Monday, August 31, 2009

Teabagger - a song parody

Instapundit found an interesting thought about the word "Teabagger."
IS “TEABAGGER” THE NEW “N-WORD?” No, but when I hear someone use it, I know that nothing they say on the subject is worth taking seriously. Either they’re deliberately using it as a sexual slur, or they’re too ignorant to be worth listening to.
As I try to rehab the word, how about another Teabagger song? I'm looking for something with three syllables, and the right beat. How about Hall and Oates' Maneater?

They're coming election day, steaming mad at you
Anger rising like you've never seen before...No use debating
Ooh, they're ready and willing to push you out the door
So much in taxes paid you see, and you spent so easily
The voters are mad, a sleeping tiger just about to roar
Spending's what matters, if you don't slow down, you ain`t gonna get too far

(Oh oh, here they come) watch out Dems, they`ll vote you out
(Oh oh, here they come) it's the teabaggers
(Oh oh, here they come) marching onto Washington
(Oh oh, here they come) it's the teabaggers

I'd think if I were you, it's time to get a clue
They're angry, man, and they will really rip your plan apart
Understand it now, they're marching to town to really tell you off

(Oh oh, here they come) watch out Dems, they`ll vote you out
(Oh oh, here they come) it's the teabaggers
(Oh oh, here they come) watch out Dems, you're going down
(Oh oh, here they come) it's the teabaggers

Ooooooooooh ooh (Oh no, here they come)
here they come Watch out Dems, they`ll vote you out
(Oh oh, here they march, watch out) they're the teabaggers
(Oh oh, here they come, they're the teabaggers) Ooh, they'll vote you out
(Oh oh, here they come) Here they come, they're the teabaggers
(Oh oh, here they march, watch out) They're coming into town, oo
(Oh oh, here they come) Here they come, it`s the teabaggers
(Oh oh, here they come, It's the teabaggers) the voters are mad
(Oh oh, here they come) here they come
Watch out, Dems, watch out, Dems (Oh oh, here they come)
Oh watch out, watch out, watch out, you're out
(Oh oh, here they comes) Yeah yeah, they're the teabaggers
(Oh no, here they come, they're the teabaggers) They're writing my staff
(Oh no, here they come) Oh, they're all teabaggers

A video of the inspiration

Okay, so

I've watched with amusement as Democrats try to make something out of Bob McDonnell's views on life and abortion.
"He wants to tell you how to live you life."
"He wants to take away your freedom."
Then we can talk about health care reform. Or cap-and-trade.
Where Democrats want to tell you how to live your life.
Or want to take away your freedom.
It's nice to know what Bob McDonnell thought in college 20 years ago. The 2009 race will be decided by what most voters are concerned about in 2009. Abortion is important, but what's going in Washington now may be more important to voters.

Glad I have boys

So I don't have to think about tassle t-shirts or pole-dancing dolls.

Monday morning sunshine

Howard Kurtz collects the complaints of liberal writers and bloggers about President Obama.
I feel better already.

Carbon emissions question

My friend had his birthday party Sunday. He's 45, but they used nine candles (4+5=9).
Under cap-and-trade, does he get credit for 80 percent reduction in his carbon footprint? (using only nine candles instead of 45).
Or will he be taxed for burning nine candles, especially since he only blew out six on the first breath.
Are these silly questions? Or is someone in Washington thinking about the environmental impact of birthday candles?

Safely in the suburbs

Instapundit notes a study due out this week on "suburbanization" and remembers something he wrote four years ago.
Sprawl didn't become a problem until the wealthy and powerful were joined by the hoi polloi. Thanks to greater wealth and improvements in transportation, they were able to move from teeming tenements to less-urban settings.
I live on land that was pasture a decade ago. Older houses and cities have their charm, but it's nice living in a house with new material - especially when government sees the older stuff as wasteful and needing upgrade.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Teddy and Sarah

Now that Sen. Ted Kennedy has been buried after several days of honor, reverence and Chappaquiddick jokes, who takes his place in the Senate? As the loved Democrat hated by Republicans. Moe Lane has already asked about the GOP's Ted Kennedy.
Though not in the Senate, Sarah Palin sure seems close to Kennedy's impact on the political scene. She's loved and adored by many Republicans, and drives Democrats to distraction.
She's probably the only person who can write a Facebook post and drive the media cycle for 24 hours or more.
The next presidential cycle she'll be 48, the same age Kennedy was when he faced Jimmy Carter in 1980. Whatever she decides to do, she still has a bright future ahead.

HR 3200 silliness

What is Right for Virginia offers the silliness defense of HR3200 - it isn't the bill.
Even if it's just one of five different resolutions floating around, it shows what Democrats are thinking and where they may go.
Are we supposed to wait until there's a bill to talk about these issues?
Now is the time to whack on the weeds that surround health care reform. And there's a lot of weeds.
People have read HR3200 and found some bad things there. They shined a spotlight on them so those aspects never make it to the House floor.
The Republicans are doing their job as opposition now, knocking down the bad ideas. Without that necessary work, health care reform will definitely fail.
It's probably going to fail anyway, since Democrats of different stripes will have to find just enough common ground to get the needed votes. And that common ground will be awfully small, and hard to defend from attacks coming from all sides.

Report from Denver

Don Surber highlights an Organizing for America bus stop in Denver, with plenty of interesting photos.

Fishersville Mike's Jelly Roll Allowance

It's weekend roundup time. Do you think Mary Jo Kopechne might make an appearance?
You'd be right.
Smitty accepts my help in the headline for this week's FMJRA roundup. I emailed him "Finally Mary Jo rests ---, and he took it from there.
No Sheeples took care of things after the news of Kennedy's death broke, putting up Chappaquiddicare and a picture of his favorite watering hole.
Three Beers Later combines Chappaquiddick and health care reform in a funny picture.
Pundette looks at Kennedy's record on abortion and finds it wanting.
Elsewhere in the news, Little Miss Attila talks Starbucks cards and a possible improvement.
Grandpa John's finds a place you don't want to be.
Don Surber has the weather report from Minnesota. Good thing Bullwinkle J. Moose has a fur coat.
Obi's Sister has a new favorite song. If it makes you hungry, you'll have to wait until Monday to enjoy it.
Suzanna Logan is on the job in Atlanta.
Pat in Shreveport has the view of Katrina from North Louisiana in her weekly roundup.
Carol talks with her boss.
DaleyGator fights through a bad Saturday to put out his Link-o-Rama.
Wyblog got the roundup out Thursday when Tropical Storm Danny looked tough. Instead it's just a little rainy in New Jersey.
Camp of the Saints enjoyed hearing Michelle Bachmann at her town hall meeting.
Troglopundit has some career advice for Brett Favre.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Think about your friends, try to make some new ones and fly the flag.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poor doggie

Via Instapundit, a sad dog.

Mmm, bacon

Instapundit finds the Official Bacon Photo contest. The winner will be announced in late September in Pittsburgh, during Mr. Bacon Pants' tour.
It's I-40 east from Knoxville, I-81 to Wytheville, Va, I-77 north to Charleston and I-79 to the Pittsburgh area.

