Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Fins", "Margaritaville" Jukebox Really Awesome

Who cares if it's almost Thanksgiving? It's always summer for Jimmy Buffett. He stopped by Charlottesville Tuesday, visits New York this week and inspires this weekly roundup.
The Daley Gator takes a bite out of his roundup despite not feeling his best.
He even adds another blog with the Founding Fathers' greatest hits.
Wyblog entered the Weblog Awards for Best Conservative Blog. Some see a problem and ask Why. Others say Wyblog.
Carol examines those with full-blown Palinoia.
Pat can do a roundup but can't bear to watch another Saturday in Washington.
Reaganite Republican Resistance adds to the roundup fun.
Smitty worked extra hard on his roundup this week - I counted five links back here.
Elsewhere on the web, Troglopundit's gone huntin'.
Obi's Sister enjoyed the story of two ladies in red.
Grandpa John's highlights another magazine putting Obama on the cover.
The Classic Liberal has a golden post.
Dustbury likes the idea of an Obama value meal.
The Camp of the Saints discovers an epic sneeze.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Enjoy the changing seasons and eat a good breakfast.

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