Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where have all the voters gone?

The Democratic theme of the year - where are all the Obama voters from 2008? Time to redo a classic for a song parody.

Where have all the voters gone?
We really need them
Where have all the voters gone?
We'd like to know
Where have all the voters gone?
Deeds is just not Obama
It's a hard lesson to learn
It's a hard lesson to learn

What about the Jersey girls?
Corzine needs them
Where are the Jersey girls?
Stuck paying tolls
What's the chances in New Jersey?
Hold your nose and vote Corzine
And hope Dems never learn
And hope they never learn

Is there hope in north New York?
Not against Hoffman
Is there hope in north New York?
Now Dede's gone?
Is there hope in north New York?
Like Biden's gonna really help?
You'd think they might learn
You'd think they might learn

How's the health care battle going?
So many pages
How's the health care battle going?
Can't read them all
How's the health care battle going?
To the graveyard pretty soon
It's a hard lesson to learn
It's a hard lesson to learn

Where's the Dems' agenda gone?
Hit the real world
Where's the Dems' agenda gone?
The money's not there
Where's the Dems' agenda gone?
Voters now more conservative
And Dems won't ever learn
And Dems won't ever learn

A video of the inspiration

NY 23 - Dede's done

Three days before Election Day, Dede Scozzafava has suspended her campaign for Congress.
It's Doug Hoffman vs. Bill Owens in a dead-heat for the seat.
Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride these final days.

We didn't sign up for this

With Creigh Deeds struggling down the stretch, Democrats are trying to figure how to minimize losses in the 100 House of Delegate contests.
You almost feel sorry for the Democrats fighting against the tide. It wasn't supposed to be like this.
When candidate recruitment happened, the Democrats were in a better place. They had won statewide, and that would continue, right? President Obama won the state. Ol' Virginny was dead, right?
The tide would rise enough to get them the majority. There would be plenty of money for the election season. Terry McAuliffe would see to that. The focus was on more Democrats in the 2010 session, not fewer.
Now, look at the polls and how do you motivate volunteers and voters in the stretch run?
"Let's make it not so bad."
"Spend two years fighting against stuff instead of for stuff."
"Has our time passed?"
"How long do we have to wait to get back into contention for another shot at the majority?"

Happy Halloween

Troglopundit's friend Mickey Mouse joins our annual Halloween display.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Winning pumpkin designs

My 12-year-old decided he wants to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. So we'll be doing some last-minute shopping Saturday morning.
It reminded me how I won a ribbon at work for my pumpkin design. I worked in computer support, and my bosses drilled into my head that people with computer problems had to call our help desk first. They shouldn't grab me in the hallway.
So I took a pumpkin.
Took it to the sidewalk and dropped it three times.
Put it in a box with the sign "Looks like you'll need to call the help desk."
People looked at my pumpkin and thought it had been vandalized. Then they saw the sign and gave me a ribbon for most creative. And it took the least time to get done.

Does Hoffman equal Obama?

Can we compare the campaigns of Conservative Doug Hoffman with President Obama's 2008 run? Yes, we can.
Look at the opponents. Hillary/Dede Scozzafava were both the establishment candidates.
Obama/Hoffman were the insurgents.
How about key endorsements? Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama showed the party regulars that it was cool to endorse the insurgent.
Sarah Palin's endorsement of Hoffman pushed him to another level, and forced other Republicans to make a decision.
Look at how the enthusiasm for the insurgent has swamped establishment candidate. The "look at all my experience and knowledge of your issues" hasn't worked.
Now, which insurgent will do a better job? When it comes to the budget, I trust an accountant more than a community organizer/lawyer/writer.
UPDATE: Linked by Ferdinand over at

I'll take one Hypocrite to go

Jonah Goldberg posted a link at NRO's Corner on 10 secret fast food items, and I had to follow it.
You get to number 10 and you find gold.
10. This one might be my favorite. At Fatburger, you can order a Hypocrite – a veggie burger topped with crispy strips of bacon.

I'm so jealous

Look at all the attention the New York congressional special election is getting. Radio talkers, national correspondents and now John Rich is coming to their cities (and small towns).
If only Bob McDonnell hadn't run such a good campaign, we could be the center of the political universe.

Vote your favorite

Public Policy Polling has six places to poll this weekend, and wants input which poll to release first. And which one to work on later.
As of Friday morning, with 311 votes in, the special election in New York 23 leads. The Virginia gubernatorial race is fourth, ahead of two local North Carolina races.
We're just not as exciting as we'd thought we'd be.

Paying for Pelosi's bill

How will we pay for the mandates in the health care reform bill introduced by Nancy Pelosi Thursday?
The good news is, they say only the rich will have to pay more in taxes.
The bad news is, if you can breath, they consider you rich.

Raise a stink

Via Instapundit, How bad should I feel about taking hot showers.
If we all stopped taking showers and blamed Democrats for the stink, how would that go over?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

NY 23 - Not enjoying it yet

My former boss doesn't sound too excited about being at the center of next Tuesday's special election.
Despite the national media attention on Northern New York right now, we should all remember that the 23rd Congressional District has no great significance. And neither did Gettysburg. It's just the place where the great armies met.

Christie: I'm fat

The weighty issue in the New Jersey gubernatorial race is Republican Chris Christie's weight. Thursday Christie appeared on the Don Imus show and joked about it.
Will this be the campaign video of the final days?

Weird Al Yankovic - Fat (Official Music Video) - Watch a funny movie here

Weekend watchdog

Hokie fans get to start the weekend early the next two weeks.
Virginia Tech hosts North Carolina on ESPN Thursday Night football, and next week visits East Carolina on Thursday. Which means plenty of time to see what other teams are up to on Saturday.
ABC features USC and Texas again in prime time - Texas at Oklahoma State and USC at Oregon. In the late afternoon time slots, ACC country will see Miami at Wake Forest. Other choices are Michigan visiting Illinois, Kansas at Texas Tech and California at Arizona State.
Notre Dame goes prime time for its meeting with Washington on NBC. In the SEC, it's the big Georgia-Florida game from Jacksonsville.
ESPN offers undefeated Iowa hosting Indiana at noon, followed by Northwestern-Penn State with South Carolina-Tennessee in prime time. ESPN2 has Purdue at Wisconsin at noon, and ACC country gets Michigan-Illinois from the ABC offerings.
West Virginia teams get ESPN airtime in unusual time slots this weekend. The Mountaineers visit South Florida Friday, while Marshall takes on Central Friday Sunday night.
Elsewhere on Saturday, Comcast has Missouri visiting Colorado at 1:30 p.m. Versus features Nebraska visiting Baylor at noon, followed by UNLV visiting undefeated TCU.
MASN's afternoon kicks off with Rutgers facing Connecticut, followed by Presbyterian at Liberty. (Yes, the Blue Hose vs. the Flames). They pick up Louisiana Tech at Idaho when that contest concludes.
Trick-or-treating and the World Series go together, right? The Phillies host the Yankees in Game 3 Saturday night, with the series continuing through November 5 if necessary. Then it's only three months or so until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
The Phillies' presence in the playoffs made the day for FOX football. Their doubleheader features the Giants at Eagles early, moved from 4:15 p.m. to make room for baseball. The NFL then moved Brett Favre's return to Green Bay into the second slot to show to most of the country. (Carolina-Arizona only goes to Arizona and the Carolinas).
CBS has the undefeated Broncos at Ravens. NBC takes off Sunday night for the World Series, while ESPN has the Saints hosting the Falcons Monday night.
NASCAR's Chase for the Cup heats up with a trip to Talladega Sunday on ABC.
ESPN's Friday Night NBA doubleheader features the Bulls taking on the Celtics early, followed by the Mavericks at Lakers. TNT's Thursday doubleheader is Spurs at Bulls followed by Denver at Portland.
The Wizards are in Atlanta Friday on Comcast, then have New Jersey Saturday for their home opener.
The Capitals visit Atlanta Thursday, host the Islanders Friday and Columbus Sunday afternoon.
The MLS playoffs have begun, and ESPN2 shows Houston at Seattle Thursday at 10 p.m. In case the Hokies, the NBA or Game 2 of the World Series don't catch your interest.