More on Teddy

The Other McCain likes these lines out of Daniel Flynn's piece in Human Events.
The election of such a man to the United States Senate in 1962 struck many, particularly the liberals who would grow to lionize Ted Kennedy, as a bad joke. Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr dubbed the youngest Kennedy son’s bid for office “an affront to political decency.” Washington Post columnist Mary McGrory said the trick in discussing the neophyte’s senate run was “to keep an absolutely straight face.” Prof. Mark De Wolfe Howe of Harvard Law School, a sometime advisor to John F. Kennedy, found the youngest Kennedy’s candidacy “preposterous and insulting.”
I like this line also.
It is perhaps a metaphor for modern liberalism’s partiality toward purity in defeat over compromise in victory that its leading exponent, in his four-decade fight for socialized medicine, always fought the good fight but never secured the legislative triumph.

This is your good news?

Since Public Policy Polling is conducting a poll of Virginia this weekend, I thought I'd check their blog. They have a post "Was Obama's approval ever that high?"
They have an interesting take, since their numbers on Obama's approval have been between 50% to 55% since March. Gallup had better numbers throughout the spring for Obama, but now he's at 50% on their poll and 52% in Public Policy Polling.
So, is Obama's popularity stable or falling? Either the town hall protests are having a big impact, or those who pushed Obama's agenda in the spring were vastly overstating how many people actually wanted it.
Time will tell, but you can't look at all the different polls and use the best to help your position.

"I'm a teabagger"

The word "teabagger" has entered our vocabulary to denote members of the Tea Party movement. It's not usually used in the nicest way. So what do we do about it?
Let's learn a lesson from the early Christians, who took symbols and timing of pagan holidays and created traditions for Christmas. Let's make the profane sacred (or at least less profane).
I thought of all this after hearing the Monkees' song "I'm a Believer." Here's the parody, "I'm a Teabagger."

I didn't fall
for ol' Obama's fairy-tales
Tax hikes for just a few
but not for me
Spending out of control
That's the way it seemed
Didn't want to see the end of all my dreams

When I saw his plan,
now I'm a teabagger
Not a chance I'll fall for his talk
Say it proud, I'm a teabagger! You can't fool me tho' you try

I know government needs taxes to run things
Seems the more I paid, the more they want.
What's the use in whinin'?
Taxpayers get the blame
But I need some relief from his pain

Then I saw my friends
now I'm a teabagger
Not a chance we'll fall for his talk
Say it proud, I'm a teabagger! You can't fool us tho' you try

Spending out of control,
That's the way it seemed
Didn't want to see the end of all our dreams

Yes, we saw his plan
now we're all teabaggers
Not a chance we'll for his talk
Say it proud, I'm a teabagger! You can't fool us tho' you try

Yes, I saw his plan
now I'm a teabagger
Not a chance we'll fall for his talk
Say it proud, I'm a teabagger! Yeah, I'm a teabagger. Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea I'm a teabagger.

And the inspiration

Steyn doesn't sink

Mark Steyn hits it out of the park this week.
We are enjoined not to speak ill of the dead. But, when an entire nation – or, at any rate, its "mainstream" media culture – declines to speak the truth about the dead, we are certainly entitled to speak ill of such false eulogists.
And check out the cool new graphic at his website.

Is this where government gets its numbers from?

Could someone please explain to me the Google authority index?
This week, my number is 0.
Last week, it was 134.
The week before, it was 2.
I can't figure out the pattern. Can you?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama's problem

I've finally figured out President Obama's problem.
The 2008 election was one of a series going back 220 years. He thinks it was winner take all.

Welcome to town, Sen. Deeds

Congratulations to Chris Graham for getting Creigh Deeds to walk the streets of Staunton and Waynesboro.

It's on

Friday, Anthem Blue Cross sent an email to its members, asking them to work against the current health care proposal.
Wait, I thought the insurance companies have been running the protests against the plan for the last month. Oh, well.
Anthem and its parent Wellpoint have 33 million members. The stats that's thrown around is 47 million uninsured. I'm sure the Organizing for America group have most of those people on their list already, right?
Here's the insurance company reform website to check out.

You don't trust me, I don't trust you

Rush Limbaugh talked Thursday after the IRS involvement in HR3200. It hits the theme of lack of trust for citizens, and the corresponding lack of trust citizens have for the current government. Thus, a parody of Abba's "Knowing Me, Knowing You."

Sort through
those old tax files
Silence the protestors
Looking at this lousy bill, makes us all cry
If this is what you think of us, this is goodbye

Don't trust me, don't trust you (oh-noo)
It's what this struggle comes down to
Don't trust me, don't trust you (oh-noo)
Better face it now or health care is through
Making law is never easy, you know, but you have to start
Don't trust me, don't trust you
Learn to trust or we're through

Make sure (make sure)
they don't (they don't)
scam us (scam us)
They'll get (they'll get)
only what (only what)
we say (we say)

Do all these unfamiliar words mean what they say?
Now the bill goes up in flames, it's the only way

Don't trust me, don't trust you (oh-noo)
There is nothing you can say
Don't trust me, don't trust you (oh-noo)
You'll just have to face it this bill is through

Making law is never easy, you know, but you have to learn (listen more and don't push it through, next time you'll know)
Don't trust me, don't trust you
Learn to trust or we're through

Pushing Chappaquiddick

Has it been bad taste to talk about Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne after the passing of Sen. Teddy Kennedy?
By throwing out Chappaquiddick, you get this:
Who knows -- maybe she'd feel it was worth it.
You need to look at it the other way. What liberal dreams could have been accomplished if Sen. Kennedy didn't drive off that bridge, or rescued her from the car?
1. Kennedy could have been the Democratic nominee in 1972. He could have beaten Nixon. No Watergate, no Jimmy Carter presidency.
2. No Carter presidency likely means no Ronald Reagan presidency.
3. We could have had universal health care already.
4. Maybe abortion would be settled instead of a festering sore, argued back and forth on end.
5. We might have avoided the Iraqi wars.
There's plenty of things liberals want that could have happened if there was no Chappaquiddick. A lot of dreams died that night along with Mary Jo.

Surber nails it

Don Surber figures out the Democrats' current problem.
One problem in selling Obamacare is that people mistrust the government. When you demonize the CIA, Hurricane Katrina and the military year-in and year-out, the public gets the message.
Boy, do they get the message.

Learning about England

I've seen plenty of news lately about Great Britain's National Health Service, and not all of it is pretty.
Pamela Goddard, a piano teacher from Bletchingley, in Surrey, was 82 and suffering with cancer but was left in her own excrement and her condition deteriorated due to her bed sores.
As Instapundit says, it's worse than the treatment alleged to be done to terrorists at Gitmo.

Weekend watchdog

The final tennis Grand Slam event of the season - the U.S. Open - kicks off its two-week run starting Monday on ESPN2 and CBS.
I always remember USA having two weeks of coverage, and those cool evening battles with Jimmy Connors or John McEnroe in the 1980s and early 90s.
U.S. Open coverage kicks off Sunday afternoon with Arthur Ashe Kids Day, starting at noon on CBS. If you have Tennis Channel, you can basically watch the U.S. Open round the clock.
The Little League World Series champion is crowned this weekend. The International and U.S. finals are set for Saturday, with the title game Sunday on ABC.
On FOX Saturday baseball, the choices are Dodgers at Reds, Rays at Tigers and Mets at Cubs. TBS has the White Sox at Yankees Sunday afternoon, while ESPN offers the Phillies at Braves Sunday night.
On MASN, the Nationals visit the Cardinals on MASN and the Orioles take on the Indians on MASN2.
Week three of the NFL exhibition season has CBS hitting the airwaves for a pair of games - Patriots at the Redskins Friday and Chargers at Falcons Saturday. NBC gets in the act with Sunday night's game between the Bears and Broncos, while the Vikings and their new quarterback face the Texans in Houston.
The NFL network has Saturday afternoon live games at Detroit and Oakland. Wow, makes you want to go out and add that to the TV lineup. MASN has the Ravens game at Carolina Saturday night, knocking one baseball game off the air. I can never remember if Fishersville gets those games, but I'm hopeful.
The PGA tour tries to add excitement to the fall with its FedEx Cup. They got Tiger Woods in the field at the Barclays, and CBS gets the coverage this weekend.
NASCAR takes the weekend off with two races left until the Chase for the Cup.

