Wednesday, November 18, 2009

High maintenance voters

Much has been written about the missing Democratic voters - those who came out for Obama in 2008 and didn't for Deeds in 2009. Much has been said about Deeds not being exciting. But what does this say about the voters?
Are they high maintenance voters? To get their votes, you've got to give them stuff? If the gifts and trinkets stop, then they go looking for the next sugar daddy.
The Obama candidacy was historic. That provides satisfaction, but it's one and done. Not transferable.
It was also full of "I'll give you this and somebody else will pay." Only the rich would pay extra, he said. Then reality hit.
If Democrats are depending on wooing voters will more stuff each election, they are doomed. In deep, deep trouble. Because that well is dry. Just check the current deficit numbers.
You can't get high maintenance voters in this budget era. Besides, this line of thinking gives me an excuse to post this video by Toby Keith "High Maintenance Woman."

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