NY 23 - Kos: I didn't mean what you think I meant

The Watertown Daily Times visits Daily Kos and finds Kos unhappy with how his blog post from early September sparked the Doug Hoffman fire.
I have no love for the Democrat, Owens, and I clearly have no love for Scozzafava in that post, so only an idiot would construe that as an "endorsement". An endorsement implies love for the candidate being endorsed. I wish nothing but ill will for all candidates in this race. But the GOP is full of idiots, and they've run strong with it, making my "endorsement" part of their anti-Scozzafava narrative. And now we're in a situation in which the conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has a real chance of performing better than the Republican.
And there's more good news for Hoffman.
Oh, and Mr. Moulitsas leaked his own Research 2000/Daily Kos poll results early: Mr. Owens apparently has 33 percent in their poll, Mr. Hoffman has 32 percent and Ms. Scozzafava has 21 percent.

Sleepy time theater

Blue Virginia presents the video trying to wake up Virginia Democrats. Might put Republicans to sleep instead.

Answer time

NRO's Campaign Spot looks at an article with Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell answering the same questions.
And comes away impressed with McDonnell's answer to a question from the magazine's Twitter followers.
I think that Bob McDonnell was able to offer a genuine compliment and praise for his opponent says a great deal about him.

1990 pages?

You've got to be kidding. A 1990-page health care bill?

NY 23 - Phrase of the day

What's a Z worth in Scrabble?
Ed Driscoll uses plenty of them in Scozzafava-palooza, describing the coverage of the special election in New York's 23rd District.
My contributions can be found here.

What to do? Enjoy the show

Chris at Bearing Drift is adrift. What do we do on a final weekend when the Republicans are polling so well?
Now it is our Democrat friends who are staring down the wrong end of a Rasmussen daily tracker and hoping for a last minute act of God or YouTube to change the course of the election. Likewise, it is the long-suffering Republicans of Virginia who are desperately trying to stifle their elation until the night of November 3rd, when they can finally let go of eight years of frustration and missed opportunities.
It's just going to be interesting to see how the Democratic side handles this. They thought they had the tide going their way. The state's changing demographics meant wins in the future, and the Republicans would have to change or be left behind.
Now, that meme is messed up. It's now just an Election Day loss, but perhaps a loss of confidence. Definitely a loss of momentum.
We know they will they kick Creigh Deeds, but how hard?
Will Blue Virginia have to redo his sidebar bio to reflect a Republican sweep?
Left of the Hill tries to defend President Obama by writing George W. Bush didn't get Jerry Kilgore a win. Comparing Obama to Bush, that's not where Democrats want to be.
I can't wait for Nov. 4. Not because of the election results, but to see what anger spouts out of the losing side.

NY 23 - National vs. local

The Watertown Daily Times interviews Congressman Sherwood Boehlert about the special election. The Republican moans about the decisive attacks by the conservatives.
"We are now a regional party" restricted to Texas and the South, said Mr. Boehlert, who said the party needs to broaden its appeal to become a national party again.
But, it's the Conservative Doug Hoffman who has made this a national election. And attracted support from all across the country.
The Republican - Dede Scozzafava - knows her local issues. But she's getting swamped on the national side.
The next four days, and the upcoming Siena poll, will tell the direction we're going headed into Election Day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New on CMT

Jessie James is a new artist with an interesting video out there. But only one picture on the CMT site so far.

It's been a year

...since my first post here. Got inspired by my neighbor, Yankee Phil.
Last year, we were fighting the discouragement of John McCain's looming loss.
Now, we're looking forward to Creigh Deeds' looming loss.
Lots can change in a year.
Look at all the friends I've made.
All the new blogs I've visited.
Now, let's enjoy year two.

Style over substance

Blue Virginia posts Creigh Deeds' latest ad, saying "don't let style win over substance."
National Review's Campaign Spot posts a Deeds flyer - all Obama, Deeds' name at the bottom.

Looks like style over substance to me.

NY 23 - Let's hear it for the boys (and girls)

Jude Seymour of the Watertown Daily Times lists some of the local outlets keeping voters informed about the special election.
In a week, the national reporters will pull up stakes. The local ones will pick up the pieces with what the winner wants to do, and get ready for the 2010 primaries and general election.

An easy prediction

No Virginia governor will ever again become the chairman of the party's national committee for the last year of a term. Never.
Gilmore and Kaine's example will live on forever.

Odd man out

You can teach your young children about numbers with the latest Virginia gubernatorial poll results.
11 - Bob McDonnell's lead in Washington Post poll
13 - lead in Rasmussen Reports poll
15 - lead in Public Policy Polling poll
17 - lead in Survey USA poll
19 - lead in previous Survey USA poll
You've got your odd numbers covered between 10 and 20.

Good news from the old home area

While working at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, I covered sports for the high schools in the 3rd House district. Not Larry Sabato projects that seat will be a Republican pickup for Will Morefield, the guy with the cool TV spot.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Technorati getting its act together

Technorati, helper of weekly roundups, seems to be plowing through the internet to restore its authority indexes for users.
Before the upgrade, I was at 31. Then down to 0. Checked this evening, and I'm at 532. Not in the top 100, but in the top 3500.
Check and see if you're listed. They say they'll be updating it daily.

Reid's Empty Hand

Legal Insurrection makes quick work of Senator Joe Lieberman opting out of Harry Reid's public option plan.
Opt out works.

Rush is right - tax edition

The New York Post looks at how many people are heading out of New York, leaving its high taxes behind.

NY 23 - Dump Dede vs. Dump Doug

National conservatives have been asking Dede Scozzafava to leave the race.
New York Republicans have been asking Doug Hoffman to leave the race.
Jude Seymour of the Watertown Daily Times reports on the mess.
These kind of press releases evoke the same feeling you'd have if you were watching your soon-to-be-divorced parents engaged in a nasty, name-calling fight in a very public place.

Which feels worse?

You're a Redskins fan and Virginia Democrat. Which side makes you feel worse today?
At least the Redskins won't lose next weekend. I don't think they can lose to "bye."

NY 23 - Candidate and his car

To get political endorsements, you have to know how to reach certain voters.
This picture of Doug Hoffman reached Iowahawk.
h/t Smitty, who saw this before me.

NY 23 - Get your local issues right here

The special election for the 23rd congressional district of New York is being run on two levels. You've got the national interest in pushing the Republican party toward its conservative base. And the mundane, local issues that candidates have to deal with.
The Watertown Daily Times wants to know what the three candidates think about the St. Lawrence Seaway (on the district's northern border) and building a new highway so crazy drivers don't have to speed across that part of Northern New York to make appointments.
Here's the answers, with no mention of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or ACORN.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's blame T-Mac

Enough blaming Creigh Deeds for his poor showing in the polls. Let's put the blame where it really belongs. Terry McAuliffe.
Why? He's the all-purpose villian. The carpetbagger. His entrance into the Democratic primary upset the plans Deeds and Brian Moran obviously had for the race.
Without McAuliffe, Moran would have been a better candidate. It would have been hard to have been worse.
Moran could have stayed in the House of Delegates instead of thinking he had to match McAuliffe's fundraising. He could have focused on legislating through February, with three months to talk about the gubernatorial nod.
In a two-man race, Deeds could not hang back. His primary strategy of letting the other two beat up on each other doesn't translate to the two-man race he's in. Deeds didn't really have to say who he was in the primary, just who he wasn't.
Then the Washington Post endorsement fell his way. And like the dog chasing the car, what does he do when he catches it?
And how about Democrat attempts to win back the house? Back during the primaries, the thought of McAuliffe's fundraising prowess and connections brought the idea Democrats could do it. Doesn't look likely now, and how much money has T-Mac's connections delivered to Virginia?
I'm looking forward to the many post-mortems from Democrats after the election is over. Hope some take out their frustration on McAuliffe.