I'll take some Rule 5 with my football

The looming NFL season means weekly looks at the season by Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback. And a cheerleader picture or two. Or three. Or more.
He mentioned the Ravens' cheerleaders trip to Greenland this week.

Don't mind the heavy parkas. It's cheerleaders.
UPDATE: Welcome Other McCain readers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scare your future wife for just $300

Maryland delegate Jon Cardin, nephew of U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, paid $300 to the Baltimore City police for their time as part of his "marriage proposal" in Baltimore Harbor earlier in August.
His idea of romance is to have police and a helicopter pretend to raid your boat before proposing marriage. Ninety-nine percent of guys can say "Hey, I'm more romantic than that."

Unkindest cut

Thanks to the health care reform debate, there is a discussion about circumcision going around. It's not a lot of Hot Air, but does allow puns. And they're also a brother vs. brother battle at the end of this post.

Keeping Montana safe

John Stossel looks where stimulus money is going - to a Montana border crossing used by an average of three people per day.
What city doesn't get stimulus money? Laredo, Texas, where 55,000 people use daily.

"Gray area between genders"

Mark Steyn takes a wild ride from Canada to Europe and back, with news of why so many Canadian babies love barbecue and grits.

No trust

Part of the battle over health care reform is the lack of trust between the group. There are people who don't trust the government. There are people the government doesn't trust.
Both sides have their say in this post. The health care reform bill includes proposals for the IRS to check your eligibility for the programs. They don't trust some to fill out a form correctly and honestly, so all have to allow the government into their financial business.
Section 431(a) of the bill says that the IRS must divulge taxpayer identity information, including the filing status, the modified adjusted gross income, the number of dependents, and "other information as is prescribed by" regulation. That information will be provided to the new Health Choices Commissioner and state health programs and used to determine who qualifies for "affordability credits."
You can see why some are highly upset with that.

Anti-Obama plant

Via GrandpaJohn's and Lucianne, a Texas farmer lets the grass do the talking.

Advantage - seniors

Karl Rove highlights the Medicare Advantage program, enacted in 2003 and on the chopping block to help pay for the current health care reform plan. Cut it at your own peril.
There are roughly 23,400 seniors on average in a congressional district who have Medicare Advantage, but who face losing it if Mr. Obama has his way. That's enough votes to tip most competitive House and Senate races.

'Don't kill Betty White'

NRO's Jim Geragthy reports on what he saw at Rep. Jim Moran's town hall Tuesday, including a sign mentioned in the headline.

Football time

High school football kicks off in Virginia on Friday. My former employer - the Bluefield Daily Telegraph - highlights the 20th anniversary of Graham's Group AA state title and Bluefield, WV's 50th anniversary of its first state crown.

Hope sings featured new artist Mallary Hope on its front page this week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking a cue from Olbermann

Glenn Beck had a funny bit on his radio show Wednesday about Keith Olbermann.
Olbermann was talking ratings, and saying he had the highest rated cable news talk show not on Fox News Channel. Now, Beck has more viewers at 5 p.m. than Olbermann has at 8 p.m. O'Reilly, Hannity and Fox Ficus Review also have more viewers. (Well, Fox doesn't really have a Ficus Review, but I'd bet a flower/gardening show on Fox would grab more viewers than Olbermann).
In his honor, I'm celebrating the fact I'm the highest ranked male blogger on this week. Sure, I'm behind SWACgirl, but she's female (for those of you scoring at home, or even if you're alone).
Thanks Keith, for putting it in perspective.

Howl-o-scream comes early

I caught the new anti-Deeds ad while getting ready for dinner. I thought Busch Gardens was advertising its' Howl-o-scream weekends early.

Renaming the bill

It's appropriate that the health care reform bill be renamed after Sen. Ted Kennedy.
If the bill passes, some people will be seeing him sooner than expected.

Fun from Surber

Don Surber highlights a laugh of the day joke about a drink named after President Obama.
"You get it free, but your children pay for it."

"Death panel" song

Okay, there's no "death panels" in the health care reform bills. Just "voluntary discussions between a patient and provider about end of life issues."
So, what's a patient to say at a meeting like this?
1. "I'm going to die someday? You're kidding me."
2. "I want to live until the Cubs win the World Series." "or repeat." "or win 10 straight."
3. "I paid my taxes, and I want my care."
4. Fortunately, Kenny Chesney gives us the answer in a song. "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to go now."
Listen to the wisdom and the island beat.

Obamacare bumper stickers

Via Troglopundit, a selection of Obamacare bumper stickers. Including...

End of life issue

Now that Sen. Ted Kennedy has passed away, we can look back and see what was the issue being talked about in the last week of his life - how to replace him in the Senate.
The current law is a special election five months after the vacancy occurs - which would now be late January. The law before 2004 was governor-appointment, and Kennedy wanted it changed back.
Looking back, it was a discussion we should have had in April or May at the latest. But it's hard to talk about death, especially yours.
Can you understand why any mention in any bill about "voluntary discussion of end of life issues" would grab attention? If "death panels" did exist, they wouldn't be too far from that.

Rush knows he's right

Rush Limbaugh picked up on Public Policy Polling's Arkansas poll in Tuesday's show. He has 55% percent for his vision despite having only 35% favorability.
I'll bet his vision wins the day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now what?

When Congress returns to Washington after Labor Day, where is the battle for health care reform going to stand? A draw? The uprising against the plan has met the support for the plan. From the looks at the Reston town hall Tuesday, the sides are digging in more than ready to talk.
So, what happens next?
1. We start over?
2. Health care reform passes?
3. Reform passes narrowly, with smoke and mirrors (51 vote reconciliation won't reconcile the sides).
4. Health care reform fails?
Right now, whatever happens will leave a lot of unhappy people. Just in time for starting the 2010 Congressional election cycle.
We're going to be battling over this for a long, long time. People are fighting for their lives. And those fighting are not just on your side.

Goo is good

Research continues in turning algae into fuel. Faster, please.
I can't wait for South Florida to become the new Saudi Arabia. Having algae in ponds and creeks will be a good thing.

How's New Jersey going?

NRO's Campaign Spot finds a poll where New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine trails by only three points. But is it accurate?
Public Policy Polling skipped New Jersey on its schedule this week due to numerous leads by challenger Doug Christie outside the margin of error. And they're holding a poll until Wednesday morning on which state to poll next, Virginia or New Jersey. The loser has to wait until mid-September.
Currently, Virginia has a 2-to-1 lead. New Jersey watchers better hit the polls.

