog Awards. Ruby Slippers has a good awards roundup, listing several of the blogs I like and follow.
She even voted for me, since I went ahead and submitted a nomination for this blog. With the changes in Technorati ratings, I'm in the very large blog category.
Other nominees in that category include Daley Gator, So it goes in Shreveport, No Sheeples Here and Legal Insurrection.
The Other McCain has entries for Best Individual Blogger. Troglopundit , The Classic Liberal and Pundit and Pundette are also nominated.
Among Virginia blogs, I saw Below the Beltway has a nomination for Best Individual Blogger, as does Vivian Paige. I'd hope there were more Virginia nominees to show how well people in the state have done this year.
I even entered my Weekend Watchdog in the best sports blog. You gotta play to win, I figure.
Check the categories and see what you like.

Can Deeds blame Jimmy Buffett?

Jimmy Buffett brought his Coral Reefer Band to visit the Parrotheads of Charlottesville, and played a new song - called "Nobody from Nowhere" - from his album due out December 8.
Nobody from nowhere described Deeds, in 2005 and now.
If Buffett had brought out the song earlier, maybe they could have used it in the Deeds' campaign. Pump up the excitement. And maybe the Parrothead vote would have helped.
Instead it's a Democratic feeding frenzy. "Fins to the left, fins to the right and you're the only bait in town."

High maintenance voters

Much has been written about the missing Democratic voters - those who came out for Obama in 2008 and didn't for Deeds in 2009. Much has been said about Deeds not being exciting. But what does this say about the voters?
Are they high maintenance voters? To get their votes, you've got to give them stuff? If the gifts and trinkets stop, then they go looking for the next sugar daddy.
The Obama candidacy was historic. That provides satisfaction, but it's one and done. Not transferable.
It was also full of "I'll give you this and somebody else will pay." Only the rich would pay extra, he said. Then reality hit.
If Democrats are depending on wooing voters will more stuff each election, they are doomed. In deep, deep trouble. Because that well is dry. Just check the current deficit numbers.
You can't get high maintenance voters in this budget era. Besides, this line of thinking gives me an excuse to post this video by Toby Keith "High Maintenance Woman."

Report from Virginia's 00 congressional district's addition of 12 extra districts in Virginia opens up the possibility of some new slogans. I like District 00 the best. Think of the potential slogans:
Nothing's like living in the 00.
Zero pork in the 00.
Imagine the great people of the 00.
Nobody likes Obama in the 00.
Nothing's too good for the 00th District.
No problem's too big to solve in the 00.

Transparency is fun has provided plenty of enjoyment for our Virginia bloggers. The state has 11 congressional districts and yet stimulus money has been spent in 23.
Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe people thought they meant state House districts. Or the computer default was 00 and the data-entry person forgot to change it.
Troglopundit found a friend with a good idea. The extra districts need representation too, so run for the seat in Congress. I could announce my candidacy for Virginia 00, and my neighbor Phil could run in Virginia 12. In imaginary districts, regular redistricting rules probably wouldn't apply.
Maybe at this weekend's Blogs United meeting, the first 12 Republicans and 12 Democrats who arrive could become congressional candidates. Kind of like a door prize.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's an honor to be mentioned

It's always nice to find your blog's name on the top left corner of the Other McCain. Welcome visitors, and here's my song parody to honor Mr. Million Hits and his blog. Inspired by Brad Paisley's "Start a Band," it's "Start a blog."

