Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guys, don't do this

Since my family was on vacation, I missed seeing this story from Baltimore. State delegate Jon Cardin decides to propose marriage by having the police "raid" the boat he and his girlfriend were on. It made national news and didn't go over well in internet comments.
Those comments viciously attack and mock the lawmaker from Northwest Baltimore as arrogant, wasteful, childish, exhibiting politics as usual, and, perhaps worst of all, as having pulled off one of the most unromantic and frightening marriage proposals of all time - with Homer under the threat of arrest and seeing the ring just as she thought a cop was about to slap on handcuffs. She said "yes."
I proposed to my wife at our church's Christmas Candlelight service. No police were involved, and only the assistant pastor knew beforehand. (though she figured it out when I said her mom couldn't come to the service).

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smitty1e said...

Why was the future mother-in-law precluded?