Opt-ical illusion

Sen. Harry Reid talked about the public option Monday.
Should I be concerned?
Blue Commonwealth is not happy with the plan. Makes me feel better.
Unhappy Democrats plus unhappy Republicans means this health care reform plan grinds to a halt. Or leaves everyone unhappy if passed, and politicians aren't known for doing things that makes lots of people unhappy.
I'm opting out of this battle for a while.

Latest from the hot tubber

Blue Virginia has the latest comments from Nathan Daschle, head of the Democratic Governor's Association.
No word if he made the comments from a hot tub.

NY 23 - Latest poll

The Club for Growth released its poll Monday, showing Conservative Doug Hoffman in the lead in a small polling sample.
Enough to keep the pot stirred up.

NY 23 - women's groups, where are you?

The Watertown Daily Times' editorial asks the question.
Considering Dede Scozzafava's track record on such issues, why have women's groups and others who share her views not been more forthcoming with their support? Those who have benefited from her stands on domestic violence and victims' rights — or who share her convictions — need to stand up and be counted.
Voices from outside the district are attempting to define Assemblywoman Scozzafava without knowing her. Those whose causes she has advanced and concerns she has addressed need to acknowledge the work she has done.

Virginia looks good in red

Just testing out headlines for next week.

The week in polls from 2005

In the final full week before the 2005 election, Tim Kaine led the four polls posted on Wikipedia.
The Washington Post poll of October 30 gave Kaine a 47-44 lead over Jerry Kilgore.
Roanoke College's poll of Nov. 2 gave Kaine an eight-point edge.
On Nov. 4, Rasmussen Reports gave Kaine a three-point lead. Mason-Dixon had the margin at one point (45-44).

Czar of the Chicago Way

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass thinks he'll be getting an offer he can't refuse.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Undefeated teams watch

Brett Favre couldn't throw interceptions or fumble the ball when he faced the Ravens last week. Noooo! He had to save that for the Steelers.
The Vikings have their first loss. But three other teams remain unbeaten. (The first time in NFL history three teams have been perfect this long).
The Saints rallied for 22 points in the fourth quarter to beat the Dolphins. They play Atlanta next Monday night, but how about looking forward to a late November home game with New England?
The Colts destroyed the Rams and face the 49ers at home next week.
Denver had a bye, and travels to Baltimore next Sunday. Both teams will be rested and the Ravens need to win to turn their season around.

Which is closer to the truth?

Here's two statements
"Fox News is not a real news organization."
"The Obama administration is not a real presidential administration."
Which one is closer to the truth?

What's Mary Worth?

Dustbury finds famous comic character has a new gig.

Come with me if you want to live

The famous line from the Terminator movies.
Now what the conservative movement and Tea Party groups are saying to the Republican party.

Fishersville Mike Junks Rotten Apples

My family took a vacation to Northern New York in the summer of 1970, right after my uncle moved there. He lived near Utica, and after that it was off to the Thousand Islands, cross the border for lunch in Canada and back down on the west side of Lake Champlain.
For the next week, we'll all learn more about that part of the country - the 23rd congressional district of New York. The Other McCain has been busy in that part of the country, and Smitty and Jimmie Bise have been busy keeping track of the action.
Troglopundit catches the spirit of the "Age of Obama" - Let's talk about me.
GrandpaJohn's examines the Florida Gator/ACORN connection.
Carol returns to the FMJRA action, and doesn't care what President Obama thinks about that.
Pat kept busy before Saturday night's big game.
Honesty in Motion takes time to do a roundup before going to the Raiders-Jets game.
The Daley Gator takes a bite out of RINOs.
The Classic Liberal is back at blogging after a delay of a few days.
Another Black Conservative fights through the Technorati changes to offer a roundup.
In Mala Fide welcomes some new bloggers to his roundup.
Naked Villiany talks mustard.
Ruby Slippers finds some scary monsters.
Pundette starts out Saturday morning the right way - linking Mark Steyn.
Wyblog offers a good reason to be interested in the New Jersey gubernatorial race.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Catch a cool sunrise and eat some bacon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

10 days to go

Ten days from now, the polls will be closed. Hope it's enough time for the Democrats to write their concession speeches.
I've already given my suggestion for Creigh Deeds.
UPDATE: Bob McDonnell's blog sends a link.

I smell something different

Don Surber titles a post "I smell a Pulitzer."
That's not what I smell after reading it.

Obama out-FOXed

Mark Steyn doesn't take too kindly to offering tough words to FOX news while saying nothing to Iran and Russia. Anita Dunn catches his ire.
In Mao's China, everyone wore the same clothes. So when Communications Commissar Mao Ze Dunn starts berating Fox News for not getting into the same Maosketeer costumes as the rest of the press corps, you begin to see why the Chairman might appeal to her as a favorite "political philosopher".

Tabling Deeds

The Republican Party of Virginia features Creigh Deeds' favorite word.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Does "Shoe Leather Fund" include bail money?

The Other McCain just reported he had traveled from Watertown, N.Y. to Saranac Lake this afternoon. What did he do before leaving Watertown?
He visited with Watertown Daily Times Managing Editor Bob Gorman, my boss in Georgetown, S.C. in the '80s. Gorman sent me this report.
McCain was just here and he stole a coffee mug AND a book from my office.
What book, you might ask. Another source, very reliable, gives a link to the book.
Remember, a smart reporter doesn't burn his sources.
Wonder if Yankee Phil has any police connections in Northern New York.

NY 23 - little help for Dede?

The Watertown Daily Times' Bob Gorman has an interesting take on Dede Scozzafava's troubled run for Congress.
She's been a public servant for years.
She's helped many people.
Why aren't those people helping her now?
Here's what I don't get: For the past decade, the Republican Scozzafava has stood up for every women's rights, victims' rights and children's rights legislation in this state. Her fingerprints are everywhere. But now that she is running for Congress, you can't find one member of CASA, CAVA, Darwin, Athena, victims assistance, university women or even one of our myriad Watertown book clubs that will publicly stand up for her.

We know who Doug Hoffman's new friends are - Sarah Palin and Dick Armey. Where are Dede's old friends?

Meet Obama, and more

Just got the email from Creigh Deeds, saying one voter who visits a campaign office this weekend will have their picture taken with President Obama.
Second prize? You become the candidate for governor.

Time to choose

I was disappointed to see Tooconservative's post that the Democrat would win in NY23. Very disappointed.
What electorate are they dividing in Northern New York? The one that gave President Obama 52 percent last fall, or the one that gave the Republican incumbent a 2-to-1 win? The conservative is taking his chances that it's the latter.
The Watertown Daily Times may not feel Conservative Doug Hoffman is the best candidate for their area, but the days of Congress critters bringing home the bacon are basically over. You can't bring home bacon when all that's left of the pig is the squeal.
For years, conservatives have been told to join the party bus or else the Democrats would win.
Now conservatives are feeling stronger and more unified. And saying "You join our bus or the Democrats will win."
The Daily Kos poll Friday morning is not as positive for Hoffman as the one last week - the poll that really sparked conservative interest in the campaign.
There will be more battles like this, not less, next year. Democrats will probably join in the fun, with progressives blaming moderates for failures (in Virginia, it's already started).
If the game is about gaining power in Washington, join the party bus. If it's about making a difference in the country, then fight for what you believe in.