Yes I was a straight-lace, straight A student
teacher's pet who talked policy
I loved to watch them throwing a football
But let Reynolds get the law degree
So I sat and watched Obama sadly
Want to talk some sense into his thick head
And the best advice that I ever got
was from the Speedo blogger of Washington

Just get a computer and learn how to type
Cut up some pols, make up a cool name
When Congress does stuff that you don't understand
Make a few good buddies, start a blog
Start a blog, Start a blog

And all those girls that were too cool to talk to,
They’ll be waiting to make Rule 5 Sunday
You'll get an op-ed in a big time paper
Maybe buy your momma a used Hyundai

Just get a computer and learn how to type
Cut up your foes, register your name
When Obama does stuff that you don't understand
Find a few good buddies, start a blog
Start a blog,
Forget all about money, buy a fan
Learn the rules and ramble on, man
Never leave your house again

(typing solo)

Just get a computer and learn how to type
Throw out your thoughts, make up a cool name
With a little bit of luck your Sitemeter will fly
Find a few good buddies, start a blog
No need to worry, start a blog
Call up some buddies man, start a blog

Here's the video inspiration. Can we find kids who look like McCain and Smitty for a video?

Christmas is coming

Driving around the neighborhood, I've seen my first Christmas lights outside houses. It's getting closer.
I'll start the decorating this weekend, but I now have archived blog posts from a prior Christmas.

Maybe Deeds and Palin should compare notes

How convenient that Sarah Palin will be in Roanoke Sunday. Maybe Creigh Deeds could stop by for a chat about political consultants.
Or being blamed for losses.

Deeds' email from November 2010

Gov. Tim Kaine tells his side of the 2009 election story to the Washington Post.
After next year's election, perhaps Creigh Deeds can fire off an email - "Whose fault are all these Democratic losses? Yours, not mine."
Hopefully, somebody will check with Deeds next year.

In deep Schmidt

When it comes to bald political gurus, give me James Carville over Steve Schmidt anyday.
Don Surber liked this part of Sarah Palin's book after Schmidt talked nutrition with her.
I’m a forty-four year old, healthy, athletic woman raising five kids and governing a large state, I thought as his words faded into a background buzz. Sir, I really don’t know you yet. But you’ve told me how to dress, what to say, who to talk to, a lot of people not to talk to, who my heroes are supposed to be and we’re still losing. Now you’re going to tell me what to eat?

Palin media mania

The Other McCain has a look at the media frenzy over Sarah Palin and her book.
There seems to be a media competition at work, a sort of championship tournament. Every reporter, anchor, and pundit in America is engaged in a frantic effort to be the hero who fires the silver bullet that slays the Republican werewolf from Wasilla.

Hey, anchor dude

It's Palin book day. National Review has a bunch of excerpts. I already have a favorite, which involves ABC's Charlie Gibson.

Charlie Gibson as photographer before the Alaska interview:
At one point we jumped out of the van to film in front of the pipeline when a truck full of hunters swung in on their way to a moose camp up the highway. They asked for a picture, and I was delighted. Charlie straightened his collar, but the guys in their hunting gear and camo vests just handed their camera to Charlie and asked him to take snapshots of me standing with them by their truck.
Then we headed to Wasilla, where Charlie wanted to interview me inside my old high school gym. Same thing happened. Some teachers and students stopped us, handed Charlie the camera, and he patiently snapped the pictures of me in Warrior territory. They seemed not to recognize him — or maybe they just figured, hey, he’s the media guy, let him take the picture. Charlie was a great sport and appeared to take it in stride, but he did seem a bit grumpy during the later segment filmed at my home in Wasilla, where he peered skeptically at me over his bifocals like a high school principal. (p. 271)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hoops all night long

Whatcha doing Tuesday? Want to watch some college hoops?
ESPN has 24 hours of college basketball, including a 6 a.m. game in New Jersey and Clemson vs. Liberty at 10 a.m. You can head to Lynchburg and be a part of history.

An important question

Fred Barnes looks at the quagmire Democrats are getting into on health care. And asks the question that must be asked.
But what if an undecided Democratic senator, in a private chat with the president, asks about the public's distaste for liberal health care reform? "Mr. President, how will it help you and Democrats to pass an unpopular bill?" Obama may have a persuasive answer, but I can't imagine what it might be.

Get your Palin news

National Review has set up a separate blog to cover news on Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue."
There's plenty to read already.