Arkansas: Rush is Right

Public Policy Polling released a new poll on Arkansas Tuesday. Among the findings, 55% of those polled think Rush Limbaugh has a better vision for the country than President Obama.
The party breakdown for Limbaugh having the better vision is:
92% of Republicans
64% of Independents
18% of Democrats
This raises a few questions.
1. Who decided to compare Rush with President Obama in a poll?
2. What do Democratic officeholders in Arkansas think of these numbers?
3. Do Democrats regret trying to make Rush the face of the Republican party in the winter?
4. In how many other states would a majority of those polled pick Rush's vision over Obama's?
Limbaugh's vision numbers are high even though he's only viewed favorably by 35 percent and unfavorably by 44 percent.
UPDATE: Welcome, New Majority readers. See, you don't have to be liked to have people like your views.

Check back tonight

Rep. Jim Moran will be hosting a town hall Tuesday night with Howard Dean. NRO's Campaign Spot guy will be there, as will NotLarrySabato.
See what both have to say about the meeting.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts from Arkansas

Public Policy Polling releases information on how President Obama is doing in Arkansas Tuesday.
An interesting blurb in Monday's release - 64% of independents think Rush Limbaugh has a better vision for the country than the President. Can't wait to see what's behind those numbers.
Hope someone lets Rush know. He might have something to say about it.

Unhappy teenage sulking Democrats

Don Surber looks through the Democrats' talk of pushing health care reform without Republicans. He sees an upset teenager wanting to get out.
There is a juvenile quality to this go-it-alone drama.
Democrats have a 60-40 majority in the Senate.
Democrats have a 256-178 majority in the House.
They have the votes.
Why not just do it?
It’s like the child.

Read the rest before going to your room without supper.

Ballpark memories

Not Larry Sabato links a story that asks an important question - what do you do when there's no American flag and it's time for the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem?
It reminded me of the beginning of the 1989 Appalachian League season. The City of Bluefield, WV failed to bring the flag to Bowen Field. So the Orioles, Pulaski Braves, traveling coach Phil Niekro and fans stood for the National Anthem and no flag.
The press box was a small building next to the Orioles' dugout. They stood, and we suggested they salute the Marlboro Man, since that ad stood in centerfield and towered over everything else beyond the outfield wall.
The incident was included in the book "Stolen Season" by David Lamb, who toured the minors in 1989 and happened to attend that Bluefield game.
As someone pressed into service to sing the National Anthem before an NAIA college baseball playoff game in 1991, you do what you have to do.

Turn the beat around

After several years of "Bush lied, people died," we have

"Opponents lied
Public option died"
"Obama lied
health care reform fried"

Once the "Bush lied, people died" meme dug into the American consciousness, there was no hope for President George W. Bush. The surge has made things better since 2007 and American deaths are down, but no positive news can overcome the past.
Is President Obama reaching the point of no return on health care reform. Check out the headlines collected by Instapundit.
From Ross Douthat
From Jim Hoagland
No ignoring protests roundup
What happened to Candidate Obama?
And from Kausfiles - what's left may be more divisive than health care.
Or this collection from NRO's Media Blog.
Can he turn this around? Or is he getting swamped in the perfect storm of voter unhappiness?
I think he'd better get something for swimmer's ear. Because he's soon going to be all wet.

Guess the party

I hadn't watched Creigh Deeds' new commercial, but did after reading the take on the race at NRO's Campaign Spot.
He noticed a word missing from the ad - Democrat.
Did anybody else catch that? I know people noticed Bob McDonnell didn't mention Republican in an ad.

Gullible voters

Why are Creigh Deeds and President Obama doomed in their plans? They rely too much on the idea of gullible voters. Voters who have been fooled into being against them right now.
Two weeks ago, Deeds came out with a speech spelling out his opponent's stand on abortion. Deeds' proponents were excited, and hopeful it will close the gap in polls.
But how many voters out there like the Bob McDonnell they've seen in commercials without thinking about his likely stand on abortion? He's a Republican, and Republicans are mostly pro-life. It's doubtful it's enough to dent McDonnell's lead.
Those who are pro-life vote one way. Those who are pro-choice vote one way. The vast majority of voters either would rather not think of the issue, or won't change their vote just on the issue. They're not gullible; they're just not hyper-focused.
For President Obama, his tact on health care reform comes up flat. Focusing on "distortions and lies" on the other side means you think voters are gullible. That they've fallen for obvious untruths.
So, if a health care opponent reads the bill and doesn't like it, what do you say? The bill doesn't mean that? The bill's not finished, just wait until it is.
Saturday's radio address included several things to entice the gullible voter. But they fall apart upon inspection.
President Obama said abortion would not be part of a health care bill. But access to abortion is important to Democrats. Just not important enough to include in this important health care bill.
He also said illegal immigrants would not receive care through the new health care bill. But if government provides care to those needing it now, how's it going to stop that care under his new bill?
Thinking your opponent has fooled voters may make you feel better. It doesn't make your chances of success better.

Deeds come undone

Time for a song parody for our gubernatorial election. This song from the Guess Who popped into my head "She's Come Undone" and the parody words flowed.

Deeds' come undone
He didn't know what he was talkin' bout
And when we found where he was headed for
There was no way

Deeds come undone
He found McDonnell's lead far too high
His campaign made his friends cry
Loss was his fate

It's too late
He's too far left
Not enough heft
Deeds come undone
We want the truth;
he just pushes Dem lies
Quickly voters came to realize
He's not our guy

Deeds' come undone
He didn't know what he was talkin' bout
And when we found where he was headed for
There was no way

It's too late
He's too far left
Not enough heft
Deeds come undone

Thinks he's like Warner, when it's Kaine we see
Too many issues jumped to the left side
Too many people see he's not their guy
Too far behind in polls and not enough time

It's too late
Down in the polls
Obama's down too
Deeds come undone

(Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe (doe un doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe) (Doe doe-doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe doe-doe-doe) (Doe doe-doe-doe doe doe-doe-doe doe doe)


It's too late
He's too far left
Not enough heft
Deeds come undone

We want the truth;
he just pushes Dem lies
And when we saw where he was headed for
He's not our guy

Deeds' come undone
He didn't know what he was talkin' bout
And when we found where he was headed for
There was no way

Deeds come undone
He found McDonnell's lead far too high
His campaign made his friends cry
Loss was his fate

It's too late
He's too far gone
He's lost his chance
Deeds' come undone

(No no-no-no-no-no no) (Doe doe doe-do

The song that inspired this

Heat is on

Michael Barone's latest on how the president is doing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, baby

Don Surber catches up with the news that Elizabeth Edwards opened a furniture store in North Carolina this weekend.
So, what do you think was his witty comment?

In the pages of the Rolling Stone

If you think the conservatives have been rough on President Obama during the health care reform debate, check the fire coming from the other side. Matt Taibbi in the current Rolling Stone comes out blazing.
This White House makes a serial vacillator like Bill Clinton look like Patton crossing the Rhine.


There's a website that lets you combine that cute squirrel with your picture or something you grab off the internet. It even works on photos from 1963.
h/t Paco Enterprises

Good luck with that

Organizing for America keeps dreaming big. How about this -
This week, we need to make sure every member of Congress heads back to Washington hearing overwhelming support for change. Lies and fear must not have the last word about the health reform America so desperately needs.
The overwhelming part seems to be on the opposition side right now. Ask for overwhelming support for Obama means you'll be overwhelmed by reality.

Rally time

Saturday was Recess Rally day across the country. I don't think I heard about it until Thursday or Friday, but Instapundit has links to successful rallies in Tucson, Orlando and various spots in Tennessee and the south.
Wonder why he's so interested in little people joining together?
Smitty was in Northern Virginia, doing his part.