Weekend watchdog

We're trying to excite Europe about American football. And we send the winless Buccaneers over there?
The troubles of NFL scheduling Sunday's game in London features the New England Patriots (good choice) against the Bucs (9-3 at one point last year, now 0-10 since) on CBS. Sorry, Brits, but we tried out best.
It's a rough football weekend locally. The Ravens have a bye, the Redskins play Monday night against the Eagles and the Hokies are off.
FOX has the doubleheader this weekend, and Fishersville viewers should get Vikings at Steelers early and Falcons at Cowboys late. NBC's Sunday night game matches the Cardinals and Giants.
ESPN2 starts the college football weekend Friday when Rutgers faces Army on Friday.
Saturday, Notre Dame hosts Boston College on NBC. The Eagles won big at home after losing big at Virginia Tech the prior week. Which team will show up against the Fighting Irish?
Tennessee visits Alabama for CBS' game of the week. Wonder how this week's referees will do?
ABC's late afternoon contests include Clemson at Miami, Penn State-Michigan, Oklahoma at No. 25 Kansas and Oregon-Washington. In primetime, the choices are Texas at Missouri and Oregon State-USC.
The day on ESPN starts with Minnesota facing Ohio State and offers Florida-Mississippi State in primetime. ESPN2 has Illinois-Purdue at noon and Auburn-LSU at 7:30 p.m.
The ACC game of the week features your league-leading Virginia Cavaliers (didn't think I'd be writing that this year) hosting Georgia Tech. Virginia has not lost a conference game. Everyone else has. Unbelievable.
Versus has a tripleheader, starting with Oklahoma State at Baylor at noon. Air Force faces Utah at 4, then TCU meets BYU.
MASN has South Florida visiting Pittsburgh at noon, followed by Coastal Carolina at Stony Brook. Comcast has James Madison at William & Mary at noon, and joins Arizona State at Stanford at the conclusion of the ice hockey and soccer games.
The countdown to the World Series continues with Game 6 of the American League series Saturday on FOX. If the Angels win again, it's Game 7 on Sunday. The Phillies await the winner for the World Series, starting Wednesday on FOX.
Over on four wheels, NASCAR hits the short track at Martinsville Sunday at 1 p.m.
The NBA season starts Tuesday, with the Wizards visiting Dallas on Comcast Sportsnet. TNT has a doubleheader that night, with the Celtics at Cleveland at 7:30 p.m. followed by the Lakers vs. Clippers.
The Capitals hit the road against the New York Islanders Saturday. They'll be on Versus Tuesday, hosting Philadelphia.
The MLS concludes its regular season with New England at Columbus Sunday.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truth in advertising

When I saw Blue Virginia's post - Creigh's Latest Ad: "Misery" - I thought it would be video of the staff reacting to the latest polls.
My bad.

NY 23 - Sarah speaks

The Other McCain posts the news he's been waiting to hear - Sarah Palin offers support for conservative Doug Hoffman.
And why travel across country when you can post to Facebook while cooking moose stew or moose chili.

NY 23 - local or national?

Is the special election in New York's 23rd Congressional District a local event to find a new representative, or something bigger?
1. A chance for an historic win for Democrats and a boost for President Obama?
2. A boost for Conservatives and those pushing the tea parties?
3. A chance for moderate Republicans to maintain their place in line?
When you have national blogger Stacy McCain writing his report at the desk of the local newspaper guy - whose blog is All Politics is Local - the lines blur.
The Watertown Daily Times is known for its local focus - Editor and Publisher did a story on that angle around 2001, as I remember - and it's publisher followed that focus in meeting Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman Thursday.
It's almost like there's two elections going on.
Local issues known mostly in Northern New York state may determine who spins the victory their way. And whoever wins the race has to do it all over again in a year.

Staffer watch

Blue Virginia has heard someone on the Creigh Deeds staff saying "It is not my fault" and trying to line up a new job.
Obviously, this staffer learned well from watching John McCain's staff last year.
"The ship is sinking. Get me off first!"

Good news, Gator edition

The SEC suspended the officiating crew from last week's Florida-Arkansas game.
The bad news - they won't work a game October 31.
The good news - now they can attend the Daley Gator's Halloween party.

Health care sentence of the week

Discussing Wednesday's Senate vote on fixing Medicare reimbursements, NRO's Yural Levin boils down the Democrats' troubles to one sentence.
It is an exercise in serial needle-threading that will call for an extraordinary degree of discipline by the Senate Democrats—a group not known for discipline.
The Democrats are going to blow up. Just a matter of time.

Good luck, Obama speechwriters

President Obama will be in Norfolk Tuesday for a rally in support of Creigh Deeds candidacy.
What do you say about a man trailing by double-digits in the polls and dealing with open revolt by disappointed activists? You just can't hope for change.
We'll see what they come up with Tuesday.

Halloween cheer

Only one more Rule 5 Sunday until Halloween. Thankfully, Gregg Easterbrook at TMQ has a picture of cheerleaders in Halloween gear.
UPDATE: Part of Smitty's roundup.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight, sugar bear

For some reason, when I saw the post "Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight," I thought of Elton John's song. And a parody was born.

When I think of the public option, want it now
Don't know why some folks are so scared
Prima Donnas, man they act like we won't care
Sitting like a prisoner perched in the electric chair
And it's a wink and a nod then they don't hear you anymore
He drives me crazy lately
My friends don't want to go out door to door any more

And Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight, sugar bear
You thought you had your hooks in me, didn't you
You nearly had my vote sewn up
On your side, hypnotized
Then at the debate, what do I hear?
I'm a thinking voter, and voters are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

I never realized the passing days of this long campaign
A slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams
I'm strangled by your bumbling talk
Becoming a McDonnell ad on my TV screen
It's two weeks to the Election, Damn it listen to me good
I'm thinking for myself tonight
It's our time, thank God Obama's still leading

But Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight, did you hear?
You thought you had your hooks in me, didn't you
You nearly had my vote sewn up
On your side, hypnotized
Then at the debate, what do I hear?
I'm a thinking voter, and voters are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

And I would have walked through the rain or snow for Obama
Clinging to my hope and change
I'm opting out of your support forever
Don't try to write, email or call me on the phone

Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
So save your strength and we'll have to fight another day

And Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight, did you hear?
You thought you had your hooks in me, didn't you
You nearly had my vote sewn up
On your side, hypnotized
Then at the debate, what do I hear?
I'm a thinking voter, and voters are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight
Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost, Creigh Deeds lost my vote tonight

And a video of the inspiration.

NY 23 - Don't mess with us

The Watertown Daily Times' Jude Seymour is not impressed with Rachel Maddow's coverage of his Congressional race.
I'm glad Ms. Maddow finds this election so amusing. There are real consequences for all of us who live here to all this fighting between national interests. Sadly, we're caught in the middle of this food fight. Few seem to truly care about what's best for the people of the north country.

NY 23 - Scozzafava's economic impact

If Republicans had nominated a conservative candidate - anybody but Dede Scozzafava - would the national media be looking so closely at the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district?
You've got national magazines heading north.
You've got a blogger driving six hours and itemizing his expenses for the world to see.
You've got the Conservative candidate on Glenn Beck's show.
Wonder how the web traffic is doing at the Watertown Daily Times? Money from around the country is buying TV ads and newspaper ads.

Let me clarify

Creigh Deeds has trouble at debates. And really has trouble in post-debate press availabilities.
NRO's Campaign Spot has the details.
And a press release the morning after doesn't help.

NY 23 - Pelosi puppet

The Conservative candidate for Congress in NY23 got his interview with Glenn Beck Wednesday, kicking off the third hour.
About the Democrat in the race, he said he may be more conservative than the Republican candidate - but he would be a Pelosi puppet in Washington. Great turn of phrase.

