Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey, anchor dude

It's Palin book day. National Review has a bunch of excerpts. I already have a favorite, which involves ABC's Charlie Gibson.

Charlie Gibson as photographer before the Alaska interview:
At one point we jumped out of the van to film in front of the pipeline when a truck full of hunters swung in on their way to a moose camp up the highway. They asked for a picture, and I was delighted. Charlie straightened his collar, but the guys in their hunting gear and camo vests just handed their camera to Charlie and asked him to take snapshots of me standing with them by their truck.
Then we headed to Wasilla, where Charlie wanted to interview me inside my old high school gym. Same thing happened. Some teachers and students stopped us, handed Charlie the camera, and he patiently snapped the pictures of me in Warrior territory. They seemed not to recognize him — or maybe they just figured, hey, he’s the media guy, let him take the picture. Charlie was a great sport and appeared to take it in stride, but he did seem a bit grumpy during the later segment filmed at my home in Wasilla, where he peered skeptically at me over his bifocals like a high school principal. (p. 271)

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