What's up for Palin in 2012?

I watched the Oprah interview off-and-on (it's also important to watch the son play video games).
Is she going to run for president in 2012? I doubt it, because I think that would be a step down for her.
She's a normal person, and can do normal things. And still post something on Facebook to excite a million people.
I enjoyed hearing her talk about the Katie Couric interview. One piece was done after a rally and rope line, and Palin's excitement evaporated when she saw Couric there waiting.
I've been a reporter. I interviewed winning players and coaches right after state championships. I waited my turn while the coach talked to excited parents and fans. And as the local guy, I had a relationship with them and knew what worked.
Normal people don't have to deal with tons of reporters asking the same question (or the same question 12 times like Couric did on abortion).
Big-time politicians have developed their ways to deal with the limelight, but maybe it's our loss that normal people like Palin seem out of place in the big-time political realm.

Hope they call Jerry

Public Policy Polling talked about their poll in Arkansas, where a Democratic incumbent who had no challenger in 2008 is now polling evenly with three unknown Republicans.
They plan to poll Virginia's 9th District before Christmas, to see if Rick Boucher is facing the same troubles. If it's a really, really bad climate for Democrats.
Maybe they'll ask Jerry for his opinion. I sure hope so.


Reason creates a word to describe the movie "2012."
After you saw all the destruction, the other message was "only rich people need apply." If you didn't figure that out with shots of rich oil sheiks or Queen Elizabeth and her dogs, you did when our hero got to his room and found it big enough to house 10 people.
But I think most viewers attended the movie to see the destruction. Now my 12-year-old gonna want to see "Day After Tomorrow" again.
h/t Instapundit.

News from a warrior

Peter King writes the Monday Morning Quarterback column for SI. The past few years, he's mentioned hearing from Army Sgt. Mike McGuire, who's been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years.
He provides an update this morning.
b. Great to hear from Army First Sgt. Mike McGuire, the Army's biggest Kurt Warner fan, on Sunday. He checked in at halftime of the Bengals-Steelers game -- and yes, he was watching five time zones away at his home in Germany. To refresh your memories, Sgt. McGuire's at work prepping his third platoon for a foray into the wars into Afghanistan and Iraq, and it's pretty dangerous work. McGuire's men disarm Improvised Explosive Devices on roads in the war torn countries, and he is due to deploy with the new platoon in 2010. His e-mail to me Sunday afternoon:
"Hi Peter. I got a new company, HHC 40th Engineers, huge company. Twice as big as I had before, so I work from 5 a.m. until about 7 p.m. every night. HHC is the Headquarters Company for my Battalion, very different from running a regular 'Line Company,' and tiresome. We are preparing to deploy again. Can't give you the date yet, but I can tell you that I am enjoying this football season because I won't be around for next year's. On and off, it's a crazy lifestyle, I know. I am glad I have such a strong wife and kids. They are on their own for long periods of time with no help from me.
"Right now I am watching the Bengals-Steelers game. I've seen a lot of the Bengals this year. Seems like every week they are on here. They are pretty impressive though. Very good defense. That front line is hardcore. Got to see Kurt throw 5 TDs last week. Even kept my wife up late to watch. Very fun to watch. Can't wait to read your book. Rams will be OK. A real fan rides the hard times. Man, they are terribly hard now. But they will get better. What's your take on James Laurinaitis? We draft defense -- just hope it pays off soon. Thanks for keeping in contact, its pretty cool. Tell Kurt he has another two to three years left, bring a trophy to Arizona. Take care and talk to you later."


The Today Show just ran Andrea Mitchell's report on Sarah Palin's book. Palin writes about the July interview where she took Mitchell and other journalists on their fishing boat.
And being disappointed they didn't get "fish-slimed."
How many conservative readers would have loved to seen journalists "fish-slimed?"

