Monday, August 24, 2009

Turn the beat around

After several years of "Bush lied, people died," we have

"Opponents lied
Public option died"
"Obama lied
health care reform fried"

Once the "Bush lied, people died" meme dug into the American consciousness, there was no hope for President George W. Bush. The surge has made things better since 2007 and American deaths are down, but no positive news can overcome the past.
Is President Obama reaching the point of no return on health care reform. Check out the headlines collected by Instapundit.
From Ross Douthat
From Jim Hoagland
No ignoring protests roundup
What happened to Candidate Obama?
And from Kausfiles - what's left may be more divisive than health care.
Or this collection from NRO's Media Blog.
Can he turn this around? Or is he getting swamped in the perfect storm of voter unhappiness?
I think he'd better get something for swimmer's ear. Because he's soon going to be all wet.

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