Favre might just retire again

An FMJRA headline a Troglopundit could love. I must be living right.
So, what's the view of Brett Favre's signing in Packer-land? Trog has two games circled on his calendar, has the stats ready to update and offers help he thinks Favre needs.
GrandpaJohn's has the shirts to wear and some cool shoes for when the Packers play the Vikings.
Favre's return didn't impress Naked Villiany.
In non-Favre news, Dan Riehl offers some good blogging advice. Camp of the Saints liked it, and learning is good.
The Czar has finished reading all 1,000-plus pages of HR3200. He's left his comments and he definitely deserves a vacation.
Carol has the magical story of Obama and his mighty unicorn. Cool graphic and sad story.
Pat sure did a lot of work putting together a do-nothing roundup.
Pundette has the "wee-weed up" roundup with a precious little photo.
Daley Gator lets you know where the stimulus money is going. And it's not a picture of a toilet or drain.
Dustbury discusses what people want in their cars. Sounds like what the Obama administration expects health care to look like.
Smitty picks up the Other McCain roundup, even though my contribution slipped through the first cut.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Make some new friends and keep clean.

The force wasn't with them

AMC's blog highlights design flaws throughout the Star Wars movies.
And the commenters have plenty of other choices.
h/t Instapundit

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turnabout is fair play

Victor Davis Hanson sees Obama's mistakes with health care reform mirroring Bush in Iraq.
So liberals should not blame conservatives for opposing what they do not believe in and think is harmful for the country, or their own team in the White House for not waging a partisan defense (they in fact have, ad nauseam). Rather they should fault Obama himself for not offering a simple, understandable plan and for failing to explain and defend with clear language and logic something that really does seem “fishy” to the American people.

Just pondering

Throughout George W. Bush's terms, the South Lawn would host t-ball and Challenger division baseball games. Is this continuing under President Obama? I haven't heard of any games on the South Lawn. Does anybody know?

Surber says

Don Surber tries to settle the health care debate.
We have the most expensive health care system in the world. It is also the best. That should be a source of national pride.
Our system is based on saving lives, not money. Let's keep it that way.
I say we eat right, exercise and do nothing. In fact, maybe we should spend a little more money on health care.

Weekend watchdog update

Thanks to technology, my aunt posted on Facebook that my uncle will be the leftfield umpire at Saturday's Junior League World Series championship. Unfortunately, the game will not be on ESPN but ESPNU. A lot smaller audience, but still part of the ESPN family.

Steyn finds a pothole

Driving along a New Hampshire highway gives Mark Steyn a chance to see how President Obama is going off the road.
Obama's leviathan sends a consistent message to business and consumers alike: When he's spending this crazy, maybe the smart thing for you to do is hunker down until the dust's settled, and you get a better sense of just how broke he's going to make you.

Our little Trog - he's growing up

Troglopundit sends word his thoughts were picked up by the Pew Center in a roundup on health care and blogging.
Troglopundit wrote:
"Steven Pearlstein, writing a column in today's Washington Post that is so atrocious you can almost hear the human refuse squishing up through the keys on his keyboard."
These bloggers grow up so fast. Soon he'll be at 100,000 visits. I'd better link him so he'll remember me when he's famous.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Get your IGod apps

Iowahawk has the press release announcing the partnership between President Obama and God.

Obama's vacation reading

Before heading off to Martha's Vineyard, here's some things for President Obama to print out for his summer reading.
Jonah Goldberg at NRO's Corner
Victor Davis Hanson at NRO's Corner
The Plum Line
Ronald Brownstein (via Instapundit)

Benefits of a Palin presidency

President Obama heads to Martha's Vineyard Sunday, probably a few hours after Hurricane Bill is supposed to pass east of the island.
You won't have to watch for hurricane warnings in the future when President Sarah Palin goes on vacation. No hurricanes in Alaska in August.
Maybe blizzards and cold temperatures, but not too much more than Chicago.

Deeds' tough task

Over at, Lowell lists 10 things he hoped to see in Creigh Deeds' speech. A mix of political and personal, and thought-out.
What's Bob McDonnell's major task for his base? Be a Republican. That simple. Pretty much accomplished when he had no opposition for the nomination.
To catch up in the polls, Deeds has to excite his base and turn the momentum when the national momentum is turning against his party. Good luck with that.

Obama's quick achievement

After reading Paul Krugman, Peter Wehner boils it down on NRO's Corner.
What Obama has done, in only eight months, is two things at once: resuscitated the liberal, tax-and-spend image of Democrats among the general public while also provoking a revolt among his “progressive” base. That’s not an easy thing to achieve — but Obama appears to have done it.

So sorry

It didn't take long for someone to set up "I'msorryIvotedforObama."
Click just to see the logo.
h/t Instapundit

Billy's back

Billy Wagner, the pride of Tannersville and Tazewell High, returned to the majors Thursday after Tommy John surgery.
About the only bright spot for New York was former closer Billy Wagner, who made his first appearance since Aug. 2, 2008, and struck out two in a perfect eighth. After having Tommy John surgery on Sept. 10, Wagner made a quick recovery and touched 96 mph with his fastball.
"I thought he was very good, outstanding life, even in that short appearance," Manuel said. "He was excited about being out there, as excited as we were to have him. I would have to say that he's back, but we have to be careful."

Keep it simple

Peggy Noonan gets to the simple problem President Obama faces with health care reform.
When normal people don't know what the words mean, they don't say to themselves, "I may not understand, but my trusty government surely does, and will treat me and mine with respect." They think, "I can't get what these people are talking about. They must be trying to get one past me. So I'll vote no."

Weekend watchdog - will my uncle be on TV?

At our family gathering in July in Baltimore, my uncle passed out the schedule to the Junior League World Series. Why? Because he's one of the umpires.
The Junior League World Champion will be crowned Saturday at 5 p.m. on ESPN. Will my uncle be one of the umps? If the Eastern team - Jackson, New Jersey - wins the U.S. championship, no. If any of the other four U.S. regions win, then he should be. He was behind the plate at two games through the first four days of the tournament.
Also this weekend, Cal Ripken baseball crowns its championship. Cal and Bill Ripken do the broadcast on MLB Network.
The Little League World Series kicks off with 16 teams seeking to be the best. Play continues through next Sunday on ABC and its ESPN affliates.
Want to see some older guys play baseball? On MASN, the Orioles are in Chicago to face the White Sox for the weekend, while the Nationals host Milwaukee this weekend on MASN2.
It's another weekend of Red Sox-Yankees, this time from Fenway. They are on FOX Saturday - a few may see Cubs-Dodgers - and ESPN Sunday night. The TBS Sunday afternoon game features the Rangers at Tampa Bay.
NASCAR hits "Thunder Valley" for the best Saturday night race of the season, the Sharpie 500 at Bristol. ESPN has the coverage, and bring your earplugs.
The second week of the NFL exhibition season sees the Redskins and Ravens both on national TV. The Redskins play the Steelers Saturday night on NFL Network - also locally on NBC29 in Charlottesville - while the Ravens host former assistant coach Rex Ryan and the Jets Monday on ESPN.
If you want to see Jerry Jones' cool new stadium, the Cowboys host the Titans Friday on FOX.

Football time

Youtube offers plenty of clips of FOX's NFL intro, like this one.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perfect storm

From, via American Power Blog.

Think of the children

GrandpaJohn's has, at the Grandbaby Town Hall. Go ahead and click.

