Monday, August 24, 2009

Gullible voters

Why are Creigh Deeds and President Obama doomed in their plans? They rely too much on the idea of gullible voters. Voters who have been fooled into being against them right now.
Two weeks ago, Deeds came out with a speech spelling out his opponent's stand on abortion. Deeds' proponents were excited, and hopeful it will close the gap in polls.
But how many voters out there like the Bob McDonnell they've seen in commercials without thinking about his likely stand on abortion? He's a Republican, and Republicans are mostly pro-life. It's doubtful it's enough to dent McDonnell's lead.
Those who are pro-life vote one way. Those who are pro-choice vote one way. The vast majority of voters either would rather not think of the issue, or won't change their vote just on the issue. They're not gullible; they're just not hyper-focused.
For President Obama, his tact on health care reform comes up flat. Focusing on "distortions and lies" on the other side means you think voters are gullible. That they've fallen for obvious untruths.
So, if a health care opponent reads the bill and doesn't like it, what do you say? The bill doesn't mean that? The bill's not finished, just wait until it is.
Saturday's radio address included several things to entice the gullible voter. But they fall apart upon inspection.
President Obama said abortion would not be part of a health care bill. But access to abortion is important to Democrats. Just not important enough to include in this important health care bill.
He also said illegal immigrants would not receive care through the new health care bill. But if government provides care to those needing it now, how's it going to stop that care under his new bill?
Thinking your opponent has fooled voters may make you feel better. It doesn't make your chances of success better.

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