Undefeated teams watch

The Saints marched on to a 9-0 record, beating the Rams. Up next is Tampa Bay on Sunday.
The Colts rallied from a 17-point deficit to beat the Patriots. Can't believe they did that.
They travel to Baltimore Sunday. The Ravens knocked off then-undefeated Denver on Nov. 1.
The Patriots may have another chance to end an undefeated season - they visit New Orleans on Monday Night Football Nov. 30.
The 1972 Dolphins are still watching.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A full-service blog

SWACgirl not only links an editorial from the Sunday News Leader, but provides an out-quote and commentary. And a letter to the editor from a reader.
No waiting until mid-week for an alternate opinion. It's ready before you (and the Monday paper) go to bed.

NBC is green because...

....they are honoring the two years Randy Moss spent as a member of the Marshall Thundering Herd.
Why else?

Part-time governor

Poor Tim Kaine.
His party's candidate loses. It rains and floods when he wants to go to fun fundraisers out of state. Not Larry Sabato picks on him.
Time to pile on with a parody. Apologies to Stevie Wonder, but his song "Part-time lover" seems to fit.

Big win, it's Obama on the phone
Wants me to work away from home
What could go wrong being part-time governor
The DNC needs my insights
Who knows if I'm doing Virginia right
But I want to be a part-time governor

We have uncovered passion on the right
They're bashing me, but party life is fun
I try to govern by day and fly by night
Don't think that it's wrong, but some put up a fight

When I'm raising funds out of state
If someone calls, don't even speak
Know the word's "discreet" with part-time governor
But if there's some emergency
Call my office and they'll tell me
I'll get back to you some time, since I'm a part-time governor

We have uncovered passion on the right
They're bashing me, but party life is fun
I try to govern by day and fly by night
Don't think that it's wrong, but some put up a fight

We have uncovered passion on the right
They're bashing me, but party life is fun
I try to govern by day and fly by night
Don't think that it's wrong, but some put up a fight

I've got something that I must tell
Republicans really rang our bell
My time is short as part-time governor
Then a woman watched the rain
And my travels took the blame
I guess I can't play the game
Of part-time governor
I shouldn't be, part-time governor
Don't want to see, part-time governor

A video of the inspiration

Fine Fishersville football

Congratulations to the Fishersville Senior football team (grades 7-8) for winning the Augusta County Super Bowl Saturday.
We're looking forward to good things on the high school field in a few years.

Two blogs in one

Blue Virginia's had an interesting weekend.
Saturday, he was imagining a decisive use of Progressive power to settle the issues of the day. Alas, 2009 is almost over and he's still waiting.
Sunday, he's upset with David Broder for asking the president to be - decisive - on Afghanistan.
Be decisive or be thoughtful, what do you want Obama to be?

Off the port bow

Several bloggers have posted the picture of President Obama bowing in Japan.
SondraK has a great take.
h/t Smitty

Fishersville Mike Justifies Rabbit Allergies

Beware the ides of November. Time for another roundup.
The Other McCain reached the 3-million visit mark Saturday, helped by Smitty's FMJRA roundup.
No Sheeples Here puts the roundup under a three-ring circus.
Pat's roundup from Shreveport has the blues.
The Daley Gator did his roundup in little bites, since he's celebrating the arrival of a Gatorniece.
Ruby Slippers tried to brighten up a dreary day with her roundup.
Also around the blogosphere, Grandpa John remembers Spiro Agnew.
Troglopundit is checking out the Weblog Awards.
We should all bow to Pundette for reaching 100 followers on her blog.
Every day, Don Surber shoots and scores.
Carol shares her pictures from Orlando's Tea Party Express finale.
Legal Insurrection grabs a mop to clean up another week of Obama messes.
Dustbury shares tips about dealing with trolls.
Camp of the Saints has a cynical take on his quote of the day.
Wyblog has a look at Tea Party against Amnesty.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cherish your home and watch the trade winds.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Byrd: Gimme my pork

What deficit? What transportation problems in Northern Virginia or populated areas?
West Virginia's Robert Byrd wants more money for transportation - including West Virginia projects. From the Bluefield Daily Telegraph
A new federal highway bill could include funding for a number of projects in the region, including the King Coal Highway, the Coalfields Expressway, the Shawnee Parkway and the Colonial Intermodal Center in Bluefield.
Do you want four-lane highways through the mountains? Will that make those areas prosper? Kinda doubtful.
Some of those roads would be nice for me - make it easier to visit the in-laws. But in the grand scheme of things, there are much higher priorities.
Besides, if environmentalists shut down the coal industry, the highways will just be for moving people out of there.