McDonnell +12, ID Party GOP +3

Public Policy Polling has its latest poll out - Bob McDonnell up by 12.
Seven points more than its last poll, seven points less then Survey USA's poll Tuesday night.
The party ID of the survey is 36 percent Republican, 33 percent Democratic and 31 percent other.

Creigh Deeds - Democrat

Lots of unhappy campers on the Democratic side after Tuesday night's debate.
Sorry guys, he's yours.
Your voters selected him in the June primary.
You can talk about how he's run a lousy campaign, and it's just his fault. If only he had voiced progressive points, he would have won/done better than he's doing.
Doesn't work like that. Did you say it was John McCain's lousy campaign that lost last year or that Republicans lost?
Besides, politicians like winning. If your viewpoints could have pushed Deeds into the governor's mansion, he would have found a way to use them. Instead, he's rumbling, bumbling, stumbling into a deeper hole.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NY 23 - helpful hints

Why's the Conservative party candidate trying to break into the special election in New York's 23rd House District? The Watertown Daily Times looked at the voter's guide by the AARP Tuesday.
In all answers, the Democrat and Republican were the same.

Quote of the day

From Don Surber's take on the White House vs. Fox News battle.
Presidents are like buses. If you don’t like this one, another one will come along.

Polling season

There's 14 days until Election Day. Will there be a new poll each day?
Monday evening, WVEC, Virginian Pilot and Christopher Newport University released a poll.
Tuesday morning, Clarus Research Group released a poll.
Public Policy Polling will have a poll Wednesday, and plans two more polls before the Election.
That doesn't count Rasmussen Reports, SurveyUSA, Mason-Dixon, Daily Kos and the Washington Post (expect them Nov. 1). Insider Advantage did a poll in September, will they return to the action?
I've been collecting polls at StrictlyVa to compare them and save for future reference.

Undefeated teams watch

I was excited when I saw the Giants-Saints game would be shown locally. Until the Saints kept marching up and down the field.
They stayed undefeated, as did the lucky Vikings. The Colts had the week off, and play the winless Rams next week.
The Broncos remained undefeated Monday Night, so there's still a chance at one more regular season battle of unbeatens - Dec. 13 at Indianapolis. Can the Broncos and Colts both make it to 12-0?
The 1972 Miami Dolphins are still watching.

Monday, October 19, 2009

PPP's schedule

It's nice of Public Policy Polling to write on its blog the release schedule.
Here's what's on tap:
Wednesday is the latest Virginia gubernatorial numbers.
Thursday, they look at this what if - Tim Kaine vs. Bob McDonnell for governor.

NY 23 - local background

What's the story behind the candidates in the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district? My former boss has been at the Watertown Daily Times for 15 years, so check out his blog entry from Monday.

Recycling update

I turned my soda cans into cash this morning, getting 35 cents per pound again. It's been stable since the summer, but still below highs of last spring.

Official NFL criticizer

Rush Limbaugh's call-screener Bo Snerdley talked about the NFL Friday.

NY-23 roundup

Want to know what's going on in the three-way (Democrat, RINO and Conservative) special election race in northern New York?
The Watertown Daily Times has a blog with plenty of links, updated Monday morning.

The week in polls from 2005

Two weeks ahead of the 2005 gubernatorial election, three polls were released.
Jerry Kilgore led the first two, and Tim Kaine the last.
On Monday, Oct. 24, Rasmussen Reports had Kilgore ahead 48-46.
On Oct. 25, Mason-Dixon put Kilgore ahead 44-42. (link sends you to Times-Dispatch current home page. I couldn't find an active link in searches).
On Oct. 28, Rasmussen Reports had Kaine leading 46-44.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New reality show

So the Colorado balloon story was a hoax.
To get a reality show.
They'll get it. Coming soon...
"What happens to the kids while we're in jail."

Endorsement takedown

Jim Geraghty of NRO's Campaign Spot takes a look at the Washington Post's endorsement of Creigh Deeds.
He's not impressed.
The Post endorses Democrats in almost every statewide and national race; the rare exceptions tend to come in races where it will make no significant difference.

Waiting on PPP

Public Policy Polling is talking with Virginians this week, with release planned for its latest poll Tuesday.
Back in early September, they did a poll the weekend the Washington Post did its first big thesis story. The small sample of voters talked to after the story appeared went for Deeds, prompting big headlines about the possible impact of the thesis.
Seven weeks later, McDonnell still leads.
But this is the weekend of the Post's endorsement. Will PPP discuss what it learns from polling Sunday vs. Friday and Saturday? Will there be a difference?
I'll be watching their blog.

Time to act, Academy

Mark Steyn rips apart a silly thought from David Frum - Do conservative talkers really believe what they're saying?
He finds some help from Five Feet of Fury.
But since nobody's ever going to give Rush or Glenn a Pulitzer or Peabody, how about an Oscar for one helluva performance?
It is more probable to liberals that Rush Limbaugh is just pretending to mean what he says.
Even while stoned on oxycontin and waking up profoundly deaf one morning, Limbaugh managed to deliver amazingly convincing yet secretly insincere improvised monologues for three hours a day, five days a week, for the last 22 years, on live radio, fooling an astonishing 20 million people at a time.

Endorsement question

The Washington Post has endorsed Creigh Deeds for governor. Has the Post endorsed a Virginia Republican for governor in recent history?
That's my question.

From 10 years ago

In 1999, I was doing free-lance articles on University of Virginia football and basketball for my former newspaper, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.
A woman who worked there called to say she said had a new opportunity - at a website called They were going to do capsule reports on college teams, and she asked if I was interested. Sure, since they paid $35 a story and reports were cross-posted at and the L.A. Times website. And I was going to the games anyway.
I did weekly reports through the basketball season. Then the email came. Funding had dried up and they were done. It was a good ride while it lasted.
This week, I signed up with to join their attempt at having original content on the website. My first article went up last night, an overview of the Virginia gubernatorial race.
No pay, but it's the challenge of being part of something new. Maybe this will make it, and I'll be part of it. Or it doesn't make a dent and it provides experience to prepare me for the next big thing.

Free money just reduces aptitude

It's the week Technorati changed. What's a roundup writer to do when his authority number goes from 31 to 1?
Visit the old favorites and see what they're up to. Smitty puts together the Other McCain's roundup the old-fashioned way, as does Honesty in Motion.
Troglopundit offered a different version of "meat the press."
GrandpaJohn's finds where the rainbow ends.
Pat enjoyed fall break weekend.
Wyblog watched his number soar.
Classic Liberal keeps up with the Rush Limbaugh story.
Pundette is not reconciled to reconcilation.
Paco finds a line he likes.
Carol isn't fond of Anita Dunn.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check out the changing leaves and watch out for flying burritos.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

They walk the line

Let's pull a line out of the Washington Post's endorsement of Creigh Deeds for governor.
But a governor of Virginia can do little to influence the ideologically charged debates raging on Capitol Hill.
The Post uses the line to defend Deeds from Bob McDonnell's focus on aspects of the Obama agenda that bother Virginians.
Not to defend McDonnell about his 1989 thesis.
Which does the governor have more control over? Cap-and-trade, card check and health care reform, or abortion rights, treatment of homosexuals, birth control and separation of church and state?
How about calling it a tie? Then are both campaigns banging their heads against the wall attacking opponents over issues they have no control over? If Democrats control Washington, their party has to deal with unhappiness their proposals cause. Mr. Deeds is a Democrat.
He may not be able to influence the highly-charged debate, but he's got to suffer for it.
UPDATE: Linked on the McDonnell campaign site's blog.

Thanks, 20,000th visitor

Round numbers are fun.
Just saw that my 20,000th visit came from Kansas City, Kansas today.
Referred here by the Other McCain, and went off to look at the Watertown Daily Times site when finished.