Steyn quote of the day

Mark Steyn discusses why he has a website, to go along with his column and book writing.
I hang a shingle on the Internet mainly because these days for a writer not to have a website is like not having pants: It makes it difficult to get out in the world.

The end is Nye

Vivian Paige gives a good kick in the pants to Rep. Glenn Nye.
Would whoever is advising Rep. Nye about meeting or not meeting with constituents please send their paychecks her way? You haven't earned your pay.

Best pundit nickname

Kausfiles has tabbed The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder with a great nickname - the Driedl. Because he gets spun so well.

Answer me this

From NRO's Corner, here's a sentence from the press release from the National Right to Life Committee.
The abortionists would bill the federal government and would be paid by the federal government.
So, Obama truth squad, argue with that. Is abortion part of health care or separate? If it's separate, why is it that way?
Life would be so much simpler if Democrats would just outlaw abortion.

Back and forth

Don Surber collects various comments from the health care reform battle.
What do you think, Don?
Readers can guess my opinion of replacing the evil, greedy insurance companies with the inept, wasteful federal government.

Some fine Virginians

The Little League World Series starts Friday in Williamsport, Pa., but it's only one of eight World Series championships in the Little League family.
And several Virginians are working as umpires at these international tournaments.
Ray Churchill of Yorktown at the Senior League softball tournament.
Bennie Siegle of Norfolk at the Little League softball tournament.
Kyle Stein of Virginia Veach at the Big League baseball tournament.

Have fun in Chicago

People Magazine reports that Shania Twain will be a guest judge when American Idol seeks contestants in Chicago next week. Sounds good.

UPDATE: Part of Rule 5 Sunday and here's another picture if you'd like.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cash for Clunkers question

It's reported that New York dealers are backing out of the Cash for Clunkers program because of delays in getting paid the rebate money and other snafus.
So the government owes people money...
and they gave them a formula that destroys car engines. People who know their way around a car.
Better fire up those check-writing machines fast.

Visit Status Woe

Since it's a battle of Status Quo vs. Status Woe, I followed the Obama campaign's email link to Setting the Record Straight.
At least the logo is different from the one Rush Limbaugh talked about last week.

Guys, don't do this

Since my family was on vacation, I missed seeing this story from Baltimore. State delegate Jon Cardin decides to propose marriage by having the police "raid" the boat he and his girlfriend were on. It made national news and didn't go over well in internet comments.
Those comments viciously attack and mock the lawmaker from Northwest Baltimore as arrogant, wasteful, childish, exhibiting politics as usual, and, perhaps worst of all, as having pulled off one of the most unromantic and frightening marriage proposals of all time - with Homer under the threat of arrest and seeing the ring just as she thought a cop was about to slap on handcuffs. She said "yes."
I proposed to my wife at our church's Christmas Candlelight service. No police were involved, and only the assistant pastor knew beforehand. (though she figured it out when I said her mom couldn't come to the service).

Too good

Via Instapundit, a great set of graphics.

Enjoyable reading

It's nice being part of Blognetnews. You get to read conservative voices and also easily see what the liberals are thinking. Anonymous is a Woman nicely posts a roundup that captures the anger, frustration, disbelief and other unhappy feelings on the progressive side today.
It's good to see.
Since the November election, I've tired of the "inevitability of progressive progress" argument. It's like Democrats think they've rolled the rock up to the crest of the hill, and it's all downhill and smooth sailing from here.
It leads to complacency and arrogance. The complacency about the governor's race that's creating anguish comes from thinking the voting trend is going our way. Push the notion the trends are going your way, and it's cruise control and not a battle. It's very easy for some to disengage, and hard to get them back online.
The arrogance is "your views are losing views, so you have to change." First Republicans have to smack down RINOs who agree, then show the other side it's utter nonsense.
Tides turn. The rock you thought was going down the other side instead bears down on you. And it's gaining speed.

Report from Southern W.Va.

Nick Joe Rahall has been southern West Virginia's congressman for many years. He held a town hall Monday that lasted over four hours and had to be held outside due to the size of the crowd. It could have gone on longer, but it rained and scattered the crowd.
Bluefield Daily Telegraph has the story.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two's a trend

For the second time in a week, Instapundit notes a Republican holding a town-hall meeting while the Democratic congressperson fails to show/declines to hold one.
Last week, it was Arizona.
This week, it's New Hampshire.
No, they don't get credit for time saved when they win in November, 2010.

Circled on the calendar

Brett Favre's back, and not far from Green Bay. How's that going with Badger-bloggers? Ask Troglopundit.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Nothing will ever interfere with my hero-worship of Brett Favre. But. He signs with the Viqueens, and I’ll be cheering to see somebody big wearing a two-digit number starting with “9” land solidly on top of him sometime between noon and 3 p.m. on November 1, and I’ll be hoping to hear something snap.
Or maybe between 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. October 5. That would be okay, too.

The Ravens visit Minnesota Oct. 18. They'd like a chance at him.
GrandpaJohn's has an interesting picture.

Status quo or status woe

President Obama and Democrats say if you oppose his health care plan, you're for the status quo.
No. Opponents are reading the bill and seeing that it offers status woe.

Health care arguments, simplified

Pro - We should have universal health care, all other industrialized countries have it.
Con - Look what happens in all the countries with universal health care.

Phoenix triple play

President Obama was in Phoenix Monday, and the Other McCain gives us info on the counter-demonstrators.
And he's nice enough to link my parody also.
UPDATE: Begged for a link in the FMJRA roundup and got it.

Back to school day

School starts in Augusta County Tuesday. Just remembered the great Staples commercial.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lamentations of Graham

Get our your sackcloth and read the latest tale of woe from Chris Graham.
First off, would somebody from the Creigh Deeds campaign please show they care about Waynesboro?
I’m still waiting for my first formal contact from the Deeds campaign regarding coordinated campaign activities.
Seems like a simple enough request. You drive past Waynesboro almost every time you go from Richmond to Bath County. We've got places to shop and eat at exit 94, and downtown's not that far from the interstate.
The Deeds campaign is emitting the foul stench of death. You don't come behind from a double-digits when independent voters smell that. No matter what perfume you put on it.
For all the talk about how Deeds closed for victory in the June primary, as time goes on it looks like he found himself the last man standing because McAuliffe and Moran fell down. That's very hard to duplicate.
Now, would someone from the Deeds campaign take a minute to call up Chris Graham, instead of stabbing someone else in the back.

Count your mistakes

I found Real Clear Politics' top five mistakes about health care by the Obama administration.
It's almost two weeks old, but every day the Democrats compound the mistakes listed here. And they still need to answer this question.
Here is the trillion-dollar question: can the legislature produce a bill that picks up enough moderates without alienating the left flank?

Obama's travelogue

UPDATE: Welcome, Other McCain readers.

President Obama spent the weekend in Arizona, and has a speech Monday in Phoenix. Health care reform looks like it will need a vacation after the August congressional recess. How about a road show parody? Here's Glen Campbell's "By the time I get to Phoenix."

By the time I get to Phoenix my plan is dying
I hear the crowds, and House members running for the door
They laugh when we reach the part about cost savin'
Cause they've heard that so many times before

By the time I'm back in Washington, not much better
Protesters sending emails, then making a call
House staffers hear that phone keep on ringin'
Off the wall, that's not all

By the time I make Martha's Vineyard Dems are cryin'
They'll whine loudly and cuss Republicans out loud
And they'll mope just to think we're really losing
Tho' how it happened, I just don't know
They just couldn't know my plan would suck so.


