Sunday, August 23, 2009

Favre might just retire again

An FMJRA headline a Troglopundit could love. I must be living right.
So, what's the view of Brett Favre's signing in Packer-land? Trog has two games circled on his calendar, has the stats ready to update and offers help he thinks Favre needs.
GrandpaJohn's has the shirts to wear and some cool shoes for when the Packers play the Vikings.
Favre's return didn't impress Naked Villiany.
In non-Favre news, Dan Riehl offers some good blogging advice. Camp of the Saints liked it, and learning is good.
The Czar has finished reading all 1,000-plus pages of HR3200. He's left his comments and he definitely deserves a vacation.
Carol has the magical story of Obama and his mighty unicorn. Cool graphic and sad story.
Pat sure did a lot of work putting together a do-nothing roundup.
Pundette has the "wee-weed up" roundup with a precious little photo.
Daley Gator lets you know where the stimulus money is going. And it's not a picture of a toilet or drain.
Dustbury discusses what people want in their cars. Sounds like what the Obama administration expects health care to look like.
Smitty picks up the Other McCain roundup, even though my contribution slipped through the first cut.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Make some new friends and keep clean.

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