Sunday, August 30, 2009

Teddy and Sarah

Now that Sen. Ted Kennedy has been buried after several days of honor, reverence and Chappaquiddick jokes, who takes his place in the Senate? As the loved Democrat hated by Republicans. Moe Lane has already asked about the GOP's Ted Kennedy.
Though not in the Senate, Sarah Palin sure seems close to Kennedy's impact on the political scene. She's loved and adored by many Republicans, and drives Democrats to distraction.
She's probably the only person who can write a Facebook post and drive the media cycle for 24 hours or more.
The next presidential cycle she'll be 48, the same age Kennedy was when he faced Jimmy Carter in 1980. Whatever she decides to do, she still has a bright future ahead.

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smitty1e said...

Again, I'm all for supporting a Federalist platform. We may not be able to drive the ship of state out of Socialist Shoals in one administration, but we have to
(a) put on a hard right rudder
(b) fix the Constitution to preclude the Progressive political class from undoing everything.
Happy to support Sarah, if she's up to the task.
But if she's just more of same...