Friday, July 3, 2009

Mark Steyn town hall

President Obama is collecting health care horror stories from ordinary Americans.
Mark Steyn is collecting health care horror stories from Britian and Canada. When's he going to have his town hall?
He could bring in the incontinent Canadians (and put them near the door to the rest room). He could bring in the British lady who cleaned her ward herself while being a patient there for four days.
After reading this line - She set about cleaning her four-bed ward, even going down on hands and knees to sanitise the floor as she dragged her drip trolley behind her - she definitely deserves a hug.
If she can't make the town hall, maybe Pundette or another of the Steynettes could read the story and get the hug.
After both sides have their dueling town halls, we can put aside the politics of sob stories.
UPDATE: Received the Pundette seal of approval.

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jill said...

Too clever by half. You've made my day. I've linked to you.