Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not so sure, Mr. Brown

Willie Brown, former Speaker of the California House, usually has some interesting insights in his Sunday column. This week he writes about the Obama comment on Professor Gates' arrest, logically.
I'm not sure I agree with this statement, though.
I have no doubt that he used his intellect to humiliate the hell out of that cop.
But, if Professor Gates is such an intellectual, how come he got arrested?
If he's so smart, why didn't he think about backing down the disagreement? Many comments blame the officer for not walking away once he established it was Gates' house.
If Gates is so smart, he should have seen an arrest would be the logical place for a police officer to go.
He should have seen he was humiliating the cop, if that's how it happened.
I think Speaker Brown downplays the cops' smarts and oversells Professor Gates. If you think this is what happens to a black man in America, then you need to be ready if it happens to you.

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