Smitty uses an "inconceivable" video from Princess Bride to illustrate his latest thoughts on health care. I thought of using the scene another way.
After hearing "inconceivable," Inigo Montoya says "I do not think it means what you think it means."
I don't think the election meant what Democrats thought it meant. Sure, you won in November. That's just another milepost in the history of our country, not a pass to do what you want for four years.
President Obama got to put his people in place throughout government. But he still has to govern properly.
And for the opposition to be quiet while these important matters are brought up? Inconceivable.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

They're Dunn

Sad news about Brooks and Dunn ending their 20-year partnership. At least we'll be able to enjoy their music, like Only in America.

Find my jersey right away

After a good week of vacation - nice ocean waves, warm temperatures and abundant wireless internet access - it's time to return to my blogging roundup.
Smitty takes care of the Other McCain roundup while the boss heads out for tacos. Somehow he missed my referral to Dr. McCain's clinic, but that's okay - I'll still send out the bill.
Pundette has word on who's reading HR3200 and what they think.
Ol' Broad features a three-month premature baby and what happened to him the last 12 years.
Daley Gator reached 100,000 hits this week and has a new game just in time for back to school. All of that before doing a long Linkstock.
Pat found school interfering with her blogging. So unfair. Better to sleep in before hitting the to-do list.
Troglopundit's been reading David Frum again. That will cost him some brain cells.
But he still knew how to improve on Carol's work.
Piece of Work has a new site. I guess that's progress.
Wyblog had to fight the Technorati bugs to put out his roundup.
Jules Crittenden has some reading suggestions before heading out on vacation.
GrandpaJohn's checks out the Lunch Reform Initiative.
Little Miss Attila found that NiceDeb caught a squirrelly visitor at President Obama's town hall.
Skepticrats likes rhymes, and that's a good thing.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Watch out for cut-ups and do your duty.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The name game

Mark Steyn checks on the most popular boys names in the Netherlands and Belgium. Mike is not up there.

Go get your gun. It's okay

Instapundit relates what he saw at lunch today.

Numbers from Barone

Michael Barone looks at the numbers behind the health care reform debate.
There are more conservatives than Republicans and more Democrats than liberals. That's one of the asymmetries between the parties that helps to explain the particular political spot we're in.
The interesting stat - 16 of the 21 top Democrats in the House come from districts Obama won. The average margin was 71 to 27 in those districts.
Thanks to them, he's not that popular anymore.

Interesting idea

I got a comment overnight from a guy at this blog. He's thinking outside the box. Waaay outside the box.
He asks, why are so many government buildings empty evenings and nights. Shutter some buildings and keep others open 24-7 and you'd save enough to pay for health care reform.
Maybe we could pick two departments as an experiment. Move them in together and see if there's savings from closing one building.
Or anarchy as everyone tries to get the normal daylight shift and fusses about moving to graveyard shift.
Think of the reduced traffic. Think of the unhappy employees. Someone should see what the Obama administration thinks about this.
Not me. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The week in health care reform

How about a summary of the week in the health care reform debate.
Conservatives: Read the bill.
Liberals: You're a racist.

Sarah Palin: Get rid of these "death panels."
Senators: Okay. You make sense, private citizen.

Liberals: All those protesters are astroturfers from the insurance companies.
btw, check out our ad on Craigs List and earn up to $600/week protesting for health care reform.

Liberals: People want health care reform. Check these polls.
Conservatives: They more than learn about this reform, the less they like it. Check these polls.

How about this headline?

From London's Daily Mail
I deeply resent the Americans sneering at our health service - but perhaps that's because the truth hurts
And the columnist shares his experiences from Britain and America
Once, in America and suffering from bad earache, I visited a local doctor. In this country I would probably have been greeted with a weary smile, and, if lucky, offered an aspirin.
In the United States I was cosseted by a pretty nurse, and subjected to several exhaustive tests by an accommodating doctor, one of which involved me sitting in a sound-proof booth to have my hearing tested. At the end of it all I was presented with a bill for several hundred dollars - and the verdict that I had nothing to worry about.

Life is good

After walking on the beach at sunrise, I'm back home in the Valley to watch the sunset.
Saturday, there's picnics to attend.
Sunday, it's off to Baltimore to watch the Orioles play.
Tuesday, send the boys off to school.
Yes, life is good.

Tom Daschle's farewell song

As my vacation ends, thoughts go to the health care reform debate. Part of the trouble Obama's plan had came after Tom Daschle had to withdraw from the cabinet due to tax problems. It slowed the momentum, and inspired this parody in early February.

Apologies to Hannah Montana and all pre-teen girls. But White House spokesman Robert Gibbs did say "Nobody's Perfect"

Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody has those days
Paying taxes is a bore

Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody has those days
Obama knows what, what' I'm talkin' 'bout
Republicans get in the way

Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody has those days
Obama knows what, what I'm talkin' 'bout
Republicans get in the way, yeah!

Right now I'm in a jam
I've gotta make a plan
Taxes are crazy
I'll pay it anyway
No way to know for sure
I figured out the cure
Tried patchin' up the holes
But then it overflows
When I'm not doin' too well
I'm not real hard on myself

Nobody's perfect
I've gotta pay it
Again and again
'Til I get it right

Nobody's perfect
Obama's learning
that I will mess it up sometimes
Nobody's perfect

My friend worked out a scheme
But then it flipped on me
Didn't turn out how I planned
Got stuck in quicksand
And no problem can be solved
Once TV gets involved
I tried to be avoid it
but crashed right into it
But my intentions are good,
Of course, yeah
Sometimes just misunderstood

Nobody's perfect
I gotta pay it
Again and again
'Til I get it right
Nobody's perfect
Obama's learning
that I will mess it up sometimes
Nobody's perfect

I can't hide it
I hope in time
I'll find a way
I sure ain't perfect
I tried to fix things up
And they fall apart again
Nobody's perfect
I tried to mix things up
now I'm getting it in the end
You know I am

Next time you think like
It's just one of those days
When it's getting hard to win
I can't hide my good ride
But I'll figure it out
Don't stay down, vote again, yeah!

Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody's gotta pay
Obama knows what, what' I'm talkin' 'bout
I want to get my way

Everybody makes mistakes
Everybody's gotta pay
Obama knows what, what I'm talkin' 'bout
I want to get my way
I sure ain't perfect
I gotta pay it
Again and again
'Til I get it right

Nobody's perfect
Obama's learning
That I mess it up sometimes
I sure ain't perfect

I gotta work it
I hope in time
I'll find a way
Nobody's perfect
Obama's learning it
Cause everybody makes mistakes
Nobody's perfect(Nobody's perfect)
No no
I sure ain't perfect

Health care reform, explained

As President Obama says, under his plan you won't have to worry about going bankrupt if you get sick.
Unfortunately, you will have to worry about the economy or government going bankrupt when other people get sick.

Your morning bacon news

Instapundit keeps us up-to-date on bacon. Here's a story from Charleston, S.C.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I want my $15/hour

Instapundit links the L.A. Times' story about paying for pro-health care reform protesters.
Can I get any of that money? Need to pay for the boys' putt-putt golf adventures on vacation.

Sourland III

Here's more from our band Sourland - Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - who love the energy of Sugarland. They were really inspired around April 15 by this song from Jennifer and Kristian's first album. (Apologies again, guys).