How's life at the South Pole?

My 12-year-old son wanted to see "2012." All the destruction in the commercials is pretty inticing for him.
As the world is destroyed and things shift around, there's a picture of Wisconsin on the screen. It's identified as the new South Pole.
So Troglopundit, GrandpaJohn and the rest of the Blogosphere o' Cheese reside in the future home of the South Pole. Hope they are getting prepared.
And the signs for the movie - "2012 You were warned." I think I see a possible Republican convention theme there.

3 million and going strong

It's 3-million hit day at the Other McCain. But he'll cross the milestone during an SEC football doubleheader. (Probably shortly after kickoff of the Florida-South Carolina game).
Not as bad as Congress voting on a football Saturday.

Fact check vs. fact check

Sarah Palin writes a book.
AP decides to fact check it.
Powerline fact checks the AP fact-checkers.
Mark Steyn gives AP the mockery they deserve.

Remove one word

Politico has a headline on reaction to Sarah Palin's new book.
McCain camp: Book 'petty and pathetic'
You can improve the headline by removing one word
McCain camp: 'petty and pathetic'

Friday, November 13, 2009

NY 23 - You can put ads in newspapers, too?

My former boss gives his latest rundown on the special election that capitivated the nation - and may still.
He reports that the three candidates combined to run only one political ad in the Watertown Daily Times - Dede Scozzafava's ad thanking voters after she left the race. Plenty of money for direct mail and TV ads, but none to reach newspaper readers.
More lessons being learned from Northern New York.

Live from Orlando

When the Other McCain gets the weather account of this week in the mid-Atlantic, he'd better be happy he got to go to Orlando for Thursday's Tea Party rally.
The local media even made it there.

Poor, poor Katie

If I'm Katie Couric, I'm not happy with Sarah Palin's book.
It's not Palin. It's this passage focusing on Nicolle Wallace, a McCain staffer who had worked at CBS.
Nicolle went on to explain that Katie really needed a career boost. "She just has such low self-esteem," Nicolle said. She added that Katie was going through a tough time. "She just feels she can't trust anybody."
How can Couric have "low self-esteem?" She went to UVa.

Tonight on Beck

Glenn Beck sounds excited about Friday's TV show. Another Black Conservative is among the guests.
Sounds like a good hour.

Block her if she tries to go back

Drudge Report posts an excerpt of Sarah Palin's book. h/t NRO's Corner
It closes with the phrase: Block her if she tries to go back.
Ironically, it's the phrase that patients will be hearing if Obamacare passes.

Going rogue: Past vs. Future

Blue Virginia is looking forward to the fighting between the Palin and McCain camps with the publication of Going Rogue.
Just as I would be interested if Creigh Deeds wrote about his campaign and blamed bad staff decisions. Deeds' staff has been getting chewed up pretty good on that blog, even if Creigh's not doing the writing.
Sorry, McCain staffers, but your job is to suffer the pain. Palin is the person people are excited about and believing. As her current life more matches her earlier life than the 10-week Vice Presidential candidate phase, it's easier to believe her side.
Especially after hearing post after post blaming bad advice for dooming Deeds' chances.

