Sunday, November 22, 2009

Completing the NFL rounds

A website I enjoy is called The506. They really like NFL football, and each week of the season post maps with the distribution of all Sunday afternoon games. So if you're traveling, you can easily know what games will be on TV.
Fans at the site keep track of "completing the rounds," when either a team has been on in each TV market in the U.S. or all 32 teams have been on in a market each season.
Through 10 weeks of the season, five teams have been seen everywhere. The Bears have missed two TV markets - Washington, D.C. and Harrisonburg.
Believe it or not, but this week is the first time an AFC South team has been TV in Fishersville. The Colts have had four national games, but those don't count toward completing the rounds.
I've been tracking games seen in Fishersville at my Weekend Watchdog blog. We're up to 22, and have yet to see Cleveland, Miami, Oakland, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona over the air.
Hope locals aren't fans of those teams. Probably will only see a few of them before the regular season ends.

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