Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fishersville Mike Justifies Rabbit Allergies

Beware the ides of November. Time for another roundup.
The Other McCain reached the 3-million visit mark Saturday, helped by Smitty's FMJRA roundup.
No Sheeples Here puts the roundup under a three-ring circus.
Pat's roundup from Shreveport has the blues.
The Daley Gator did his roundup in little bites, since he's celebrating the arrival of a Gatorniece.
Ruby Slippers tried to brighten up a dreary day with her roundup.
Also around the blogosphere, Grandpa John remembers Spiro Agnew.
Troglopundit is checking out the Weblog Awards.
We should all bow to Pundette for reaching 100 followers on her blog.
Every day, Don Surber shoots and scores.
Carol shares her pictures from Orlando's Tea Party Express finale.
Legal Insurrection grabs a mop to clean up another week of Obama messes.
Dustbury shares tips about dealing with trolls.
Camp of the Saints has a cynical take on his quote of the day.
Wyblog has a look at Tea Party against Amnesty.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cherish your home and watch the trade winds.

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