Weekend watchdog

For several years, one of the biggest NFL regular season games has been Indianapolis-New England. It's usually gotten prime coverage in November, boosting the network that got the coverage when national ratings points are counted. This year that's NBC, which shows the game Sunday night.
You have Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. Both teams have been successful throughout the decade, and the Colts remain undefeated halfway through the season.
On the other hand, look at the four games FOX has to choose from Sunday afternoon. Lions and Bucs on the road, and Rams at home against the Saints. The Falcons-Panthers may be the best of the lot, and that's not saying much. That's what we'll see in Fishersville.
At least FOX has Cowboys at Packers as the second game of their doubleheader.
The Redskins host their second AFC team of the season - Denver - so CBS from Washington will be showing that in Fishersville. No problem for Ravens' fans, since they head to Cleveland Monday night to beat the Browns on ESPN.
The Big East kicks off your college football weekend with the big West Virginia-Cincinnati contest on ESPN.
Saturday, ESPN has Michigan State at Purude at noon, and a primetime doubleheader - Alabama vs. Mississippi State at 7 p.m. followed by Arizona State at Oregon.
ESPN2 starts day with Georgia Tech at Duke, and offers Auburn-Georgia at 7 p.m.
In the late afternoon, ABC will bring Miami at North Carolina to ACC country. Other choices are Iowa at Ohio State and Nebraska-Kansas. In primetime, it's Notre Dame-Pittsburgh going to most of the country while Texas Tech-Oklahoma State goes to Big 12 territory.
CBS offers an SEC doubleheader - Tennessee-Mississippi at noon and Florida vs. South Carolina at 3:30 p.m.
Clemson takes on North Carolina State in the ACC game of the week. MASN shows the Big East game of the week, Syracuse at Louisville.
Versus has Missouri at Kansas State at noon, then the PAC-10 contest between Arizona and California at 6:30 p.m. Comcast starts the day with Texas at Baylor, followed by Stanford at USC.
Sunday, if you'd like a different football choice than Colts-Patriots, then ESPN has East Carolina at Tulsa.
NASCAR visits Phoenix in the 9th of 10 races in the Chase for the Cup.
The MLS conference finals are this weekend, and ESPN2 shows Friday's Western matchup between Houston and the L.A. Galaxy.
In the NBA, Friday on ESPN, it's the Hawks at Celtics followed by the Lakers at Denver. The Wizards host Detroit on Saturday.
The Capitals play Friday and Saturday, both times pushed over to Comcast-plus. Why are they pushed there Friday? So Comcast can show Maryland basketball against Charleston Southern. It's that time of year.

Entertainer of the year

Taylor Swift holds the four trophies she won Wednesday, including CMA Entertainer of the Year.
And she's only 19.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maybe there's hope for Deeds

NFL Network starts its run of games Thursday, and Matt Millen is doing the play-by-play.
The same guy who was general manager of last year's 0-16 Detroit Lions.
There might be a job somewhere for Deeds and his "idiot consultants."

North of the border

Looking down the sidebar over at Pundit and Pundette, I noticed a link promoting the Infidel Blogger Awards.
What? You'll have to visit.
If you check the comments, you'll find this classic exchange.

Jim R said...
You're insensitivity and lack of diversity at this site deserves a formal complaint to the most powerful woman in Canada.
November 12, 2009 4:33 PM

Blazing Cat Fur said...
My Mom?
November 12, 2009 4:37 PM

Wisdom from always has the best de-motivational posters.
h/t Instapundit.

How much pain can they dish out?

Tertium Quids posts about the Surface Transportation Authorization Act, and parts of the bill that will try to push Americans toward living in more densely populated areas.
I don't think it will work, because we are too stubborn.
We're Americans who love the open spaces and won't give them up easily.
We drive to the beach and sit in hours-worth of traffic delays - and do it again the next year.
We drive the Capital Beltway, even though knowing one person's bad actions could lead to an hour stuck in traffic.
After World War II, I remember hearing stories of traffic jams from Baltimore to Washington - 35 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Did people return to the trains? No. Did they stop traveling to New York? No. They built highways to get the traffic through Baltimore and other cities.
However much pain bureaucrats dream up in bills, politicians can't deliver it. The politicians will crack because they need votes. Not pictures of people being forced to move closer to downtowns to meet someone else's criteria.
In moving away from densely-populated areas, people have made their economic decisions. They'll hang in there.