Three-word phrases

The Democrats are all excited that President Obama said "Get a mop" Friday. That'll tell those complaining Republicans.
How about some three-word phrases for the president.
1. Quit your whining
2. Stop the spending
3. Listen to us
4. We're not raaaaacists
5. Don't trust Mullahs
6. Blame Democrats too

Other side of Rush story

Rush Limbaugh has a column in the Wall Street Journal this weekend about his NFL bid.
Read the first paragraph, and read between the lines. Dave Checketts asked Limbaugh to join the big. Limbaugh probably would have been happy to stay a fan, flying to various games throughout the season as he's been doing.
Checketts walked down the road a little with Limbaugh, got cold feet and left Limbaugh alone with no support.
Checketts still hopes to build a group to own the Rams. Until then, I doubt he'll really want to talk about what happened.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun with Technorati

It's going to be interesting seeing the new rankings at Blognetnews Sunday.
Technorati changed the way they're doing things. So everyone's Technorati rating went to 0 on Thursday. Smitty's not happy at the Other McCain, and roundups will be harder to compile this weekend.
Technorati is trying to post its own original content instead of just collecting what's out there. I'm going to try to contribute. We'll see how things shake out.

Lady of the week

When thinking about my Rule 5 selection for the week, I thought about the woman who most impacted the week in news. That would be the late Georgia Frontiere.
The move of the Rams from L.A. to St. Louis, and her death a few years ago, opened the way for the possibility of new owners. St. Louis Blues' owner Dave Checketts thought about adding Rush Limbaugh to his group. Others thought differently.
But Frontiere did get to hold aloft the Super Bowl trophy 10 seasons ago.
UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Smitty.

Spot Elmo

NRO's Campaign Spot spots something in the background of the Sheila Johnson ad - Elmo.
Elmo and friends are now at Busch Gardens, so it's good from a tourism point of view.

Rush's friend

Through this week's controversy over Rush Limbaugh and the St. Louis Rams, remember that an African-American is call screener on the radio show.
James Golden, a.k.a. Bo Snerdley, has worked with Limbaugh off-and-on for over 16 years. You don't hear him much, but here's his photo.

Throw-up throwdown

I happened to catch the interview with the sleepy Colorado family on Today this morning. It was just after 5 a.m. in Colorado, right?
Pundette has the play-by-play.

Rush to judgment

American Thinker looks at the Obama transition official who was part of the anti-Rush Limbaugh push. DeMaurice Smith now serves as executive director of the NFL's Players Association, a job he started earlier this year.
In Thursday's monologue, Limbaugh mentioned the coming 2011 labor negotiations that may lead to a lockout. The NFL hasn't had a work stoppage since 1987, but this negotiation looks troubling. Both sides are gearing up, trying to gain the publicity advantage in a looming battle between rich guys and really rich guys.
Prediction: Limbaugh will have an ownership role in some NFL team by 2015. Might be better for him to avoid the coming battle and join an ownership group weakened by the labor strife.

Weekend watchdog

At least it's not Yankees-Red Sox again.
The American League championship series starts Friday on FOX, and there's a chance the winner won't be from the AL East. But the Yankees do have home-field advantage over the Angels.
Games 1 and 2 will be Friday and Saturday in New York.
Over in the National League, the Dodgers play the Phillies in Game 2 Friday afternoon on TBS. The series shifts to Philadelphia Sunday for three games.
If we're lucky, we'll have our World Series pairing by next Thursday.
Washington football fans aren't lucky this weekend. The Redskins host the winless Chiefs at 1 p.m., so CBS covers that game. FOX won't show a 1 p.m. game against that, so instead it's the Eagles at 1-4 Oakland. Double yuck. The second game on CBS is Buffalo at the Jets, unless you want to watch the winless Titans at New England.
While watching these luckless teams, remember most of the FOX world will be watching the battle of unbeaten teams - Giants at Saints (including Fishersville, thankfully). CBS gives widespread coverage to the Ravens at Brett Favre's latest team.
NBC's Sunday night game features the Bears at Falcons, while the unbeaten Broncos visit San Diego on Monday night.
It's a big rivalry weekend in college football. Southern Cal visits Notre Dame, with NBC providing coverage, while the Red River rivalry of Texas and Oklahoma goes on at noon on ABC. The late afternoon ABC choices are California at UCLA, Texas Tech at Nebraska and Minnesota visiting Penn State and Boston College-N.C. State for the ACC zone.
CBS offers Arkansas at top-ranked Florida.
ESPN has Big East action Friday with Pittsburgh at Rutgers, then Saturday, it's Iowa at Wisconsin at noon and South Carolina taking on Alabama in prime time.
ESPN2 has the Hokies at Georgia Tech at 6 p.m., followed by Missouri at Oklahoma State. At noon, it's Northwestern at Michigan State.
Wake Forest against Clemson is the ACC game of the week Saturday at noon.
Versus has a tripleheader starting at 12:30 p.m. - Princeton at Brown, followed by Colorado State vs. TCU and Stanford at Arizona. Comcast offers a CAA contest between Richmond at Maine, then joins the Washington-Arizona State game after Capitals' game against Nashville.
MASN gives you more Big East, with Louisville facing Connecticut. Then it's off to C-USA, with Rice at East Carolina at 3:30 p.m., followed by Navy's visit to SMU at 8 p.m.
NASCAR races on Saturday night this weekend, with ABC covering the Charlotte race.

Really green energy

Instapundit highlights an article on five companies working on making fuel from algae.
Keep working on that. South Florida could become the new Texas. Maybe they could turn algae-filled dead zones in bodies of water into fuel zones.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodell's wisdom

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed misgivings about Rush Limbaugh joining the bid to buy the St. Louis Rams, and now Rush is out.
What are some other stellar moves by Goodell in his past?
During the 1993 expansion bidding, he was among the top advisors to then commissioner Paul Tagliabue. As the 30th team, the NFL selected Jacksonville over St. Louis, Baltimore and Memphis.
How's it working out? Jacksonsville's game Sunday with the St. Louis Rams is going to be blacked out, and most of the home games this year will not be sellouts and thus not available on local TV.
Baltimore didn't build a museum, but instead picked up "Art" Modell. They have sold out pretty much every game since 1996, and quickly sold out when fans could buy single game tickets this year.
Maybe like dissing Baltimore, one day Goodell will regret dissing Rush Limbaugh.

Special election fun

The Other McCain has been highlighting the special election in New York's 23rd district, where the Conservative Party candidate is trying to surge past the liberal Republican and Democratic candidates.
My former boss is the Managing Editor at the Watertown Daily Times, and there's plenty of info to be found on the election at their website.

Let's go, Angels and Dodgers

If we're going to have World Series games in November, at least let's have them in Southern California.

What's Obama going to say?

You know the question will be posed to President Obama sometime soon.
"What do you think about what happened with Rush Limbaugh and the St. Louis Rams?"
The press can't help themselves. He can't help himself. It's just a matter of how much octane is in the gasoline they throw on the fire.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NFL's loss

If the group trying to buy the St. Louis Rams has to drop Rush Limbaugh as a member, then it's the NFL's loss. He's a passionate fan and advocate for the game.
Besides, most NFL players make more than $250,000 a year. Limbaugh's on their side to keep more of what they earn.

So long, farewell

Lots of Democrats appear ready to throw in the towel on the election. If it's so, you need musical accompaniment.
Even if it's from Norway.

Merging the bills

Right now, there are five health care bills working their way through Congress.
Here's a quick summary of them:
Senate Bill #1 - 2+2= Fluffy Bunny
Senate Bill #2 - 2+2= Dracula
House Bill #1 - 2+2= 30,305,544
House Bill #2 - 2+2= Barney Frank Nude
House Bill #3 - 2+2= -59,557/72,596
Good luck merging all of that together.

