Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Enjoyable reading

It's nice being part of Blognetnews. You get to read conservative voices and also easily see what the liberals are thinking. Anonymous is a Woman nicely posts a roundup that captures the anger, frustration, disbelief and other unhappy feelings on the progressive side today.
It's good to see.
Since the November election, I've tired of the "inevitability of progressive progress" argument. It's like Democrats think they've rolled the rock up to the crest of the hill, and it's all downhill and smooth sailing from here.
It leads to complacency and arrogance. The complacency about the governor's race that's creating anguish comes from thinking the voting trend is going our way. Push the notion the trends are going your way, and it's cruise control and not a battle. It's very easy for some to disengage, and hard to get them back online.
The arrogance is "your views are losing views, so you have to change." First Republicans have to smack down RINOs who agree, then show the other side it's utter nonsense.
Tides turn. The rock you thought was going down the other side instead bears down on you. And it's gaining speed.

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