A Catholic view on Stupak

NRO's Corner posts an interesting link from America magazine, a Catholic weekly.
The Stupak Amendment not only passed by an overwhelming margin, it is now the expressed will of the House. The members of the House that are appointed to the Conference Committee will have to uphold that expressed will.
Stripping that amendment out won't be easy. Sorry Progressives.

Stuck on Stupak

How unhappy are some Democrats with the Stupak Amendment? Very unhappy.
Our supposed allies who still keep trying to convince us that one more nibble won't amount to anything much. Only this time, we're not buying it. We are ready to go there. As Smeal told Goldstein, "We didn't want to make a fuss, we agreed to a compromise that was already over-generous. And then, bango! These guys go in there like gangbusters. Pelosi was held up, like by bandits.
h/t Instapundit

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's in Sarah Palin's book?

Words and pictures.
Names of McCain staffers, but no index.
Let the hype begin. Time has talked to some people with advance copies.
Texas4Palin caught the post, and the L.A. Times blog saw that. I saw Instapundit's link of that.
And her interview with Oprah taped Wednesday.

Did Frederick's ouster doom Democrats?

The Democrats have done plenty of soul-searching and blog-posting about last week's loss. Blue Virginia goes all historical today about the impact of blogs on the process.
How about another angle to throw out?
Could the Republicans have won with Jeff Frederick as RPV chairman?
The struggle to replace him was the big story of late winter and early spring. It was supposed to show the cracks in the Republican Party that would allow Democrats better chances in 2009.
Did it end up making a difference? Or were the national conditions for Democrats so bad and Deeds' campaign so poor that the Republicans still would have won?
Discuss among yourselves.

Quote of the day

On ESPN's Around the Horn, Woody Paige usually posts a comment on a chalkboard over his shoulder. Today's message:
I can handle criticism so long as it isn't about me.

Paging John Madden

Since John Madden isn't broadcasting NFL games anymore, maybe this could keep him busy - a Turbaconducken.

Final countdown

Rush mentioned receiving his copy of Sarah Palin's book today.
Only a few days to the book's release. And Sarah's appearance on Oprah.
Just a reminder.

Happy Veteran's Day

Who knows where Troglopundit got this from, but it's good.

Trouble's just beginning

Politico reports on the troubles of Democrats who voted against the health care bill.
I thought only Republicans were complaining about what's going on.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Down memory lane

Barticles looks at how we got employer-based health care, and the World War II rules against switching jobs.
During WWII, the Emergency Price Control Act carried a penalty of a year in jail or a $5,000 fine for violators. Under the Pelosi health care bill passed over the weekend, Americans who disobey the individual insurance mandate and decline to pay the penalty -- 2.5 percent of income -- could face five years in prison. Correcting the problems it helped create during WWII, it seems, will require Washington once more to resort to the gun.
An emergency while fighting the Nazis, I can understand. Fines or jail time to keep Democrats in power, not so much.

That sinking feeling

In Sweden, they tested the life rings on a ferry. And found they all sank.
h/t Don Surber, who is good.

Who are you?

The Pro-Choice wing of the Democratic party says they have 40 members who will vote to kill the Stupak amendment from the final version of health care reform.
But they won't name who's among the 40.
Maybe the list is in Joseph McCarthy's jacket.

Maybe 2008 was enough

As the battle for health care reform goes on, what impact will it have on next year's elections?
Does passing a health care bill make Democratic success more likely in 2010?
Or, for some voters, is just electing Barack Obama president enough?
Look at your Virginia voting numbers from last Tuesday. So many fewer Democrats voting than in previous years.
Is it because Democrats haven't delivered on their promises yet?
Or they aren't really excited about how work on the promises is playing out?
Or was it enough to be part of history. Elect Obama and it's real history. They did their job and it's done.
Sure, exciting the base may bring out more workers to try to get those voters back to the polls.
But what if they're just happy with what they did in 2008? The idea of voting for Creigh Deeds to assist President Obama didn't get too far? Is that a sign of things to come?

