Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arkansas: Rush is Right

Public Policy Polling released a new poll on Arkansas Tuesday. Among the findings, 55% of those polled think Rush Limbaugh has a better vision for the country than President Obama.
The party breakdown for Limbaugh having the better vision is:
92% of Republicans
64% of Independents
18% of Democrats
This raises a few questions.
1. Who decided to compare Rush with President Obama in a poll?
2. What do Democratic officeholders in Arkansas think of these numbers?
3. Do Democrats regret trying to make Rush the face of the Republican party in the winter?
4. In how many other states would a majority of those polled pick Rush's vision over Obama's?
Limbaugh's vision numbers are high even though he's only viewed favorably by 35 percent and unfavorably by 44 percent.
UPDATE: Welcome, New Majority readers. See, you don't have to be liked to have people like your views.

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