Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now what?

When Congress returns to Washington after Labor Day, where is the battle for health care reform going to stand? A draw? The uprising against the plan has met the support for the plan. From the looks at the Reston town hall Tuesday, the sides are digging in more than ready to talk.
So, what happens next?
1. We start over?
2. Health care reform passes?
3. Reform passes narrowly, with smoke and mirrors (51 vote reconciliation won't reconcile the sides).
4. Health care reform fails?
Right now, whatever happens will leave a lot of unhappy people. Just in time for starting the 2010 Congressional election cycle.
We're going to be battling over this for a long, long time. People are fighting for their lives. And those fighting are not just on your side.

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smitty1e said...

We get out the Constitutional artillery and make sure that, whatever happens, there is more consensus than cram-down.

And if you can't get the consensus, maybe you realize the Procrustean bargain's no' so good after all.