Other owners on Rush

Colts' owner Jim Irsay opened his big yap about Rush Limbaugh's part of a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams. What do other owners think about the possible deal?
Redskins' Daniel Snyder: "I won't be the most hated owner if Rush joins the league."
Cowboys' Jerry Jones: "I won't be the most hated owner if Rush joins the league."
Raiders' Al Davis: "I won't be the most hated owner if Rush joins the league."
The Yankees' Steinbrenner boys: "We won't be the most hated owners in sports if Rush joins the NFL."
Dallas Maverick's Mark Cuban: "Watch the United Football League on my channel, HDNet."
Maybe we should listen to Irsay's advice. He has plenty of experience dealing with unpopular NFL owners.

Snow melts

It's a chilly morning here in Fishersville. You can tell winter's coming.
It might snow once or twice this year. But no matter how much snow comes down, it always melts. The sunshine comes out and snow doesn't stand a chance.
Even in Maine, snow eventually melts. They usually have worse snow than Fishersville. But under the bright, warming light of the sun, snow melts.
That's your thought for the day.

Welcome to Brad Paisley

One cool part of this Brad Paisley video is the scene of the band in Japan. On their roof is a West Virginia flag.
Click and try to find it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fight on, Baltimore Colts band

ESPN featured the Baltimore Colts band Tuesday in a film by Barry Levinson. The band stayed together for the 12 years from the departure of the Colts to the arrival of the Ravens, and even played a University of Virginia halftime in the late 1990s.
Sports Illustrated has an article on the band from the fall of 1986.

Irsay sucks

At the same time ESPN is showing a film about the Baltimore Colts band (which kept marching after owner Bob Irsay moved the team), his son Jim says he won't vote to approve Rush Limbaugh if he's a part of the bid to buy the St. Louis Rams.
Turns out it is "Like father, like son."

"History calls?"

According to Sen. Olympia Snowe,
Is this bill all that I want? Far from it. Is it all that it can be? Far from it. But when history calls, history calls.
Didn't know history was calling for the dumbest actions by senators ever.

Rush quieted

Toward the end of Tuesday's show, a caller asked Rush Limbaugh how he would feel as St. Louis Rams owner to visit the White House after winning the Super Bowl. How he'd feel presenting President Obama with a team jersey.
Rush can't say much about the Rams' deal, but sounds like he's one of several junior partners. Besides, even if Rush joins the Rams' ownership group, it will be hard for the team to quickly turn around and win Super Bowl 45 or 46. I'm sure Rush expects President Obama to be out of the White House before Super Bowl 47 is played in February, 2013.

Astro Boy coming

The cartoon channels have been showing previews of "Astro Boy," which hits theaters later this month. The boys are excited about it, especially the part where Astro Boy learns he's got a machine gun that shoots out of his butt.
Big Hollywood tells what's not in the previews. Not as enticing.
At least we'll know when to "runpee."

Terry, we miss you

Via NRO's Campaign Spot, what if thoughts about Terry McAuliffe and the looming election.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finger licking good

The Other McCain has been fighting Monday with someone upset with an ad on his site. Turns out the ad sends you to a PETA ad against KFC.
Just makes me hungry.
How about you, Colonel?

UPDATE: Stacy likes it.

Obama's excuses

If Creigh Deeds goes down, does President Obama get swamped in the undertow?
Maybe these excuses will help distance him from a Democratic loss.
1. Virginia? Where is that in Europe?
2. He heard them call his opponent "Taliban Bob." And we think members of the Taliban can be part of governments.
3. Once Terry McAuliffe lost, the race wasn't interesting anymore.
4. Sure, we said "Ol' Virginny is dead." But with our health care reform plan, we'll bring the dead back to life.
5. Ben Tribbett writes better when he's mad.

The week in polls from 2005

The week of Oct. 17-21, 2005, two polls were released and included in wikipedia's page on the 2005 election. Tim Kaine led the gubernatorial race in both polls.
Survey USA gave Kaine a 47-45 lead on Oct. 17.
Hotline's poll on Oct. 18 had Kaine leading 40-38. (the original Wikipedia link was broken and found this on Hotline's blog page).

Undefeated teams watch

Still five undefeated NFL teams, and two meet next Sunday - Giants at Saints. Hope we can watch that game in Fishersville.
Next Sunday, Washington D.C. looks at this doubleheader - Chiefs at Redskins at 1 on CBS and Eagles at Raiders on FOX at 4. Almost makes you want to give up on football.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Now, we wait

Both the Angels and Yankees win their opening series in 3-0. Now they wait until Friday to start the American League championship series.
Remember that in early November when the World Series is finally finishing up.
And farewell to the HomerDome. The opponent in the last-ever playoff game at the Met - the 1970 Baltimore Orioles - went on to win the World Series.

Fine Mulberry Jam's Really Appetizing

Sorry for the late roundup, but it's a beautiful fall weekend. Time to visit the in-laws in West Virginia.
At the Other McCain, Smitty has been highlighting other roundups in his roundup. Let's check out the crew.
Another Black Conservative checks out the Nobel Peace scene, as does Left Coast Rebel and Valley of the Shadow.
COACHEP looks at health care.
A Conservative Shemale rolls out a good FMJRA roundup.
In Mala Fide checks out various topics, as does Ol' Broad.
Honesty in Motion was also traveling this weekend.
Mean ol' Meany has a Monday roundup. Imagine that.
Reaganite Republican Resistance lets both barrels fire.
The BlogProf dumps on various questionable schemes.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Have some bacon or enjoy the outdoors.

I join Troglopundit

in wondering, how did my team lose to the Bengals? At home?
Let's see how the Ravens do against the Vikings next week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog roundup wars - LSU vs. Florida

There's two bloggers we know will be watching football this Saturday night. In case you need a break from the game - or to gear up beforehand - here our LSU blogger and Florida blogger.
You know they both have good roundups. They both link me.

Steyn on target

Mark Steyn nails President Obama's priorities.
Obama’s priorities lie not in the Hindu Kush but in America: Why squander your presidency on trying to turn an economically moribund feudal backwater into a functioning nation state when you can turn a functioning nation state into an economically moribund feudal backwater?

Friday, October 9, 2009

From the committee room

Paco Enterprises has the deliberations of the Nobel Peace Prize committee.
Reminds me of a joke I heard in college.
Sven and Ulie were sitting on a corner in Oslo. Sven says to Ulie, if you can guess the number of chickens in my gunnysack, I will give you both of them. Ulie says "Five?"

What's next for Nobel Peace Prize?

How does the Nobel Prize committee top the selection of Barack Obama?
How about this?

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2010
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010 is to be awarded to Emma Mae Buckhannon of West Virginia for her extraordinary efforts to settle a family argument.
"The older girl said she was Taylor Swift's biggest fan, and the youngest said she was Taylor's biggest fan," Mrs. Buckhannon said. "I got them settled down and we had a peaceful dinner."
The Committee has attached special importance to resolving issues concerning popular country singers.
Runner-up for the prize was Stanley Johnson of suburban Virginia, for getting his teenage sons to watch the Cowboys-Redskins game with him. One son roots for the Redskins and the other likes the Cowboys.
Oslo, October 9, 2010

Nobel roundup

Instapundit has a great collection of comments about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.
I nominate Instapundit for the Nobel Prize for Blog Aggregation.

Nobel Prize for being a cool kid

Reading the Nobel Prize committee's citation, we're back in high school.
For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman.
Here's a prize for thinking like we think. Being cool enough to being you.
It's a cheerleader's prize for the best cheerleader.