Day by Day moves on

The Day by Day cartoon Monday featured a couple discussing politics in their bathroom.
Tuesday's cartoon opens with an outside view of the White House. Is there is drawing of shirtless Barack Obama ahead?
Nah, just two more outside shots as Obama talks policy.
Day by Day has more to a new storyline.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Still stuck on Stupak

Was the Stupak amendment
1. A pro-life trick to stop health care reform?
2. A Democratic trick to get health care reform through the House?
3. A tar pit for anyone trying to comment on it?
Ezra Klein tries talking about it, and draws fire from Troglopundit and the Other McCain, among others.
I think the amendment will remain trouble for Democrats. It can't be easily discarded without making failure of a conference report more likely.
How many legislators who voted for it will say, "Nah, I didn't really mean it," later in the year? Because no one will forget that kind of flip-flop.
Stupak is going to stick and continue to gum up the works.

Abortion - the bill killer?

When Rush Limbaugh talked about health care reform Monday, he complained about Republicans supporting the Stupak amendment.
Then Not Larry Sabato links a story complaining about the Stupak amendment.
It seems the Stupak Amendment would either effectively ban any basic health insurance plan sold on the exchange (the individual and small business market) from covering abortion or would create a way to discriminate against low income Americans. Either way the Amendment will have far reaching ramifications for our health care system.
Democrats and Progressives, are you willing to give up abortion to get your health care bill?

Waynesboro - back to normal

Chris Graham looks at the voting numbers in Waynesboro.
2004 - John Kerry 30 percent
2008 - Barack Obama 44 percent
2009 - Creigh Deeds 31 percent
Now, besides changing his name to Barack Obama Deeds, what could he have done to excite voters and the party faithful?
You can only have the first African-American running for president once. When the excitement of that wears off, does that leave Democrats back where they started from? In Waynesboro, the answer appears to be yes.

Please don't fard

Rush Limbaugh is going back in time, teaching a new word to many people, in a story about Neal Boortz.
Fard - to apply makeup.
As Rush says, please don't fard in your cars.

Obama and Indiana Jones

Almost every time President Obama talks about health care reform, he makes it like a crusade. Like searching for the Holy Grail.
Remember the Indiana Jones movie (with Sean Connery)? Put Obama in that, and every scene he'd be saying "We are closer to the Holy Grail than we've ever been before." Every single scene.
Yes, we're closer to bringing an idea from the time of the Model T to the internet and Facebook age.
How will the health care bill deal with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which Obama is definitely obsessed by this.

Blame it on Ida Mae

In Saturday's House debate, some Democrats mentioned the opposition to Social Security and Medicare when they were being debated. Fair enough.
I checked out Wikipedia and found a small item on Ida Mae Fuller, the first person to receive a monthly Social Security check.
She paid $24.75 in social security taxes.
She received $22,888.92 in benefits before she died at age 100.
She was not deficit-neutral.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot tubber on the election

Thanks to VirginiaDem for posting the wisdom of noted hot tubber Nathan Daschle on Tuesday's elections. Are the thoughts of the Democratic Governor's Association all wet about their two losses in two races?
Read between the lines. In lesson one, show results. Guess Corzine didn't do that.
In lesson two, show you can govern on the national level. Creigh Deeds sure wish you did (or wish cap-and-trade and thoughts of opting out of health care never crossed the Potomac.)
Then there's the good ol' conventional wisdom:
The Republican Party is in disarray and not remotely ready to lead.
For a party that's won recently by being not-George-W.-Bush, you'd think they'd remember sometimes it's enough to be the other guy.