Sunday, August 30, 2009

HR 3200 silliness

What is Right for Virginia offers the silliness defense of HR3200 - it isn't the bill.
Even if it's just one of five different resolutions floating around, it shows what Democrats are thinking and where they may go.
Are we supposed to wait until there's a bill to talk about these issues?
Now is the time to whack on the weeds that surround health care reform. And there's a lot of weeds.
People have read HR3200 and found some bad things there. They shined a spotlight on them so those aspects never make it to the House floor.
The Republicans are doing their job as opposition now, knocking down the bad ideas. Without that necessary work, health care reform will definitely fail.
It's probably going to fail anyway, since Democrats of different stripes will have to find just enough common ground to get the needed votes. And that common ground will be awfully small, and hard to defend from attacks coming from all sides.

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