Let the fun begin

In the past few weeks, the Washington Post and Rasmussen Reports polls have shown jumps in Bob McDonnell's lead over Creigh Deeds. For Democrats, the race went from toss-up to throw-up when you read it.
If the knives weren't out questioning Deeds last week, they sure will be now. Lots of targets to mine.
1. Could McAuliffe or Moran have done better? Especially McAuliffe, the spring-time leader in the primary contest.
2. Did Deeds distance himself too much from Obama?
3. Did Obama's governing knock the hope out of Deeds' campaign?
4. Do voters really care about Pat Robertson anymore?
5. Does Mark Warner elect more Democrats or just Mark Warner?
6. Could the Democrats' excitement over a historic presidential candidate in 2008 really translate into more than just a one-shot victory?
7. Do Democrats go hard negative the next few weeks, or try to salvage the race some other way?
8. Will Deeds' campaign consultants work anywhere again? We know the answer to that is yes. It's poor Deeds who becomes the unloved and blamed candidate.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

One-time phenomenon

The Washington Post analyzes its own poll, and finds bad signs for all Democrats.
The poll shows a lack of enthusiasm among many of the voters who propelled Obama and his party to victory last November, raising troubling questions for the Democrats: Were many of Obama's 2008 energetic supporters one-time participants in the political process who care little about other races? Is Obama's current agenda turning off some voters who backed him last year but now might be looking elsewhere?
It's fun to watch Deeds being blamed for distancing himself from President Obama. If Obama were doing great, Deeds would be attached to him. Who's the anchor pulling the other down?

Real reason for McDonnell's lead

It's the Hawaiian shirt.
If the Democrats can't find a "scary" Republican to replace Jeff Frederick (they've had six months to change the top of the website), then they deserve to lose.
(A picture of Glenn Beck might be helpful).

Weekend watchdog

Who says there's too much football on TV?
Not the founders of the United Football League, who have four teams and a contract to show games on Versus. The first contest comes Thursday with the California Redwoods facing the Las Vegas Locomotives.
The head coaches you'll recognize - Jim Fassel and Dennis Green - from NFL gigs and Coors Lite commercials. Maybe a few players, if you're intense fantasy players.
Instead, you can watch college football on ESPN. Nebraska opens its Big 12 season at Missouri Thursday. Friday, it's Louisiana Tech at Nevada.
Saturday night, you have two college games to choose from. CBS offers top-ranked Florida against No. 4 LSU (don't celebrate too much) while ABC has Michigan visiting Iowa.
The late afternoon time slots have Alabama at Mississippi on CBS, and four choices on ABC - Connecticut at Pittsburgh, Baylor at Oklahoma, Oregon at UCLA and Wisconsin at Ohio State. Ohio State will be shown in most of Virginia, but if I visit my in-laws I'll be treated to Pittsburgh.
Saturday on ESPN starts with Auburn at Arkansas, and Colorado takes on Texas in prime time. ESPN2 has Purdue at Minnesota at noon and Georgia Tech at Florida State at 8 p.m.
Virginia Tech's homecoming game vs. Boston College gets to be the ACC game of the week.
Now that baseball is done, MASN has a football doubleheader - West Virginia vs. Syracuse from the Big East at noon and East Carolina at SMU at 8 p.m. ComcastSportsnet comes close to town, televising Richmond at JMU.
On Versus, Iowa State takes on Kansas at noon.
The Redskins again face a winless team Sunday, traveling to Carolina on FOX. Locally, CBS will offer Cincinnati at Baltimore early and New England at undefeated Denver late.
Monday Night Football visits Miami again as the Jets take on the Dolphins, while NBC's Sunday game features 4-0 Indy at 0-4 Tennessee. Not what they expected when they made the schedule.
TBS has all four playoff series filling its schedule this weekend. You have two games Friday and Saturday, starting at 6 p.m., and either two, three or four games Sunday. Then the leagues alternate nights playing through Wednesday.
NASCAR continues its Chase for the Cup, this week at California Sunday on ABC.
Versus offers ice hockey Monday and Tuesday nights, and this week it's Calgary at Chicago followed by Detroit at Buffalo. The Capitals are on Comcast for home games against the Rangers Thursday and the Devils Monday, along with Saturday's visit to Detroit.
NBC shows the President's Cup - the Ryder Cup's little brother - all weekend.

Our government at work

Yesterday, I received a letter from the DMV. Before my car license can be renewed, I have to clear up an unpaid debt they have on record with Fluvanna County.
We bought the car in January 2004, three months after moving to Fishersville.
No problems renewing the license the past five years.
This year, they think they find a problem.
If Augusta County can prove to Fluvanna County that I paid my debt five years ago, things are okay.
This is the government that thinks it can handle health care and all of our problems?

My friend Phil

Yankee Phil keeps us up-to-date with his latest activities.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last word on Stutter-gate

Enough about Sheila Johnson making fun of Creigh Deeds.
Let's look at Creigh practicing his concession speech.

How about in Spanish?

I'm still waiting for the Washington Post to apologize for mentioning Deeds' struggle with words in the conference room.

Set your clocks

NASCAR announced Wednesday that races on the East Coast will start at 1 p.m. in 2010. The West Coast races will start at 3 p.m. and night races at 7:30 p.m., except for the Coca-Cola 600 which keeps its 5:45 starting time.
I need my "Boogity, boogity, boogity" call early in the afternoon. Sounds good to me.

Dem vs. Dem

Question: Why do we need Universal Health Care?
Answer: To care for the paid staff of the Deeds campaign. None of those people are ever going to work again.
Blue Virginia rips them up and down today.

Charge of the Light-weight Brigade

Ace reports so you know - Keith Olbermann plans a special show on health care reform Wednesday.
I'm inspired:
In the valley of the death panels,
rode the three hundred
(60 Democratic Senators, 256 Representatives. Close enough for government work).

McDonnell - "He's a poor tipper?"

Just trying to help the Democrats. Seems like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel of bad things to scare voters about Bob McDonnell.

Weekend watchdog - time for baseball postseason

I got out of the newspaper business before baseball added the third round to the postseason. Boy, was I glad.
From 1988 to 1993, every October meant two-plus weeks waiting for the baseball game to end. Our press deadline was supposed to be 11:30 p.m., but deadlines meant nothing to baseball. Rarely was the 8 p.m. game done with time to spare.
The press room and mailroom guys would come upstairs and join us in the editor's office, where the TV was turned to the game. The ninth inning almost always seemed to last forever. Another sports guy was a Pirates' fan, and 1992 really killed him. I still remember his reaction when Sid Bream rolled around the bases to win Game 7 of that year's National League series.
TBS now does the first round, so newspapers can breath easier on deadlines. The first two days have games at 2:30, 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. You get two games on the sports page and mark the other one late. And you can relax and go home.
Instead of all Yankees at 8 p.m., this year it's Yankees at 6 p.m.
The Rockies visit the Phillies for afternoon games Wednesday and Thursday, while the Cardinals at Dodgers close out the first night and get the 6 p.m. game Thursday. The Yankees picked starting their series on Wednesday, giving the Twins very little time to recover from Tuesday's extra-inning win in the division-deciding game.
The Red Sox and Angels play the late games Thursday and Friday.
Game 3 of the National League series are Saturday, and schedules Sunday through next Wednesday depend on how the series go.

Clean white coats

Yankee Phil noticed the "white coat giveaway" at the White House Monday.
Whenever I think of "white coats," it brings to mind Napoleon XIV.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Less popular than TMQ

If you make it to the bottom of this week's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, you'll find this picture of Anna Kournikova (spelled it right first time, how about that?)

You'll find she has just over half the Twitter followers as TMQ. What's up with that? TMQ twitter updates are - "It's Tuesday afternoon, here's my column."

The poor girl needs some popularity. Sounds like a perfect candidate for this week's Rule 5 submission.
UPDATE: Smitty agrees, of course.