Here's "Out of San Francisco and up to no good."

Wednesday, tax day, Lordy, make em’ pay
Had it with the whiners, hitting tea parties
What’s a poor Dem got to do just to have some fun?
All these years I’ve wanted to spend
Guess what, honey, earmarks don’t pass themselves
Neither does pork, neither does most liberal junk

So now if anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good

No more, what a bore, George W. Bush out the door
Headin’ for a breakdown, played Obama like a clown
Gonna call Murtha, gonna call Barney Frank
Now we’re gonna let it roll, gonna let it rip
Gonna have lotsa fun on our spending trip
Not needing Blue Dogs, they won’t be stoppin’ us, right?

So now if anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good

Spending up, here we go
Helping out our Astroturf
Barging on through with asses and elbows
Life’s now good for me and my peeps
Our luck’s changed and we live like kings

Snake eyes, roll the dice, double down and hit me twice
Cashin’ in the future, gonna get a big vote
Phony as a three-dollar bill, baby, I’m on fire

So now if anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good
If anyone asks, not that I care
I’m out of San Francisco and up to no good

Here's the real thing.

Second that emotion

Don Surber gives some advice to the Obama administration. Wonder if it will be heard or listened to.
I look at the videos of the people and the signs and I see a lot of pudgy white people with gray hair who are just like me.
Their objections may be more emotional than factual, but then again so was the opposition to the war and so was the support of Candidate Obama last summer.

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news

If health care reform passes, we'll need more doctors to care for everyone. Fortunately, voting for Obama in 2008 allows one to claim to be a doctor.
Not to be left out, Little Miss Attila and the Other McCain have opened their own practices.

Weekend watchdog

Hope you're ready for some football. Because it's here.
Week one of the preseason kicks off Thursday night with a matchup of the Super Bowl teams - Arizona and Pittsburgh - in the Steel city. ESPN has the game, along with one Monday between the Panthers and Giants.
In the Mid-Atlantic area, the Redskins open the preseason at Baltimore against the Ravens. You can catch the game on radio, over the air TV and cable - Comcast Sportsnet and MASN. And it's just an exhibition.
For those who get it, NFL network has five games scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights. And they will have a bunch of replays of other games until week two starts next Thursday.
Also Thursday, the final Grand Slam event - the PGA championship - tees off. It's a weird time for the PGA - Tiger Woods is not defending champion at any of the Grand Slam and missed the cut at the British Open.
TNT has coverage the first two rounds, and early coverage of the final rounds. CBS takes over at 2 p.m. both days of the weekend.
The Nationals are in Cincinnati this weekend on MASN, while the Orioles host the Angels of Southern California on MASN2.
The Phillies at Braves get top billing this weekend, featured on FOX Saturday and on ESPN Sunday night. FOX also has Giants at Mets and Indians at Twins, while the Red Sox visiting Texas is Sunday afternoon's game on TBS.
If you like to watch baseball stars of the future, ESPN and ESPN2 will be showing all eight regional finals in the Little League World Series tournament all weekend. The Little League World Series championship is set for August 30.
NASCAR makes its return visit to Michigan, with ESPN coverage starting at 1 p.m. Sunday.

The death of us all

Pundette does a great job wrapping up various comments on the "end of life" proposals in HR3200.
You can't calm concerns on this serious issue with a joke.

Signs of the beach

While putt-putt golfing with the boys Wednesday, I saw the sign for sale "Beatings will continue until morale improves."
As long as Democratic members of Congress are getting beaten at town halls, my morale will improve. Theirs? Maybe not so much.

They don't need the help, but...

Many of my blog ideas come after reading.
The Other McCain
Commentary Magazine's Contentions

Don Surber
The Corner
And I just enjoy Iowahawk. I started an "Iowahawk Corps" on facebook (read 50 hours of Iowahawk a year for your community service. Doesn't laughing help improve America and improve your health?) He's on vacation too now, but his archive is available.
I'd put DailyCaller on the list, but is it live yet? Hello?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Operation chaos

Augusta Free Press has a pair of interesting articles today - one attacking Obamacare critics on the right and another from a single-payer advocate unhappy with Democrats.
As Montgomery Burns would say "Ex-cellent."
Obama has unified the country - left and right are upset with him. The left think he hasn't gone far enough on single-payer and the right worries whatever he does will help bring on single-payer someday down the road.
Politically, it's knocking down one of the Democrats' talking points of 2008 - competence. From Katrina to Iraq, they could say Republicans' dislike of government showed they couldn't run government properly.
Now, Democrats are in control and government not getting any better. Deficits are higher and the change of administration didn't change much. Try to blame Republican roadblocks, but every governing party faces roadblocks from the opposition. If you're competent, you can get around them.
Democrats are unhappy, frustrated and thinking about lashing out since they won in 2008 - but feel things slipping away. Republicans just need to push the right buttons and it will quickly be their turn at the wheel again.

Hey, Mr. Postman

Jim Treacher riffs off President Obama's Post Office comment Tuesday.
Please, Mr. Postman, look and see
If I qualify for surgery
I've been waiting a mighty long time
Just to hear from that doctor of mine
There must be some word today

About my much-needed hospital stay
Please, Mr. Postman, look and see
What are my chances of mortality?
h/t NRO's Media Blog

Sourland II

Sourland – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s new group – was been quite distraught about the Tea Parties in April. Let’s put it in song. Here’s “Why don’t you pay” (again, apologies to Sugarland).

I been sittin’ here staring
At the Fox News Channel
And I been layin’ here praying,
Praying it ain’t true
It’s just another tea party
They’ll get all excited
And I’ll be gone
And I’m beggin’ for support
Blue Dogs don’t you leave
But I’ll be left here sitting
Liberal heart on my sleeve
Oh, for the last time I’ll be here
Not again in a million years
And I know we’re dying

What do I have to do so you’ll stay with me
No one loves pork like me

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

You keep telling me Obama
That it’s now our time
The people love you so much
And will forever be yours
But I don’t think that’s the truth
Tea Parties give me blues
And I’m tired of waiting
I’ve got too much pork I want to spend
Can’t wait for economy to mend

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

I can’t take it any longer
Their will is getting stronger
And I think they want to push us out the door
We can’t waste another minute
Buy some friends to keep us in it
We’ll give them what they want
Even if it’s not best for you
So the next time we find
Mad taxpayers at door, let’s whine

Why don’t you pay
I’m up in my chair
I’m so tired of your whining
Can’t you give me what I need
When the IRS calls, you know
There is one thing you should do
As Speaker I want to stay
Baby you’d better pay

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oha oh

Here's the original.

Get Stacy and Dan a book deal

The Other McCain and Riehl World View have been working on the story of the Alaskan blogger for almost two weeks now. Do they have enough for a book deal?
What could they name the book?
How about:
1. Kindergarten Flop
2. Gryphen Dork (it will probably be a Harry Potter length series).

In the last hour

I've surfed the internet and walked in the surf. Nice vacation.

Single payer

If we get single payer, there's a single person who's gonna pay - Barack Obama in the 2012 election.
And will the last Democrat voted out of the House please turn off the lights.

Lovely ladies of the Other McCain

Several ladies with excellent blogs are part of the Other McCain team. They include:
Pundit and Pundette
So it goes in Shreveport
Clever S. Logan
Check out his blogroll for more choices.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trust the little girl

The "lies" and "dies" made George W. Bush's life miserable. Now for the encore.